Top James Bond Movies you Should Watch Right Now

By Divya G

James Bond is the world’s most popular fictional spy. We all love his charm, the way he dresses, and of course, his flings with the so-called ‘Bond Girls.’ The James Bond franchise is loved all over the world. People love the drama, action, and thriller the movies bring. So, if you haven’t watched any of the Bond films ever or want to revisit some popular installments, we have got you covered. In this post, we have compiled a list of top James Bond movies that you should watch right now. 

#1 Casino Royale – 2006 

This was the first time Daniel Craig portrayed the iconic James Bond character. Casino Royale has a lot of contemporary influences from die-hard action to even poker. Casino Royale was an attempt from the production house to make James Bond more human rather than an escape artist. The result was wonderful as Daniel Craig was able to bring in a soulful and vulnerable demeanor. The real fun begins when Bond has to play poker with the villain to flush him out. 

#2 Skyfall – 2012 

Skyfall shows Daniel Craig’s third portrayal as James Bond. The movie marked the Bond franchise’s 50th anniversary. In Skyfall, you will see James Bond out of his comfort zone, and Xavier Bardem played an excellent Bond villain. You will also love the way Daniel Craig presented the 2012 Bond. He was classier than ever before. 

#3 Goldfinger – 1964

If you want to see the best Sean Connery portrayal of James Bond, watch Goldfinger. It has a lot of twists and turns, and like a typical James Bond movie, you will see everything from cool gadgets to beautiful women, all woven into an excellent plot. 

These three Bond movies will surely make you fall in love with the franchise again.