We Never Learned The Names Of These 3 Iconic Characters!

By Francis Tunwase

A movie’s success or failure can sometimes depend on a character’s name. Many well-known films, including Rocky and Jackie Brown, are promoted primarily because of the names of their main characters.

Source: @donaldtong94/Pexels

Some films, however, believe that hiding a character’s official designation heightens the suspense. And it’s funny to think that sometimes the audience doesn’t even notice that certain iconic characters were never given an actual name!

Here are three iconic characters whose names we still don’t know to this day.

Driver – Driver (2011)

Driver, which was a commercial and critical success in 2010, remains one of the decade’s most-liked neo-noirs to this day. In the movie, Ryan Gosling portrays a stuntman who’s also a getaway driver after the sun has set.

Instead of having a proper name, the main character is simply referred to as “Driver,” a nod to a 1978 film of the same name.

XXXX – Layer Cake (2004)

Layer Cake, though only a moderate hit at the box office, served as a breakthrough for both its lead actor, Daniel Craig, and its director. Matthew Vaughn, who had previously worked as a producer for Guy Ritchie, made his directorial debut with the crime drama.

Source: @kristsll/Unsplash

Daniel Craig’s performance in this film has been credited with helping him land the role of James Bond, which is the role that launched him to stardom. Craig’s character in this film is always credited as “XXX.” However, he is never identified by a name.

Man – The Road (2009)

While seeing one unnamed character is not unusual at all, some movies take things to a whole new level. In The Road, all of the characters in the movie (besides one) are unnamed, just like in the book. This one is definitely worth watching. You’ll only have a bit of a hard time trying to explain the plot to someone who’s never watched it.