Top Actors With The Highest Box Office Takes

By Francis Tunwase


Marvel is one of the biggest names in the film industry, generating massive profits at the box office each year. This probably explains why its actors rank high on the list of the highest-paid throughout the movie industry.

If you’re big on movies, chances are high that you’re familiar with one or more of these legends. 

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According to Uswitch, in a recent study, the top five highest-paid actors in the genre are all MCU members. The ranking is topped by Samuel L. Jackson, who features prominently as Nick Fury in several blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Action films starring him have earned close to 19 billion dollars worldwide.

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff), Chris Evans (Captain America), and Zoe Saldana (Gamora) are ranked right beneath him.

Horror Actors

When it comes to scary movies, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are unrivaled. Both have appeared in several horror films, and are best known for their roles as paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring franchise. Farmiga has been in Orphan (2009) and Joshua (2007), while Wilson has been active in both the Insidious film series and in feature films like The Tall Grass of 2019. Wilson hopes to return to Broadway later on.

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Romantic, Comedy, and Rom-Com Actors

It also doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Julia Roberts’ romantic films have made over 1.24 billion dollars at the box office. Examples of successful romantic comedies include Pretty Woman (1990), Notting Hill (1999), and Runaway Bride (1999).

Ben Stiller is the only actor to appear on both lists because he placed fifth in the comedy and romance categories. His 3.22 billion dollars in earnings from comedies came in second to Bill Hader’s 3.94 billion dollars.