Unfathomable Demands By Popular Celebrities

By Divya G

Actors are often known to throw tantrums on set. Sometimes it’s in reaction to something that happened, other times, it’s in response to their demands not being met. But not all of their “requests” are reasonable. Some of the most unthinkable demands by popular actors are as follows:

George Clooney

Fans cannot perceive Clooney as someone with crazy demands. But the actor had quite an unusual request on the set of Gravity. The actor demanded a custom-made beach in front of his trailer. He deemed it necessary to stay in the character of an astronaut.

Source: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

Gary Busey

Talking about crazy demands to get into a character’s skin, Gary Busey went a little too far. He required them to remove mirrors from the entire set of Quigley. His character in the film was someone who went to heaven. Considering that there are no mirrors in heaven, he put forward this absurd demand.

Will Smith

While shooting for Men in Black 3, Will Smith demanded two trailers instead of one. He prioritized his physical health a little too much and demanded the second trailer have a gym.

Source: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

Jennifer Lopez

One cannot disagree that Jennifer Lopez is a woman of taste. It becomes abundantly clear when people learn that she always demands her dressing room on set to be entirely white. The color, or lack thereof, enables her creative juices to flow out well.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman’s role in Kill Bill is pretty iconic, to say the least. On the movie set, she demanded three cell phones. Perhaps she wanted to get into the mindset of a paid killer. Moreover, she also demanded discounts on clothes she wore during the shoot.