Life Hack Quest: Unveiling Genius Tricks Worth Trying

By Navkiran K January 18, 2024

This article was originally published on morehackz

Everything doesn’t have to take an enormous amount of time to be done better. Sometimes, it’s the little changes that come to the rescue. Get ready for some genius life hacks that’ll make your everyday stuff way easier! From little productivity tricks to clever shortcuts that’ll have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that before? But trust us, you’ll be grateful that you got to know about these!

Whether you’re a kitchen whiz attempting to healthify your mac n cheese, a superhero mom dealing with a diaper bin crisis, or just a regular Joe seeking to add some pep to your routine, we’ve got a hack for you. Get ready to dive into a list of life hacks that we’re itching to try out ourselves!

1. Protect your cords

If you also worry about your extension cords being stolen when you go camping, then this life hack is for you. All you need to do is take electrical tape and wrap it perfectly around various spots of the cords.

Image courtesy: oldboysenpai/

This way, even your new cords would appear old and like they have been repaired. Making them look old is an easy and cost-effective way to protect your things from being stolen. Now, you can be carefree and enjoy s’mores around a bonfire.

2. Tiny jewelry trap

Losing small jewelry is very common; it can slide under furniture behind a refrigerator or any other hard-to-locate space. This hack will be a lifesaver or jewelry saver for you. You’ll require a pantyhose, a sock or a stocking, and a vacuum cleaner for this one.

Image courtesy: xx-ANONYMOUS/

Take the pantyhose and cover the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner with it. Plug the vacuum in and take it to your target area. The piece of jewelry will stick to the surface without getting sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

3. Poolside savior mat

This life hack might not save your but your pet’s life. If you have a pool and your pet accidentally falls into it, this strategically placed mat can help them climb out. This saves them from drowning when left unsupervised.

Image courtesy: OkMaybeLater90/

You can use a simple doormat to create this. Stick the mat breadth-wise to one end of the pool and place it in a manner that most of it is in the pool. You should train your pet to use this.

4. Apartment digits at the bottom

If you also misplace parcels because proof of delivery photos don’t have apartment numbers. It would help if you used this hack. Mark your apartment digit on the bottom end. This way, the delivery partner has to get your apartment number in the photo.

Image courtesy: Paulasaurus17/

This hack benefits you in multiple ways. The first one is it gives you clear proof of delivery. If the digits are not in the photos, you can communicate with the delivery person accordingly. This also makes it easy for the deliverers to identify your address.

5. The washer silencer

An unbalanced washing machine can create extremely loud and unpleasant sounds. This can hamper your basic routine activities. In such cases, you could put a pool noodle to use. You can use this hack for appliances like your dryer, fridge, and freezer.

Image courtesy: r4wbon3/

It is a very convenient and effective temporary solution. This is cost-effective and can function as an alternative for some anti-vibration feet for a certain period. To reduce the noise, you also try to balance your load by spreading out your clothes when loading.

6. Shop and secure strap

Toddlers love sitting in shopping cart seats when you take them grocery shopping. Risk are always involved when they try to hop and jump with excitement in the cart. With this hack, you can sigh in relief while your kids have fun strolling in the cart.

Image courtesy: 5_Frog_Margin/

Grab a carabiner, clip your kid’s clothes to the cart, and voila! They won’t be doing any cart gymnastics. Your little ones stay safe while you shop for all your needs. When you’re done, unclip the carabiner, and it’s a smooth ride back home!

7. Mark the ends

It gets difficult to locate the open end of the clear tape, especially when you are in a hurry. You can easily locate it by marking it with a bobby pin. After you are done using the tape, you can just secure the open end with the pin.

Image courtesy: Rough3Years/

If you don’t want to use the hairpin, you could always just fold over the end as a handy flap. You can also use this hack for any other tape, like duct tape, masking tape, etc. This hack saves time and solves your problems when you are in a hurry.

8. The butter grater

Butter is a grocery gem for all dishes, but spreading cold butter can be challenging. Enter the cheese grater hackthe perfect solution. Grate that butter and make it softer, and now you can effortlessly spread it on toast, muffins, and more. Enjoy the spreadable goodness!

Image courtesy: 45and290/

Take this hack to your fancy dinner parties for a stellar presentation. It’s a fantastic technique to elevate your dishes; decorate pasta portions, roast chicken, and even sauces. Instantly amp up the creaminess and give your spread a premium, polished look. Your guests will be impressed!

9. Mark your meds

Forgetting to refill meds? We’ve got your back. Here’s a nifty trick to stay on top of your medical game. Grab your medicine blisters and a permanent marker, and you’re in business. No more missing dosesjust a simple, effective solution to keep your health in check!

Image courtesy: Mananai/

You can use the permanent marker to mark the dates on your medicines’ blisters. This way, you will remember when they need to be refilled. You’ll also be able to check if you have missed taking your medicines on any day.

10. Couch cat-astrophe cutter

Trying to get your cat to stop scratching the couch is inviting those scratches on your face. A couch with threads out is also not a pleasant site to come home to. Getting a new couch every time this happens is never the practical solution.

Image courtesy: ninefourteen/

Tackling cat-induced thread chaos on your couch? Dive into your grooming arsenal. Grab a beard trimmer and work its magic on the affected area. Trim away those extra threads, and voilayour couch is back to its good-as-new glory, and you’ve saved yourself a trip to the upholstery store!

11. Unscrew using a suction pump

Let’s teach you an easy and efficient way to unscrew a bulb without a side grip. You can do it easily by using two suction pumps. Just attach it to the bulb and let a couple of inches hang down. Unscrew it, and you don’t have to worry about the bulb falling and shattering.”

Image courtesy: DarkOverLordQC/

People have also been able to unscrew the bulb using duct tape, rubber gloves (the ones we use for dishwashing), and painter’s tape. This can also work in cases when the bulb is hot, and you don’t want to break it because of instant reflexes.

12. The coffee cubes

For people who love their cold brew but find it difficult to make it every day. With this hack, you can make it once and store it for days. All you have to do is pour your perfectly brewed coffee into an ice tray and stick it into the freezer.

Image courtesy: duff_daddy3/

These coffee cubes will fulfill your caffeine cravings anytime you want. If you have an ice box in your car. You can take these on the day trips that you take in the summer. These can also add great coffee flavor to your cocktails.

13. Rubber bands to the rescue

Christmas holidays are the best time of the year, and making a gingerbread house acts as a cherry on the cake. It is understandable that you have those times when the gingerbread walls won’t stay upright. Here, we have a solution.

Image courtesy: MintySnacks/

You could use two thin rubber bands to hold your fidgety gingerbread walls in place. Once the walls are set, you can easily cut off the bands. In case you are not into using rubber bands, you can use melted sugar instead of icing to stick the walls. 

14. The makeshift purse hanger

The struggle gets real for women when they go to use a public bathroom stall that doesn’t have a hook. You can’t keep your purse on the bathroom floor, and you can’t leave it outside. This hack comes to the rescue in such a situation. 

Image courtesy: CSWRB/

Every bathroom stall might not have a hanger, but it will have a door lock. We suggest you use the door lock as a purse hanger. Your essentials will be close to you and you won’t have to worry about them being stolen.

15. Perfect pizza placement

We all love homemade pizzas, but baking them one after the other can be a task. Getting a larger oven might not be very pocket-friendly, but with this hack, you can bake a minimum of two pizzas at a time.

Image courtesy: friphazeph/

Cut your pizzas into halves and optimally place each half against each edge of the baking tray. Now, you can easily bake and serve hot pizzas at your dinner parties without spending so much time waiting for them to bake.

16. The car key reminder

It is easy to forget things in the fridge that you intended to take along with you. With this little hack, you’ll be reminded of it instantly. All you should be doing is tying your car keys to your fridge. 

Image courtesy: ratdarkness/

So, whenever you step out, along with getting your car keys, you can pick up what you need to take along. No more forgetting your delicious dishes to the potluck lunch at work or communal dinners with the suburban moms.

17. Tape and clasp

We all struggle with bracelets staying in place as we try to put them on. To wear a bracelet without any hassle, you could tape one end of it to your arm and clasp it. After you are done, you can just remove the tape.

Image courtesy: dqhero/

Now, you will not have to worry about not being able to accessorize according to your choices. This hack doesn’t have to be limited to just bracelets. It can be applied to various jewelry pieces like chokers, chains, belly chains, etc. 

18. The perfectly sized ice pack

It can be a cause for concern when you are advised to ice regularly but you do not find an adequately sized ice pack. You can now customize your own at home using a few very simple and readily available things.

Image courtesy: Business-Stuff8711/

To create this, you’ll have to fill a vacuum sealer bag with already inflated orbeez. You can seal and cut the extra edges of the bag and size it accordingly. Using this hack, you can also make mini ice packs for your eyelids.

19. Different colors for different people

Don’t stay fed up with the constant cup chaos in your household. Here’s an easy trick to put an end to it: have each family member choose a personal colored rubber band and put it around their cup for the day. 

Image courtesy: Gtapex/

This simple hack removes cup confusion and means you only wash what you use. Say goodbye to unnecessary dishwashing and hello to a tidier kitchen. It’s an easy way to ensure everyone takes care of their own cup, making your daily chores a whole lot smoother!

20. The broth-ed mac n cheese

It’s okay if you want to have boxed mac n cheese but have run out of milk. You can still make it by using broth instead. It’ll be a healthier and good alternative and won’t bring a significant difference to taste.

Image courtesy: changetocomeyear3mil/

There are also other alternatives to fresh milk when it comes to making boxed mac n cheese. You can use dry milk or sour cream as well. You can also add dry milk, cheddar cheese powder, and mustard powder to a container, and you get the perfect premix.  

21. Pizza cutter as a knife

One of the most underutilized items we all have in our kitchen is a pizza cutter. A pizza cutter can be used to do so much more than just pizza. You can use it to cut small portions of pancakes for your children.

Image courtesy: MatternTimes/

A pizza cutter might also come in handy to even chop vegetables. You can also use them to create fun pasta shapes. The pie crust can be cut perfectly before baking with a pizza cutter. This tool is also easy to clean.

22. Litter container to sub for a diaper bin

If your diaper bin has broken and you are also a cat parent, Consider using a litter container as a substitute for your broken diaper bin. This can be a good temporary switch and can save you up to $30.

Image courtesy: Abuolhol/

Please do not consider this as a permanent solution because the cat litter buckets seal in the air, so after a day or two, the smell will get trapped in the container and be absolutely horrifying whenever you open it.

23. The silverware cleaner

It can get really tough to clean your silverware due to the rust forming a layer. There is a technique that will require a few basic items, like foil, baking soda, salt, and boiling water. With this, your silverware will be as good as new.

Image courtesy: Prestigious_State951/

You will have to put all the items mentioned above in a tray along with your silverware. Leave it alone for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, and your silverware will be all clean. The process uses electrolytic action and removes the tarnish from oxidized silver.

24. Preserve your pins with a pin

If you also lose all your bobby pins and safety pins while traveling, then this hack is for you. Instead of using the long cardboard bobby pins that come in, use a safety pin to store them. Also, use the same safety pin to keep your smaller ones.

Image courtesy: pureluck2210/

This way, all your pins will be in one place, and you will not have to worry about losing them among all your other stuff. Please use a bigger safety pin for this. This way, you can fit all your pins with one only.

25. The freezer optimization

Frozen food is easily available and easy to cook and consume. The problem comes when we try to store it; the bigger boxes take up the majority of the space. To make room for all your frozen favorites, you should remove them from those fancy boxes.

Image courtesy: getty

You can store them in airtight ziplock bags instead. Understandably, you would be worried about the cooking instructions; you can cut and paste them on the bags or store them separately. You can also use reusable plastic containers, if not ziplock bags.

26. Soup? no, paint

Painting the walls is equally fun and messy, and transferring the paint from the can to the tray can be a bit of a hassle. An easy and cost-effective way to transfer the paint is to use a soup ladle.

Image courtesy: Edithosaure/

Soup ladles are in almost all of our houses, and even a new one also hardly costs $3. This stops the spillage and minimizes the mess. Make sure you use good quality paint to prevent any dripping, as it’ll be thick enough not to drip down.

27.  Tights organizer

It is difficult to fit all your empty gardening pots if you have limited space. This organizational hack saves you much of your ground/bench space. Dig deep in your closet and get those old tights and pantyhoses that you have been hoarding.

Image courtesy: Coopie9000/

Since these will be empty, they can stack up easily on each other. After that, you can place them in the tights and hang them near the garden supplies. You can also use this hack to store your kids’ toy pots. 

28. Trash protection hanger

There are days when you are out of trash bags of the right size for the bigger trash can. Keeping a smaller one in place can be an issue. On those days, you can use a 3M hanger upside down to protect the bag from slipping down.

Image courtesy: Knoppixx/

If you don’t have the hanger, then also you can make it work. Just slide out a little of the handle and tie a knot in it first, which makes the bag fit better. Binder clipping the bag to the rim of the bin works, too.

29. Criss-cross glasses

To create more storage space, you don’t have to stack your glasses on top of each other. This increases the risk of them falling and breaking. You can pack your glasses tighter in the cabinet by altering the orientation of them. 

Image courtesy: mshah85/

This will save you at least one-third of cabinet space. This hack only properly works if you have glassware of a similar shape. The glasses it majorly works with are primarily conical. This might not work on mugs or mason jars.

30. Tape the bag

Cleaning up after getting any work done in your house can be a bit of an inconvenience. To make the collection of trash easier for yourself, you can tape the trash bag to the floor. You can use duct tape for this.

Image courtesy: Palana/

This way, you will simply be able to transfer the trash into the bag through brooms without touching it. This hack protects you from any harmful or sharp substances that might be present in the trash that remain after the construction.

31. Impromptu phone stand

If you need a phone stand while traveling and you aren’t carrying one, this can come in handy. What you have to do for this is have a drink of your choice, and after you are done, crumple up the can.

Image courtesy: findingmeno/

This crumpled can easily can be usable as an impromptu phone stand. Now, you’ll be able to catch up on all the movies and shows while traveling to your favorite destination. Probably that comedy special that you were very keen on starting.

32. The bigger ice, the better

To keep your larger jugs cooler in summer, traditional ice cubes aren’t enough. Ice made in a huge pot or pan also hardly comes out intact without breaking. None of us even have space in the freezer for a large vessel.

Image courtesy: cortaydo_cortado/

To resolve this issue, you can make ice in silicon baking molds. Ice made in these easily comes out, and these molds also don’t take up much space in the freezer. This ice works so much better than the traditional ice cubes and is a perfect fit for large jugs.

33. Drinks on the edge

It can get difficult to place all your groceries in one shopping cart if your drink bottles are taking up all of the space. Instead of keeping those bottles in the cart, you can keep them on the edge of it.

Image courtesy: InfamousInspector509/

You can also use this hack on the days when your shopping cart is filled up to the brim. If you also don’t like shopping for groceries over and over, then this hack will help you stack your fridge with all your favorite drinks at once. 

34. Silence the coffee grinder

We like to have our morning coffee in peace, but the noise that the coffee grinders make is not nice. To treat yourself to a nice and peaceful cup of morning coffee, you can place a mouse pad under your coffee grinder.  

Image courtesy: Rearrangioing/

Placing a mouse pad under the grinder makes it almost 90% quieter. This happens because the mouse pad dampens the vibrations; it doesn’t let them get to the countertop. You can also apply the hack to your other appliances, like a mixer or a blender.

35. Store spackle smartly

If you were also not able to use up all the spackle you bought, then this storage hack is for you. To stop your spackle from drying out, put cling film on it before putting the lid on. It’ll stay like it was even after months.

Image courtesy: fjbruzr/

Putting cling film in between creates a barrier between spackle and air, and that prevents it from reacting with air. It also makes you doubly sure that the water in the spackle isn’t evaporating and making it dry and hard.

36. Removing aroma from grinder

This is for every coffee fanatic who keeps switching flavors of coffee but gets annoyed when the grinder mixes aromas. You can use this incredibly easy hack. Put white rice into the grinder and grind it. It’ll trap any leftover spices and aromas.

Image courtesy: laurenwazenn/

This happens because of the small particle size and neutral aroma of white rice. This hack is not just valid for coffee grinders. It works wonderfully for spice grinders as well. Use it, and you’ll never again have star anise powder that smells like cinnamon.

37. The straw brush holder

A tiny solution to your problem comes with a tiny problem. The little straw-cleaning brush that you use to clean your metal and reusable plastic straws keeps getting lost down the drain. You can secure these by putting a keychain around it. 

Image courtesy: Cerberus1349/

A straw cleaning brush with a key ring reaches places that nothing else can’t reach. It is also great for cleaning dryer lint out of the slot where your hand can’t reach. Now, you can clean your dryers as well as metal straws easily without losing your brush.

38. Clean narrow spaces easily

To clean the narrow spaces where your arms can’t reach, you should consider this hack. You need duct tape, an old hanger, and a wash cloth. To create this, you’ll have to duct tape the wash cloth with the hanger.

Image courtesy: PrityBird/

After you have created this, you can hold this from the end that is not covered. You can slide into those narrow spaces like under the stove and the refrigerator. After you are done, remove the wash cloth, clean it, and reuse it.

39. The hair clip anchor

Your bedside charging cables require certain support, and you can provide it through this hack. Use your hair clip on one side of the bed and pass the cable through its claws. A claw clip is the best kind that you can put to use here.

Image courtesy: hotmailist/

Some people might also use a binder clip for this, but a claw clip can help you anchor more than one cable at a time. This way, your charging cables won’t be left hanging both literally as well as figuratively.

40. Fluff your softs

You can now maintain the fluffiness of delicate materials like fleece, stuffed animals, and plush items when washing. Place them inside a cotton pillowcase and securely tie it shut before placing it in the dryer. You should also use soft detergents in the washer for these.

Image courtesy: fjbruzr/

This makes sure that your favorites receive the gentle care they require while going through the drying process. This hack also prevents any damage and preserves their soft texture. Your items will come out soft, clean, fluffy, and ready for cuddles.

41. Meatloaf and boxed stuffing

If you are a fan of both boxed stuffing and meatloaf, then this is going to be a match made in heaven for you. You should add boxed stuffing mix to your meatloaf; it’ll act perfectly in 2 aspects: as bread binder and seasoning.

Image courtesy: getty

This recipe sets up your weeknight dinner table perfectly. All the ingredients involved here can easily be found at a local grocery store and are inexpensive. This dish can perfectly be paired with some store-bought mashed potatoes and green beans.

42. The pepper drill

Grinding fresh pepper can get exhausting, especially when you require it in high amounts. For those instances, attach your pepper grinder to a power drill; this works like a charm. You can get an obscene amount of pepper in minutes.

Image courtesy: cjc883/

Please keep moderating the power of the drill and use this hack only if you are familiar with the drill. A coffee bean grinder also works well for grinding pepper if you don’t want to risk it with the drill. 

43. A smart way to store your cables

Don’t let your cables get intertwined with each other; store them smartly in a gum box. You can reuse the round box that gum comes in. It has an adequate shape and the right size to carry one or two cables. 

Image courtesy: Edri_0/

You can also place different cables in different colored boxes, which can help you differentiate. Please clean the box thoroughly before placing your cables in it. If you would be storing your earphones in an unclean box, this might cause infections.

44. The nozzle clamp

Deflating pool toys after summers isn’t a nice feeling, and it gets even more frustrating when you can’t keep the nozzle open. You can put a small clamp on the nozzle to keep it open as you lay on it to deflate.

Image courtesy: celticdude234/

If it is not possible for you to get a clamp, a binder clip or a hanger clip will work just as fine. Some people suggest using a pen or pencil, but the pointy tips put it at risk of popping.

45. Spot for seeds

We all appreciate a citrusy fruit, whether it be an orange, varieties of grapefruit, or clementine, but the seeds make the experience annoying. To spot the seeds, all you need to do is lift the slices of your favorite fruit up towards the sunlight. 

Image courtesy: Sovsemor/

You’ll quickly be able to notice all the seeds present in that slice, this way. You should teach this to your kids so that they can remove the seeds on time. This protects them from swallowing down the harmful seeds.

46. Catch the popsicle drips

Popsicles are equally loved by people of all ages, but as they melt, the drips keep getting everywhere. This makes cleaning a gruesome task. Washing clothes with popsicle stains is even harder as the food coloring doesn’t come off easily. 

Image courtesy: hartmanwhistler/

You can simply pass the bottom end of the popsicle through a tissue paper. It’ll catch all the drips from your popsicle, and you can have easily dispose it off. Your kids can also enjoy themselves without you worrying about them getting popsicle drips everywhere.

47. Protect your walls using an old T-shirt

Understandably, you are worried about your walls being stained while you use a ladder to clean a duct. We suggest you put an old T-shirt on one end before making it upright. You’ll easily be able to do your chores without the walls being affected.

Image courtesy: S_A_R_K/

You can also use a towel, rubber stopper, tape, or really anything that becomes a barrier between the walls and the ladder top. Also, you can attach a strip of plywood to the top of your outdoor ladder to keep it from denting up your eaves troughs.

48. Stop ice cream from melting

If you also love your ice cream perfectly frozen, then you also should serve it in an insulated wine tumbler. This will keep your ice cream from melting for a longer period. For people who like to savor their treats slowly, this will be a life changer.

Image courtesy: Squee-dee/

You may use a spoon with a thin enough handle to pass through the mouth of the lid. This way, you won’t have to open and close it continuously. This is a great way for people to enjoy their ice creams in the areas that get extra hot summers.

49. The bees water bowl

Rearing bees has many benefits; for one, you get honey, and they work as great pollinators for your beautiful flower garden. To facilitate your mini apiary, you’ll have to support their growth and their existence. To do that, you should set up a water bowl for them.

Image courtesy: whoanellie418/

To do that, add some marbles to a shallow bowl of water. The marbles give the bees a safe place to land while drinking so they don’t drown. Please keep changing the water regularly so it doesn’t become a ground for spreading infections.

50. A holder for corn cob holders

Save yourself from all the poking of those corn cob holders with sharp edges. Stop leaving them in your kitchen drawers just like that, and create a holder for them. To make this holder, you’ll require a large sponge and a pair of scissors. 

Image courtesy: Nerobus/

Start by assembling all the corn cob holders on the sponge, and try to pack them compactly. After you are done, cut the extra sponge according to the space in your kitchen drawer. You can also use styrofoam as an alternative to sponge.