Which Zebra Is Looking At the Camera?

By Letizia L

Which of the two zebras is looking at the camera? The photo gives life to a discussion that turns on the web.

Once again a photo animates a heated debate among web users.
The most recent was by Sarosh Lodhi, a photographer from Nagpur, India who, while photographing wildlife, started this latest discussion.

Source: Reddit

The man was in Kenya last year and went to the Masai Mara national reserve, one of the most important protected wildlife areas in Africa.
The Masai Mara boasts a multitude of extraordinary species including lions, leopards, cheetahs, and elephants.

The photographer had wonderful subjects to photograph, but the ones that attracted mostly its attention were two zebras. Their shot went viral for one particular issue: it is not clear which of the two is looking into the camera lens.

On his Twitter account, Sarosh shared the photo, asking users which of the two zebras, the one on the right or left, is facing the lens and is looking towards the camera.

Source: Reddit

As simple as it may seem, the answer was not at all. The shape, the colors, and the position of the two animals have created an overlap of lines that make it difficult to distinguish the shape of one from the other.

So the question originated a heated debate on social networks, born of the discordant vision of users. What do you think it is? The right or left zebra?