Love And Touchdowns: Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen’s Relationship Timeline In 40 Photos

By Ekhama O January 17, 2024

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Hollywood pairings are known to make the rounds on the internet for one reason or another, and this popular one was no different. Tom Brady, a world-renowned American football star, and Gisele Bundchen, one of the highest-paid models on the globe, were one of the biggest It couples in the world of celebrities so they often attracted a lot of attention.

From the inception of their romance sometime in 2006 to their marriage and the unfortunate split in 2022, there is quite a lot that went down during their time together. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the highs and lows and the moments that defined their relationship. Here is the timeline of Tom Brady’s and Gisele Bundchen’s relationship.

They met on a blind date

There are a lot of ways celebrities get acquainted with each other before a relationship blossoms, and this is a very unconventional one. As fate would have it, Tom Brady would meet his future wife on a blind date their friends had set up.

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Of course, the two already knew about each other’s existence, but it wasn’t until late 2006 that the two would go on a date, courtesy of their friends. Brady has talked about the phone call he got from a friend about meeting up with her, which eventually changed his life.

It’s official

Celeb sightings are always considered newsworthy, and Gisele Bundchen’s especially was after she was rumored to have been seen waiting for Tom outside a locker room in early 2007 after a game. From then on, people knew there was something going on between the two.

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Much later in the year, a source would then reveal that Tom and Gisele had started dating much prior to that sighting. In fact, the two had started seeing each other shortly before Christmas the previous year. It’s just that things were under wraps.

Attends her first football game

It often happens that our loved ones’ favorite hobbies, movies, music, or interests grow on us, and we start to have the same feelings toward those things. That’s what happened with Gisele Bundchen and the beloved game of American football.

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Gisele attended her very first football game after she met Tom Brady, even going as far as describing it as boring. But, of course, she didn’t know what to tell Tom after. Luckily, even though it wasn’t exactly her thing in the earlier days, she would later become a fan of the sport.

An unexpected pregnancy

Most relationships are rife with unforeseen events, and the one between our famous quarterback and his Victoria’s Secret Model was no different at all. The two encountered a rocky start when Tom’s ex announced she was pregnant with his kid.

IInsatgram via bridgetmoynahan

Bridget Moynahan, an American actress and model, announced she was expecting Tom’s first son in 2007, and at the time, she was already three months in. Years later, Gisele revealed that she considered calling it quits when the news came out.

Tom Brady becomes a dad

In August 2007, Bridget finally gave birth to a son, making the quarterback officially a father. Jack Edward Thomas Moynahan is Bridget’s only kid to this day and was a joy to both his parents and even to Tom’s then-girlfriend, Gisele.

Instagram via tombrady

The model revealed that Jack actually did a lot to bring her and Tom together. She expressed how grateful she was to his mom, Bridget, and how she couldn’t imagine life without Jack, even calling him her bonus kid! How wholesome. 

Walking the red carpet

Now officially a couple, Tom and Gisele weren’t at all hesitant to appear in public together and showcase their love and support for one another. As a result, they decided to attend the popular Met Gala together sometime in early 2008.

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The year’s theme was “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy,” and they looked super cute together. Tom killed it in a classic black tuxedo, and Gisele showed off some skin as she attended the event in a cut-out, sparkly pale pink dress.

Engagement rumors fly

It’s almost like tabloids and fans have some sort of a sixth sense when it comes to these things sometimes because they can always tell when something is up. It’s usually either that or the news gets leaked, or they come up with this stuff to make the rounds online.

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Either way, people started spreading rumors about Gisele and Tom’s engagement one month before they revealed that Tom had popped the question and they were indeed getting married. Before confirmation, their family and friends backed them up by denying the rumors.

The big question

For Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, there wasn’t a lot of beating around the bush. The two met on a blind date and started dating shortly after because they were clearly into one another. And, since an unexpected pregnancy with an ex didn’t tear them apart, not much could.

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So, when we found out that Tom had proposed to Gisele sometime in early 2009 with a diamond solitaire ring, it made a lot of sense. A source also later revealed that wedding plans were already in motion as the nuptials would be happening soon.

Wedding bells ring

Many people take months or even years to plan and prepare thoroughly for their marriage. For Gisele and Brady, it only took weeks, and before the world knew it, they were hitched! The two tied the knot in February 2009.

Instagram via gisele

They didn’t share any photos of the lovely event up until their ninth anniversary in 2018 when Gisele cheerfully made a heartfelt post about it on Instagram. Two months later, they would have another lavish ceremony at Gisele’s home in Costa Rica.

Another pregnancy

Already with some experience being a guardian thanks to being a stepmom to Tom’s first son, Jack, it made sense that Gisele would be enamored by the idea of being a mom. Sources confirmed similar reports sometime in the middle of 2009, not long after the couple got married.

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The pair were finally expecting their very first child together as man and wife. Their kid would make Tom a father of two and Gisele a mother for the very first time. Needless to say, this would be yet another milestone in their relationship.

A son is born

It’s safe to say 2009 was a super eventful year in Gisele’s and Brady’s lives. Not only did the two get engaged in the first month of the year, tie the knot in the second, and have another ceremony on the fourth, but they also welcomed a kid toward the end of the year.

Instagram via tombrady

Benjamin was born in early December 2009, and the quarterback called his birth a wonderful experience. They had a home birth which Tom wasn’t the biggest fan of originally, but he later came around to the idea. The picture above was posted by Tom on his 14th birthday in 2023.

Gisele’s most stressful game

We’ve never given it much thought, but being with a sports star can be a difficult experience when it comes to interacting with hateful fans of the game. Some of the hate thrown at the stars can also be diverted to you in some instances.

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That’s why we could understand Gisele’s frustration and clap back at fans heckling her after Tom’s team lost a game. She’s talked about how she couldn’t handle it and that it was way too much for her, calling it her most stressful game. 

One good turn deserves another

Being the wonderful, happy, and healthy family they were, it should come as no shock to people that the two would expect their second child not long after. It was never really officially announced by the couple but people could see the signs.

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Bundchen was spotted several times with what appeared to have been a growing baby bump. She would eventually show off her pregnant belly in an animal print bikini while in Miami in late 2012. As always, she looked absolutely breathtaking.

A girl is born

Remember when we said Tom was a bit opposed to a home birth for Benjamin? We don’t think he put up as much of a fight or even one at all when it came to his third, as the couple still went for another home birth for the second time.

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But instead of a boy, the couple and already family of four would welcome a little girl and name the cutie Vivian. Gisele revealed the news in a Facebook post, saying how grateful she was for the home birth experience and that she was happy to welcome another “little angel”.

Rumors swirl

It’s almost impossible to find a Hollywood couple that hasn’t dealt with rumors about a divorce or breakup at some point in their relationship. They typically deny them if they’re still together or it’s later revealed that they were actually separating. Luckily for these two lovebirds, it was the former in 2015.

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The rumors started after Tom was implicated in a case that involved tampering with balls during a game, as sources claimed the controversy was taking a toll on the couple. It turned out to be untrue, as Tom said Gisele had been nothing short of supportive through it all.

Rocky times

No relationship is without its ups and downs, and we love it whenever Hollywood couples open up about theirs, reminding the world that they’re human too. That’s why fans appreciated when Brady told the world about a little problem he and Gisele struggled with.

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On The Howard Stern Show, he opened up about how Gisele had expressed not being satisfied with the marriage. She was unhappy with how little he cared about the house and family, as his priorities at the time seemed to be his career and business only. Brady said that that was a wake-up call.

Support for Wifey

A couple’s relationship can’t be very sustainable if things are one-sided. It’s obvious that Gisele openly supported Brady and his career, so it was only fair that he supported her endeavors as well. This time, it was about her activism.

Besides being a renowned model, Gisele is also a huge environmental activist whose work was honored at the 2019 Hollywood for Science Gala. Tom was right by her side during the event, and the two walked the red carpet hand in hand as they posed for the paparazzi in a slew of photos.

10th Anniversary

Not to be pessimistic, but we typically don’t expect Hollywood marriages to last for very long. We’re shocked but glad that Hailey and Justin Beiber have made it to more than half a decade, and we were also pleasantly surprised Tom and Gisele clocked ten!

Instagram via gisele

Tom and Gisele were never fans of sharing photos of their big moments as a couple, but we got some new glimpses into their glamorous wedding on their tenth anniversary. Gisele posted many pictures of their big day alongside a heartfelt post for their big ten.

“Cozy Blanket”

Pet names are almost a given whenever one is in a loving relationship with another person, and Gisele and Tom had some of the cutest ones. Being from a place with a tropical climate, Gisele made a post on Instagram revealing how she copes with England’s cold. 

Instagram via tombrady

She playfully said she had “a really cozy @tombrady blanket”, tagging her husband in the post, to which he commented on saying “And you have my heart too”. If that isn’t the cutest thing, we really don’t know what is. 

Valentine’s Day tribute

Although every day is a special day when you’re with someone you love, Valentine’s Day is a bit more special. It’s a day to prove your love with cute public displays of affection or some nice, quiet, and private time to just appreciate your person.

Instagram via tombrady

In a tribute to Gisele on Valentine’s Day, Brady shared a picture of himself and his then-wife playfully hugging each other on his Instagram page, writing a little caption where he called her his forever Valentine. Needless to say, the rest of us were super jealous!

Switching sides

In sports, it’s quite common to see players change teams every now and then, but some changes can still be shocking to see. That’s exactly how we felt when Tom Brady left the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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He had been with the team for about twenty years, so it came as a big surprise to a lot of his fans and lovers of the sport. His team wasn’t the only change he had to make in his life because following the news, the family packed up and moved from Boston to Florida.

Superbowl win

One of the best feelings in the world is when you take a gamble, and it ends up paying off. We think Tom changing teams from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was just that, and lucky for him, it turned out well.

Instagram via tombrady

The team won the Superbowl LV in 2021, making it his very first Superbowl win with the team. Gisele being the supportive wife she is, posted a message on Instagram celebrating her husband’s win. She and the kids had gone to the stadium to support Tom.

Sacrifices were made

In a relationship, compromise and making sacrifices are among some of the most crucial things that make a couple’s time together last. Brady revealed that Gisele was the embodiment of this, which explained why they had been together for a decent amount of time.

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In a podcast, he acknowledged how Gisele basically had to hold down the house while he ran around chasing his dreams and working on his NFL career. Tom said that though she had her own goals to accomplish, for over a decade, she chose to prioritize the family instead.

Halloween costumes

Halloween is probably the only holiday that allows people to get super creative with ideas for costumes and come up with the most unique outfits to wear. Gisele and her kids once decided to pay tribute to Tom’s team for Halloween.

Instagram via gisele

The family dressed up as the Tampa Bay Pirates for Halloween, with Gisele posting a picture of herself alongside her two kids in their fantastic costumes. Brady commented on the Instagram post, saying they were his favorite pirates in the world.


The average career span for a player in the National Football League is just a little over three years, so the fact that Tom had been going at it for more than two decades was nothing short of impressive. Go, Tom!

Instagram via gisele

When he eventually announced his retirement from the sport in 2022, he said his reason was that he wanted to spend more time with Gisele and his kids. Later, a source revealed that Gisele had been ready for Tom to take off the helmet for some time.

Never mind

Even though your mind may tell you no sometimes, it may be in conflict with the heart, which typically wins these contests. Not up two months after the quarterback announced his retirement, he changed his mind and came back for his 23rd season.

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He came back saying that he felt his place was still on the field and not on the stands, and although the day to take off his gear would come, it wasn’t then. Gisele still showed up for her husband, rallying him up online.

Home runner

Although being a parent and having to take care of all the affairs of the house can be a bit overwhelming, some people do quite a good job at it despite their partner’s absence. Gisele once revealed that she was thankful Brady let her run their home.

Instagram via gisele

She said that Tom supports her and all her decisions, mentioning how she convinced him to accept the home birth for their kids even though he wasn’t totally on board with the idea at first. She wanted them to be on board with how she would bring their kids to the world.

Brand promo

Other than doing campaigns that showcase them as the face of a brand, celebrities also do a lot of marketing for companies simply by making posts on social media. That’s exactly what Gisele Bundchen did for her then-husband’s new apparel line in 2022.

Instagram via dudewithsign

She teased his upcoming brand on her Instagram stories as he hid behind a towel, and she took a closer look at a pair of briefs branded with his name. Later in an interview, she expressed how much Tom loves fashion, saying he likes clothes even more than she does.

Challenges of parenting

Seeing celebs open up about the challenges they face and reminding us that just because they’re rich and famous, things aren’t always peaches can be incredibly refreshing to see. In 2022, Tom opened up about the most difficult part of parenting.

Instagram via gisele

He said the hardest part about raising his kids with Gisele was teaching them about privilege and making them understand that although they are the children of two rich and famous parents, he and Gisele came from much humbler backgrounds. 

Birthday tribute

When it came to supporting and appreciating her husband online, Gisele Bundchen was certainly not one to shy away from it. Gisele constantly took every opportunity she had to show how much she loved Tom Brady much to the delight of fans.

Instagram via gisele

For his 45th birthday, she went all out with numerous praises, calling him the most disciplined, focused, and the most fashionable person she knew. Gisele also added that he was incredibly loved and that his family was always cheering for him.

Separate with the kids

One of the earliest signs we got of an impending separation is what occurred after Brady’s 11-day absence from his team. The only explanation he gave for the absence was that he’s 45 and he’s got a lot of stuff going on.

Instagram via tombrady

After that, both Gisele and Tom Brady were spotted in different places, away from each other but with their kids. Brady flew in for Jack’s practice with his football team and Gisele was seen at a water park alone with the kids.

Tension built

Not long after the pair was spotted in different places without each other, a source revealed the couple had hit a stumbling block in their relationship. The most shocking part about it all was the fact it had something to do with Tom’s career.

Instagram via gisele

Apparently, Gisele was super happy he was retiring and wasn’t very pleased when he announced he was getting back on the field shortly after. The source said it caused a lot of tension between the two, but Tom was trying his best to make things work.

Support away from the stands

So far, it’s been apparent that Gisele was a very vocal supporter of her husband’s career, always supporting and being there for him. That’s why it caused a stir when Gisele wasn’t in the stands to cheer him on for his first game after he unretired.

Instagram via gisele

She did tweet out a message of support for Tom’s team, and earlier that week, a source revealed she wasn’t expected to be there for the game at all. It was already obvious the pair was going through a rough patch but this led people to believe it was deeper than they thought.

A concerned wife

Many partners, for one reason or the other, look forward to their partner retiring. Most times it’s for a good reason, whether that’s so they can enjoy the fruits of the labor or so that they can just have more spare time to spend with their family.

Instagram via gisele

For Gisele, it was the latter. She revealed that she had her concerns after he returned to the field despite the announced retirement saying it’s a violent sport and she would want him to be present for their children. However, she also said she understood that he had to follow his bliss.

Another impending retirement

Now it was clear that returning to the field after retiring was the cause of their separation. A source said that as things stood, he had to retire after the 23rd season in 2022 to smooth things over with Gisele Bundchen if he wanted to stay married to the mother of his kids.

Instagram via tombrady

Things weren’t over between the two but there were certainly amends that needed to be made. Gisele, on her part, didn’t hate that he was playing football, but she wasn’t exactly happy with how he handled a comeback after retirement. 

More separate time

It was evident to fans of both Gisele and Tom all around the world that the two had been away from each other for sometime, but most people weren’t exactly sure how long it had been. A source revealed it was much longer than most people thought.

Instagram via gisele

Apparently, by September in 2022, the two had been apart for a staggering six weeks. Tom had been busy with the NFL and Gisele was travelling. That said, another source also confirmed that Tom did make time for his family still.

A lawyer

A separation is indicative of very turbulent times in a marriage, but things start to get scary and real when the “d” word comes into play. Seems like that’s what Gisele was looking at when she hired a lawyer just for it.

Instagram via gisele

She had been talking to the lawyer for quite a while after Tom returned to the Buccaneers. A source also revealed that Tom was looking for an attorney for himself while simultaneously trying to iron things out with his wife.

Tom struggles

For a couple that seemed as loving as Gisele and Tom Brady did, it’s totally expected to see either parties struggle with what was befalling their once blissful union. A source revealed Tom wasn’t having the easiest time with it.

Instagram via gisele

He was hurting from his marital issues with his wife of more than ten years. Right around that time, another source revealed Gisele didn’t believe their marriage could be repaired and that’s when it began to dawn on us that it was truly the beginning of the end.

It’s official

In October 2022, the couple finalized their divorce from one another. This was indeed the end. The split was happening and the two wasted no time on informing the whole world about what was going on between the both of them.

Instagram via tombrady

The two posted on their socials, revealing the news to their fans, saying how much they enjoyed their time with each other but that they had to move on to the next chapter of their lives. Gisele said her priority still remained their kids like it had always been.

A final retirement

We have to confess that it was a bit nerve wracking to us when we saw Tom Brady let go of a career and life he loved so much for the final time, especially after what returning to the field after his initial retirement had caused to his personal life.

Instagram via tombrady

In early 2023, he announced that he was finally retiring from the NFL and this time it was for good. He was teary eyed in the video where he gave the news. He later posted a slew of images on his Instagram about his time on the field and one of his family as well.