Why Do People Like Temptation Island That Much?

By Letizia L

Temptation Island is (in case you missed it) a docu-reality show in which couples must live separated for 12 days inside a dream village where they are tempted by the presence of singles ready to test their feelings for their significant others.

The couples show up on the island, they spend one day together, and then they get separated to opposite sides of the island. During this time, they go on five different dates with other contestants. The first three dates have to be with different people, but the fourth or fifth date can be with the same person if they wish to do so.

Temptation Island continues to keep viewers glued to the screen between scenes, screams, tears, insults and efforts..

Do you know why? There are several reasons:

1. We identify with the protagonists of Temptation Island
As soon as we turn on the TV and the theme song starts, we are already fully in tune with one or the other protagonist. In the dynamics we see through couples, we find bits and pieces of our present or past relationships.

Once we are hooked, it’s done: we have to see how it ends.

2. We all feel like judges
Expressing feelings and stripping of any form of confidence allows people to sit in the judge’s chair and point the finger. After all everyone likes to watch, comment and criticize the behaviors that they would never carry out.

3. It makes us feel better
Knowing that there are couples who experience hardships similar to ours makes us feel better. What we see, thanks to Temptation Island goes so deep into relationships that it makes us feel less alone.

And if we add a bunch of attractive men and women ready to provoke to the dynamics of a couple in crisis, everything becomes more fun (but only if you are spectators and not a protagonist).