Photos Taken At The Exact Perfect Time

By Jhoana C

Photographs not only capture fleeting moments and make them last an eternity, but they can also be magical, especially if they are taken at just the perfect time. There’s a story behind photos taken with the perfect timing. Was the photo meant to be that way? Or was it an accidental but happy result of all elements working together and aligning in front of the photographer’s lens? Timing is everything, and it can either make or break a photo; and to prove that point, we have compiled a set of photos that will make you laugh, think, and everything in between. Our photos come from a wide spectrum of accidental shots that are impressive and intriguing. So, let’s not take more of your time, and let’s start.

Don’t pick your nose in public

Picking your nose in public is a no-no. Not only is it rude to do so, but it is also gross. Some people pick their nose out of habit, while others do so because they are bored. Regardless of the reasons, you must keep your fingers away from your nose.

Image courtesy of

This guy was behaving well in the metro while waiting for his ride, but the billboard made it look like his nose was being picked by a gigantic finger. This just shows that a picture can be made better or worse with the right or wrong perspective.

I like your skirt!

If we could have a skirt made of flowers, we’d want one just like this. The lady looks like she is a dancer preparing for a show, a ballerina with her flower tutu getting ready to entertain countless people who have come to see her perform.

Image courtesy of

We love this photo. The soft lighting, the perspective that made the flower look like a billowing skirt, and the dancer-like graceful pose. Every element contributed to making the picture outstanding. The photographer has a good eye and an even better sense of timing.

Don’t play with pee

At first glance, you’d say, “Ewww.” Why would you pee in public, and why would you let your little daughter play with pee? There are so many things wrong with this picture if you don’t take a second and closer look.

Image courtesy of

But take a longer look, and you will see that the little girl is playing with water from the faucet, and no the guy is not relieving himself in public. This is also why nobody is alarmed and that everyone is just going about their business as usual.

Keep your hands off me!

Don’t you just hate it when strangers start touching you, even if it’s in a friendly way? Especially when you don’t know them, and they pretend that they know you. Just look at this guy with his hand on the girl’s shoulder?

Image courtesy of nakilon/Reddit

Relax, he’s not trying to harass her. However, this photo’s perfect timing makes it look like he’s got his hand on her shoulder. We’re sure the expression on the lady’s face wouldn’t be so happy if a stranger had his hand on her instead of that of her friend.

Look, a flying dog!

We never thought we’d see a flying dog, but it looks like the day has finally come, and all of our wishes have been fulfilled. Here’s Fido enjoying his day at the beach and learning to fly at the same time. Of course, a picture had to be taken because this doesn’t happen every day.

Image courtesy of GrandesArchives/Twitter

The guy who took the photo was incredibly lucky, and he’s got perfect timing. The dog and the bird aligned and moved simultaneously and produced the visuals of a mutant-looking creature which we are now seeing for the first time.

There’s a centaur in the kitchen, mom!

In Greek mythology, centaurs are half-horse and half-men creatures that live in the forests of Thessaly. They were said to make their homes in caves hunting wild animals. There are countless myths concerning their origins, and their love of a tasty meal is well documented.

Image courtesy of DJRiverCat/Imgur

One thing we didn’t expect was finding a centaur in the kitchen, busy preparing dinner and chopping up vegetables. The perfect timing when this photo was taken is remarkable! The dog looked like it’s part of the girl and vice versa.

Don’t kick me

Retail can be hard work. You have to interact with customers and be kind to them even if they behave in a very unreasonable way at times. You have to be on your feet for most of the day, and a smile must always be plastered on your face.

Image courtesy of Brain Parking

This lady who’s working in retail was busy arranging the clothes for the store, when the mannequin took it upon itself to kick her when she was down. The forms should be helping her instead of making her work more difficult.

The moon just landed on the helipad

Dubai is the city where you can find the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and the world’s only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, which is a building fashioned to look like a sailboat, as you can see in the photo. Dubai is an interesting and young city that’s worth a visit.

Image courtesy of Panda_911/Reddit

But it’s not the building that makes this photo outstanding; it’s the fact that the moon seems to be landing on the helipad. Sometimes, your photo turns out all awkward, and other times, you get left with something so magical, just like the person who took this picture.

A man with a dog’s head

We have all heard and read about crazy mutations such as snakes and turtles with two heads, a goat with four extra limbs, and a mountain lion with a second jaw. However, we have not heard of a mutation that involved humans and animals.

Image courtesy of Soo Curious

This man’s body attached to a dog’s head is of Human Centipede proportions and something we don’t want to see on the streets because it would give us a heart attack. Thankfully for us, this is just a perfectly timed photo of person and dog .

Fly like a jet

They say if you can dream it, you can do it. This bird must have been dreaming so hard that it can one day fly really fast and maybe give jet planes a run for their money. Sounds like a tall order, but for someone who believes, everything is possible.

Image courtesy of DanRobson1/Imgur

The bird flies like a jet, and from the exact placement of him in this photo, it looks like he is blowing smoke like one too. Or if you want to be correct, you can call them contrails. We have to say that the photographer got lucky that day. We know timing is almost impossible to control.

A dog with antlers

Antlers are fascinating because not all animals have them. Deer antlers are some of the fastest-growing things in nature, and they are interestingly made of bone. Imagine a bone growing out of your head. That’s doesn’t seem fun at all.

Image courtesy of

Aside from offering protection from predators, antlers also help deer compete against each other during mating season. We are not sure why this dog needs antlers, though. Perhaps the neighbor’s dog is a big bully, and it needs protection from him, or maybe they are both competing for the attention of the poodle down the street.

Please, don’t hit the bird

Birds not only serenade us, but they also play an important part in the ecosystem. When they travel, they disperse the seeds they have eaten through droppings, much like elephants do. They also bring back plants to the ecosystem and carry them across the sea to new lands.

Image courtesy of Cuba Debate

Without them, the world would be a much lonelier place; their different and vibrant plumage makes the world more colorful. That’s why when we saw this photo, we were bothered. Please don’t hurt the bird, mister! We’re totally rooting for the bird to fly away before the hammer comes down.

I’m getting married to an owl

Nowadays, people just don’t marry other people, and recently there have been news stories of people who marry themselves or even marry dolls or animals. Human-animal marriages, although weird and frowned upon, have happened several times all over the globe. We’ve heard of people marrying their dogs, and there was even a man who married his pony.

Image courtesy of DonQuixoteDonFlamingo/Imgur

Maybe they’ve grown tired of all the lies told by their fellow humans, and they figured their pets are more honest and will provide them with lifelong companionship. Not sure if this woman felt the same way, but she’s about to marry an owl. Seriously though, the owl just happened to fly and cover the groom’s face simultaneously as the photo was taken.

Have a drink of freedom

Nowadays, we are all in limbo after being in quarantine for so long that we don’t know what time or date it is. Feel like enjoying a drink? Don’t feel guilty about reaching for a glass; it’s 5 pm somewhere in the world.

Image courtesy of doublebeatloaf/Reddit

But what would be better than having a glass of wine or champagne? Injecting your drink with some freedom might liven it up a bit, seeing as that’s exactly what we need right now. This wine glass perfectly projected the flag in the window; it’s a work of art.

The flying mouse

Throughout history, there have been numerous mouse characters that have stolen the limelight, and a few of them are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Jerry, Roquefort, and Miss Bianca, to mention a couple. On-screen, they are always portrayed as lovable, resourceful, and clever creatures.

Image courtesy of

But have you ever heard of a flying mouse? Nope? Here’s your proof. Was it chasing after something? Was it checking just how far it could jump? Whatever the reason is, the little mouse seems agile and is ready to take on the world.

Starbucks sucks?

Starbucks is one of the most recognizable and most valuable companies in the world today. The company is reportedly worth $30 billion, and the merchandising empire has more than 24,000 stores all over the world. Wherever you are, you must have heard of Starbucks.

Image courtesy of Quit Boredom

Interestingly, the company wasn’t founded by two coffee connoisseurs but by writers and teachers. The company is a success story that has thought of everything about their business, from top to bottom. But they didn’t think how their van would look like with its door slid open.

Meet Catwoman

Catwoman is a character in the DC Universe that needs her very own movie. Yes, we’re aware that they already came out with one starring Halle Berry, but that movie was such a disaster that all we want to do is forget it. So, let’s not go there.

Image courtesy of rastroboy/Reddit

Catwoman is a complicated character, she is occasionally a villain, but sometimes she can be a hero. There’s no question that sometimes she does the wrong things for the right reasons. They could get Anne Hathaway to reprise her role for a solo outing, or they could get this Catwoman. Either way, it would be awesome.

The lady with the bird

Bearded ladies used to be considered freaks and even had starring roles in circuses in days gone by. Nowadays, we have a better understanding of ladies with beards, and they are now accorded the respect they deserve. We have come a long way indeed.

Image courtesy of The Chive

Nowadays, we understand what causes too much facial hair in women, and one of the most common reasons is PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels. We’re not quite sure if this woman suffers from PCOS, though; it looks more situational than physical to us.

Beware the child!

Evil children make a good subject for horror movies, and as a matter of fact, there are plenty of movies that explore this subject. Think of Orphan, The Omen, Children of the Corn, Village of the Damned, The Exorcist, and Brightburn.

Image courtesy of

If we were the parents of this child, we’d start being worried because what she has in her hands is the handbook of horrors. The uncanny timing of this photo taken with the girl’s eyes like that scares us a lot.

How do I look?

For many, many years, we humans believed that self-awareness was something unique to us, and boy, were we in for a surprise. A few different species of animals have now been studied to test their self-awareness, including elephants, monkeys, dolphins, and apes.

Image courtesy of

Although birds have not been studies for self-awareness, this photo makes it seem that they have that ability. Just look at that hummingbird checking itself out in the mirror. Perhaps it’s thinking, “How do I look? Do they find me attractive?”

That’s him on the ad!

How many times were you lucky enough to see a star in person? How many times have you seen a famous person in an ad and find him in your local restaurant? It doesn’t happen very often, right? So, we understand why this person was excited to see this bird.

Image courtesy of

That bird is a superstar, just look at him on the poster endorsing a loyalty card, and now he’s visiting local laundry shops on a promotionaltour. We wonder if the guy who took this photo asked the bird for an autograph.

Is that a ball or….?

What can be a better thing to do during summer than to hang out with friends for a picnic? There’s so much to catch up on, and it’s always a good thing to have a conversation with friends and see how everyone has been doing.

Image courtesy of

This group of friends knows how important time with friends is, and here they are sitting on stools that look like balls and just having a good time. Oh, you say that girl on the left is not sitting on a ball? We can’t see how we can be mistaken.

This guy is indeed an angel

Not all heroes wear capes, and instead of being obsessed with reality TV stars who have not done much to help humanity, perhaps we should acknowledge the work of everyday people who have dedicated their lives to the protection and safety of others, such as firefighters.

Image courtesy of Imgur

In 2020 alone, 96 firefighters died in the United States in the line of duty. That is how dedicated they are to their work. This picture of a firefighter doing his job in the midst of an earthquake in Mexico is a perfect representation of people who tirelessly work to make sure others are safe.

My hands are slippery

Brown bears or grizzly bears are some of the most remarkable creatures on Earth. Contrary to popular belief, brown bears eat both meat and plants, so they are omnivores, and their cubs are typically born in either January or February and are the size of small chipmunks.

Image courtesy of Hidden Siberia Magazine/Facebook

Unlike their black cousins, they have strong claws, which they use to catch prey and dig for food. In this photo, you’ll see a group of brown bears hunting for fish to eat. There may be five of them, but they seem to be having a hard time catching that lone fish.

Can’t you see I’m tired?

Sometimes work, or school can get so overwhelming that all you want to do is just shut yourself from the world. Sometimes, even if you do your best, it feels like it isn’t enough, and you fall short of your expectations.

Image courtesy of tmscblpz/Tumblr

One thing we need to remember is we are doing the very best we can and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves, especially during these trying times. If you need to rest, do so. Follow this lady who has taken it upon herself to recharge. You can tell she’s very tired.

I want huge boobs

The advent of social media has made it easy for people to share their pictures, but it has also led to a lot of people feeling insecure about themselves and wishing they had this and that. This has increased the number of people getting surgeries.

Image courtesy of

One of the most popular plastic surgical procedures today is breast augmentation. Of all the breast surgeries done in the USA in 2019, 46% of them were women aged between 35 to 50. However, this lady doesn’t need to get any surgery done. She’s ok in that department.

Ghost Rider?

The 2007 movie Ghost Rider starred Nicolas Cage and told the story of a motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze who sold his soul to the devil in order to save his father. He then becomes the titular character who acts like the Devil’s bounty hunter.

Image courtesy of Jiryn/Imgur

He is sent to hunt down sinners and falls in love with a girl in the process. Although the movie was critically panned, it was a box office success. Although this photo looks like it belongs to the movie, it’s just a perfectly timed shot of a flame that seems to have a skull face.

A dragonfly on a dragonfly

The dragonfly. In almost every part of the world, it is the symbol of adaptability, transformation, change, and self-realization. Its meaning makes it one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. Aside from that, dragonflies also look beautiful.

Image courtesy of Callyzone/Reddit

This lady got a dragonfly tattoo on her foot, and on a trip to the beach, a real dragonfly landed on her foot, just above her tattoo. What a coincidence, right? Or is the world trying to send her a message?

Someone photobombed the photo

If you’re a tourist, you certainly want to take plenty of photos to remember your vacation. Of course, when you take photos, you want to stand next to famous landmarks which people will readily recognize. From the picture alone, they’ll be able to tell where you’ve been.

Image courtesy of Acid Cow/

We don’t know what landmark this person was trying to take a picture of but the guy disrupting this shot is surely not having a good time. He inadvertently memorialized himself in one of the most unpleasant ways. Hopefully, he didn’t get hurt badly

From caterpillar to man

The transformation from a plump caterpillar into a beautiful winged creature is called metamorphosis. However, the transformation is not unique to caterpillars and butterflies. Apparently, it also happens to men, and if you don’t believe us, we have proof.

Image courtesy of David Taggart/Eye of Taggart

Just look at that old guy who’s growing a pair of antennas on his head and sprouting beautiful big wings on his body. He doesn’t look as graceful or as elegant as an actual butterfly, but he is pretty close.

Spot the difference

It’s always interesting to see soldiers marching during a parade. They are perfectly in unison, and you just wonder how many hours they spent practicing so that they’re perfectly in sync with each other; even the expression on their faces are the same.

Image courtesy of thuydungttq/Tumblr

However, there’s always that one guy that is different, sometimes unintentionally. Look at all the soldier’s faces; they’re all serious and ready to defend the country should the need arise. However, one of them is sleepy, and you can spot him immediately.

Horse face

Owning a horse is not cheap. First of all, horses cost money, especially those that have a pedigree. They can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. There’s also the upkeep required to keep your horse happy. Not to mention that you also need to make sure that the horse has a place to stay.

Image couretsy of NoLongerThatGuy/Imgur

You also have to make sure that the horse has enough food and that it’s healthy. The average monthly expenses for a horse can run from $200 to $325, which is about the same price as a car payment. How do horses thank you? By showing they care and love you, like in the photo above.

I’m too sexy for this magazine

Sometimes when you are lying down and relaxing, you end up falling asleep, especially when you are super tired. That’s exactly what happened to this woman. Her husband found her like this, asleep beneath the paper. What was his first reaction?

Image courtesy of craigstone_/Reddit

His reaction would be the same as ours if we saw this, freaked out and shocked. Did she get plastic surgery and decided to change her face to that of a man’s? She didn’t need to do that because she looked beautiful.  Fortunately, it’s just a magazine shading her face from the sun.

Bubble Dog

Remember one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s first movies in Hollywood where he played the role of a guy who’s been living in a bubble his whole life? Yes, Bubble Boy, that’s it! Well, what you see in the photo is the canine version of that movie.

Image courtesy of Fizzgig11/Imgur

We’re not sure if the dog is having a good time or if he’s only a short way from bursting his bubble. Seriously, how great can it be to live in a bubble when there’s a whole world out there that is waiting to be discovered? This is the power of the camera’s freeze-frame.

Breakdancing on water

According to the New Testament, walking on water is one of the miracles Jesus performed. There are accounts of this miraculous feat in three different gospels. This guy, on the other hand, is doing more than just attempting to walk on water.

Image courtesy of

He is breakdancing on water, or at least, it looks like it. His friends are so impressed with his newly acquired breakdancing skills that they’re cheering him to do more, perhaps a few stunts? Seriously though, this is a great example of how perfect timing can make a huge difference in photos.

Where’s the mother of dragons?

Don’t you just like it when you go to a pricey restaurant, and they cook the food right in front of you? It’s amazing seeing your food prepared, and of course, most chefs have a few tricks they want to showcase in front of customers while cooking food.

Image courtesy of

Teppanyaki is one such place where chefs prepare the food in front of you, and they are not only popular in Japan but all over the globe. This is a good example of teppanyaki with a dragon flame to boot. Is the dragon looking for its mother, though?

Is the sun heavy?

Now. this is an amazing photo! You don’t frequently see bumblebees carrying the sun because that’s one heavy burden, but this bumble bee managed to do so, and it didn’t get burned in the process. We can only imagine the number of hours the photographer spent waiting for the perfect shot.

Image courtesy of mike_pants/Reddit

Photographing bees and butterflies is a challenge. You have to follow the bee around and try to focus and snap before it starts moving again. of course, you also need the right gear to come up with incredible photos like this.