Heartwarming Childhood Photos Re-Created By Adults

By Jo A

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Your childhood must have been filled with laughter and fun moments, paired with a couple of bumps and bruises. Your parents have these memories wedged in albums tucked away in their homes. During gatherings of friends and family, these are the pictures you bring out, and they’re sure to elicit some heartfelt laughter. The people on this list decided to recreate these precious moments years later and the results are absolutely hilarious. We’ve compiled some of the best childhood photo recreations curated by adults, and we’re sure you’ll love every single picture captured by these creative people. It’s funny to look back on the past to see us doing silly things as children, but it’s even funnier to see ourselves now recreating those images.

Time flies

This picture is incredibly heart-warming and is sure to draw a smile from everyone that comes across it. From the look of things, the father and son have always had a strong bond between them and even 60 years after taking the first picture – their bond is still strong.  

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

However, there are significant differences between them as that little boy now towers above his dad. On the other hand, the dad has aged gracefully and is aided by a cane. Like father, like son: these two look like a pair that have a solid and consistent gene pool!

Timeless recreation

What makes this particular photo special is the occasion the family decided to recreate. On this day, their beautiful sister was getting married to the love of her life and the family decided to make the day more special – they chose to recreate one of their family’s treasured pictures.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

If you look closely there are significant differences in both pictures. You can see they maintained the same pose, but their attire is completely different. Looks like the daughter is all grown up now and is headed for the aisle. Way to go dad and bros for being so supportive. But first, let us take a snapshot.

Baby and Daddy

From the onset, it seems daddy and son have unique acting abilities in their genes. From the first picture, you can see how daddy is making funny faces at the bewildered baby – the emotions both are expressing just come naturally.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

Twenty-eight years later, the pair decided to recreate the photo but this time, they needed to pose. Of course, daddy had no issues recreating his face, but we’re more impressed by the son who tried his best to imitate his surprised expression twenty eight years ago. Nice try, son.

Magic stairway

Even though there are noticeable differences in the staircase in both pictures, you can tell it’s the same. Although the color on the wall and that of the railing are different, the kids in both pictures are one and the same. With a couple more frames appearing in the back, it looks like the family made some great memories during the time lapse!

Photo courtesy of taringa.net

You can see how well they aged, but their goofiness remains the same. They all get brownie points for wearing the same outfits they did years back and for nailing the look too. Good on you, guys! Looks like you really knocked this one out of the park!

Identical haircut

We’ve seen several hard-to-recreate pictures on this list and at first glance, this one seems a little too easy to re-enact. Just get yourself a pair of denim overalls, and you’re good to go! However, these brothers went to great lengths to ensure they got every detail right down to the bone.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/Rainman574

They ensured the background was the same, pose and clothes too. The best part is the fact that they made sure their haircut was the same. We give the guy on the right kudos for being brave and trying out a bowl cut!

Still the same

Some people have the knee-jerk reaction to cover their face in embarrassment the moment they see their old picture wearing white Tees upside down with a crazy face. The picture on the right looks like it could have been the beginning of a horror movie.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

Luckily, that is not the case with this guy. Not only did he love how silly he was the first time, he decided to recreate it years later. That tells you a lot about his personality, as it hasn’t changed one bit. Looks like he’s the jokester in the family.

Face filed with pasta

Some childhood photos are hard to recreate, but nothing was going to stop this woman from recreating this childhood gem. To reenact this picture perfectly, there were so many different elements she had to put in place. For starters, we’re glad she found a pink sweater that looks exactly the same as the one in her childhood.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/kearneylib

She needed the plates, chair, cup and a pink dress – all of which she perfectly nailed. But the most important part of the photo was the pose itself: getting absolutely covered in pasta sauce with a sheepish smile on her face. Looks like spaghetti could still be her meal of choice to this very day!

Vintage couple

This photo will give you all of the feelings. Half a century ago, this couple decided to pose in front of their new car with hopes of a glorious future together. Did they have a glorious future? Well, it seems they did and they lived to tell the tale of their love. They probably did a new paint job for their car, too. Good on them.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

Not only are the couple still together, they’re still going strong. The best part is that they still have their car in perfect condition which is now a collector’s item. One thing about them that has changed for sure is their fashion sense. With those hip clothes and the splash of color on their car, they must be the coolest couple on the block!

Siblings day out

Car rides with your siblings can either be two things – it’s either fun-filled or disaster-filled. The former seems to be the case for these siblings as they seem like they’re perfectly content no matter where the journey takes them. They look like good friends on their way to soccer practice. Such cuties.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/Rainman574

Years later, they knew they had to recreate the moment, and from the pose down to the clothes, they truly brought this amazing memory back to life. Looks like they’re still as close as ever. We’re wondering how much the middle sibling had to pay his brother and sister to help him do his part in the photo? Hopefully, he washed his feet first!

Different yet still the same

It is easy to recreate some poses, while for some, you have to make adjustments. When these siblings were little, it wasn’t difficult to perform these acrobatics, but as adults, it’d be a tad difficult. Not wanting to be deterred, they had to get creative and were able to recreate the pose with slight modifications.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

We applaud them for having an eye for detail as the girl made sure she had her pacifier in her mouth. The mother at the bottom is still as strong as ever judging from the picture, though it looks like in this case, she’s helped out by a trick of perspective: the youngest is standing on that cabinet!

Funny disaster

One thing we can say about the first picture is that it was definitely not part of the original plan, but was captured nonetheless. You can see the father in full daddy mode trying to comfort his wailing son while the little sister tries to hold him back.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/bsells76

Even though the second frame version is acted, you can see they did a great job. We can’t say the same for their mother who’s finding it hard to carry their son who’s no longer a baby. Also, her reaction is priceless as she cradles her full-grown son. Nice try, fam!

Best friends forever

Some people might be wondering why the dog looks smaller especially in the second frame. The reason for this is not farfetched – the boy grew up to become a handsome young man. And thank goodness, the doggo is still alive and kicking!

Photo courtesy of Imgur/Captainkevin

The first picture taken thirteen years ago shows the boy in his pajamas holding his beloved pooch – you can still see in the second frame that his affection has not waned one bit. This adorable picture with the man’s dog is sure to be a memory he’d look back on fondly, and he’ll be glad to have it when his furry friend eventually passes away.

Laundry Basket

As a parent, one of the major talents you develop along the way is putting your kids in weird places so they don’t run off. One such place is the laundry basket but the baby in the first frame doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, it looks rather comfy in there!

Photo courtesy of Imgur/amirza

Even though you may wonder the reason for the parent’s actions, the child – all grown up now – was more than happy to recreate the priceless moment. She even has the same exact wallpaper still up and a larger-sized basket (that looks almost exactly the same as the one on the right). We give her an A+ for execution!

A day in the sand

Apart from the fact that they look older, on the face of it, nothing has changed with these siblings. As children, one of the fun things they loved doing was being buried in the sand, but the girl doesn’t seem to love it as much.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

On the other hand, the boy seems happy and was all smiles for the camera. They loved the picture so much that they had to do it again later. Seems like sibling love still exists, or maybe their parents buried them and left them there? Either way, they seemed to grow up together pretty well.

Sleepy child

If you have kids, you’ll know they have an incredible superpower: the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere. We have this picture to back up our claim, as the child in the first frame tried all he could but couldn’t make it fully into the bed.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/olias32

This funny scenario was caught on camera, and twenty years later, he knew he had to re-enact the moment. Back then, he’d get drunk on the milk, but now, it seems like he’s getting drunk on something else. Some things never do change!

Best friends

Friends you grow up with often tend to become a major part of your life, occupying a very special place in your world. You both share a treasure trove of memories, and that would definitely include some hilarious pictures from the past.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/pinkgo

When they were little boys, these friends posed to take this classic picture. One was quite happy to be snapped, but the other in the black suit jacket preferred to be anywhere other than where he was at the moment. We sure hope they’re still buddies; they make quite a funny pair. We’re guessing one of them ended up working in IT and the other travelled the world with one backpack.

Good boy

Growing up with your beloved dog is a privilege most people cherish for their entire lives. Thankfully, this boy was given this opportunity, and from the moment the puppy set foot in the house, he couldn’t contain himself. Naturally, he took a picture to commemorate the moment.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

Years later, it doesn’t seem like much has changed, except for the fact that both dog and boy are all grown up. We love seeing these transitions of not only humans but animals as well. The look on their faces with their owners is unwavering and we’re living for their wide-toothed smiles.

Time for dinner

This photo does not get the credit it deserves. We need to give these brothers a high five for making the food in both pictures look enticing enough across the years. That’s not all: they were also able to get the adult size of the jacket they wore years back before the picture was taken.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

With the necessary things in place, recreating the pose in the first frame was no problem. The only difference here is that apart from the fact that they’ve grown up, one of the brothers is sporting a buzz cut and the other has a sleek haircut. But they’re still digging into their favorite dishes and look as pleased as ever.

The love of a brother

When documented, you’ll be awed by what you see when you follow the growth process of a child within a space of 15 years. Even though the parent of these boys was not able to document their everyday lives, at least they had some precious pictures of them when they were little.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/westnini

Fifteen years later, this little baby has morphed into a six foot-tall teenager. From the look of things, his elder brother is finding it slightly more challenging to carry him like he used to. It should be the other way around, no? Little did the shorter brother know that his sibling would grow up to be a giant.

Stay fashionable

If you look at the pictures below carefully, you’ll notice a recurring theme that you may have missed at first glance. Apart from the fact that the girl in the picture still maintained her high sense of fashion years later – the background didn’t change one bit.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

It’s quite impressive to have maintained a room the same way for 20 years – the walls, floor, and lamp are exactly as it was. This made it easy for this girl to recreate her iconic pose without many differences. It’s fun to think about what these people grew up to be: did she become a businesswoman, a fashion designer? Only time will tell.


The similarities between these pictures are striking even though they were taken 30 years apart. From this picture, you can certainly agree that you can’t tell how a person will turn out in the future. They might look exactly the same or maybe they’ll alter parts of their body to enhance their features just like this woman did.

Photo courtesy of taringa.net

From the look of things, this lady is enjoying every bit of her life, and she’s freely expressing herself through her piercings and body art. This is a striking difference from the wide-eyed kid in the first frame. Either way, she grew up to be an empowered and confident young lady.

Time to bake

In the slides above, we talked about how parents sometimes plop their kids in odd places. This boy happens to fall in the same category, as his parents put him in a nice-looking mixing bowl when he wouldn’t sit still.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

He liked that bowl so much that he went back seventeen years later, but he couldn’t fit in anymore. That didn’t stop him from recreating this moment as he elicited a few laughs. Looks like he’s still the jokester he was when he was a kid! Nice one, son.

You’re not gonna let me

When this little girl took this picture years ago, she was wondering when she’d be old enough to fill in those boots. Besides that, she made a sour face to the camera to show her disdain as to the fact that she didn’t fit in those worker’s boots.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/TheFractalsWeAre

Twenty-three years after the first picture was taken, this lady felt it was important that she should recreate this moment of her life. Luckily, finding the boots was not difficult, and now, at last, they fit perfectly. Dreams do finally come true and she was on hand to savor every moment of it.

Rock-a-bye baby

The first few weeks after having a new baby are usually taxing for parents. Due to significant changes in their sleep schedule, they don’t hesitate to take a nap when the chance presents itself. This dad was caught napping upright, still holding his son in his arms.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

Years later, father and son thought it would be cute to recreate the photo. Although the father has scarcely changed one bit, the son is now a full-grown man, possibly with a family of his own. It’s still adorable to see pictures such as these to see the differences in the before and after shots.

The gang

Whoever asked these 3 brothers to pose according to their height would never have realized the situation would be reversed 29 years later. Standing majestically in front of the Capitol Building, each sibling knew it was a day they’d never forget. They even got the shirts to match!

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kdhijk

We applaud their attention to detail as they went as far as getting the same clothes they wore to make sure nothing was out of place. Can you guess who’s the oldest sibling and the youngest? We’re absolutely perplexed! We’re thinking the one in the middle is the youngest but who knows!

Not in the mood

Most little girls adore their dolls and you can hardly find them apart from one another, regardless of their mood. You’ll always see them clutching that doll whether they’re sad, happy, and even when they’re asleep. This girl wanted a doll that matched her exact outfit, good on her!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/debbies0324

The first frame shows this little girl in a sour mood with her doll held close. Even as a young woman, she’s still holding her doll, but with some sass. She doesn’t look like someone to be messed with. Either way, we wouldn’t want to take her doll from her — the consequences seem dire!

Love you, sis

From the onset, this big brother has always been protective of his sister and you can see their bond has endured from childhood. Even though they aren’t wearing the same clothes, they were able to recreate the same pose as adults.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/kancer80

Although the pose must be a little weird to recreate as adults, you’ll notice there are still having plenty of fun as they reenact this photographic memory. They didn’t have the same exact outfits, but they tried their best. B+ for effort, we’ll give them that!

Goofy siblings

If you can remember, your first best friend was most likely your sibling. The memories you shared together cannot be erased regardless of what happens later on in life. With your sibling, you’re your natural self and you can be as silly as you want without anyone judging you.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson

This duo showed their bond still exists as they reenacted their silly T-Rex pose many years after the first picture was taken. Looks like their relationship is still as strong as ever, and thankfully, their ability to get goofy doesn’t seem to have changed at all with age.

Innocent little ones

You can tell from the first frame that the photographer has a magic touch. Not only was he able to get all three kids to sit still, but he was also able to make them smile long enough to take the shot. Now as adults, they recreated the picture with ease in their own professional photoshoot.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/jjmlis

What makes the picture stand out is the fact that they were still able to capture the same radiant innocence they had as children. That being said, the kid on the right side of the right picture is giving us a creepy look and we’re feeling a slight onrush of heebie-jeebies!

Santa Claus is still in town

Kids don’t joke around when it comes to Santa affairs. They know they have to be on their best behavior, or else the dreaded will happen: Santa will remove their name from his famed list. You can see just how much glee sitting with Santa brought these kids when they were little.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/kearneylib

Apparently, now that they’re all grown up, they believe they’re not too old to enjoy the simpler joys of Christmas, and couldn’t wait to recreate their 1999 picture. Spot the difference in the pictures? Now Santa Claus in the bottom picture is much shorter than everyone else. Wonder if it’s the same Santa!

Always the same

Going out to the park was one thing this trio was always looking forward to. Not only could they play with reckless abandon when outside, but they also enjoyed the beautiful weather and ended the day making a mess with the help of their favorite ice cream.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/pinkgo

That is one memory they’d each love to recreate any day at any time. The second frame shows each of them having a blast recreating the picture and we are here for it. we just have one question: what kind of flavor ice cream is that? Bubblegum? Blueberry? Now we want our own cone!

Mud brothers

As a kid, you couldn’t wait to spend time with your friends, as every moment was a fun moment. Playing in the mud was a bonding moment for just about every child, and these kids saved the moment in time as they posed for this picture.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/Rainman574

These brothers brought these feelings back as they perfectly recreated the old photo, as they even managed to get those mud stains smeared ever so perfectly too. Looks like a fun day out with the boys, no matter what age! We’re hoping they’re as bonded now as they were before.

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