The Seven Things That Miley Cyrus Hated In Her Song “7 Things”

By Francis Tunwase

In 2008, released a song that became really popular named “7 things”. In that song, she mentions 7 things that she hates about her romantic relationship. We have compiled a list of the seven things that the superstar mentioned.


Image courtesy of DFree/Shutterstock
  1. You love me you like her – This refers to her partner loving someone else in the same way he loves her. Perhaps an ex or someone that he is currently cheating with. So it makes sense that she hates this- every girlfriend wants to be loved exclusively!
  1. You make me laugh. You make me cry. I don’t know which side to buy– It sounds like an emotional rollercoaster where he makes her happy one day and then makes her cry bitterly the next. 
  1. You make me love you– This should not be bad, but in a toxic relationship, the feeling of love can be hated, yet not able to be helped. 
  1. You’re insecure- An insecure person can be a terrible person to know, talk less of being in a relationship with. They could sabotage their partner, and Taylor indeed hated that about her partner. 
  1. You’re vain – A vain man is a man concerned about himself and less about his partner. She surely hated. 
  1. Your friends they’re jerks when you act like them. Just know it hurts – This is quite explanatory, and it makes sense that she hates this. 
  1. Your games– The games here can be nothing positive since she hates them. And, considering the six other things, we can guess the kind of games. 
Image courtesy of Brian Friedman/Shutterstock