Victoria Beckham Talks About Bullying

By Letizia L

Before Posh Spice, before the (almost royal) wedding with her David, before the (wonderful) four children and the super career in the fashion business, Victoria Beckham was still – like everyone else – finding herself. But we are not referring to her as a child (a little chubby with the toy iron in her hand, so to speak), no, we are rather thinking of a Vic girl, perhaps with braces on her teeth and insecurities that we all shared during our teenage years.

“When I was in school, I was a rather strange teenager. I didn’t have many friends, “she says, remembering that she was also a victim of bullying at times. In short, if we are used to a mysterious, maybe a little cold, Victoria Beckham, surrounded by success, we now know that she is not always been like that. And maybe we love her even more because of it.

“I would never want anyone else to feel the way I felt,” continues the former Spice Girl confirming his experience as an outsider among school desks and reminding us how vulnerable and exposed we are as kids when we still don’t know who we are and we must find our place in the world.

Victoria is well aware of the importance of inclusiveness and tries to pass it on day by day to her children too. “When Harper started school – she says referring to her 9 year old daughter – I tell her: ‘If you are on the playground and there is a little girl sitting alone, ask her to play with you, go there and involve her, because your mother was like that little girl ‘[…] I want everyone to know that nobody is alone when Harper is around “, she concludes, with a tender reference to the small and only female daughter of the Beckham clan.