Why Gal Gadot is the Ideal Wonder Woman?

By Divya G

Superhero movies have become a norm these days for producers as they are more likely to succeed at the box office than other genres. However, producing comic book movies is one of the toughest things because you have to get everything straight, from the script to the story.

So, there is the pressure of pleasing the generations of loyal fans who grew up reading their favorite superhero comic books. One aspect that they cannot afford to go wrong with is in choosing the main character to play the lead role. Comic book perfection is not possible, but actors do their best to do justice to the character. This includes everything from looking like the character to adapting their personality traits, body language, etc. 

With that said, the DC Cinematic Universe was criticized when they roped in Gal Gadot to play Wonder Woman. People were not happy with DCs choice of casting Israeli actor for one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe.  

For starters, she was trolled over the internet for being skinny and that her breasts are too small. But you know what, Gal was meant to be Wonder Woman because she has experienced the ‘Wonder Woman’ effect previously. 

After winning the Miss Israel beauty pageant in 2004, she served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years. It was Gal’s military training that helped her bag action movies, including the Fast and Furious franchise.  

When there were speculations that Gal’s Wonder Woman will first appear in Batman v Superman in 2016, people were dubious. However, when she made an entry to the killer music, the audience was awestruck. Everybody forgot how she looks, how skinny she is. She was just perfect in that costume. 

In 2017, she took center stage with Wonder Woman in a film that made a whopping $821.8 million at the box office, with $412.6 million alone in the United States. 

Gal Gadot has all that it takes to be Wonder Woman – Charm, Beauty, Killer Physique, and Acting Ability.