Unnecessary Yet Entertaining Inventions From Matty Benedetto

By Abigail T

Have you ever enjoyed an ice cream cone in the summer and wished there was a way you could still eat the ice cream that melted on the ground? Or, are you always forgetting to close the toilet seat after you use it? These are ordinary, mundane problems that we barely pay attention to. We just let it go every time it happens. But of course, the Internet always has the answer. Matty Benedetto runs Unnecessary Inventions, an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing products that solve unimportant, non-existent problems. These innovations are almost always hideous, and, as the Instagram handle suggests, unnecessary. But, you have to admit, they are pretty darn genius. Here are just 45 of Matty Benedetto’s most unnecessary inventions.

Bedtime Finger Blaster

It’s nighttime. You snuggle into bed, stretch out, pull the covers over your head only to realize… you forgot to turn your lights off. The light switch is on the other side of the room, but you’re too comfortable to get up now. What do you do?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Sounds like a job for the Bedtime Finger Blaster! With this invention, you can now aim the life-sized pointer finger at your light switch to turn your lights off from the comfort of your bed. We don’t know about you, but we think this invention is pretty necessary.

The Megaphone Mask

Wearing a mask can keep you safe from the threat of viruses, but it also comes with its inconveniences. For example, it’s a lot harder to hear what people are saying from behind a mask. Matty Benedetto has just the solution for this.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Introducing The Megaphone Mask. It’s a face mask with a megaphone-like structure attached to it to allow for an increase in speech volume. It may be useful, but it looks atrocious. Would you want to walk around wearing this?


Nothing ruins a perfect pair of shoes like the rain. Imagine wearing leather or suede flats outdoors and it starts to rain. A nightmare! But fret no more. Unnecessary Inventions brings you the Shoe-brella attachment – protecting your shoes from water damage.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

These things fit around your ankles and rest nicely above your shoes to ward off rainwater. It can also prevent your shoes from getting stained by any drink you might spill. But let’s be honest here. Who would really wear these out?


Worried about getting a farmer’s tan this summer? Matty Benedetto says you shouldn’t be. With the new invention, Farmer-B-Gone,  you can avoid the hideous tan, even ensuring that your hands don’t get tanned too. Sound like a good idea?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

This is the first invention that we thought was truly unnecessary. If someone is worried about a farmer’s tan, then go outside in a long-sleeved shirt. There’s really no need for a separate sleeve. Although we have to admit, it does make for a pretty cool photo shoot accessory.

FingerStick Kit

These days, it’s almost like any exposed surface can be contaminated by the coronavirus. While vaccines have rolled out, it’s still important to be cautious! This next product by Unnecessary Inventions helps you avoid touching anything and avoid the risk of catching the virus.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Okay, it’s a little bit of an eyesore. It really didn’t have to be a replica of a human finger inside a large tube of lipstick. But it does get the job done. As for it being an “unnecessary” invention, we’d say it’s pretty necessary. Just a lot less practical.

The Glizzy Gripper

Have you ever been in public, about to take a large bite of your hot dog, when you suddenly feel conscious of all the people around you being witness to your barbaric ways of eating? Well, privacy is just a grip away with The Glizzy Gripper.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

All you need to do is put the hot dog in the holder. The cover on the side of the Gripper gives you the privacy you need to dig into your hot dog in peace. This is definitely innovative. It’s a solution to a problem we never even realized we had.

The Not Hot Blanket

If you’re the kind of sleeper that needs to have one leg outside of the blanket at any given point in the night, The Not Hot Blanket is for you. This checkered blanket has a cut-out that you can open and close for when you need that leg out.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

When you want full coverage, all you have to do is close the cut-out back. Using Velcro allows for this easily customizable design. But we have to say, this guy does not look comfortable there! He could have done the same thing with a regular blanket.


If the people you live with are constantly on your back when you don’t close the toilet seat after you flush, this invention is for you. The Flush-n-Close ensures that the toilet seat closes every time you flush. You don’t have to think twice!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

This invention utilizes a floatation device in the toilet bowl, which is chained to the toilet seat. When you flush, the force from the water drags the floaty down, closing the seat down with it. Genius, right? We see this as necessary.

The Commuter Cup Carrier

Commuters out there will know that sitting around in public transport doesn’t allow you much freedom. You have your cup of coffee in one hand and your phone in the other. You can’t exactly do much with your hands if you’re holding coffee.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The solution to this is The Commuter Cup Carrier. The next time you’re sitting on a bus or on the metro, all you need to do is cross your legs, attach this carrier to your shoes, and place your coffee cup in the holder.

The Hoverbrella

While umbrellas help shield us from the rain, they are quite the hassle to hold up, especially if you’re also carrying other things in your hands. With The Hoverbrella, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. You can be on your way/

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

By attaching an umbrella to a drone, you can now freely walk down the street hands-free. The drone follows you wherever you go. But of course, there are other factors this invention did not consider, such as, what happens when it’s particularly windy and the drone blows away from over our heads?

The Finglonger

Nowadays, phones and tabs are pretty large in size. For those with small hands and tiny fingers, it makes it difficult to reach the icons that are higher up on the screen. But with The Finglonger, you won’t have to extend out of your comfort zone.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The Finglonger is basically a finger extension that you can put on when you’re using your iPad. It does look kind of funny, but is it actually practical? Does it actually solve a problem, or is the problem really nonexistent?

The Hypēr Båg

Panic attacks in public are never fun for anyone. What usually helps is breathing into a paper bag or a plastic one. But, nobody really walks around with a paper bag on hand for this purpose. Unnecessary Inventions is back to solve this issue.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Matty Benedetto made multiple mini bags out of those large IKEA bags. These are small enough to be folded and placed inside a bag or a purse. It’s a good thing to have around in case of a panic attack. Not to mention, it’s stylish and not like your ordinary paper bag.

Grocery Cart Hoodie

Tired of pushing a grocery cart around the supermarket? Maybe this next invention is for you. The Grocery Cart Hoodie is a net bag that attaches to your body. You can then place your groceries in the bag while still walking around hands-free.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

We can see how this may be useful for lighter items like chips and cereal. But what happens when you have to walk around with two liters of milk and a bag of rice holding you down? Bet you’d wish you had used a trusty cart!

The BurritoTrough

Burritos can get messy. You almost don’t want to be eating it with your hand because the filling almost always spills out from the ends. It’s definitely not one of those things you can eat while walking around, like a hot dog or burger.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

With The BurritoTrough, you can now walk around while eating your burrito. All you have to do is wear it around your neck and place the burrito in the trough (duh). Then you can dig into your burrito wherever you’d like, hands-free.

The Century Charger

Battery health is of the utmost importance for any electronic device. You want to let it fully charge before taking it off the power. But more often than not, you need to use the phone while it’s still charging.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

That’s where The Century Charger comes in. It is basically just a 100-foot long charging cable. It allows you to charge your phone and still walk around the house or the office with it as far as you want. All is well and good, but we can only imagine just how slow it takes for the phone to fully charge.

Slice Slicer

This particular invention is truly unnecessary. Pizza slicers already exist. But the guys over at Unnecessary Inventions saw it and thought, “Those aren’t cutting the pizza into equally sized slices. So what did they do? They invented the Slice Slicer.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The appeal to the Slice Slicer is twofold. The first is, of course, that it has the ability to cut pizzas up into equal slices. The second is the way in which the slicing happens. It’s less of a slicing motion and more of an “I will destroy this pizza” movement.

The WhichWay

Imagine you’re walking down the street and you see someone coming from the other direction. You stop in front of each other, and you do the little awkward tango as you both try to figure out whether to go left or right.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

With The WhichWay, this little dance does not have to happen again. Simply wear the harness so that the arrows sit on each of your shoulders. It will act as a turn signal, letting other people know which way you’re going. Hideous? Absolutely.


Most smartphones nowadays are water-resistant. You can even use them underwater up to a certain depth for a long period of time. There’s no need for an underwater case or protector anymore. That’s probably the reason why this next invention is unnecessary.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The InstaParasol attaches to the top of your phone. It wards off rainwater if you’re ever holding the phone while you’re out and about on a rainy day. But these days, rainwater doesn’t even affect phones that much anymore!


If you’re exercising, or if it’s a particularly hot day, sweat can be a big problem. It can seep through your shirt creating sweat stains everywhere. It can also trickle down your forehead and sting when it gets in your eyes.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

With SweatGutters, you don’t have to worry about the perspiration getting on your face. It’s designed to catch any sweat which pours down from your temple and release it away from you. While you’ll look less bad without a sweaty face, you’d still look ridiculous wearing the Sweat Gutters around your forehead.

Scooter Platter

Trying to decrease your carbon footprint by traveling to work on an electric scooter or bike? That’s great! But you’ll soon notice that you won’t be able to eat your breakfast like you usually do on the bus or train.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The Scooter Platter allows you to travel green while still being able to eat breakfast. Just attach it to the front of your scooter, place your breakfast on the plate, and voila. Zoom through the city while you enjoy your breakfast.

Shower Curtain Towel

If your towel rack is too far away from the shower, chances are you’ll be dripping water all over the bathroom floor every time you come out of the shower. Moving the towel rack closer may or may not be possible depending on your bathroom. So what do you do?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

You purchase a Shower Curtain Towel. It’s exactly as the name states—a shower curtain made of towel material. With this new innovation, you can pat yourself dry without even getting out of the shower. Pretty handy right? Unless it gets all wet from your shower. Then, you’re out of luck.

The Necl-ICE

Cool yourself down on the go this summer with The Neckl-ICE. No, not the neck lice, although we understand how that can get mixed up. This product allows you to wear ice cubes around your neck like a necklace.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Simply fill in the ice cube mold and after it freezes, you’re ready to rock the frozen necklace. We appreciate the attempt, but we’d much rather find a building with air conditioning than wear this! What happens when all that ice melts down our shirt?

The PersonalSpacinator

Here’s something that might actually be useful during this era of social distancing. The PersonalSpacinator is a contraption you can wear that prevents other people from getting into your, you guessed it, personal space. There’s only one problem. It’s truly ugly.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Nobody needs to wants their personal space that bad. Isn’t it bad enough to wear this thing around them? No thank you! It doesn’t give you room to move your arms. It also immediately ruins any outfit you put on.

The ForkYou

Now, here’s an invention we can get behind. It’s something that makes eating easier and a lot less messy. With The ForkYou, you won’t need a separate plate or space on your plate for condiments like ketchup or mustard. They all go in your fork.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

That’s right. The condiments go in your fork. All you need to do is fill up the fork and click on whichever compartment you would like to dispense the chosen condiment. Neat, right? You can also bring this to whatever restaurant that charges extra for condiments.


Do you keep dropping your phone on your face while you’re lying down? Are you tired of having to hold up your phone while you’re in bed watching videos? Well, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to anymore.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The iDangle has NASA-grade suction cups on both ends of an army ballistic paracord. Stick one suction cup to the ceiling and the other to your phone. With this contraption, you can watch in bed in peace without using your hands.

Cone Cream Catcher

Say goodbye to wasting good ice cream on the pavement in the summers. If you’re a fan of eating ice cream in a cone, you already know the predicament of ice cream that melts too fast. It can become such a waste.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

With the Cone Cream Catcher, you’ll never have to waste ice cream again. Place your ice cream cone in the catcher, and when it starts to melt, it will trickle down the catcher. You can then eat the melting ice cream from the catcher’s nozzle.


If you think you work hard, you should consider your phone. By helping you complete your work, it works a lot harder than you. It deserves a good night’s sleep every evening. The iSleeper can guarantee that for your phone.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

It looks unnecessary, and that’s because it is. The iSleeper is basically just a wireless charger disguised as a tiny bed for your phone. When you put your phone on the bed, it starts charging, and it can wake up with you refreshed to tackle the next day.

Infinity Saucelet

How do you keep all your McNugget sauces in one place? Are they in a box in the fridge? Or on a shelf in the kitchen? Whatever the answer is, it’s most likely not going to be “a bronze gauntlet with multiple compartments.”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

With the Infinity Saucelet, you won’t have a problem locating any of your sauces. They’re all right there on the back of your hand. Perfectly placed for all your nugget needs. It’s like you have all the saucy power in the palm of your hand.


Snacking in the pool is a tricky business. You can’t just have the crisps or candies with you on hand because you’re bound to get them soggy and wet. Don’t you just wish you had a waterproof baggie for your snacking needs?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Look no further than the Snackmingo. It’s not only waterproof; it also floats. You can swim around freely without holding onto it, and without worrying about your snacks getting wet. Useful or useless? And more importantly—is it really necessary?

Txt Bumper

We all know someone who has bumped into one too many poles because they were too busy texting to notice what’s in front of them. Maybe you’re that person in your friend group. You can now stay safe and bruise-free with the Txt Bumper.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

This unnecessary invention keeps your head safe when you bump into any pole. You don’t have to worry about getting a nasty bruise anymore. With the Txt Bumper’s shock-absorbing bumper, you won’t even know you just hit a pole!

The Pizza FannyPack

If you’ve ever been to a pizza party, you’ll know that you have to grab your share quickly before other people take more. If you’re not smart about it, you’ll end up starving with only one slice of pizza in hand.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The Pizza FannyPack helps solve that issue. Strap it on when you arrive at the party, check out the pizza table, and grab as many pizzas as the fanny pack allows. However, it only holds two pizzas, but we’re not going to discuss that. Then, you can walk around knowing you have your stock of pizza on your belt.

Scooter Computer Commuter

Well, there’s a tongue twister right there! The Scooter Computer Commuter (say it fast three times!) allows you to work on the go and still reduce your carbon footprint. It is not unlike the Scooter Platter which we’ve just seen a few inventions ago.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

While we don’t really recommend working while traveling on the scooter, you can at least answer short emails while you’re waiting at the red light. But to be honest, this looks more like a safety hazard than a practical invention!


We understand the appeal of this next invention, but it doesn’t make any sense to regress back to a time when smartphones and the QWERTY keyboard didn’t exist. The RotarySMS allows you the experience of texting like it’s the 1960’s.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

When you have a touch screen phone with a keyboard you’re already familiar with, why would you want to go back to the rotary system? If it’s just for fun once in a while, sure. But it barely warrants purchasing this contraption!

Lego Socks

Fewer pains in life are worse than stepping on a Lego. We wouldn’t wish that feeling on our worst enemy. So the guys over at Unnecessary Inventions invented Lego Socks to protect your soles from the little plastic pieces.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The soles of the socks are lined with reverse Lego holes. When you step on a Lego, the pieces will automatically attach to the bottom of the sole. But wait, isn’t this even more uncomfortable having all those Legos just stuck under your feet?


Why anyone would need this invention, we have no idea. If anything, we would need a reverse of this invention. The Unfold-o-matic is a contraption that helps unfold your shirts so you don’t have to work so hard. But, unfolding isn’t the hassle; folding is!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

If Unnecessary Inventions could create something that helps us fold our laundry instead, that would be a game ch. We could have our closets neat and look like the display rack in the clothing stores at the mall. We rate the Unfold-o-matic completely unnecessary.


Bringing your own metal straws to cafes and restaurants is becoming more common. It does help to reduce plastic waste. But, you can’t just throw a metal straw in your bag if you want to keep it clean or even after you use it; you need something to carry it in.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Introducing the Straw2Go! It’s a bulky, boomerang-like structure that acts as a carrying case for your metal straw. But, why would we need something this big and hideous if we can just purchase one of those metal straw pouches?

The LookBak

Walking down a busy street is almost the same as driving in traffic, except you don’t have a horn and rearview mirrors to help you navigate. Well, with The LookBak, you never have to worry about people bumping into you again.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The LookBak is a personal rearview mirror that lets you see behind you without having to turn your head. You can see if there’s a little kid on a scooter barreling towards you and step aside. You can also see if there’s an oncoming car.

The FingerBeanies

As if gloves didn’t already exist, Matty Benedetto invented The FingerBeanies. They’re like gloves, but only for your fingertips, so your nails don’t get cold. While they do make each individual finger look stylish, they’re also highly ineffective at protecting the rest of your hand from the cold.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

At least with The FingerBeanies, your fingers can match your head when you’re wearing a beanie? We’re trying our best to see the good in this invention, but there really isn’t much to it. Get a proper glove and avoid frostbite!

The FlopFlips

Can’t seem to get away from a stalker on the beach? The FlopFlips may be able to help with that. The soles on these sandals are backward so that your footprints in the sand look like they’re headed in the other direction.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Wearing these sandals is enough to fool anyone into thinking you went the opposite way. This may be a good shout, but we hardly think stalkers will look at your footprints to find you. If they can still see you, they would just follow you!

The Sobbing Spectacles

Crying without tissues on hand can be a mess. With nothing to wipe the tears away, some people resort to using their shirts. But that’s not pretty at all. With The Sobbing Spectacles, you don’t have to worry about drying your tears.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Put these spectacles on when you’re having a cry and let the sponge “lenses” soak up the tears. Then, all you have to do is wring the sponges dry. Makes sense in theory. But Matty Benedetto has forgotten about cleaning up the other byproduct of crying—the snot.

Cellphone Crapper Catcher

How many of you have dropped your phone in the toilet at least once in your life? It’s such an inconvenience. Not only is it gross to pick the phone up out of the toilet bowl, but you also risk breaking the phone from water damage.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

That’s why Matty Benedetto invented the Cellphone Crapper Catcher. It’s a cargo net that attaches over the toilet bowl. And you can still use the toilet through the hole that’s built in. If you happen to drop your phone, the net will catch it and save it from sinking!


If you’re a really busy person, you may not even have time to apply deodorant under both armpits. It’s too much time to apply under one armpit, switch the deodorant stick to the other hand, and apply under the other armpit.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

With the Dual-Odorant, you can get it done in one go. Just place the deodorant sticks in the compartments and apply away. There is a problem though. This contraption is so huge, it might not even fit on most bathroom counters.

Zoom Shutters

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just don’t want your coworkers on the Zoom call to see your face. Of course, there is always the integrated option on Zoom itself to turn off your video. But why do that when you have Zoom Shutters?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

Yes, this is a completely unnecessary invention that leans over your computer’s webcam to cover it. It is also pretty bulky, and it obstructs your view of the rest of the screen. It’s absolutely ridiculous and definitely not something that anyone needs.

Streaming Roulette Dice Game

Now, this is an invention we can support. It certainly would help for all those indecisive people out there who can never decide what they want to watch. This would help save time browsing through Netflix and limit the possibility of watching Friends for the umpteenth time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

The Streaming Roulette Dice Game includes four dices – one for streaming service, one for the type of content, one for the genre, and one for show season or film installment. Place the dice through the roulette or just roll them and reveal what you’re watching next!


There’s nothing worse than working or walking around with dirty glasses on. Dust, grime, and watermarks can obstruct your view and make your entire sunglasses experience unpleasant. So, introducing the EyeWiped. They are basically like windshield wipers for your sunglasses.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unnecessaryinventions

With the EyeWiped, you don’t have to waste time wiping your glasses on your shirt. You can simply control the wipers as you’re wearing the glasses, and walk away with a better view. Pretty neat, except nobody wants to be walking around wearing that.