Top Movie Industries In The World

By Francis Tunwase

The film industry is one of the most significant and major entertainment sources globally, with thousands of movies released every year and millions made in revenue. Therefore, when trying to determine the biggest movie industries globally, one could use the number of movies released yearly or the amount of revenue generated by a particular industry to calculate this. For our ranks, we will be using the latter system for the purpose of this article.

The United States

Photo by Nathan DeFiesta/Unsplash

Hollywood is the first choice on this list. It is the oldest, largest, and the industry with the most revenue and profitability. In 2017, it generated close to 410.24 billion, and it has not slowed down since then.


In second place is the Chinese film industry, which generated about $8.59 billion in revenue as of 2017, a rise from previous years and a continuous rise since then. The most popular film studio in China is Hengdian World Studio.

Photo by Jakob Owens/Unsplash


If we dealt solely with the number of movies produced, India would have come first. However, when it comes to the revenue generated from movies, Bollywood only comes in third place. In 2017, this industry generated bout $2.8 billion in revenue. It is wondered why despite the volume, India doesn’t gross as much income as the United States. While there are several reasons, a significant reason is that India has fewer film screens compared to others.

Those are the top three when it comes to revenue. However, if it were based on sheer volume, it would be India in the first place, Nigeria in second place, and the US in third.