Top Places For People To Get Their Ski On This Winter

By Aakash M

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It has been said very well that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. We can apply the same principle here for ski runs. The definition of the best ski run varies from person to person. Skiers will surely have a few that come to mind immediately as their favorites. The list might be entirely different for someone living in the USA than someone living in an Asian country. So, considering all the evaluation parameters, we have come up with 45 of the best ski runs in the world. European and North American resorts dominate the list, but it will even include some lesser-known, far-flung runs and resorts. Make sure to add the ones you love to your bucket list!

1. Paradise, Mad River Glen, Vermont

The terrain of this ski area has been ranked as the most challenging terrains on the east coast of the USA by Ski Magazine. It is an expert-only area that is full of obstacles. For starters, Paradise has a five-meter cliff-drop, followed by a slender and shaggy trail bending around many trees and boulders.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ DavidWBrooks – visit /CC BY-SA 3.0

It is not really considered a vast area in square miles, but Mad River Glen also has a 2000ft. vertical drop. The cliff drop is the highlight of this place. This run has a black diamond rating because of its level of difficulty and steepness. 

2. Grand Couloir, Courchevel, France

It is listed among one of the most challenging runs in the French Alps. The first challenge for skiers is to get to this place. After riding up a cable car, you have to get through a narrow and icy ridge 200 meters in length.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Nikgrech – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

It has a highly steep chute, which is why skiers need to watch out for the ice. Overall, the Grand Couloir is quite a challenging ski run and is not for the faint-hearted. It has a black rating because of the level of gradient and the challenge it brings along with it.

3. Rambo, Crested Butte, Colorado

This run is above the expert terrain and all the double black diamond drop-offs. Also considered to be among the steepest ski runs in America, it is only 300 yards long. What’s surprising is that Rambo maintains a 55-degree pitch from top to bottom.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Larry D. Moore /CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are looking for steep terrain, Rambo is among the best ones in North America. However, it will be best to watch out for other people, because it often gets crowded. The difficulty level is very high here, and experts should only ski it. It has a Double Black Diamond rating.

4. Ridge Runner, Whistler, British Columbia

Ridge Runner is a 2km long singletrack trail. It is a downhill ski-only path that skiers can use for both directions, with intermediate difficulty. Ridge Runner is a tree-lined run that is wide and also fascinating. The view is beyond stunning.

Courtesy of Audrey Michaud / Shutterstock

Crowds are rare here, so you need not be concerned about other people. However, you do need to watch out for bears, especially if you are skiing in March because it is the time when they come out of hibernation. Ridge Runner has a blue rating.

5. The Hahnenkamm, Kitzbühel, Austria

Also known as the Streif, The Hahnenkamm is one of the world’s toughest ski runs. (You surely are picking up on a pattern here!) It is a pretty twisted downhill racecourse, with many blind drops, grade steeps, and daredevil jumps.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Nikai/ CC BY-SA 2.0

It is a three-kilometer slope run which is not that scary. Before the race, it is injected with water. It is done so to turn it into an ice sheet. It is why you need to watch out for the speed. Apart from all that, the Hahnenkamm is pretty open. This place has a black rating.

6. Casserousse, Chamrousse, France

You can find this long ski run at a remote part in a relatively tiny resort in the beautiful French Alps. It is around 1,700 meters above sea level, and because of its location, the place is never that busy.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Benoitje – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

The good part is that the snow is always in a fresh condition because of its north face. The slope consists of almost everything, from steep inclines, flats, bumps, and even trees. Casserousse has a black rating. However, you should watch out for the stashes of powder on the edges of the run. 

7. Bernadein, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

This ski run is perfect if you are looking for a warm-up run in the morning. It starts at 2,050 meters, and the snow condition is also always ideal. Because of its high position, even the views over the mountains are jaw-dropping.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Bernd Brägelmann from Cologne, Germany – P1133733 /CC BY-SA 2.0

Bernadein is one of the top ski resorts in Germany. The architecture and ambiance of Bernadein are simply beautiful. However, skiers need to watch out for the ice in late noon, which can be hazardous. This ski run has a red rating.

8. Hobacks, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This terrain needs no introduction. The Hobacks are long enough to accumulate more vertical than many ski resorts. It actually comprises three separate runs. Although it is pretty mild in pitch, it also offers some of the world’s most deep powder fields.

Courtesy of HTurner/ Shutterstock

It offers fantastic snow conditions, the run is long and consistent with an unrelenting steepness, and the terrain is challenging enough to scare people away. This ski-patrolled terrain also feels like a backcountry experience! Skiers should watch out for powder holes here, and it has a black rating.

9. Four o’clock, Breckenridge, Colorado

The Four o’clock is a wide and fast run which is also Breckenridge’s longest ski trail at 3.5 miles long. You should also watch out for the Snowflake lift, as it is near the neighborhood, and you could do both in one day.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Ahodges7 /CC BY-SA 3.0

The last lift has quite a deserted descent, which is remarkable and relaxing at the same time. Who doesn’t love some private time on the slopes? It makes a 45-degree turn while it is halfway through its journey. The Four o’clock has a blue rating.

10. Hemlocks, Mammoth, California

Hemlocks at the Mammoth Mountains are only accessible by taking a long hike. The terrain is pretty steep; this particular run has a Double Black Diamond rating. Also, the hemlocks are the final area of the mountains preserving fresh tracks.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Corsair1944 (talk · contribs) – Corsair1944 at English Wikipedia /Public Domain

The last part of the run is a well-preserved north-facing slope with fantastic terrain and trees. There is nothing that you need to be especially cautious about here because it is a crowd-free pleasure. The Hemlocks are at a remote area in the mountains that require many lifts and traverses to reach.

11. Zig Zag, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Like its name, Blackcomb Mountain’s Zig Zag ski run is widely renowned for its high-speed thrills. According to many, it is also among the best places to ski and spend your holidays worldwide! This place has a blue rating.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ kcxd /CC BY 2.0

Whistler Blackcomb has also been the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Furthermore, it has been rated as the best resort for skiing in all of North America. Its snow cover stays for almost 200 days in a season. Also, skiers should watch out for unexpected bumps. 

12. Ciampac, Canazei, Italy

This ski run has widely been used for many races. Some of these include the international Super G and Women’s Giant Slalom. Reaching Ciampac is possible from a cabin lift, and it is a very famous ski run among ski-lovers.

Courtesy of Luboslav Tiles /Shutterstock

Skiing in this area requires high technical ability, with a lot of courage and patience. This area has a 660-meter vertical drop and a 34% slope gradient, which is also why it has a black rating. You should watch out for pro skiers who could be training here.

13. Cosmiques Couloir, Chamonix, France

You can see many descents in a day here. It is a pretty steep ski with excellent conditions in the winter. The best time to visit here will be from February to May. The Couloir is 800-meter with 50 degrees at the top, which softens to 45 degrees.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Ximonic, Simo Räsänen – Own work /GFDL

You should watch out for families in fur who could be descending the mountain in the ideal crocodile formation, which could be dangerous for you! The Cosmiques Couloir has a black rating, considering all of its characteristics and features.

14. Keyhole, Snowbird, Utah

Keyhole in Snowbird, Utah, is one of the most favorite runs for pros. Snowbird has a 500-inch annual snowfall, which means that the conditions would be excellent for many skiers. Keyhole is a short ski run from the tram with many turns until you get to the Alta-Snowbird rope line.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ VeggieGarden – Own work /CC BY-SA 4.0

By keeping left, you will get into some of the deepest tree-skiing powder lines while getting there. Snowbird has a 3240 feet vertical drop. Skiers need to watch out for the tiny trails that will lead off from the main run. Keyhole has a black diamond rating.

15. Sache, Tignes, France

Tignes has numerous highly challenging runs, and Sache is a 10km run, which is the longest run of them all. It is located next to the Aiguille Pearce, and it descends from it. You could easily spend all day here.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Tonkie – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

Its first half is very steep, with huge moguls. It is also why skiers need to look out for these. However, the second half is easy because it descends through a valley to Tignes Les Brévières, the resort’s lowest point. This ski run has a black rating.

16. Barry Barry Steep, Snowbird, Utah

Barry Barry Steep is among the best tree runs in the USA, and it is best for intermediate-level skiers. One of the best parts about this place is the northwest-facing tree line which is quite steep, scary, and very long.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Photograph by  D Ramey Logan/ CC-BY 4.0

This ski run has a Double Black Diamond rating. Beware of the tree stumps, as there are many of them. The ideal spacing between the trees, length, and twisting fall lines make it a great tree run that is tons of fun.

17. Gran Pista, Trentino, Italy

Even though Gran Pista has many steep sections, there are high recovery chances because of the wide flat stretches between the steep sections. The last section of the ski run also winds through among one of the area’s prettiest forests.

Courtesy of Dmitry Rukhlenko/ Shutterstock

It is a 4 kilometer long run which is very famous for regular skiers. You should watch out for the steep sections in the area. Also, the Gran Pista has a red rating because of all of its great features.

18. Harakiri, Mayrhofen, Austria

Harakiri is a steep slope in the Mayrhofen ski resort, which is also Austria’s steepest run. It has a 78% incline with a 375-meter vertical drop and a 1.5km length. The slope is steeper than the starting trace of a skiing jump.

Coyrtesy of Wikipedia/ Zefram – Self-photographed /CC BY 2.0 de

Skiers should be careful and watch out for hidden bumps. Harakiri has a black rating. You can find the steepest section of Harakiri at the end, but the long run offers a lot of space to flare the speed before you reach it. 

19. Couloirs des Fréaux, La Grave, France

One of the most challenging ski runs of La Grave, it will require a lot of skiing experience. It goes from the top station in the La Grave mountains to a narrow lane. This Couloir is about 800-meters long and is prone to avalanches.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ © Guillaume Piolle /CC BY 3.0

Skiers should be cautious and watch out for almost everything here, as it is a pretty challenging and dangerous run. It is a recommended as an expert-only run, which has the best conditions from February to March. This ski run is unrated.

20. Cornice Bowl, Mammoth, California

The Cornice Bowl is a 1306 foot black diamond ski run, one of the Mammoth’s most famous of all its runs. It goes downhill and it can only be used for downhill skiing. It has excellent views from the top.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Sean Lynch (talk · contribs) /Public Domain

The chutes are very narrow, so the skiers need to watch out for the narrow chutes and be accurate with their turns. Cornice Bowl has a black diamond rating. It also has a great park and an equally fantastic backcountry.

21. Gransangarner, Riksgränsen, Sweden

This resort offers one of the best skiing experiences under the sun. Sweden’s ski runs are often super underrated and underestimated, but this one exceeds all expectations any ski enthusiast could hope for. It is open between February and May.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Joru~commonswiki assumed /Public Domain

It also offers a short sally into Norway before turning back to Sweden. Thus, you should watch out for it! Riksgränsen is also voted as Sweden’s best tour area. Furthermore, the varied skiing terrain, the snow conditions, and other factors contribute to Gransangarner having a red rating.

22. Stairway to Heaven, Niseko, Japan

With a 1km length and a 278m vertical drop, it is a gentle and beautiful run for intermediate skiers west of the Hirafu ski area. It has gorgeous silver birches lining its routes that also extend to the sunset run with Youtei.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ wakimasa – ???? self work /Public Domain

This place has a red rating. Niseko is considered the best ski resort in Japan because of the powder conditions, the riding opportunities that come along with it, and the scenery. However, skiers should watch out for gadgets that the other skiers are so fond of!

23. Sparks Lake, Mount Bachelor, Oregon

Mount Bachelor is a great ski run for those who love speed. Measured by area, it is also the largest ski resort in Oregon. Sparks Lake has many twists, jumps, and turns, which gives a great feeling while you speed down the run.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives /Attribution

However, skiers should watch out for the banked turns, as there are too many of them. Sparks Lake has a black diamond rating with a vertical drop of 398m and a 1km length. Also, Mount Bachelor is the second-largest mountain ski resort in the USA.

24. High Boy, Alta, Utah

High Boy has a great view of the beautiful and deep canyon that goes all the way down to the valley floor. After the drop, it is pretty steep and well-sustained till the bottom. This place has a black diamond rating. 

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Scott Catron from Sandy, Utah, USA – Alta Ski School /CC BY-SA 2.0

Alta has a 2600 meter base elevation that rises to 3374 meters, and it has a 774 meter vertical gain. Also, High Boy is part of the oldest ski resort in the USA. It also receives more snow than most of the other resorts in Utah.

25. The Wall, Kirkwood, California

The Wall in Kirkwood Mountain Resort is renowned for receiving the highest average snowfalls in the region. Chutes in this ski area are devastatingly steep. Also, these are followed by large lanes full of features. Be prepared to work hard here.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Gabeguss – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

All in all, it offers quite a fun experience with its gullies and cliff drops. But, skiers should also watch out for the steep cliffs. The Wall has a double black diamond rating. The average seasonal snowfall here is around 472 inches.

26. Inspiration, Whitefish, Montana

Inspiration is an intermediate ski run that is groomed on most days and also has fantastic views. Also known as Inspo to the locals in the area, it goes from the Whitefish Mountain summit to the base lodge, a 700-meter drop.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Donnie Clapp for Whitefish Mountain Resort – Original Photo /CC BY-SA 4.0

The uninterrupted and gorgeous views of the mountains and the valleys make this run all the better. The last section of this place is a slow skiing zone that leads back to the base lodge. Inspiration has a blue rating.

27. Either one of two, Tiffindell, South Africa

It is the only South African skiing resort and is one of the only two ski areas in the southern part of Africa. This ski resort has two unrated runs. Yet, Tiffindell makes it into the list because of its location.

Courtesy of SAPhotog/ Shutterstock

You should watch out for the cold weather because it could go down to a whilling -21 degrees Celsius here. It has a 3001 meters elevation and is located at the height of 2720 meters, on Ben Macdhui mountain’s south-facing slope.

28. Rotegg, Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland

Rotegg is a dream for expert skiers. Its views go beyond the Swiss border, and there probably isn’t any place more beautiful. What makes it so amazing and popular is the glacial descent from Titlis through Rotegg, which is very steep.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ CARLO FEDELE BARRI – /CC BY-SA 3.0,

Not only is it steep, but it is also an awe-inspiring run, connecting the glacier to the rest of the skiing area. But, there are also a lot of bumps all over the place, and skiers also need to watch out for other people who could be speeding in the area.

29. Exchange Drop, Coronet Peak, Otago, New Zealand

Skiers should watch out for the roller coaster bumps. The snow season here is pretty lengthy, and it receives about 2 meters of snow every year. A huge reason for its popularity is the varied terrain, excellent facilities, and skiing conditions. This place has a black rating.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ André Richard Chalmers – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

Coronet Peak is among the most popular ski resorts in all of the Southern Hemisphere, so we highly recommend it. Furthermore, it is New Zealand’s oldest and lowest ski area. It is also New Zealand’s national ski team’s training area.

30. Poma slopes, Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir, India

It is among the top ski destinations in the country, and it has also been rated as Asia’s seventh best ski destination. It is located in the Pir Panjal range, one of the six ranges making up the Himalayan mountains.

Courtesy of MOLPIX/ Shutterstock

The place is called the Poma slopes because of its lift, which is ideal for beginners to ski. It also has some of the most beautiful runs that go through the forest and circle the resort. Skiers should look out for the military areas.

31. Delirium Dive, Sunshine Village, Banff, Alberta

Banff locals call it ‘the dive,’ and honestly, it is a skier’s Paradise. It is full of chutes, and it boasts around 2500ft of vertical and wide-open bowls that also have Canada’s best snow. The wild mountain terrain is highly satisfying as well.

Courtesy of Aqnus Febriyant/ Shutterstock

However, it is a steep trail that is best for expert skiers. Avalanche transponders are highly recommended because Delirium Dive is a highly avalanche-prone area. Thus, you should watch out for those walls of snow. This place has a double black diamond rating.

32. Corbet’s Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Corbet’s Couloir is quite a short but scary run. It is only 150 meters long, and according to many publications, it is among the most dangerous slopes. Corbet’s Couloir has a 15-foot drop which will give way to many 100-foot 40-degree powder runs.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Enricokamasa – Own work /Public Domain

Overall, Corbet’s Couloir is a drop that looks, and is, pretty breathtaking. It would be best if only experts skiers go here, and it also requires a lot of courage in addition to skill. Without any doubt, Courbet’s Couloir has a double-black-diamond rating.

33. Vallée Blanche, Chamonix, France

One among Europe’s most famous descents, it has many routes down. Few of these include the Valley, the Petit Envers du Plan, and the Grand Envers du Plan. And according to the resort, it will be best for anybody taking the last route to take a guide with them.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Ximonic, Simo Räsänen – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

Skiers should watch out for the icy patches at the Vallée Blanche. It is not among the most difficult ski runs. Anybody who is a confident off-piste skier who knows how to control their speed on steep gradients and handle the snow conditions will be fine.

34. Piste No 6, Parsenn, Switzerland

Not only is it considered the birthplace of alpine skiing, but it is also considered the birthplace of skiing in all of Switzerland. If you look at it from the top, it seems like a long and scenic ride, from the beautiful tree line of Davos to the valley floor.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Gwernol – Own work /CC BY 3.0

To get to the place, you first need to take the Parsennbahn, the world’s first funicular made only for skiers. It started operating back in 1931. If there is anything that you need to watch out for, it is the scenery. This ski area has a black rating.

35. Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

As we mentioned earlier, it has been rated as the top ski resort in North America by many people, and this ski run is a part of Whistler Blackcomb, which is also the largest ski resort on the entire continent. 

Courtesy of Fremme/ Shutterstock

The Blackcomb Glacier vertically descends a mile over 13kms and covers many terrains, more than any other ski resort in North America. On top of that, Blackcomb Glacier has some stunning views from there. It has a black and double black diamond rating.

36. Olympia, Cortina, Italy

Olympia is a ski run that is great for experts and speedsters. The Olympia ski run also goes down the renowned Tofana Shute. Skiers should watch out for other people here, as it could get crowded. Olympia has a red rating.

Courtesy of Lu Mikhaylova/ Shutterstock

Cortina is also set to host the 2026 Winter Olympics’ women’s alpine skiing competition. It is renowned for having one of the world’s most popular, trendy, and expensive ski resorts around. The view of the Dolomites from here is stunning.

37. The Palisades, Squaw Valley, California

This ski run is so good that even watching the local experts skiing here is as good as skiing there. Because it runs under the KT-22 lift, it allows for airs and lines off every cliff and even down the steep hills.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Vanka5~commonswiki assumed – Own work assumed /Public Domain

Many people also call it Squallywood, mainly because of the location and the terrain of this ski run. The Palisades has a black diamond rating. Skiers should watch out for snowboarders here as well, as Squaw Valley is famous for them. 

38. Cenidor, Marte and Mercurio, Las Leñas, Argentina

It is among the world’s longest ski runs, and Cenidor, Marte, and Mercurio are all intermediate-level ski runs. With its 15-mile length, it is also considered one of the best ski runs in all of South America and should not be missed.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Andre Charland from Canada – Flickr /CC BY 2.0

Skiers should keep an out for the sudden steep sections here. Cenidor is a ski run with a black rating. Las Leñas also has reliable powder snow, with a perfect climate for extreme and off-piste skiing. Overall, this is one of our top choices.

39. Skyward, Whiteface Mountain, New York

This ski run is steep, fast, and long, with a blind descent. It is groomed often, and the views over the snowy forests of the Adirondacks are simply breathtaking. You should watch out for other people and experts who come to this place in huge crowds.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Mwanner – Own work / CC BY-SA 3.0

Skyward has a black diamond rating. Whiteface Mountain is also considered New York’s premier ski resort and is home to many fantastic ski trails so anyone can ski there. All in all, it is an excellent place with ideal snow conditions and good terrain.

40. Adrenalina, Valle Nevado, Chile

As the name suggests, Adrenalina is the best place for skiing experts looking to go on a date with adrenaline! It is located on the Cima Ancia peak and has a black rating. Skiers here should consider watching out for the alpine architecture of this place.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Jimmy Baikovicius – Flickr: IMG_2212 /CC BY-SA 2.0

Valle Nevado is the best ski resort in Chile, and you can get to Adrenalina by taking the recently built Valle del Inca lift. It also has many other great runs that are on the Tres Punta peak. You can access them from the base of this ski run.

41. Grand Solliet, Sainte Foy, France

Grand Solliet is a great ski chalet that is great to visit for families. It is simple to access and is also in proximity to other ski lifts. It is a pretty deceptive ski run that doesn’t look that fancy on paper. But, it also gives access to some tremendous off-piste areas through the trees.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ WestportWiki – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

When you let your skis go fast on a sunny and clear slope, it feels like it will go on forever. Also, crowds in Sainte Foy are rare; thus, you will have a very peaceful time here. It will be best to go skiing late in the day here. Grand Solliet has a blue rating.

42. Glen’s, Snowbird, Utah

Glen’s at Snowbird is a steep and relatively difficult ski run with one of the best terrains and has a black diamond rating. The snowfall here is pretty good. But, skiers should watch out for the unexpected and steep stretches. 

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ D Ramey Logan /CC BY 4.0

Glen’s has a 216 meter length, with a 136 meter vertical drop. It is named after Glen Doherty, who was martyred in Benghazi in 2012. It is named after Glen because he was a regular community member, and he often spent a lot of time skiing at Snowbird.

43. Ventina, Cervinia, Italy

This ski run has a 1,430 meter vertical drop, which is ideal for both beginners and speedsters. It has a five-mile length. Cervinia is known for its gorgeously snowy mountains. Also, the BBC nominated Ventina as the third most beautiful slope worldwide!

Courtesy of KYPhua/ Shutterstock

Without a doubt, it is the most popular ski run in the area. Mount Cervino looks very near to the slope of Ventina. You should watch out for children here. The best time to visit Ventina would be during after-school hours. It has a red rating.

44. Dave Murray Downhill, Whistler, British Columbia

With a 3km length, Dave Murray Downhill is a black-rated singletrack trail. It is a downhill trail that skiers can use in both directions. It is named after Dave Murray, a former member of the Canadian ski team and Whistler’s former skiing director. This run is steep, fast, and overall, a spectacular run.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Earl Andrew /Public Domain

The Dave Murray Downhill ski run was also used in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Skiers should watch out for the icy patches and the steep sections over here. It is the second-largest downhill in the world, and this place has a 3300 foot vertical drop, only in 1.5 miles!

45. The Stash, Avoriaz, France

The Stash is a part-tree run and a part-terrain run. Many people love this run because it guides you through the trees, which is a real experience. Also, its natural and wooden features are gorgeous. Skiers should watch out for trees here, obviously.

Courtesy of Wikipedia/ Look Sharp! – Own work /CC BY-SA 3.0

The Stash is an unrated ski run. It also has Lil’ Stash, which is a snow park specially made for children. This ski run is located in the middle of ungroomed snow. It is also punctuated with many hidden wooden obstacles all around the skiing circuit.