What Would the World Look Like if It Was Like Children’s Drawings?

By Letizia L

Dom Curtis is an 8-year-old boy who loves to draw and has had an Instagram account for a couple of years, on which his father, Tom Curtis, uploads all his drawings. The dad transforms the drawings into real characters with some digital retouching, without departing from the original model born from the child’s mind and hands.

With this method, flat-faced cats, that are cross-eyed bulging, with thin and asymmetrical legs are born.

Instagram: Things I have drawn

“These are Things I have drawn”, is the account which is currently followed by 125,000 people, and that number continues to grow. Thanks to the rapid and viral success on Instagram, a book has now been published, “Things I have drawn at the Zoo”, where a fun and disturbing bestiary is portrayed.

The imaginative realism of Tom Curtis and his son has no limits and on their social networks, strange and wonderful creatures appear from week to week with expressions that are sometimes stunned, other times terrified and occasionally, blissfully arrogant, which always displace and amuse the reader. It is in essence, an elementary comical mechanism powered by a naturally funny point of view that brilliantly exploits the simplest Photoshop functions.

Instagram: Things I have drawn

The overturned reality of childlike drawing without the necessary technique to respect the proportions in recreating the image of a man, a car, or an animal is transformed into something concrete that completely changes our way of seeing the world. The personification of a child’s imagination enchants the audience, and it is clear why Things I have drawn has established itself, attracting tens of thousands of followers in such a short period of time.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if children’s drawings came to life? On Instagram, there is the answer.