What Google Knows About Mariah Carey’s Beauty Schedule

By Shivam B

Mariah Carey is one of the most popular, influential, and great singers whose “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, released in 1994, is one of her greatest hits.

In her prolonged career, Carey dropped several gems beyond music through her tweets and interviews. Her answers to some questions were really complicated, leaving the fans in a real mystery.

In her thirty years of interviews, she’s shared a lot of info about her, and Google has updated all these details. So, let’s check everything Google knows about Mariah Carey and what you can learn more about her beauty schedule.

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Mariah Carey: Is She A Diva?

Mariah Carey says, “I like to play along with the diamonds and the hair, shoes, makeup, and the whole ensemble, but is that me? I really don’t know. Well, a part of it is me, and I wouldn’t go mad if someone gave me a new diamond bracelet. But that doesn’t indicate that it’s all I care about in the world.”  

Mariah Carey: What’s Her Makeup Philosophy?

Carey believes and prefers to wear the least amount of makeup. This is because she hates the time spent and efforts involved in steaming and taking them off.

Mariah Carey: Does She Ever Wear A Red Lip?

Mariah says that she looks terrifying with red lips, but she has to do it in some events or shows.

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Mariah Carey: What’s Her Makeup Pet Peeves?

Carey hates mascara. She throws them off whenever a makeup artist tries to put them on.