Some Tricky Pictures Need A Second Look So Our Brains Can Unscramble Them

By Sachin P

Our eyes can deceive us. Even when something is directly in front of us, we might need a minute to comprehend just what is going on. You might be thinking we’re a touch strange, but you’ll understand what we’re talking about soon enough. We might see things in our daily lives that look bizarre, but we discover they are totally normal at a second glance. The moment before we make sense of it, though, we may lead to losing track of reality for a bit. And once our brains work out the puzzle our eyes have created, we often wonder how we could have thought otherwise. As we always say, truth is stranger than fiction, and we are lucky enough to have found some photographic proof of what we have been rambling about. The images below require a second look to comprehend and prove how true that saying is.

Forbidden caviar

Oh! This looks like a batch of some really good quality salmon roe. It has a texture, size, and shape, which indicates that it was harvested from good fish. But what you see and might believe isn’t the truth. So what are these?

Photo courtesy of

The truth is, this is not caviar, nor is it even edible. These are called hydrogel beads. They can absorb water vapor in the atmosphere and the surroundings. Usually, these things are used to make cooling masks and compresses. Pretty neat!

He has a point

We are not lying when we say that this person got us in the first half with this tweet. We were like, “whaaat?” Is this person a relative of Hermione Granger? Surely all the Time-Turners weren’t destroyed by the Ministry, after all.

Photo courtesy of anonymous user/Twitter

But they were, during the events of the fifth book. So how did this guy manage? Because he was messing with us! He was lying all along. And he was good at it, too. This is a simple reminder you should never believe people’s lives are as perfect as they seem online.

Phantoms of the bus stand

Do they even make bowling pins that large? Then that begs the question, why do you need pins that large? It does not make any sense now, does it? But if you look closely, you can see that they are silhouettes.

Photo courtesy of

Silhouettes of three adults huddling together. Because it was quite cold outside, the glass quickly fogged up. But in the area where their backs were pressed against the shelter, the condensation melted because of their body warmth. Kinda looks like a painting.

That oughta hurt

Somebody call an ambulance! Or wait. If this was seen in America, make sure the person has medical insurance before calling. Anyway, this man needs serious medical attention! Just look at his foot and the painful angle it is in. Why does he look so calm?

Photo courtesy of

Or wait. Are we overreacting here? Guess we are, in a way. Because what really is happening here is that this lad is tall. So is the person in front of him. So that’s the foot of the person in front that we see, not his. Phew!

Put one near your ear

Conchiglie is a type of pasta that resembles a seashell. Conchigliette is indeed the tiniest shell form, while conchiglie is the largest. They are pretty much identical besides their size. You must be asking why in the world we are talking about pasta.

Photo courtesy of saidiecat / Reddit

The folks who own this lovely decorative vase were tricked into thinking that these were real seashells. Instead of the composition being Calcium Carbonate, what’s in there is pure starch. As long as they won’t absorb any moisture, they will continue to stay like that.

Escalators of Madness

Okay, what is happening right now? This is too much to process. Must you really line the hand railings with mirrors? This is like that time when Doctor Strange was sent to the mirror dimension. We would rather stay in our world, thanks.

Photo courtesy of

If you love a bit of old-school martial arts, you might remember the fight Bruce Lee had in the hall of mirrors in the movie Enter the Dragon. Arranging mirrors can truly mess with your sense of reality. Wouldn’t this make a great filming location for a music video?


Wait. Isn’t that supposed to be a regular mirror? Then why on earth is it showing the hands and the desk of the person on the other side of the partition? Are we experiencing a portal moment here? Like in the game?

Photo courtesy of

Or is Doctor Strange or Wong responsible for this? Being sorcerers, they can open portals. But the truth is simple. The mirror was just reflecting the desk, and the camera was angled just so in order to capture this optical illusion.

Bros for life

Hyenas are a dog-like species with longer forelimbs than hindlimbs and a standing mane. They are known for being scavengers, but they’re still capable predators. Don’t be fooled by their funny gait and silly laugh. They can crush bones with their jaws.

Photo courtesy of

But this particular hyena is in a secure enclosure, behind fortified glass. But because of the reflection, it looks like the kid and the hyena are shaking hands with each other. Now that looks really awesome, not to mention wholesome.


Okay. Looks quite easy to comprehend. Essentially a big circle with some nice color combinations and shapes. A nod to cubism perhaps? Well, actually it is not. This is not what it appears to be, and you have to change your perspective to see it.

Photo courtesy of

When you see it from a different angle, you can see that it is not a circle painted on a wall. It only looks this perfect when you stand right where the photo was taken. Were you to move to the other side, it would become a jumbled, colorful mess.

Public waxing?

What seems to be happening here? It looks like this guy is rummaging through his backpack for something. But look at those legs. They look absolutely fabulous. He should have them insured like Heidi Klum. Two million dollars for both!

Photo courtesy of

But we should not be rushing to conclusions here. It seems like this is a photo taken in quite the opportune moment. A man is passing by another person sitting down, which leads to this mind-boggling illusion. Coincidences like these make life much more entertaining.

Holy cow!

What in the name of fresh heck is this supposed to be? A floating head of a cow? What is happening here? This just raises more questions than answers and it is driving us bonkers if we are being honest.

Photo courtesy of h0ntor / Reddit

Well, as usual, we are overreacting here just a tad bit. What happened here is easily explained: this was captured at a perfect angle. When the cow turned its head, covering the body, giving the illusion of a floating head.

Portal date

Whoa, Nelly! This looks like a still from that music video “Take on Me” by A-Ha. But in this instance, the lady is the one that happens to be in another portal, or perhaps an animation that has come to life.

Photo courtesy of

But as always, truth is stranger than fiction. So what really happened here is that there is a mirror in the middle of the room. Yes, we find that odd. The reflection we see has the elderly gentleman dining with someone. So cool!

Reality vs. Instagram

This happens to be actually something quite commonplace in society these days. Impossible standards of beauty have been set for all of us. We are in the midst of redefining beauty standards, but we still like to touch up our photos before we post them.

Photo courtesy of

Beauty should not be a metric to measure a human being. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, both inside and out. It’s what they do that matters more than how they look. This woman looks great in both photos. It’s just that one looks like a catalog picture, and the other looks like a real person.


It’s really no wonder that the Labradoodle has become such a popular crossbreed. The Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia conducted the first deliberate crossings of Poodles and Labrador Retrievers to create hypoallergenic service animals. That is science done right.

Photo courtesy of lostinthelandofoz / Reddit

As a consequence, an intelligent and social dog emerged, with a temperament suitable for service animals. This resulted from someone giving their pet a haircut and having too much time on their hands afterward. Yeah, we can’t believe it’s not a real dog.

Big Bird was here

Cirrus clouds are high-altitude clouds that seem to be short and unattached. They also have a velvety shine to them and resemble strands of hair. These appear whiter than just about any other cloud in the sky that you see during the day.

Photo courtesy of mrashtail / Reddit

This looks like it fell from the rump of a big bird. What a magnificent formation of clouds. While you might think this is an altered photo, we promise it’s not. It is a fairly common occurrence, and we all know that clouds can look like anything.

Smashing pumpkins!

Like “I can’t believe that it’s not butter,” we can’t believe that these things aren’t real pumpkins. Just look at them. They look like the kind of genetically modified pumpkin you would grow in your garden for the aesthetic only.

Photo courtesy of WorestFittaker / Reddit

They look smashing all in all, and the eggwash on top is the cherry on the cake; it is just phenomenal. The baker should really be commended on his triumph of a dish. These rolls just scream attention to detail and talent.

Jurassic Park vibes

Now that is a really cool way of designing a tent. You’d feel like you are out there with nature, as one, connected as humans should take the time to do. But as always, there is a catch here, and seeing is not always believing.

Photo courtesy of Gypsy-Horror / Reddit

This is not wallpaper. This is a sort of mesh that is see-through. Sort of like a mosquito net window into nature. Looks really cool, right? You can almost expect a T-Rex to peep on you sleeping. Or is that just us?

Bad rendering

Why is this picture so hazy? It looks like the waiting area shown in this picture is covered with smog or smoke. Could be because of the lens used to take this picture. That doesn’t explain the lack of shadows, though.

Photo courtesy of

Well, the actual reason is quite simple. The light comes from the lamps that are overhead. So, if an object is placed directly underneath the lamps, the shadow is cast downward. And the chairs that never finished loading? Only the lower half of the wall is a mirror.

Day and Night

Well, the difference between these two rooms is just… night and day. There, we did it. We saw the opportunity and seized it without hesitation. If you love puns, and if there is an opportunity to use a pun, always take it!

Photo courtesy of an-angry-bee / Reddit

But in essence, there is a very sensible explanation for this phenomenon. It’s not that one sibling is bad and the other is good. It’s actually because of the clouds outside. The clouds are obstructing the light from illuminating the room on the right.

What in tarnation?

It seems like this group of boys have forgotten to put the drumsticks in the freezer. Just look at the state of the one in the foreground. It looks like a snake trying to wiggle free. What a trip this is.

Photo courtesy of oct8vius / Reddit

This photograph was taken with a rolling shutter camera that most mobile phones. Essentially, the picture is recorded at various periods and then patched into one lateral “slice,” which produces this effect. You get slithery drumsticks. We want to try this out.

Crocodile Dundee

It is a crocodile. You might wonder how we are so sure about that fact. Well, we are because the shape of the snout is more triangular, as opposed to the rounded snout shape of an alligator. That’s one of the key differences.

Photo courtesy of ChompyTM / Imgur

The other point is that this is not a real crocodile. It is a statue made out of what we think is driftwood. What a masterful creation this is, and kudos to the creator. It looks lifelike at first glance.

Wait, what?

What a beautiful beach. From the look of the overwater villas, we think that it is safe to assume that this is the Maldives. Sun, sea, and sand are the main selling points in Maldives tourism, and this showcases everything.

Photo courtesy of

But appearances can be deceiving. You should know this by now. This is not a picture of a beach and resort in the Maldives. It is an image on a TV screen. Yeah, this big frame is actually a TV! Yeah, we see you looking again. We’re serious!

Yellow paneled wall

The yellow paint job on this house makes it look like a slice of key lime pie. Don’t get us wrong. We have no issues with any kind of pie. Who would? It’s just delicious! We are also reminded of the Minions.

Photo courtesy of

But what makes us question this image is the fact that they have painted the leaves of the vine as well. Why would they resort to that? We got you! The leaves turned yellow as the seasons changed, matching the paint! Talk about a lovely coincidence.

Nearly headless seal

What seems to be happening here? Is this seal a magician? Have they really had the cognitive ability to be masters of the arts of prestidigitation? Guess we would never know what animals are capable of. What a trick this is!

Photo courtesy of Fresh_Timba / Reddit

Actually, this is not a magic trick. This happens to be caused by simple physics. When light enters a denser medium from a rarer medium, it tends to bend. This is called the refraction of light, and it produces some amazing illusions.

It’s Beatrix Potter time!

If you had a passion for reading in your childhood, the chances of you knowing who Beatrix Potter is are pretty high. A celebrated author of children’s books, she was widely known for her beloved series of books, Peter Rabbit.

Photo courtesy of Taz_Edwards / Twitter

This looks like the kind of illustration you would find in a book by Beatrix Potter. Look how cute the squirrels look here. So adorable. But actually, they are not illustrations of squirrels but stains from removing makeup. Now, how about that?

How adorable!

Look at this cute monkey doll! It looks a bit like Curious George, but upon closer inspection, we can see that it is not our favorite fictional monkey. It does seem cuddly enough to be one of your favorite toys, though.

Photo courtesy of Ostrantula / Reddit

But wait! Monkeys don’t usually share their bodies with cats! This is not a monkey doll at all. Instead, in between the cat’s hind feet, the head of the plushie has been positioned quite beautifully, resulting in this one-of-a-kind picture.

Burgers, anyone?

Would you just look at these ground chuck beef! Man, doesn’t it look delicious? They have that nice sprinkling of fat to them, too, which makes it irresistible. Just that sizzle when it hits the grill is enough to make you drool.

Photo courtesy of

But what we are going to say next will probably ruin your appetite. This is not ground beef. This is a mop head! Can’t believe it? We also couldn’t at first. We would feel tricked, but we’re just laughing at how silly of a coincidence this is.

Lost and Found

Is there anyone to lay claim to these fine shoes? Man, they look quite fashionable. Plus, they look brand new. We can’t imagine the level of carelessness that goes into losing a pair of fresh kicks like this. But hold on a second!

Photo courtesy of

But, as always, our eyes are just playing tricks. These shoes do have an owner, and it’s the lady wearing the knee-cut leggings. Her leggings match perfectly with the shadow cast by the seat. It makes her legs look nonexistent.

Attack of the giant monkey

Don’t be alarmed. That’s not King Kong. That famous giant monkey was modeled after a silverback gorilla. What you see is quite an enormous baboon, like the kind you can find in Africa. And doesn’t it look like it’s crushing that car?

Photo courtesy of ketts /

But why is it so big? Is something happening that we haven’t heard about yet? Is Dwyane Johnson going to do a sequel to Rampage with a baboon? Actually, no. This is a baboon sitting on a car that looks big because of the camera angle.

Now that’s a mop

Just look at this mop. One look at that and you know that it is a quality product. It is just like the kind of thing you would expect your grandma to love. Perfectly engineered for all sanitary needs.

Photo courtesy of

But have a look! A good look or, as the British would say, “a proper gander.” That’s no black mop. It is a cute little black dog with a perfect mop of fur. Look at its little pink tongue! So cute!

Looks can be decieving

Just look at these five cats just owning this art installation. How do we know that this is an art installation and not a proper bench? Easy. It looks too artsy to be comfortably sat on. It’s as simple as that.

Photo courtesy of ImLunatic /

We have two sprawled in true cat-like fashion, one sitting, minding its own business, and the other one goofing around. That cat on the top… wait. That’s not a real cat! That’s part of the art installation. How cool is that?

Starling cow

European Starlings had first been brought to the New World by Shakespeare fans in the 19th century, and they are currently among some of the continent’s most abundant songbirds. Short tails, trapezoidal wings, and long, sharp beaks characterize these portly blackbirds.

Photo courtesy of Gridim /

They’re beautiful creatures once you get a good view of them. During the winter, they are covered with white dots. So, this cow must have some starling genes on him. Just look at that beautiful pattern on it. Do you think it’s a model of the Milky Way? (Can’t stop with the puns!)

Bread for destruction

All over the world, bread is a staple food item. There is even a whole culture built around different types and baking methods. Plus, the smell of freshly baked bread is seductive, so it’s no wonder some of us are obsessed with our carbs.

Photo courtesy of kazakow07 /

If you know, you know, and those who know, want it more. That’s what makes this piece of bread even more alluring because you know that it’s toasted till… wait a darn moment. This is not a slice of sourdough. This is a rock!

Fashion icon

Almost all of those who read this article have the free media player software, VLC, on their computers. That is mostly because it is glitch-free and can play any format under the sun. Now the thing we didn’t know is this:

Photo courtesy of

We never knew that the VLC media players had a mascot. Like a proper mascot. We only thought the traffic cone was the symbol. Perfect camouflage when walking through a construction zone too. Are we positive this wasn’t on purpose? No. Do we care? Also no.

What’s with the shoes?

What is with people leaving shoes behind in places that shouldn’t be having shoes? Just look at this pair, left by some person. In an airport, no less. Some people don’t have a semblance of decency these days, and just walk around barefoot.

Photo courtesy of agrimisadventures / Instagram

But wait! This pair of shoes hasn’t been left at the airport! The socks blend so well with the carpet that it creates a fun illusion. Now, what are the odds of wearing socks with the same as the airport you currently are in? Such a unique pattern too…


It certainly is quite scenic to look into, but he shouldn’t be doing this. He is too precariously positioned at the edge, and one wrong move is all that’s needed for a tragedy. That torrent of water looks quite powerful!

Photo courtesy of LegonUbs / Twitter

Got you fooled, didn’t he? This is what we would call true talent! This guy in the photo created this with charcoal and flour! What an amazing testament to his abilities. He should keep on pursuing his ambitions in the arts!

Frank Lentini, is that you?

Frank Lentini was born with three legs in May of 1889 in Sicily, Italy. His fourth foot protruded through the knee and sprang out from the side of his right hip. He was born with a problem caused by a twin embryo.

Photo courtesy of

Is this the case here? How do you decide which shoes to wear? No worries, folks. This is another case of “right place, right time” for the photographer. That extra foot belongs to the man’s girlfriend, who is hidden from view.

Flying cat

Although some in some spiritual and New Age societies genuinely think that levitation is caused by paranormal, psychic, or “high-energy” anomalies, there is no scientific proof that this has ever happened. Purported instances of levitation are usually clarified. But maybe we have a real case here!

Photo courtesy of

Natural factors include such things as trickery, illusion, and so on. So, what’s happening with this cat? Well, just the fact that this is a windscreen and the angle of the phone. It makes this cat looks like it is levitating. Can we also admire how clean their windshield is?

Sugar cubes and ocean?

Sugar causes our bodies to release opioids and dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in addiction behavior’s “reward pathway.” Just some science fo you. We are not sure why these sugar cubes are gray and falling into blue icing. Must be a very artsy cake.

Photo courtesy of Mostafa Belal / Facebook

Wait a minute! Do we spy with our little eyes a person? These are blocks of cement, for Pete’s sake. This photo was taken in Italy, where they put a whole batch of these construction blocks near the ocean. Probably for photo ops like these, right?

Apollo, stop doing that please!

Apollo pursued Daphne, and after she became tired of running, she sought assistance from her father, who transformed her into a laurel tree. Apollo wore laurel branches as a distinctive sign, illustrating why and how the laurel tree came to be.

Photo courtesy of

Because of the sun god Apollo in Greek mythology. Is this what is happening here? Are we witnessing something that is a modern rendition of a Greek myth? Nah! This is a normal woman wearing a floral print that matches the tree. SO pretty!