45 Pictures That Prove Small Things Can Occupy Big Spaces In Our Hearts

By Jhoana C

We’ve often heard that big things come in small packages. And yes, we believe that’s true. If you’re looking for proof, you have come to the right place because we have 45 images here for you that are evidence of the fact that the smallest things often occupy the biggest spaces in our hearts. It seems that a lot of people all over the world and on the Internet have a propensity towards all tiny creatures. We have to admit that taking a break from our busy lives and scrolling through pictures of cute animals makes us feel a lot better. So, if you have been having a not-so-nice day today, we urge you to take a leisurely look, and once you reach the end of this list, you’ll feel a lot better, and you’ll thank us.

Is the hamster too small or the paperclip too big?

We’re going to admit that this picture has us a wee bit confused. We can’t tell if the paper clip is too big or the hamster is too small. Obviously, there isn’t any hamster as small as a regular-sized paper clip, right?

Image courtesy of bheighkeigh/Reddit

We strongly think that they can’t use this paper clip for scale because it isn’t a regular-sized one. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make the little creature more adorable than it already is, and that’s not going to lessen its cuteness. Look at that face!

Peek-a-boo, scared you!      

How adorable can two little creatures get? They might not exactly be the best of friends, and as a matter of fact, one of them is considered prey and the other a predator, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get along even for a few minutes.

Image courtesy of chrisrobles/Reddit

Look at the seal popping up from the ice, scaring the little polar bear and knocking it off its cute butt! This is a sight you don’t see every day. Luckily, there were no adults around, or the story would have been entirely different.

We want this box delivered ASAP

We’re Prime members, so we think we have a right to demand that this box be delivered to us right away! We don’t pay a lot of money monthly just to let this kind of cuteness pass us by. This is a box of pure, unadulterated loveliness.

Image courtesy of jasontaken/Reddit

If they sell this to-go box, we’re sure it will be a bestseller. They’ll be running out of stock before the day ends because people will flock to the stores to get themselves a year’s supply. These are just a few of the things that will put a smile on your face.

Little bun left alone

This little bunny would have been a perfect sphere if we didn’t take its ears into account. It could also be a fluffy ball. We’re just wondering where its momma and poppa are and why it is left alone. It’s dangerous for such little things to be left alone.

Image courtesy of My_Memes_Will_Cure_U/Reddit

Their cuteness could get them squished, or they could get abducted by people who are missing some cuteness in their lives. Someone also pointed out that this is the reason why they are called pompon or wool ball in French. We can’t argue with that; the evidence is clear.

Making his way downtown

We hear a certain song when we see this photo of a baby musk ox strutting his way into town with confidence, and that’s no other than Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” This tiny creature is on a mission, and nothing is going to distract him.

Image courtesy of sexykettlecorn/Reddit

He’s got places to go and people to meet. And look at those little legs. The little guy looks like he’s wearing socks. We can’t imagine it being a fully grown musk ox, and frankly, we don’t even want it to grow. We’d be happy if it remained as adorable as it is now.

Can’t find the axolotl in there

Google axolotl, and you will see that they are some of the cutest creatures on Earth, even if they become adults. What you see in the photo is a baby axolotl, and it’s so tiny it can fit in a spoon. Sadly, these beautiful creatures are endangered.

Image courtesy of ifdisdendat/Reddit

What is the leading cause of its decline? The primary reasons are loss of habitat due to droughts, human development, and wastewater disposal. If we want to see such a level of cuteness remain, we need to take all of these threats into account.

Hopefully those shoes don’t smell

Any cat owner will understand this next situation. You purchase an expensive and spacious bed for your cat and its kittens. However, they end up sleeping in other areas of the house; areas where they are not supposed to be, such as your shoes.

Image courtesy of eklarka/Reddit

This pair of kittens sure love getting their beauty sleep in their human’s leather shoes. We just hope those shoes don’t smell, and we are praying that their human takes a long, hard look at the shoes before he steps on them.

Where do we get one?

This dwarf hamster’s cuteness is driving us insane. Where do you get one? Where can you buy this little thing because we’re willing to empty our bank account to get a dozen? Look at the tiny feet! Look at its face!

Image courtesy of just_minutes_ago/Reddit

We can already imagine listening to its little squeaks once we take it home with us and give it a lovely and comfortable place to live. But we think that task is going to be difficult because we’d be competing with plenty of other people.

Can you spot me?

We love this guy, and we think it’s cute, but there’s no denying that it’s going to be terrible at hide and seek. Why? Because he’s just too bright and can’t exactly blend in with his surroundings. He will stand out whatever he does.

Image courtesy of Massive-ballshack/Reddit

Its color is going to catch the attention of predators. Still, we’ve also read somewhere that brightly colored frogs also tend to be poisonous, so maybe we don’t have to worry too much about it after all because he can defend himself from predators.

Look a little closer

If you don’t look closely enough, you might just end up occupying the seat and squishing this cute little creature who’s already got first dibs on it. We’re not sure what bird this is, but we are confident about one tiny thing; the little fellow is cute.

Image courteys of LadyAdiee/Reddit

This is exactly what you need to see if you’re not having a good day. Little creatures like this will make your day brighter and will put a smile on your face. How can you not believe in everything that s good when you see such beauty?

Just a little balancing act

Individually, baby capybaras and baby goats are cute, but when you put them together in one photo, they’re going to make your heart explode and melt on the spot. And, in this photo, they are not just standing beside each other…

Image courtesy of chrisrobles/Reddit

They are playing a little balancing act that can win them the front page of every newspaper. The little goat is looking especially comfy with its little sweater. Kudos to whoever exerted time and effort in knitting some winter gear for the cute fellow.

We want an Uber driver like this

If all Uber drivers looked like this, passengers will definitely have better days and will love commuting from one place to another. Even if we don’t have a reason to go out of the house, we will still find an excuse to do so.

Image courtesy of jasontaken/Reddit

We’d also gladly leave the driver a tip just for being particularly adorable. We just have one problem, though; he won’t be able to reach the brakes. But who cares! We’d gladly drive for him the whole day, even for free.

Don’t mess with the guard dog

Thieves better beware! There’s a new guard dog in this house, and he’s not someone to be messed with. If you hear a tiny woof, then you’re in the presence of the almighty tiny guard unit. Look at him proudly wearing his wife-beater shirt!

Image courtesy of -thelastburrito/Reddit

He’s not someone to be messed with, so if you want to avoid injury and expensive rabies shots, you better just go on your way. Some people say he needs to be in a hamster ball since they’re afraid that he’ll get stepped on, but we’re confident in his guard dog skills.

Where can we get a pup like this?

Nice to meet you, Riggins. You’re one adorable pup! He’s no bigger than his human’s shoe, but he makes our hearts burst with his charm. We’re just afraid that if he gets free from his leash, people won’t be able to find him because he’d easily get lost in the tall grass.

Image courtesy of PastCall/Reddit

Imagine how its human would feel if it couldn’t be found. We’d lose our minds if the little fellow belonged to us. We want to be able to go home from work every day, and so we will be met with all its preciousness at the door.

Because baby it’s cold outside

We can’t get this image out of our heads. The next time we hear the song, Baby, it’s cold outside, this is what’s going to pop up in our minds. Andy, the hamster, is warm and fuzzy in his poncho. Thanks to its human, it’s not going to shiver in the cold.

Image courtesy of bheighkeigh/Reddit

We can imagine the number of hours it took to make this poncho. We all know that the smaller the clothes are, the more complicated they are to make. By the looks of it, Andy loves his gift, and he is proudly wearing it for everyone to see.

A cop and a half

We won’t exactly call this little puppy a part of the K9 unit, but we’re confident it would qualify if it applied for a spot in the K4.5 unit because, well, look at its size. The other dogs in the K9 unit would easily overshadow this little guy.

Image courtesy of Thryloz/Reddit

The doggo might only be 4 pounds, but it’s all heart, soul, and dedication to the job. We may not hear it when it barks, and criminals might not be afraid of it, but they might just drop dead because of its cuteness.

Another comfy hamster

It should be illegal to be this cute. If we owned this little fellow, we doubt if we’ll be able to do any household chores or complete any tasks working from home. It’s just so adorable that we can’t take our eyes off it.

Image courtesy of Reddit

This Yoda-master is living his best life, wrapped up in his comfy jacket, or coat, or poncho, whatever it is. Where did they even find something so small to fit him? Perhaps his human, instead of working from home, thought it would be a better use of his time to just make a poncho.

A hippo that gives so much happiness

Happiness is a baby anything or anything cute. That seems to be the theme of the photos we have on this list, and we can’t fault people for believing that because we’re only halfway on our list, and we already have a big smile plastered on our faces.

Image courtesy of 123bpd/Reddit

Full-grown hippos might be scary, especially when they are angry and protecting their offspring or territory. But when they are still babies, you just want to adopt them. Look at the eyelashes on this one and the expression on its face!

Baby tiger trying to be fierce

We’d like to assume that we look as cute as this when someone wakes us up in the morning. The chubby, tiny tiger is trying to look as fierce as it can, but we can see through it, and all we recognize is cuteness.

Image courtesy of Paul Wiggin Photography

It might be trying to say, “Stop saying I’m sure, because I’m ferocious,” but nothing is going to change our minds. This is the best representation of a chonky cat because if this isn’t chonky, we don’t know what is.

Attack dog in the area

If you see a sign that says “Beware of attack dog,” would you still be courageous or foolish enough to trespass, or would you have second thoughts, change your mind, and just go home? We’re pretty sure you’d opt for the second choice.

Image courtesy of jasontaken/Reddit

But when you find out that the ‘attack dog’ is this small, would you be hard on yourself? Attack dog, really? Well, it’s still dangerous because it can bite your fingers, and when it does, you’ll be dead—nom nom nom.

Sleeping on cloud 9

So, this is what it feels like to sleep on cloud 9. The small sheep is going to be dreaming of everything nice tonight, comfortable on mom’s fur. Look at him. He has no care in the world while he’s just sleeping snuggly on top of her.

Image courtesy of jasontaken/Reddit

Sleep tight, little one, and don’t you worry because you’re going to be safe and sound tonight. Momma has got you, and momma will make sure that nothing disturbs you from your rest. How could you not have pleasant dreams when sleeping like this?

We just want to hug this warthog

Warthogs were thrust into celebrity status after the unforgettable Pumba in Disney’s Lion King stole everyone’s hearts. Contrary to what most people think, warthogs are vegetarians. They may appear ferocious, but they only eat plants, grass, bark, and berries.

Image courtesy of chrisrobles/Reddit

They are extremely adaptable and can survive for long periods of time without water. Despite their name, they don’t have warts! The ‘warts’ you see on the side of their faces are protrusions that are made of cartilage and bones.

Lick it good

Lick it good little fellow, because you might not get this chance again in the future. Look at all the citrus food you are surrounded with! Your human must love you so much to provide everything for you, so enjoy it as much as you can.

Image courtesy of BHeiny91/Reddit

No, you might not be able to save 15% with this gecko as it’s not selling insurance, unlike a regular-sized gecko, we know. But, you’ll be happy seeing it getting as much as it can from all the citrus fruits it’s surrounded with.

I’m tired

This little fellow is so tired that he’s fallen asleep on his wheel, and he is our spirit animal. This is exactly what we look like after a day spent in the office running around trying to please our boss, meet our deadlines, and have some semblance of a social life.

Image courtesy of chrisrobles/Reddit

On some serious note, though, someone pointed out that this type of wheel is not suitable for the hamster’s tiny legs. It should be replaced with a whole wheel that doesn’t have places where their tiny legs could get caught and broken.

We got your surrounded pal

If a tiny group of kittens surrounds you, do you give up, or do you try to get out of your situation? This tiny puppy must be thinking, what do I do? Do I tell them where I hid the catnip, or do I pretend that I don’t know anything?

Image courtesy of Mrestemayer18/Reddit

Either way, the little puppy is in a serious predicament. He might not be able to make it out alive because he’s trapped by so much cuteness. Or maybe we’re seeing it all wrong. The kittens might only be trying to move in for a good snuggle.

Can you spot the birds?

Take a look at the photo below for about three seconds and let us know if you can spot the birds. Yes, you heard us right, birds! There’s more than one in the photo. They are so small that the leaves are hardly dropping from their weight.

Image courtesy of SpearofTrium05/Reddit

They weigh next to nothing because they are so tiny. They must have found comfort and companionship from one another. Plus, they can always benefit from each other’s warmth come the cold and chilly months. We can’t help but think, though, that they might need an extra blanket.

His fur parents have got him covered

This Chihuahua is having the time of his life. Look at him without a care in the world, just lying there snug and warm thanks to his fur parents. How can he complain with all the blankets and the soft couch?

Image courteys of Cheesydrycakestuff/Reddit

For all we know, his fur parents also had the fireplace going for him. Sometimes, we can’t help but wish that we’re like some of those pampered and spoiled dogs that don’t have to do much and still get to enjoy life to the fullest.

There’s a kitten there?

Do you see a kitten anywhere? We didn’t the first time. We thought the photo had nothing but a sweet dog. However, when you take a second and closer look, you will see the tiny kitten lying in there and enjoying all the fluffiness.

Image courtesy of jasontaken/Reddit

They look like the best of friends, and the dog seems to be happy to let the little thing hitch a ride on him and lie on him for as long as the tiny kitten likes. Or, we could be wrong, and the kitten that we’re seeing now could be just a tattoo.

This little turtle needs to eat more

We think tiny animals are cute, but others are just too tiny that we can’t help but think that perhaps they need to eat more, such as this minuscule turtle that only weighs 2 grams. How small can small get? He might need to beef himself up.

Image courtesy of beelzebailey/Reddit

We’re not sure what kind of turtle this is, and we could be mistaken as some don’t grow that much no matter what you do or how much you feed them. We’re just afraid he can’t be found if he gets lost.

He’s going with you

Why do dogs love to follow their humans? Why do they love to follow you everywhere you go? One of the many reasons is they want your attention, or they want some kind of reward from you such as playtime or treats.

Image courtesy of GreedyJicama/Reddit

However, on the other end of the spectrum are scared dogs that don’t want to be left alone. They may cling to their pet parents when there are thunderstorms or certain noises. Do you think this little dog is afraid or just wants to spend more time with its pet parent?

Look closer, I’m down here

We’ve seen plenty of dogs, kittens, and hamsters on this list. Now, we are happy that possums are able to be represented in a tiny way, too. Do you see the tiny creature on the floor? If you don’t, take a closer look.

Image courtesy of LuciferrLu/Reddit

He’s not playing possum; he’s just being himself. Possums can live up to 11 years. The nocturnal creatures that are in the wild live in the hollows of tall trees, and they build nests called ‘dreys’ in trees or bushes.

Her world in the palm of her hands

How would you like to be able to hold your entire world in the palm of your hands? That’s exactly what this person is doing. This is supposedly a snow kitten, a rare breed of cat that has the color of snow but will eventually turn darker as they grow older.

Image courtesy of jasontaken/Reddit

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a kitten. If this is what it means when they say being in love is a handful, then we’re ok with it. They can be a handful, a bagful, a houseful, and it won’t matter to us. We’ll love them just the same.

Shy and small gecko

Geckos can be very adorable, especially if they are this tiny because the larger ones tend to scare a few people who are deathly afraid of lizards. Geckos have some of the most incredible toes that allow them to stick to any surface, except Teflon.

Image courtesy of tmansen/Reddit

This tiny one’s toes are helping it stick to its human’s palm, and its incredible eyes, which are 350 times more sensitive to light compared to human’s eyes, help it see its human’s face very well and perhaps memorize the features too.

Where are we going, dad?

This is the real-life version of The Lion King. Look at the little cub following his proud papa everywhere. We can almost hear that song in the background that goes, “NAAAAAAAANS INGOOOOOONYAAAAA ma bagithi baba.”

Image courtesy of FormerFruit/Reddit

We’re not sure about the lyrics, but you get our drift. But, we urge papa not to walk so fast because the tiny cub might not be able to keep up with him, and he looks like he’s still half asleep.

Tiny hedgehogs

Is this how rambutans look before they turn red? If you’re not familiar with the rambutan, it’s a medium-sized tropical tree that is closely related to the longan, lychee, and mamoncillo, but no, these are not rambutans. These are tiny hedgehogs.

Image courtesy of AlyLeila/Reddit

Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, but they weren’t always called the hedgehogs we know and love. They used to be called urchins, you know, similar to sea urchins. There are more than one species of hedgehogs. There are 15 all over the world.

The perfect car accessory

If you’re wondering what the perfect car accessory is, we’re here to tell you that it’s not expensive, leather interiors, or the latest and most expensive car stereo system. The perfect car accessory is this. The fluffiest passenger ever.

Image courtesy of chrisrobles/Reddit

It’s like having your very own cloud or cotton candy sitting on the car seat or clinging to the wheel of the car. We don’t care what model, year, or brand your car is. As long as you have this accessory, you are a winner for us.

Baby, oh baby

Awww, we don’t always see baby capybara, but when we do, we stop doing whatever it is we are doing, stare at the photo for a few minutes, and then go about our daily tasks. How can you say no to that guy? He’s hard to resist.

Image courtesy of just_minutes_ago/Reddit

This giant rodent that’s native to South America looks like the bigger version of guinea pigs. They live in denser forests and savannas, but they prefer to be near bodies of water. They have a lifespan of up to ten years, and they are semi-aquatic.

No, this isn’t Tony Hawk

What happened to this guy was pure serendipity. There he was, typing Tony Hawk on Google search, and he misspelled it to Tiny Hawk, and this was what came up. We’re sure he’s glad he misspelled it, or else he wouldn’t have seen this lovely creature.

Image courtesy of Bob_Janke/Twitter

We’ll take this guy any day over Tony Hawk. Sorry, Tony. We know you’re famous and all, and you’ve won more championships than we can count, but when it comes to cuteness, you don’t have a chance against this guy.

A bug’s life

This guy could easily be the star of the sequel, A Bug’s Life. This fuzzy bug could either be cute or creepy, depending on how you look at it and depending on if you like bugs or have an aversion to them. Apparently, this is what they call a poodle moth.

Image courtesy of im_not_zelda/Reddit

These bizarre yet fascinating creatures frighten and make people very curious. It has been compared to a Pokemon, the villain of Power Rangers, and a fluffy dog. It could also be a plush toy. Take your pick from all the choices we just listed.

Where to, sir?

Everyone, meet Snowball. Snowball is on a mission today. He’s going to be visiting people who love doggos and cute creatures, and perhaps if he still has enough time, he might just visit your home to give you the gift of cuteness.

Image courtesy of cactusdaddy/Reddit

This super fluffy creature might look like a plushie, but it’s a real live creature. He’s so well-behaved that he can be left alone on the seat on the subway, and you won’t have to worry about him running around and wreaking havoc.

S is for snail

This guy is smart. He’s on the correct tile because we all know that S stands for snail. From the snail’s perspective, it must be thinking that it just found a big car that can transport it from one spot to another.

image courtesy of neurogenocide/Reddit

We all know he needs some help if he is to reach his destination early. If we rely on his skills, it’s going to require him months and perhaps even years to get from one faraway place to another. Stay up there, Slinky!

This recipe calls for a tablespoon of a field mouse

The recipe for whatever this person is preparing must have required a tablespoon of a field mouse. But, what is a field mouse? Is it similar to the mice we see around homes? Field mice are also known as meadow voles.

Image courtesy of chrisrobles/Reddit

The stout rodents have white or light gray undersides as well as coarse brown fur. They mainly feed on grass and seeds and are not a threat to humans. However, inhaling particles of an infected field mouse can result in a variety of illnesses.

More than one bun

What’s better than one bunny? Plenty of bunnies! Five, to be exact! They all come in different shades, too, from gray to golden brown that they resemble puppies. We’d settle for one of each, but if there’s enough stock, we can take two of each, too.

Image courtesy of swat_08/Reddit

If you’re looking to repaint your walls, you can take a look at these bunnies to determine which one suits your taste best. We’ll take chocolate brown any day because that’s our favorite color, but the others don’t look bad either.

How can a frog be so tiny?

This frog is illegally tiny, and you can hardly see it. There’s a danger of it being stepped on or getting lost. You’ll need a magnifying glass to see the little guy correctly. Honestly, we didn’t know that there were frogs this small.

Image courtesy of Coded_TNT/Reddit

Further research proved us right. There isn’t any frog that is this freaking small. It is miniature creation made by someone who loves to make, you know, miniature versions of things, including animals. We say it looks very real.

We want a snuggle buddy like this

This is our ideal snuggle buddy. He’s fuzzy, warm, and cute. As nice as this photo might look, the story behind it is kind of sad. Remember the bush fires that happened in Australia about a year or two ago? We still do, and this koala is a victim of them.

Image courtesy of chrisrobles/Reddit

This baby koala looks so sad, as if it’s looking for its mom and dad. The fires have left it traumatized, and for all we know, it could also be suffering from burns and injuries. You just want to scoop it up and give it all the love in the world.