Holidays, Pranks, And Invigoration: 40 Office Spaces That Are Anything But Ordinary

By Jhoana C February 10, 2022

Aside from one’s home, the place people spend most of their time in is their workplace, so it’s only right that you make your little corner of the office as comfortable as possible. You want to deliver your absolute best when performing tasks, and that’s not gonna happen if your workspace is crammed or boring AF. You need to put a little joy into it. Say goodbye to bland and lifeless walls with just a pop of color, and if you have interesting things to add to your wall, by all means, display them! Get a picture of your family, your pet or your best friend. We have here a few photos that might just kickstart your cubicle decorating endeavors. These creative, artistic, and sometimes hilarious coworkers have succeeded in injecting life and humor into otherwise dull spaces.

#1 Decorating for the spooky season

The Halloween season is always a good time to dress up, not only yourself but also your cubicle in the office. Everyone knows that little space could use a little sprucing up every now and then, or else you’ll be comatose with boredom at work.

Image courtesy of kozzdraws/Twitter

This lady’s office had a Halloween office decorating contest, so she went all out. She pulled out all the stops and didn’t scrimp on the decorations. Unfortunately, she didn’t win, but we like what she did with her office space. She’s a winner to us.

#2 Someone went overboard with the decoration

It looks like somebody got a little carried away decorating her cubicle that now resembles a toy or gift shop more so than a workspace. We wonder how much money was spent on the toys and how long it took to accumulate them all.

Image courtesy of olgaymasna/Twitter

Sometimes, our inner child doesn’t completely leave us, and we often try to make up for what we lacked in childhood as we grow older. Toy collections may cost a fortune, but if you collect the right toys and keep them in pristine condition, you can earn that money back once you sell them.

#3 A surprise gift nobody wants

Now, this is a gift that no one wants to receive. Can you imagine getting to your office and being blindfolded right at the door as your boss tells you that he has a surprise for you? You probably get excited thinking of what it could be.

Image courtesy of lukejameslarson/Twitter

What is my boss giving me? Could it be a brand new iMac? Or perhaps iPhone? You excitedly go along as people lead you to your cubicle, and when they take the blindfold off to reveal the surprise, this is what you see. How would you feel?

#4 The great outdoors

Being stuck in an office and having nothing to look at but the four walls for eight hours a day and five days a week can be boring, to say the least. Soon enough, you’ll feel the life being drained from you. What’s the best remedy if you’re experiencing burnout?

Image courtesy of mikebeckhamsm/Twitter

Time off from work will help break the monotony, but what should you do if you can’t get out and enjoy your pursuit of the wildlife and the great outdoors? You can bring the great outdoors to you by decorating your cubicle like this guy did.

#5 No boring walls, please

We hate to say this, but it’s the truth; traditional office spaces are often very boring. The walls are always blank and dull, painted beige or another neutral color. The furniture is all the same and people hardly talk to each other.

Image courtesy of otherlifeform1/Twitter

Who would want to work in a place like that? We sure don’t! This gal didn’t want to either, so to spice things up; she used leftover fabric to cover her cubicle and bring it to life. A little color or simple pattern goes a long way.

#6 Put some color to your cubicle

Some people don’t pay too much attention to their cubicles or workspaces. It doesn’t matter if they are bland and lifeless; they just go there to work. They don’t sleep or live there, so why put a lot of effort into decorations?

Image courtesy of jlkragt/Twitter

Meanwhile, other people can’t bear to work in spaces with no life and color. Places like that don’t motivate them, so they make it a point to decorate their surroundings as they see fit. This lady clearly belongs to the latter group.

#7 Birthday (un)pleasant surprise

Most people enjoy surprises, but only pleasant surprises. Nobody wants to be surprised with something they don’t like, or worse, thoroughly despise. Well, how would you like to be surprised by this at work? And on your birthday, no less.

Image courtesy of taylor_h2/Twitter

We bet it would irk you off and make you red with anger. How are you going to get anything done when your coworkers covered your entire cubicle, computer, and chair with a profusion of foil. Somebody clearly spent their whole morning doing this.

#8 When the office goes green

If you were asked to judge an office-decorating contest, which would you pick as your favorite? A futuristic-looking office? A boho-chic office? An office that looks very cold, as if it’s telling anyone who walks in to keep their hands off?

Image courtesy of jasper_hd/Twitter

Or would you fancy an office that looks like it belongs to nature, with greenery and live plants? We love the office décor idea in the photo because it makes the place look less formal and more welcoming; plus, it reminds us of the great outdoors.

#9 Tea, tea and more tea

Judging from the photo, somebody loves their tea very much, and they are committed to only a single brand of tea. Honestly, we want a cubicle like this because we are huge fans of tea, though we prefer a bit more variety.

Image courtesy of RobertBails/Twitter

If we had a cubicle like this, we’d probably be distracted and be taking tea breaks for the whole shift; our boss certainly wouldn’t be happy. We especially love the Uncle Iroh meme someone put up. There is no better icon for a tea-lover.

#10 That evil colleague

Image this: there you were, taking an extended vacation traveling throughout Europe and discovering the beauty and culture, and when you came back to the office, this was the first thing you saw. What would you do? We’re sure you wouldn’t be pleased.

Image courtesy of oamike/Twitter

Or you could also be amused, depending on the type of person you are and the kind of sense of humor you have, but we know one thing, any colleague who does this is evil on the highest level. We’d hate to see what they do on April 1st.

#11 Ready for the festive season

This DIY décor must have taken hours to complete, and we appreciate the lady’s determination and patience. We don’t have it in us to do such an elaborate DIY. We’d rather buy ready-made decorations and put them in strategic places.

Image courtesy of FrustratedinNO/Twitter

We only have one question: how do you work in a cubicle and not know how to spell the word correctly? As far as we know, there’s no other way to spell it. We admit that it is cube-shaped, but it looks like they mixed up their adjectives and nouns.

#12 And the best cubicle decoration award goes to….

We love it when there are office contests that have something to do with dressing up one’s cubicle because we all know they could use a little oomph and a little jazz. You don’t want your space to be so dull that you end up dozing off instead of working.

Image courtesy of cecysofiabee/Twitter

The Halloween season is a perfect time not only to wear a costume and pretend you’re someone else but also to give your cubicle a facelift. We love this cubicle because it fits with the Halloween theme, and they get bonus points for the themed desktop wallpaper.

#13 Not much space to move around

We only have one question to ask after seeing how this office decorating gig turned out: how do you expect to move around and do your work? There is barely any space left with all the bikes crammed in there.

Image courtesy of LO_Monaghan/Twitter

Or perhaps this is a good excuse to take the day off, get on the bike, exercise, and see the surroundings outside your building all at the same time? Is it ok to say you can’t go to work because they filled your office with bikes?

#14 Time to unwrap your gifts

We all love the holidays because it’s the time both for giving gits, as well as receiving gifts from our loved ones. But would you be excited if this was your gift? From the looks of things, there’s no need to unwrap it because you already know what’s inside.

Image courtesy of TuxedoTn/Twitter

If you were the coworker who went away for some time and found this when you came back to the office, would you be plotting revenge? Or would you just let it slide because it’s all in the spirit of fun?

#15 Canada, Oh Canada!

From the photo, we can only guess that this person is from Canada, or at least loves Canada very much. When the office was asked to decorate their cubicles, she decided to spruce up her corner with tiny Canadian flags.

Image courtesy of sarahgidget/Twitter

She was certainly on a roll with the reds; she should have brought in ketchup and other red things to include in her decorations. Oh, she could use some maple leaves and maple syrup, too! After all, Canada is more than just its flag.

#16 Minimalist décor

This guy is either lazy, a minimalist, or just doesn’t have the first clue where to start when it comes to decorating his cubicle. When he was told to decorate his space to give it more life, he did the bare minimum.

Image courtesy of germbanks/Twitter

He took out his colored SpongeBob illustration and a moon figurine and displayed them. Lucky for him, the office didn’t line their cubicles with plain beige wallpaper. How would you decorate your cubicle if you didn’t want to put in too much effort? We’re curious.

#17 Happy birthday!

What would you do if you forgot to get your favorite coworker a present for their birthday? Cover their entire cubicle in wrapping paper! At least, they can see that you spent time and effort to give them a “present.”

Image courtesy of theaestrocat/Twitter

We know some people who would love this workplace, and we also know a few who would absolutely abhor it. If you want an office with plenty of fun and where people don’t take things seriously, you should look into applying here.

#18 Boo!

Do you need a few ideas for your Halloween office decoration? Here’s some inspiration for you. It doesn’t look so expensive and it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. You can easily buy the decorations from stores come Halloween season.

Image courtesy of Demotional_Guy/Twitter

They will also be easy to remove and save for next year once your Halloween office decoration contest is over. But the best thing about it is you can skip work and tell your boss that there are ghosts in the office.

#19 Welcome to the jungle!

The first thing that comes to mind when we see this is the Guns N’ Roses song “Welcome to the Jungle.” With all the greens, you’d be hard-pressed to move your office chair around or even stretch out a little for comfort while working.

Image courtesy of reallittlewilly/Twitter

We wouldn’t be surprised if a few mosquitoes started showing up at the office after some time with all the greens this cubicle has, but it’s definitely a great start to your first day in a new office. You’re guaranteed to get people’s attention.

#20 This cubicle owner loves anime

Looking at all the drawings and prints hanging on this cubicle, you can tell that whoever owns it is a person who is a lover of anime. Although it originated from Japan, it has gained a wide audience all over the world.

Image courtesy of MicheleFeghali/Twitter

The only sad thing about this Tweet is that the cubicle owner is moving to an office without walls, so there is no place for her to show everyone in the office what are her favorite manga and/or anime. At least the figurines don’t require walls.

#21 A fitting birthday surprise

If you’re like us, you love celebrating people’s birthdays. They present the perfect opportunity to show just how much you love your friends or family and, sometimes, your co-workers. It seems like some people feel it’s also a chance to prank others.

Image courtesy of

First of all, we sincerely hope that it was really his birthday because otherwise, this would just be mean. Ball pools are always so much fun! It’s no wonder kids (and even adults) can’t resist the urge to jump in whenever they see one. So, we get why they picked this.

#22 Bistro in the office

First off, we didn’t know that the Pentagon also had “decorate your cubicle” days. We always thought of them as serious folks who don’t smile and live only to work. In the words of Agent Kay in Men in Black, “We at the FBI do not have a sense of humor we’re aware of.”

Image courtesy of thefirstmr1492/Twitter

Well, it turns out Tommy Lee Jones lied, and we love that we are proven wrong. They do have a sense of humor over there, and they allow people’s creativity to shine through when they are told they can redecorate their spaces.

#23 Buh, humbug!

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol has become a classic for so many reasons. Aside from teaching us the important lesson that Christmas means more than just gifts, and having there’s more to life than just having it all, it has given us the well-known catchphrase of Ebenezer Scrooge, “humbug.”

Image courtesy of DaddyDM/Twitter

This person must love that Christmas tale, or at least the character Scrooge, as he incorporated both in his cubicle décor. Or is he just secretly loathing his colleagues and doesn’t want them to go near him? Regardless of the reason, the décor does both.

#24 No need for bathroom breaks

Never underestimate some people’s dedication to pranks because they will always manage to surprise you. For example, how do you explain the level of accuracy here with the wallpaper, tissue paper, shower curtain, and, to top it off, an actual toilet seat?

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/imgur

What’s even better is the fact that the guy, who we think is the owner of the cubicle, seems completely nonchalant and is busy at work. Whoever they are, these guys must work in the coolest office ever because this one definitely deserves a prize.

#25 Your favorite restaurant in your cubicle

When you’re good at decorating, you have advantages that others don’t. It means constantly winning office decorating contests and always being the first person to take down decorations all the time. It also means being asked to decorate the boss’ space…

Image courtesy of aggiewife95/Twitter

This lady is happy that her decorating talent came in handy for her boss’ birthday. She decided to dress up the boss’ cubicle based on his favorite restaurant, and it got rave reviews from the boss himself. How great is that?

#26 A lot of Christmas in one photo

We have always been told that a little goes a long way, but the people who did this decoration didn’t seem to get the memo. They went all out and did not spare any expense. And yes, the caption is on point; it did seem that Santa puked in the office.

Image courtesy of CRISTINEsaid/Twitter

Santa’s puke seems to be made of glitter, gold, and everything shiny. Do you think they went overboard? Or do you think the decoration suits the festive season? We haven’t made up our minds yet if this is a 10 out of 10 or if it’s a bit too distracting.

#27 Someone’s crushing on Cory

One look at this photo, and what idea does it give you? Someone’s obviously got the hots for actor Cory Monteith. What better way to let the world know how much you adore the Glee actor than by covering someone’s cubicle with his face?

Image courtesy of ktsammy/Twitter

The only problem we see here is if the person who works at the cubicle doesn’t like Cory Monteith at all. Since it’s her supervisor’s desk that she decorated, we can only hope that the supervisor feels the same way about Cory because if that’s not the case, someone’s clearly getting fired soon.

#28 No gift for Christmas? No problem!

What?! You forgot to buy a Christmas gift for your office Secret Santa? You’re in hot water now. It’s a mortal sin to forget to buy a Christmas gift during the holidays. Fortunately, this person got creative and wrapped his coworker’s desk for Christmas.

Image courtesy of diegoanfossi/Twitter

Seriously though, the whole office was in on it, and they probably pulled a prank on only one of their colleagues as it looks like his cubicle is the only one that is gift-wrapped. Notice the other cubicles in the background? Not a bow in sight!

#29 A cube with a touch of class

Nothing says class better than a room that is decorated and furnished in rich mahogany. Who says that working in a cubicle means you should be dull? Evidently, the owner of this one was not buying into the office vibe and decided to change things up.

Image courtesy of topoftheworldIAM/Reddit

And by ‘change things up,’ we mean they went full Victorian! Save for the two modern screens and gadgets, we would say this space belongs to a fancy well-monied lord with an incredible sense of style. If you could, would you decorate your cubicle like this?

#30 Silver lining

Why is it that when the word “decorate” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is to wrap things in foil or other glittery or shiny materials? People, there’s more to decorating than using aluminum foil or gift wrap.

Image courtesy of sentient_bees/Twitter

You can add a few knick-knacks that reflect your personality, a little pop of color, or interesting patterns. It’s less wasteful and takes less time to set up than a gift-wrapped desk. However, this person does not seem to know that, so she resorted to using shiny silver gift wrapping paper.

#31 What in the world?!

Either this guy secretly hates his boss, is plain lazy, or has personal problems. Why do we say so? Because he didn’t even put any effort when asked to decorate his cubicle. Decorating your cubicle is more than just taking a photo of your cubicle and hanging it on the walls.

Image courtesy of TheGymBo/Twitter

We get it, some people don’t like decorating, but there’s always Pinterest if you need some inspiration. Or maybe some on this list will help you find where to start. You don’t have to go all-out the way other people do, but you can at least show some enthusiasm.

#32 Christmas is in the air

These cubicles look spick and span even after the holiday season when most people’s workspaces would look untidy. Also, they aren’t like cubicles but more of dedicated spaces that look larger and better than cubicles. The Christmas spirit is very strong on this one.

Image courtesy of littlest_teau/Twitter

This is an office we’d love to work in because it’s spacious, clean, and we bet the people there are pleasant too. We bet Joy is having the time of her life there, thriving, making friends, and able to decorate her space however she wants to.

#33 A workspace fit for a princess

With this one, we think there are only two possible explanations. One, this person had a princess castle at home when she was little and adored it so much she thought having one at work was okay, or she desperately wanted one when as a little girl, but she couldn’t get it for some reason.

Image courtesy of erikaufdiemeer/imgur

Naturally, she thought that since she was grown and could ‘afford’ it, there was no way anything was going to stop her. But then again, this could just be the work of extremely dedicated pranksters, in which case, hats off to you guys!

#34 Bring your home to the office

Do you find yourself missing home while at work? If that’s the case, don’t fret because you can always bring a piece of home to the office. Start small with something like a picture of the whole family or your favorite coffee mug.

Image courtesy of losbishop/Twitter

If those things don’t do the trick, you can always decorate your cubicle to make it look like a home. Have time on your hands? What are you waiting for? Start working, beautify your space and make it feel more like home.

#35 When your co-workers hate you

Remember that nature-inspired office space we saw earlier? Well, this one is an extreme version of that. Can you imagine getting back to the office after a few days off and discovering that your cubicle has been turned into this?

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/imgur

This guy didn’t have to imagine because that’s exactly what happened to him. His cubicle now looks like what we imagine “Tarzan’s” would look like if he ever made the choice to work in an office with a shared workspace.

#36 A year after

For most of 2020, people were working from home. Some missed their cubicles, while most were happy to not see their offices for months on end. Naturally, it was quite a strange feeling to come back to offices after a year.

Image courtesy of ValdiviesoParks/Twitter

This lady thought she should redecorate after almost a year of being gone because her cubicle looked so bland and could certainly use a pop of color and some patterns. Did you like how it turned out? Or do you think she could do better?

#37 A fly office

This is what happens when you are not ‘grounded’ at work. People find the most hilarious ways to make you understand that you’re unreasonable and a general pain! It’s really too bad that the pranksters couldn’t get the floormat to hang too.

Image courtesy of JohnStamossi/Reddit

This must have taken quite some time to set up and had a lot of potential for accidents. Like we said before, some people just have a natural gift for pranks and practical jokes. Just pray that you’re not the butt of their next joke!

#38 Just like a gingerbread house

We love this cubicle because it’s decorated to resemble a gingerbread house. It’s a unique Christmas décor idea that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. All you need are some cardboard boxes, A4 paper and a stack of colorful plates.

Image courtesy of hilljb/Twitter

Because it’s designed as a gingerbread house, it gives you the feeling of being at home or in a lean-to on a camping trip, don’t you think? This guy gets passing grades for his creative décor and brilliant idea. We should do this for the holidays.

#39 Working inside an aquarium

And now we have yet another birthday surprise. Apparently, the guy pictured here is a huge fan of fishing, so for his birthday, a co-worker made his office cubicle into an aquarium! It even has a crab and other sea creatures. Can you spot them?

Image courtesy of vegasgirl77/Pinterest

If it weren’t for the tiny gap that is evident in the photo, we probably could have taken a minute or two to understand what exactly was going on. Thanks to this, now you have an excellent birthday surprise idea for the person in your life who also loves fishing!

#40 A trip to the ’80s

Ever wondered how a typewriter works? Well, this guy didn’t have to wonder anymore since he found he found one on his desk after returning to work from a holiday. With just a few items, they transported his cubicle straight into the ’80s!

Image courtesy of FilthFlarnFilth/Reddit

Instead of a screen, he now had the original version of a monitor and keyboard. We don’t know about you, but if this happened to us, we doubt we would want to come back to the present. Oh, we would have so much fun clicking away and using correction fluid whenever and wherever we could!