Cutting Edge Creativity: 35+ Unique Cookie Cutter Designs

By Amy M January 17, 2024

This article was originally published on myfryingpan

Cookie cutters, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from hearts and stars to gingerbread men and flowers. Sometimes, the designs are not so easily identifiable, though, and that’s where “What is My Cookie Cutter” comes in.

It’s a subreddit where bakers can ask Redditors to help them figure out what shape or character their cookie cutter is supposed to be. Any answer is welcome, and people are often encouraged to get creative with it.

Today, we will be delving into some of the most imaginative suggestions from individuals who used their drawing skills to give a visual representation of what shape they see. So, take a seat, start scrolling, and let the cookie-cutter guessing game begin!

What is My Cookie Cutter?

If you have a bunch or even just one uniquely shaped cookie cutter that you got at a thrift store but couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be, head over to the What is My Cookie Cutter sub and get the members guessing. That’s what this person did.

Image courtesy of pitiful-raisin/Reddit

One person said they saw this as Mr. Spock from Star Trek – live long and prosper. Someone else mentioned it could be festive Ferb, which we liked a lot, and another said it looks like Schnitzel from Chowder. We have no clue what this could be, but now we can’t unsee festive Ferb!

Baker’s Request

A baker had a request for our community. They asked them to help turn their least favorite cookie cutter, which is probably so because they have no idea what it is, into their new favorite by giving ideas for what it could be. As usual, many accepted the challenge.

Image courtesy of BigBenIsTicking/Reddit

A user said that the cookie cutter could be handsome Squidward. Another, sticking with the SpongeBob theme, said it could be a jellyfish from the cartoon, and last but not least, someone else said an armadillo. We’re pretty sure their fave was the Squidward interpretation – ours sure is.

Is it a bunny? Is it a bear?

It’s no secret that people see things differently. Remember the whole ‘Is it a white and gold or blue and black dress’ debate? Well, there are siblings who can’t agree whether this pancake shaper is a bear or a bunny, so they turned to Reddit for people’s input. What do you think?

Image courtesy of cam52391/Reddit

Some users argue that it’s neither a bear nor a bunny. One said it was a splooting frog; could be Kermit. Someone else suggested a bear adorning a rabbit suit – we like how their mind works and another speculated that it could be a sea turtle — insert the “I like turtles” meme!

Mystery Solved

This cookie cutter left its owner scratching their head. Their best guess was that it could be the shape of a stand mixer minus the bowl, but they were curious to see other people’s ideas. The people of Reddit did not disappoint.

Image courtesy of DaisyHotCakes/Reddit

We’ve got a Redditor who thinks this is Sid the Sloth gifting a present. Someone else said it was a giraffe with a blue tongue, and another person saw Snoopy. Guess what? It’s none of those. According to another user, it is a sewing machine. Aww, man! We liked the idea of it being Sid.

Pooh Meets Titanic?

What’s this cookie cutter? Is it a teddy chilling in its undergarments, Winnie the Pooh with his belly full of honey lounging like he wants to be painted like a French Girl, or Jake and Finn from Adventure Time? Those were just some guesses from individuals who were trying to help someone solve their mystery.

Image courtesy of Naskaliger/Reddit

Turns out that this is actually a Pikachu cookie-cutter. The person who wanted to know what this was got their answer and got to enjoy other people’s interpretations. The OP even said the Redditors made their day with these images. Well, they made ours too!

Just Pondering

For a year, someone pondered the shape of a cookie cutter that was part of their grandmother’s collection. We hope it didn’t keep them awake at night, as their first guess of it being a foot was right on the money. Never doubt yourselves, people. Still, let’s check out what Redditors thought it could be.

Image courtesy of v_4_velociraptor/Reddit

With the most upvotes, one user suggested that this cookie cutter could be a duck with bedhead – we can see that. Someone else said a shoe adorned with a frilly sock, and we’ve got someone else who thought it could be a ghost; spooky. The OP actually made the last one into a cookie!

Understood the Assignment

On what is described as “Reddit’s cozy nook for finding what your cookie cutter could be,” an individual set out to look for creative answers, and oh boy, did many people understand the assignment. Especially these two. Have a look.

Image courtesy of HorrorPunkKid/Reddit

For the first one, a Tonya Harding bunny, which the Redditor described as an ice-skating bunny about to perform a triple axel and then beat another ice-skating bunny’s leg with a metal bar. We were not expecting that, but they got our upvote. For the second, a cute little kitty cleaning itself.

What Do We Have Here?

What cookie cutter do we have here? The OP knows what it is, but they wanted wrong answers only so they could send them to their mom and her Girl Scout group. As usual, the comment section was filled with very creative ideas.

Image courtesy of mdituri/Reddit

We’d give our two cents on what shape this could be, but all we see is a lighthouse – which is the right answer, but that’s not what they wanted. So here are the “wrong answers”: a Halloween graveyard – that’s dark, Pearl from SpongeBob, and a Ninja. Love those.

Creative Answers Only

Someone wanted creative answers only as to what this cookie-cutter could be, and Redditors said, “Say less.” It could be a scroll and quill or Jake from Adventure Time. Makes sense; he can morph into any shape. Or maybe Toucan Sam, the mascot for Froot Loops. 

Image courtesy of SteelyDanish/Reddit

We think this design looks like a cat, which a lot of other people in the comments also thought, and you know what they say: great minds think alike. What shape do you see? Bet you can’t unsee the cat or Toucan Sam now.

Calling All Redditor

Next up, we’ve got someone who asked the users of the What is My Cookie Cutter subreddit to give their take on what shape this cookie cutter could be. Their wish was the Redditors’ command. Here are three awesome responses from the comment section.

Image courtesy of shrekwife1/Reddit

Well, well, well, what have we here? An individual said they saw Oogie Boogie, a character that appeared in Nightmare Before Christmas. Moving away from villainous characters, someone envisioned that this cookie cutter could be Maggie Simpson rocking a star snowsuit, while another said bootylicious Santa Clause! We enjoyed all of those ideas.

Guess That Cookie Cutter

Let’s play another round of ‘Guess that cookie-cutter shape!’ Could it be a chonky bird, a hand gripping a peeled banana, or a rose? We have to agree with the one person who said it was a rose, but we still loved the other illustrations. 

Image courtesy of Lady_Absinthea/Reddit

The original poster who queried the cookie cutter shape on behalf of their mom said mom thinks it could either be a rose or a ghost. She is a fan of all the suggestions posted, though, and so are we!

Ideas Wanted

Houston, we have a problem. This person doesn’t know what shape their cookie cutter is, and they want ideas, but we don’t have a clue. Lucky for them, we know just the right group of brilliant creatives who are experts at this.

Image courtesy of Birdseye_Speedwell/Reddit

The first guess, with over two thousand upvotes, was the female reproductive system. Another presented an illustration from what looks like a scene from Jaws, and someone else guessed that it could be a baby suspended from a blanket. The last one was spot on; it’s, in fact, “Baby from Stork Cookie Cutter.”

Thrift Store Find

This is your sign not to buy a cookie cutter at a thrift store unless you want to be puzzled about what it could be for a whole year, like this person who had to turn to Reddit to ask for people’s input on what it could be.

Image courtesy of Hot-Average-6203/Reddit

One person visualized the shape of the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis. Thank you, thank you very much for this amazing drawing. Someone else saw Nosferatu, which is way scarier than what another individual thought the shape to be: a guy getting a piggyback ride from a bull. The design possibilities are endless.

When in Doubt, Ask Redditors

When in doubt about what shape your cookie cutter is, be like this guy on the internet and consult Redditors. While they may not always come up with a definite answer, their suggestions are always fun. Here, look at this.

Image courtesy of

If you said this cookie cutter is a mushroom, then join the club. Here are three people who aren’t in that club, though; one thought it was an alien keeping itself cozy with a scarf, another said a massive nose, and someone else saw an alien abduction scene. Super creative.

What’s This Baking Tool

Redditors once again gave it their all when it came to helping someone identify the shape of their baking tool. Numerous suggestions poured in, ranging from a character from Among Us and a toad on a toadstool to the cutest bear.

Image courtesy of CuzWhy_Not/Reddit

This cookie cutter is actually not any of the incredible suggestions pictured here. It is, in fact, an R2D2 cookie cutter – it’s just upside down in this image. Can you see it now? We’ll file this one under solved.


Hmm, what is this? One user, sketchshark (name checks out), thought this cookie cutter was the mold of a man studying the tool and trying to figure out what it actually is- jaw drop. Another said a happy-chappy frog or a cat, adding, “If he fits, he sits,” and it does indeed fit nicely.

Image courtesy of Subject_Outcome5190/Reddit

We scrolled through the comments on this post, and as of now, it seems that no one can actually confirm what this is. A few users think it is an apple, but we’re guessing, for now, it will have to remain unsolved.

Unique Cookie Cutter

Next, we have a uniquely shaped cookie cutter that the original poster’s mom came across. The person asked all the users in the comments to make her proud with their ideas of what it could be, and so they did.

Image courtesy of Intelligent-Lead-692/Reddit

According to users, this could either be a moo moo sporting fairy wings, Superman suffering from a severe allergic reaction and struggling to fly, or it’s Totoros from My Neighbor Totoro. Welp! The true shape of this cookie cutter remains unknown, but now all we care about is seeing these made into cookies!

Cookie Cutter Shape Pending…

Like the previous one, the shape of this cookie cutter is also unknown. We are stumped as to what it could be. Redditors, on the other hand, let their imaginations run wild, as the OP’s only rule was there are no rules. Well, actually, the rule was creative answers only.

Image courtesy of Far_Spirit_4619/Reddit

Someone suggested that it could be a koala bear, which earned them 2.1K upvotes. It certainly koalifies as the cutest idea. Heading towards super random territory, another posited that it is a portrait of their neighbor Jim. And lastly, one user chimed in with the idea that it could be a cute little lion.

Santa Hat or Sea Monster

There is never a shortage of cases to tackle on the What is My Cookie Cutter subreddit. The OP thought this was a Santa hat, while their dad maintained that it was a sea monster. Redditors had some interesting thoughts.

Image courtesy of GuiPhips/Reddit

This is actually a Santa hat cookie cutter, but we prefer the Redditors’ suggestions: a wizard hat — very magical, a sailing ship, and a frog’s head, to name a few. These guys all had their creative caps on. We vote that they turn all of them into cookies.


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the most puzzled of them all? Well, it’s the owner of this cookie-cutter who couldn’t tell what this is. Luckily, Redditors did their thing and helped them solve the mystery. Serious answers were preferred for this post.

Image courtesy of BauzZz1/Reddit

Many people agreed with the user who posted Stitch that it is no doubt the intended design. But not everyone thought that. One said that it is a, and we quote, “Dancing rice farmer just happy to be alive.” The OP, like us, said that was their favorite one. 

Wrong Answers Only

What shape is this cookie cutter? Going off of what Redditors suggested, is it a) Marge Simpson breaking it down or ‘krumping’ from season 19, episode 6, b) a ruby necklace, or c) a running faucet? We’d like to think it’s Marge.

Image courtesy of climbingcatt/Reddit

We did a deep dive into the comment section, and one user’s answer stood out to us. They guessed that it could be a Florida cutter that had been crushed or maybe even stood on. Bingo! That has got to be it.

Searching for Answers

If you asked us what this was, we’d have to say your guess is as good as ours and advise you to turn to the What is My Cookie Cutter community for answers. Redditors in that community have a knack for proposing creative ideas regarding the potential shape of a cookie cutter.

Image courtesy of jj_ayda/Reddit

Here are three people’s best guesses as to what shape this is: an antique candle holder, Homer Simpson from the episode that parodies The Shining, and a North Pole sign. Turns out, this utensil is actually the shape of a – drum roll, please – candlestick telephone. Hold the phone; we can see it now!

More Ideas Please

For this post, the OP was already aware of the shape of their baking tool. They just wanted to ask Redditors to come up with other unique design ideas. Many comments were left under the post, including suggestions that it could be Simba, an angry cloud, or even a monkey.

Image courtesy of RainbowUnicorn0228/Reddit

If you are curious as to what the true identity of this cookie cutter is, we’ve got the answer: it is the Build-A-Bear mascot, Bearemy. Of course, it is. That’s so cute! Where can we get our hands on one of those?

Redditors Assemble

Redditors assembled in the comment section with various ideas, like a sleepy sloth, a bunny blowing bubblegum, and a cute cartoon animal wearing a cap, as suggestions for the shape of this cookie cutter. We vote that it’s a sloth. Who’s with us?

Image courtesy of TAshleyD616Reddit

It was confirmed that this is a sloth. Before possessing this knowledge, the OP used this tool to make “Human centipeanut butter cookies.” Clever! Well, now that they know what it is, we hope they will make cute sloth cookies.

Guess That Shape

Can you guess what shape this is? The OP’s best guess is that it’s an elephant seal, which we’re having trouble seeing. Redditors were quick to comment with other ideas, including a bird, little grim reapers in training for Halloween (how cute!), and Ren, the chihuahua from The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Image courtesy of HorrorPunkKid/Reddit

We like all those creative suggestions, but now it’s time to reveal what shape this actually is. It’s a toucan that is part of a cookie cutter set that was designed to make cookies that can hook to your glass of milk. Mystery solved!

Kooky Cookie Cutter

I spy with my little eye something beginning with K. It’s a kooky cookie cutter. Like the OP, we have no clue what shape this could be. It’s either two pumpkins that give off Cinderella vibes, as someone suggested, or a snowman.

Image courtesy of maestro1123/Reddit

According to another user, there is a huge possibility that this is the shape of two cherries. That’s gotta be it. Well, now the OP can decorate their cookies accordingly. Or they could always bring those other two drawings to life.

Just Figuring It Out

Struggling to figure out what shape your cookie cutter is can drive you crazy and put a dump on many things. This OP said his whole family had tried to solve the cookie-cutter shape mystery before throwing in the towel. Luckily for them, Redditors with cool ideas exist.

Image courtesy of beanman000/Reddit

One user said that this looks like a shoe with wings, and many agreed. Someone else envisioned a bok choy that found the remote and looked pleased — so cute! Hmm, we think it is, for sure, the shape of a shoe.

When There’s Something Strange in Your Kitchen Drawer…

If there’s something strange in your kitchen drawer, who are you gonna call? This OP’s first guess was that this cookie cutter could be a headless monkey, but then thought that was “too dark of a subject.” Redditors came up with very different ideas.

Image courtesy of mountaingoat05/Reddit

One user said that this could be a goose with oversized feet, another thought it could be Jar Jar Binks, and someone else saw a dog with a bone. Well, we saved the surprising news for last; a Redditor confirmed that the OP was indeed correct: it is a headless monkey cookie cutter. Wow!

Strange Cookie Cutter

Someone discovered a strangely shaped cookie cutter at Walmart. It is either a seal with a majestic head of hair, a baby seal rodeo, which is oddly specific, or a banana peel. Those are just a few of the user’s suggestions.

Image courtesy of Dwestmor1007/Reddit

We read the comments, and someone said this could be a dinosaur cookie cutter that is bent out of shape. Ha, yeah, this does kinda look like it was stepped on. With that, we can confidently say the case is closed!


Someone took to the What Is My Cookie Cutter subreddit to ask users to help determine the shape of this cutter. We are not surprised they were all stumped; this is an unusual design. You know who wasn’t stumped, though? Redditors.

Image courtesy of marissahm/Reddit

According to three users, this could either be the shape of a man with a creature on his head, Miss Piggy singing her heart out, or “a rainbow unicorn wearing a meta quest 3.” Those are all difficult to unsee, but apparently, this is actually the shape of a witch on a broomstick.

Cool Cookie Cutter

This here is a UCC (unidentified cookie cutter). Get it? Like a UFO? Over two hundred people were quick to share ideas of what shape it could be. One person said it looked like a PAC-Man Ghost trying on a pair of pants, while another said it could be Principal Skinner’s behind – haha.

Image courtesy of felinny/Reddit

Guess what; this tool is used to make Scandinavian heart basket cookies. We now know this thanks to a Redditor. Well, if we were the original poster, we wouldn’t limit ourselves to just making that shape. We would turn those other creative suggestions into cookies as well.

Many Possible Answers

Someone asked what shape this cookie cutter is supposed to be. To that, we’ll quote Phoebe Buffet’s line from a season 5, episode 9 clip, “Yours is a question with many possible answers.” It could be a bowl of Ramen, what looks like a drawing of a helmet, or a handsome Squidward, as users suggested.

Image courtesy of Zero_Pumpkins/Reddit

If you’re interested in knowing what this actually is, it is a football helmet. Though the OP is aware of what shape it is now, they said that they don’t want to make cookies in that shape. Instead, they want to make all of the other users’ suggestions.

Shaun the Sheep Cookie Cutter

This is a Shaun the Sheep cookie cutter, but Redditors had varied interpretations. A user received 3.5k upvotes for suggesting that it could be Snoopy, while another received 1K upvotes for their illustration of a girl in heels. Another got 921 upvotes for proposing that it could be a ripped Diglett Pokémon.

Image courtesy of No-Explanation-3005/Reddit

Allow us to take a second to appreciate all the Redditors of the What Is My Cookie Cutter community who take time out of their day to create amazing cookie-cutter shape ideas. The sub wouldn’t be what it is without them.

Wild One

This OP captioned their Reddit post, “I feel like this is a wild one.” No kidding. We have no idea what shape this is. It could be a leaf or, as three Redditors suggested, a boot with flowers, Zach and Weezy from Dragon Tales, or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Christmas dragon.

Image courtesy of Katington96/Reddit

One user in the comments said, “This is the first one where I’ve really wanted to know what the real answer is.” Same pal, same. It seems there was no definitive answer, though, but it is most likely a dragon cookie cutter.

Christmas Cookie Cutter

In someone’s Christmas cookie-cutter collection lays an oddly shaped one. People had fun coming up with potential designs. One user threw in the idea that it could be the Bill from the Schoolhouse Rock segment, another said burning logs, and another Redditor jumped in with the suggestion that it could be a crow.

Image courtesy of Greedy-Assistance663/Reddit

Time for the big reveal! This is actually a diploma cookie cutter, according to another Redditor. Who would have thought? To be honest, we prefer the other innovative ideas. Wouldn’t you rather make cute crow cookies? We know we would.

Yoda, is That You?

This cookie cutter, what shape is it? By that introduction, you probably already know that we are convinced this is Yoda from Star Wars. But you might be more interested in seeing Redditors take on the shape. Have a look.

Image courtesy of onewaymonkey/Reddit

One Redditor actually said what we were all thinking: it’s a Yoda cookie cutter. Well, more specifically, Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. Another thought Daggett Beaver from The Angry Beavers filled out the shape perfectly, and someone else said a wizard kitty. We like how they all think.


This OP wasn’t actually trying to find out what shape their cookie cutter was. They were trying to dupe people. This isn’t an actual cookie cutter; they just took a long metal strip and bent it into the shape of the loss meme from the Ctrl-Alt-Del comic. Sneaky, sneaky. Not everyone got this straight away. 

Image courtesy of BogdanAnime/Reddit

One user saw Aku from Samurai Jack, while another thought it was a “snake attack,” but it looks like they drew a worm wrapping itself around someone. Others made sure to comment that they knew that the OP was telling them it was the loss meme with the caption, “I’m at a loss.” Clever!

It’s a Blob!

Question: What shape is this cookie cutter? Answer: A blob. In all seriousness, it’s most likely a turkey, as one user suggested. It could also be Santa Clause’s head, as another Redditor mentioned, or the last option of what Joey Tribbiani from Friends said in a scene, “Paper, snow, a ghost!”

Image courtesy of Icy_Kaleidoscope6321/Reddit

The post had over two hundred comments, most of them saying that this was definitely a turkey cookie cutter. After they mentioned it, it was clear to us. So, we guess the OP can now label their post as solved. 

Weird Shape

Presenting: a weirdly shaped cookie cutter. We can’t make head or tail as to what shape the manufacturer was going for, but users hit us with their best guesses. Here are our fave ones: a cathedral, the bottom half of a lady wearing bloomers, and Santa Claus stuck in a chimney.

Image courtesy of grimMelody/Reddit

Now that we think about it, this actually kinda looks like a spatchcock chicken. Do you see it, or is it just us? Anyway, we can all keep on guessing all day long, so let’s just say it’s a cathedral. End of story.

Guessing Game

What’s got you puzzled lately? Is it a math problem, or is it deciphering the shape of a cookie cutter? If it’s the latter, then you’re not alone. The owner of this didn’t have an answer as to what shape it was, but now, they have quite a few courtesy of Redditors.

Image courtesy of Impressive-Carob4667/Reddit

This could either be baby Yoda with a frog – how cute! – Stitch, or, and we quote, “a nun T-posing to establish dominance.” Several other Redditors said that it could be a grill cookie cutter, which we think is the best fit.

Ask, and You Shall Receive Ideas

Not knowing what this cookie cutter shape was, the owner had been using it to make small-headed, plump gingerbread man cookies. But after some time, they got bored and decided to look for other ideas. Here are three suggestions that Redditors delivered.

Image courtesy of stickytreefrog/Reddit

One said the cookie cutter could be the shape of a tiny-headed man under an oversized cowboy hat. Someone else put forward the idea that it could be Baymax from Big Hero 6 – yes, thank you, that’s what it looks like – while another person mixed things up by suggesting a sea turtle.

Crack the Case

A person spotted a unique cookie cutter in a bakery and decided to share it on Reddit. They had no interest in finding out what the exact design was. Instead, their goal was to get creative ideas from users regarding possible shapes this cookie cutter could take because why not?

Image courtesy of Cfutly/Reddit

Here are three suggestions out of a bunch of comments. One said it could be a posh slug, another said a filthy rich crab, while someone pictured a “slightly deranged nutcracker.” It turns out they were right about it being a Nutcracker cookie cutter!

Antique Store Discovery

Someone found a cookie cutter at an antique store. It’s not a cookie cutter that’s easy to identify as the shape is quite mysterious. According to the OP, their wife thinks it’s a cat raising the roof, but they mentioned they are open to additional ideas.

Image courtesy of Hoo-B/Reddit

One user decided not to give another idea as to what shape it could be; they thought it would be fun to bring the OP’s wife’s thoughts to life. How sweet. Another Redditor shared that they think it’s supposed to be a jester hat cookie cutter. We think so too.

What’s This

Someone was asking people to tell them what shape this cookie cutter represents. We, like many others, would tell them that it’s got to be a cloud or a butterfly cutter that has been bent. Other people had different thoughts.

Image courtesy of baleapontem/Reddit

There is one user who said that they thought it could be the shape of a cowboy boot, while another thought it to be Santa carrying a bag of Christmas presents. That one would get our upvote. Very good suggestions!

Dino-mite Cookie Cutter

Right off the bat, we thought we knew what shape this cookie cutter was. But before we reveal what it is, let’s get into Redditor’s suggestions. We’ve got a person who mentioned that this could be the shape of Oro from Dinosaur Adventure, and someone else said that it looks like Elvis Presley singing a song.

Image courtesy of browncoatsneeded/Reddit

As promised, we will reveal the exact shape for all the curious people out there; it is a dinosaur cookie cutter, as confirmed by many Redditors. In our opinion, this was the easiest one to solve. But that is up for debate.