Worst All-Time Movies

By Shane R

Nathan Engel/pexels

There are a ton of movies that come out from year to year. Some are phenomenal, and others are downright bad. But, there are only a few that can handle the title as an awful movie. Check out our list below and see what you think. Maybe you will agree or disagree. Either way, we are talking about them.

In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Jason Statham played the lead role in this Uwe Boll movie. There was funny dialogue, but the production value was not great. Even though this was an adventure movie with some fantasy, it sure did not live up to expectations.

Material Girls

Lucas Pezeta/Pexels

Even with Hillary and Haylee Duff playing lead roles, this movie was terrible, to say the least. The characters were not well-developed. Maybe the script was to blame, or maybe it had something to do with the limited budget. Whatever the reason, there were too many stereotypes for people to take this movie seriously (Sorry director Martha Coolidge).


Poor Uwe Boll. The director has two movies on this list, but at least they had the chance, huh? This movie was set in the 18th Century. Romania is the location, but we do not think any country could have saved this movie. It was a vampire movie mixed with a video game, but maybe it is more of a cult following here. If you are looking for a bright spot, Boll did make sequels for both of his terrible movies, so some people liked them.