Was “The Christmas Chronicles 2” Better Than The First?

By Shane R

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“The Christmas Chronicles 2” came out on Netflix just in time to end 2020 the right way. In the second installment, “The Christmas Chronicles 2” brought Kurt Russell back as Mr. Claus and paired him with Mrs. Claus, played by Goldie Hawn. The two had some solid chemistry. Though the second might not have been as good as the first, here are some reasons that #2 was solid.

If you like to get a sense of the film world around you, “The Christmas Chronicles 2” built onto what the North Pole is like for Santa and Company. It was a rich backstory like this one that gets people excited for more movies in the future. Comedy was something else the show added. Santa really comes off as a jolly old soul. Props to Kurt Russell with his gags and puns.

(Spoiler Ahead) Adding a villain to #2 was also a great addition. Julian Dennison played the bad guy, who turned softhearted in the end. Having an antagonist like this that is also relatable makes this character quite original. There was a musical number in #2, as well. Some might not think that the addition was great, but it added a new element for the show.

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Ultimately, going back into the past and having worlds collide was one of the best parts of the show. When the past brings reason to the present, it makes the future all that much more bright. Hopefully, there will be a #3 that we all can enjoy with Russell and Hawn spearheading the cast.