Mechanics Got The Gears In Their Heads Turning To Solve Out-Of-The-Ordinary Car Problems

By Aayush G January 2, 2024

This article was originally published on bettermanly

When they first became a thing, cars changed the way people lived because of how easy they made life. Now, we can’t imagine a world without them. If you have ever owned a car or dream to, you have to see the mechanic once in a while to keep it functional. But that’s where things get interesting because today, what we are going to see will make you think twice about your career choices because apparently, mechanics have all the fun. The pictures shown in this article are 100% real and were taken by mechanics all over the world who had some crazy cars roll in that needed interesting repairs. So sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride of 45 times car mechanics encountered pretty interesting situations.

1. Save the Cat

The incident you are seeing here is hilarious to some and scary to others. The mechanics at the car repair shop were doing their usual work of fixing and prettying up cars when suddenly this owner arrived in the shop.

Image courtesy of bmxstar1468 / Reddit

He reported that his cat was stuck in the dashboard of his car. Yes, no matter how unbelievable it sounds, it really happened. The owner was panicking, but the car guys took their tools and tried to save the kitty, and they succeeded.

2. Perfect interior?

The customer, the car owner in the picture, came to the mechanic asking for a simple mirror cap for his car. But little did the owner know that the person he was talking to was a clever artist.

Image courtesy of GambitsReturn / Reddit

The mechanic did replace the mirror cap, but he also surprised him with a custom handmade painting of the fossil of a Pterodactyl. We can see he did an amazing job there, and artists and car lovers alike should praise him!

3. Advanced Anti-Theft System

We don’t know how but this customer had some serious wildlife sitting behind his vehicle. Originally, he dropped his vehicle and asked the repair guys to change his truck’s oil, but what they saw was something out of the ordinary.

Image courtesy of Igotaspotatlukins / Reddit

The mechanics saw a huge wasp nest just hanging from the back of the vehicle! The owner must have used this to protect his belongings from a possible thief, and car dealerships could learn a thing or two from this man. (Just kidding.)

4. Horse Rat Power

When we talk about cars and engines, we determine a vehicle’s power by how much horsepower it has. But what we see here is something new and different. Behold, the only car on the planet that runs on rat power.

Image courtesy of Kisamaa / Reddit

The owner of the vehicle came in complaining that his car just would not stay running, and he was unaware of what was happening. The mechanics opened the hood, and guess what? They were welcomed by a family of rats.

5. Boss, we got a new intern!

We have seen big and tough mechanics out there. They handle vehicles’ heavy parts and carry out the repairs efficiently every day. But here we have Mr. Squirrel, who was there to break all these stereotypes by working with the team!

Image courtesy of schaeflife / Reddit

See, Mr. Squirrel had some very different kinds of demands which needed to be fulfilled. Like he didn’t need a paycheck. All he needed was nuts as a salary at the end of the day. He would help by getting into those small corners of the car.

6. Some Guys just LOVE their Job

People in the world hate their 9 to 5 because they have to sit in front of a computer screen for long hours. But there are some career options in the world where the workers are real fans of their job.

Image courtesy of Carsonfire90 / Reddit

This example gives you an idea of what we mean. This guy had so much love for the motors that he liked to hug them tight. Have you picked it up yet? This is just the mechanics being silly by putting shoes on the intake pipes. Got you, didn’t we?

7. Smells Rubbery…

Aircraft are as big as a stadium, and to keep this amount of real estate in the air, you need some serious tires with good pressure. But things can get out of control, and that’s where the equipment is tested to its limits.

Image courtesy of goldenknight77 / Reddit

The photo was taken after the pilot landed his aircraft with the brakes still turned on. We don’t know what impresses us more, the brakes or the tires. But we do know that there must have been a heck of a lot of rubber on the track.

8. Censored…

This is a kind of picture that could be turned into a meme. We bet many of you got it at first glance, but for those who still can’t figure it out, just take a good look at the odometer.

Image courtesy of franklybutthurt / Reddit

Well, it’s good if you still have no clue what we are talkin’ about because that proves that you don’t have a naughty mind. The repair receipt would have been hilarious to read since it always includes an odometer reading.

9. Mechanics on the chase

We have discussed above how interesting the life of a car mechanic is but take a look at this. Well, you wouldn’t in a million years imagine something like this written on your repair receipt. The incident happened in Florida.

Image courtesy of thaatpoppunkguy / Reddit

The Florida police took a mechanic to jail in the middle of working on a car he had dissembled. But what’s more interesting is the company has printed an honest receipt for the partially done work by detailing the situation.

10. Ripped jeans are old; we got ripped tires!

As good as it gets, mechanics also have to face some pretty rough situations, like this one in the picture. Anyone who loves a car would get the pain of seeing something like this. The pain is expounded by a thousand if it’s your own car.

Image courtesy of unstealthypanda / Reddit

We can see how the tire’s tread is just slit open, and we can see the rim clearly from here. From what we see, a sharp object must have run through the tire, causing it to open like a book.

11. Waiting to hit the road!

We all love animals, especially cats, but some love them a ton and have one in their homes. Then some people love them so much they take them to work. In this case, this driver took his cat to the truck.

Image courtesy of LumenGA / Reddit

And yes, the cat did enjoy the road and new landscapes after being inside four walls for so long, but that’s the problem. She doesn’t want the fun to end. See how impatiently she is sitting there screaming to hit the road ASAP.

12. “Post” Disorder…

Well, my friends, we are here to witness Post Disorder. Farming is a tough job, and you have to keep account of many things to make your crop grow smoothly and without any losses. But there are some instances when you can have fun.

Image courtesy of tiremonkey1 / Reddit

The tractor driver in the photo seemed to test the vehicle to its limits, or the tires. We can’t yet figure out how he managed to do this, but it does look cool at a glance. We enjoyed trying to imagine what happened here.

13. Boy got brains

This is a glimpse of the many things humans can achieve. Yes, we have seen that modern problems require modern solutions, but show them this picture if you want to show someone a real-life example. People are really just hilarious.

Image courtesy of Darth-Boogerus / Reddit

My man right here has portrayed some Big Brain by solving the problem that all people with wheel caps have. Whenever the tires demand air, they have to take the wheel cap out and then refill it, but not anymore.

14. Wanna-be cool?

People living in western countries are used to snowfall and its consequences, but there can be instances when seeing the miracles of nature surprises them completely. Now look at this picture and try to put yourself in the car owner’s head.

Image courtesy of BoogerChute / Reddit

The tire is filled with ice cubes, and let us tell you: it was not intentional. The tire was lying outside in the snow, where it got filled with water, and it froze overnight. Well, the repair for this will cost a little more because the mechanic got frostbite doing it.

15. New Born Tires

We are united here to witness the magical moment in the history of humankind. We are seeing the birth of the tire, and we bet the delivery was tiresome. The father of the young one is none other than Michelin.

Image courtesy of themrfritzz / Reddit

This one-of-a-kind look of this tire resulted from too much air pressure being pumped in, and the photo was taken when it was about to burst – or, that’s what we think. We are still not sure how this happened.

16. Just look at this

Now many will think, why the heck is a piece of wood and plaster placed on a car’s center console? It would make it dirty and hard to clean. But only some of you geniuses will know the actual purpose of this construction.

Image courtesy of PDX_drifter / Reddit

If you are still unable to come up with a reasonable answer, let us tell you that the thing you are seeing is a DIY phone holder made by a site worker. As you can see, there is a hole in there for the charging cable too. Kudos to him!

17. Eye Phone

There are many kinds of people in society. Some are smarter than others in street smarts, while some can memorize any list of facts. But sometimes, people can really surprise us with their lack of forethought or any thought at all.

Image courtesy of CentipedeZERO / Reddit

Giving you the description of the matter, this person made himself a DIY phone holder to see the navigation in front of himself, but he found no better place to keep it than on the top of the airbags. If they were deployed, the phone would come flying into his face.

18. Stop Smacking Stick

The joy of driving a stick is unmatched by any automatic car in the world, period. No matter how easy it is to drive automatic, it does not come close when talking about driving pleasure and control over your car.

Image courtesy of Smokewrench802 / Reddit

But that conversation comes into place if you know how to drive stick in the first place. And seriously, if you don’t know how, please learn or don’t buy cars with a stick shift. In the picture, it is the sixth clutch the owner has changed in one month. That’s painful.

19. Hail the Sun Saber

Let’s play a game. How do you think the incident in the picture happened? Was it the lightsaber used inside the car that melted the plastic, or was it something else? The damage has taken a toll on both doors, but how?

Image courtesy of Boston-Corbett / Reddit

Well, let’s not stretch it anymore and explain to you what happened. The man left his car in the rain, and the water pooled on the sunroof, and when the sun flashed on it, the glass converged the light and turned it into a magnifying glass. The results are in front of you!

20. Customer “Tried” to change the bulbs

This repair shop had a lady come in with a problem they’d see on a normal day at work. She complained that the rear end of her car rattled too much, and it was annoying. She added that the rear light was also not working.

Image courtesy of GMCSierra18 / Reddit

When the mechanics saw the back of the car, they laughed out loud. Then they asked why bulbs were lying inside the tail lamp, and the woman replied that “she tried” to change them a couple of times and couldn’t get them out again.

21. We feel the Pain

Yes, we surely feel what the mechanic was going through when he saw this mess inside the engine. The reason for this feeling of upset, you might ask? The owner of the car said that he doesn’t believe that the engine oil must be changed.

Image courtesy of WeaknessBulky4520 / Reddit

He said it was just a way of repair shops to charge more. We highly suggest you only buy a car only when you know how to take good care of it. It is a machine, and it also needs maintenance.

22. Heater is Broken

Cars developed so rapidly in the past two decades that the features that seemed impossible when they were first made are now necessities. Modern cars come with features like Autopilot, but they are not good if you don’t know how to use them.

Image courtesy of TJ_THE_HUMAN / Reddit

And what’s the point of having a heater when the owner doesn’t know how to open the vents? The picture was taken by a repair shop when the customer left his car for repair, saying that the heater had no heat…

23. Please don’t eat in the car

You must have heard your parents tell you not to eat anything in the car. Have you figured out why? Here is the answer to the question. The car owner must have been a real foodie because he couldn’t wait to get home to eat.

Image courtesy of KamaroMike / Reddit

He ate up everything he could in the car and, to put the icing on the cake, left all of the containers. Rest is history as an army of roaches attacked his car from all angles. It left him no option but to dry-clean.

24. All for the Race!

Have you ever thought about why car enthusiasts love to buy sports cars or why these bad boys sell in the first place? Those cars have got some serious punch in them, which can send the driver flying from their seat.

Image courtesy of jessnuts79 / Reddit

Cars like Dodge Challenger are meant to be driven fast; that’s why it’s so popular among the racing community. The picture you are seeing is of a car used purely in racing, and look what the punch cost! Those rear tires are bald as a baby.

25. Oils are Expensive

In this article so far, we have talked about how great car mechanics are and have shared many instances of their heroics. But now, let’s see what pain in the life of a mechanic looks like. The car you see in the picture came in for an oil change.

Image courtesy of greenturnedblue / Reddit

The mechanic followed his usual schedule of pulling the sump plug above the tray and emptying the old oil. He put the new expensive synthetic oil in it again but here when things get dirty. The sump plug was not there, and the bottle of oil just got wasted!

26. Rust in Peace (piece)!

The car is a complex piece of engineering, and there are no less than thirty thousand parts like nuts, bolts, and four tires working simultaneously to make it run. That’s why regular service checks are necessary to make sure every part is in good shape.

Image courtesy of Adventurous_Limit_78 / Reddit

But we think the vehicle owner didn’t take that seriously, and you can see what happened. Here we can see that the lower control arm is completely rusted and is just a few miles away from breaking into thirty thousand pieces.

27. Busted Dusted!

If you are a car person, then you know that your car, every part of it, runs with the help of only a single unit of tech, i.e., the ECU. It’s just like our body which is controlled by our brain. So it’s obvious when this part has problems, the whole car is affected.

Image courtesy of Kingtripz / Reddit

The picture you see here comes from a 4WD where the owner wanted to do some off-roading, so he took his car through a deep puddle, and then his car just wouldn’t start. When the mechanics checked the ECU, they found this nightmare.

28. Minor Leaks!

The next story is from a customer who complained that his car had some overheating problems. He also suspected that there might be some minor coolant leaks. Remember the word, minor! If you don’t know, the coolant is responsible for controlling the temperatures of the engine.

Image courtesy of wo_throttle / Reddit

So, when the mechanics popped off the hood and searched for the problem, they found what you see in the picture. It seems like the coolant holder just blasted out, causing some serious leaks – which were surely not minor!

29. Dude got no chills!

Why do we go to the repair shop in the first place? You would say obviously to get our car fixed, right? The customer came into the shop to make his car shine like new again, but we doubt whether he wanted it!

Image courtesy of VolcomMan08 / Reddit

Because this guy rolled into the shop and didn’t stop, and ended up making the repair bill much larger. So, next time you go to the mechanic, be extra careful because things can get out of hand pretty easily (apparently).

30. Squirrel Squad

At first glance, we didn’t know what was happening here? But when we took a closer look, we saw that squirrels and family had arranged barbeque tonight. And where was the BBQ being held, you may ask? In the motor!

Image courtesy of defiant888 / Reddit

Squirrels are a big problem in some areas, and they can even cut soft insulation of homes just to get in. That’s why you should also keep an eye on your engine bay and other parts of your car to prevent it from looking like this one.

31. No Headline!

There are times when you are stuck in a situation and can’t find a solution to get yourself out of it. Like this guy who had his brake lights ditch him at the last moment when he was about to go out.

Image courtesy Boosted3232 / Reddit

But he didn’t let that stop him and decided to go with this not-so-brilliant-but-workable idea. He just put up a white paper saying “No Brake Lites” in the back of his car to alert the people driving behind him. Whatever works, right?

32. New and Improved

Let’s welcome the new Swiss frame, which is up to 15% lighter than the conventional boring running frames in the cars. Why settle for heavy when you can go light? Okay, we’ll stop being sarcastic now and talk about what this is!

Image courtesy of Tha_Tinman_ / Reddit

The mechanics got a new example of how an insect can mess up your car very easily. Termites simply ate the car’s frame, and please don’t ask us how because we don’t know. But if termites can eat metal, then we should probably worry.

33. Really Thicc

This thick liquid coming from the bottom of the car might surprise you because it surprised us as well. This goopy mess is the car’s engine oil, which “according to the customer” hadn’t been changed in a couple of months.

Image courtesy of International_Law755 / Reddit

But we need to know how much he drove in those couple of months because we think this was at least a couple of years old. People must understand that if they decide to buy a car, they should also maintain it properly.

34. Snap On Snap Off!

This unusual picture comes straight from New Jersey, where a mechanic had this car towed to his shop. It was a real head-scratcher for them – not because they didn’t know what was wrong with the car. That was obvious.

Image courtesy of idrathernotdothat / Reddit

What was wrong was the drill lodged in the windshield. Wanna know how it happened? Well, the customer was driving on the freeway while holding the drill in his hands, he crashed, and it landed in its new home!

35. Dash destroyed…

The next picture is coming from the hot lands of we don’t know where! But let’s forget about the location and focus on the picture. So this guy parked his truck under the sun and went into Walmart to do some shopping.

Image courtesy of Sigvauld / Reddit

But he forgot about the spray foam bottle he used to shave yesterday on the dashboard. What happened next is visible as the 100 degrees got to work and destroyed the bottle. It exploded in pieces, smearing foam all over the windshield.

36. Sprite Fight

Seems like the result of a normal shopping trip, huh? Not really, when seen from a different angle. A customer came in the shop stating that his suspension bottomed out even with this little load, as seen in the picture below.

Image courtesy of ToWeLsRuLe / Reddit

The mechanics found out that it was the truth. The age of the car caused poor suspension, especially the suspensions and shockers. Because as they age, they start to lose their spring capacity, which can result in situations like these.

37. Testeeess

We are still rolling on the floor at the time of writing about this! But after further *deep research* we got to know that this is a silly truck accessory that the owner of the vehicle found a very sneaky place to put in.

Image courtesy of JHammerstix / Reddit

Most people that have these put them on the hitch. The more we looked into this, the more we started to believe this was a prank courtesy of one of the truck owner’s friends. Maybe there is a real use for them, but we couldn’t tell you.

38. Whaaattt?

What is this? The picture is from New Zealand, where the owner got his truck jacked up to heights, probably because he likes how it looks. But it looks like it took a heck of a lot of work to get this done, and we wonder if it was worth it.

Image courtesy of Amockeryofthecistern / Reddit

But we have different opinions around this, and we would never recommend you do something like this in a million years. The lowrider culture is very popular among many countries, and that may look cool, but it harms the vehicle as much as jacking it up like this.

39. E*ww* class

This is the prestigious Mercedes E Class, famous among the business class whose cars are chauffeur driven and they enjoy the back seat comfort by paying big dollars to the company. But the way this E Class has been kept makes it an Eww class.

Image courtesy of whapitah2021 / Reddit

The car owner took his vehicle for repair when the mechanic saw this and instantly took a picture of the scene. The car was stuffed with packets of sauce and old wrappers like some dustbin. It is very disheartening to see.

40. Tires are Tires, aren’t they?

We all know the importance of tires. After all, they are the sole thing responsible for the car’s movement after the engine. So automatically, this means that the tires should be taken the most care of. We could rant about this for hours.

Image courtesy of AlphaQtwyce / Reddit

The owner bought this set of wheels from eBay. The seller stated that these would surely fit your ride like a glove, but the reality hit different. Now the owner came to tint his windows to hide his face in the traffic. Hilarious isn’t it?

41. Rusted Valves

The customer turned into the shop, and the guys were chilling out. The customer said that the car wasn’t running a step by itself. The mechanics weren’t ready to freak out yet. They went to check the car out. They opened the hood and witnessed this.

Image courtesy of jittychitty / Reddit

If you are not a car nerd like us, you might struggle to recognize what this gross-looking old thing is. This is the valve where the pistons of the engine move. The cause of this damage would be reckless driving.

42. Bro, keep it low

The shop owner was about to call it a day. He turned off all the lights and was about to leave when he remembered that his iPhone was left inside his office. When he came into the shop after struggling for five minutes with the gate, he saw this.

Image courtesy of dksgo / Reddit

We don’t know why he didn’t see it earlier, but we know that we got a great picture, and the owner got a big bill in his mailbox. The reason behind this? A new intern raised the rack without paying attention and ran away after he saw this!

43. The tire has “meat” on it

Another customer, another mechanic. Which means another crazy picture and another crazy story. Where it is from, we don’t know. Is it interesting to read? Heck yeah! The customer came in and said that the tire still had plenty of “meat” on them.

Image courtesy of Cristhekid / Reddit

That only counts as “meat” if the analogy is beef jerky. That, friends, is one old tire. To say it’s seen better days would be an understatement. It’s cracked so thoroughly that you can actually see the steel belt underneath!

44. Rusty

Okay, if you have read this far, we know you are ready for anything now. But still, this is tough to look at. If you are a car nerd, you would never want this to happen with your ride, and we would bet on that.

Image courtesy of Ev3d11 / Reddit

This is a fuel pump responsible for taking the gas from the gas tank and transferring it to the engine to burn up and do its thing to make the car run. But when this part rusts, a big bill is coming your way!

45. 4 Brothers from another mother

What do you think about the picture at a glance? Just four different screws, right, with nothing special about them. Surely, they don’t belong here. The best part is that the screws are from the same part of the car, yet they require very different kinds of work.

Image courtesy of Max_1995 / Reddit

This would happen because these screws were kept in the wrong position making one four degrees to another, which brings up this massacre. It’s easy to fix, so no big deal there, but still, it requires a lot of the mechanic’s time.