What Reality Shows To Binge-Watch?

By Shane R

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Over the last years, there has been a ton of reality shows to watch. But, which ones are the best to get caught up on? Well, below are some of the top ones you should spend a whole weekend bingeing on.

#1 – Survivor

Survivor has fascinated people over the years because fans have gotten to see people in their most primal moments. In this series, people backstab each other but have to work together to survive out on their own. Oh, and the winner gets big money, like a cool $1 million.

#2 – The Bachelor

The Bachelor has had its ups and downs over the years. With many of the ending couples not lasting a few years together, the longevity that is happening is the show itself. But, this show does make for some good television. Over the years, this show has taken five hours up of prime-time television for ABC. So, The Bachelor has been sure to keep the attention of people.

#3 – American Idol

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If you like music, then you have probably seen some American Idol. With Kelly Clarkson winning the very first season in 2002, Simon Cowell knew the show was going to see even better years ahead. Sure, they have had some duds over the years, but big names like Carrie Underwood, Fantasia Barrino, Chris Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson are still household names across the music industry. Still, most people have watched this show because the judges make a mockery of individuals who think they have talent. It just goes to show what people are interested in.