Train Like Wolverine – Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Workout

By Divya G

Hugh Jackman brought the mighty Wolverine to life with his epic portrayal. The talking point of his character was the physique he shaped himself into. The bulked vascular body made him the poster boy in gyms all around the world. Jackman shared his workout routine with the world. 


#1 Bulking Up 

In order to get into shape, he needed to first bulk up. He did not rely completely on a diet for bulking up. His workout regimen was only one-hour long, but it was intense. To bulk up, he lifted the maximum possible weight. For every exercise in his workout, he used the following rep structure: 

He performed this circuit twice a week and at least two days of rest to allow the muscles to function and recover. 

His exercise included 

At this time, he was consuming around 6000 kcal daily. 


#2 Cutting 

Once he was bulked up, it was time to shape the muscles and make those veins appear. Totally opposite of the bulking phase, Jackman started using lighter weights with higher reps, followed by viscous cardio sessions. He dropped his calorie intake to 3500 kcal. The rep structure he followed was: 

Do not blindly follow this regimen until and unless your trainer approves.