Prescribing Smiles: 30+ Doctors’ Funny And Touching Acts To Put Patients At Ease

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on healthandwellnesnews

“Laughter is the best medicine” is probably among the most famous sayings ever. But is that actually the case? The question is, how much can your mood affect your physical health? According to research, a plethora of benefits come from laughter—for instance, better pain tolerance, lesser stress, and a boost in your immunity. Let’s also not forget how helpful it is for our mental health.

Well, the doctors on this list know the importance of laughter. It is why they do everything they can to improve their patient’s moods. From innovative wall decors to therapy dogs, these medical professionals prove they are compassionate, sensitive, and have a good sense of humor. If all doctors were like this, patients would look forward to their appointments instead of avoiding them at all costs. Scroll on for a dose of mirthful medicine.


Can you guess what this is? Nope, it isn’t a toothpaste ad. It’s a bike rack! You need a very creative mind to think of a bike rack that looks similar to a toothpaste tube after it’s been squeezed. It seems as if it needs help standing upright.

Reddit/ madentr12

There are fluorides in toothpaste, but this bike rack could be called the ‘flor-your ride,’ pun intended. Do you know what’s better than this bike rack? Multiple bike racks like this, or if not precisely, designs with the same creativity level. It would make a dull day more interesting.


This image is of the parking lot of a particular dental clinic in Dublin, and you’ll notice that it even has a very ‘dental’ theme. We say so because the parking lines look like toothbrushes with toothpaste on them. Whoever thought of this deserves an ice cream treat.

Reddit/ seantack

It may not be wholly accurate because toothbrushes are not always so narrow, but the effort and creativity of this concept are greatly appreciated. We are curious to see the inside of this clinic because they could have more hidden Mickeys, or in this case, toothbrushes.

A different purpose

What does this image look like to you? Is it a classy restaurant? Or is it a shopping mall? Well, it’s a hospital. The person who works for this hospital uploaded this image, and he revealed that the facility was initially designed to be a hotel.

Reddit/ reoltlaonc

It’s amazing how they left the original lighting. It does a great job of livening the hospital’s atmosphere to a certain extent. Because it was originally a hotel, this medical facility has a better visual appeal and is more welcoming and warmer than most.

Simple explanation

This was taken in a dentist’s practice, which might be meant to educate patients on the amount of sugar in the most popular treats. Behind the sugar blocks, you can see a few sweet and tasty food items and beverages.

Reddit/ mmaathiaas

While yogurt might not be the sweetest, you can see how much sugar is present in a bottle of Coke. This visual representation hits heavily, and if this doesn’t stop you from reaching for that can of carbonated drink, we don’t know what will.

Dark humor

Those who know will know. It’s funny how doctors can pull off such jokes, but isn’t that the point of this article? This is what you call dirty humor; practically speaking, humor is not the only thing that’s dirty here. There’s something else that must be full of germs.

Reddit/ Jbruce63

We are talking about the key and the magnifying glass. If you have to carry that thing every time you have to open the washroom and if that is passed around to different people, it’s most probably not that hygienic. Don’t forget to wash your hands while singing Happy Birthday.


This picture is nothing but a weird loop. If you look closely, you’ll see that the painting displayed on the wall in the bathroom of a dentist’s office also has an image of a bathroom at the dentist’s office. Did we lose you somewhere? Go back and read again.

Reddit/ pinkholey

And maybe the picture that’s hanging on the wall also has a picture of the bathroom at the dentist’s office. This entire thing could be called the ‘Infinity Bathroom.’ The concept could also be called the ‘bathroomception.’ Baffling! We might lose sleep over this.

Furry therapy

This is the photo of a sweet support dog comforting the kids at this dental care practice. Going to the dentist is a fear that a lot of kids share. For some reason, they think dentists are out to get them. With more clinics like this, kids will never fear having their teeth checked.

Reddit/ alphalarge

If we sum this image up in one word, we’d say ‘priceless,’ which is the visual definition of a ‘good boy.’ Well, this makes us think how fantastic it would be if there were such comfort dogs at clinics for adults, too!

It just gets better

We were talking about how beautiful life would be if there were therapy dogs for adults, too, and here we have it! Not only is he such a good and handsome boy (with many exclamations), but there’s also a very wholesome story behind all of this.

Reddit/ KoolFish1

The person who took this photo was sent to a dental care practice where patients with anxiety are treated. So, this clinic has therapy dogs to help calm them down before they go in. What a thoughtful and inclusive place. We certainly need more of this.

Special things

Aren’t these images aesthetic? These were seen in the radiology department of a local hospital. Floral patterns and pictures are standard decor in homes and offices, but if you look closer, you’ll see details that will make you appreciate these framed pictures even more.

Reddit/ fitful_head

These images are far from ordinary. They’re all X-ray images of plants! They liven the place and teach patients a thing or two about plants. Would you like to hang these in your living room? We would, but we want to know if these leafy greens will undergo surgery.


Look at this if you ever need motivation to brush and floss your teeth. It will make you reach for your satin floss and start cleaning away. This image is an excellent combination of humor and encouragement, recycling Nike’s famous line with some dental theme.

Reddit/ shotbot1

They could’ve added other taglines, which would make things funnier, but it’s easy to go overboard, and nobody wants that. For instance, how would ‘I’m lovin’ it’ look here? This shows that you can always use what’s already out there if you can’t think of anything original.

Why so serious?

Before we begin, we want to clarify that this is not a posed Halloween photo. It is a true and hilarious story. This image was taken during the delivery of a child. The cousin of the person who posted this image gave birth on Halloween night.

Reddit/ justin.selph.9

It just so happened that the doctor was dressed as The Joker that day. Hence, the unusual outfit. The makeup is on point because he almost looks like the late great Heath Ledger. If babies could understand things when they’re born, they would be spooked if they looked at this doctor.

Marketing strategy

What do you do when referrals don’t work? What do you resort to when social media or any other kind of marketing doesn’t cut it anymore? When the competition is too high, you’re left with no option but to resort to guerilla tactics and perhaps even tricks!

Reddit/ Jaff4487

This clinic must have pulled this little trick to get more patients in (just a joke). Instead of leaving crumbs, they use lollipops to lure the patients in. We can’t help but think Willy Wonka’s dad owns this practice. He hates candy, but here he’s using it to his advantage.

High compatibility

This image is from a local eye doctor’s clinic. As you can see, eye exams are written in different languages, which is extremely necessary for a clinic if it is situated in a locality with a lot of ethnic diversity. You have to remember that your clientele might not speak English at all.

Reddit/ bojack_yellow

So, this is a very smart and considerate move. Similarly, we’re assuming that these guys must also have staff who speak different languages. If that’s not the case, it would be tough to determine if the patient is even reading the correct letter.

How intense?

This pain scale at a foot doctor’s clinic is among the most interesting things we’ve seen. No words are necessary for those who ask what the pain feels like. You can show them this image. They’ll have the information they need and also have a good laugh at the same time.

Reddit/ iTposeforfun

It’s pretty acceptable till it hits 5. 9 and 10 is something you can’t even imagine. If you don’t have the words to describe your pain, you can just point to it. Not only is this educational and descriptive, but it will surely put a smile on patients’ faces and put them at ease.


There’s nothing complicated about this. The message is pretty simple: no matter what gender a person identifies as, washing your hands is a must! The same thing applies to aliens; they are not exempted. Who knows the type of germs they are carrying around?

Reddit/ Solid_Lab_4690

What else can be said here? Rules must be followed! Signs like these are more common than you think. Chances are you’ve spotted them in your favorite spots, like cafes and restaurants, where they are highly needed. After all, many folks don’t wash their hands before digging in their meals.


This is the first time we have seen a LEGO schematic diagram, and this is not even from a Lego store. Out of all the places in the world, it was seen in a doctor’s office. We think it targets the younger patients who love playing with the famous toys.

Reddit/ curlybird88

We already know that a Lego skull does not look like that, but this image has been put up in the clinic so little ones can relate it to their own bodies. Whoever designed this deserves a pat on the back for thinking out of the box.

Finer things

People buy new PCs, game consoles, and the latest gadgets, but nothing is better than the good old N64. This dentist understands that, so he has the display in his waiting room. Yes, we’re being obvious about our age here, but you can consider us impressed.

Reddit/ PkmnJaguar

’90s kids must remember that back when these were in the game shops, there was always a huge line, and some random kid always hogged the console and made everybody else wait. Now, you can play while you wait for your appointment.


This image is of a slushie machine at a medical practice, but it differs slightly from all the other entries in the list. The reason is that this image is from the waiting room of an urgent care center! This is a concept we have yet to hear or see.

Reddit/ SolidVirginal

You might be wondering what slushies have to do with emergency care. Well, it can be very useful in certain situations. For instance, if there’s a diabetic person whose blood sugar levels are dropping, they can hurriedly grab something to keep their levels steady.

10/10 consideration

There’s a wholesome story that goes with this picture. The person who uploaded it had visited the dentist and was given some M&M candy with the toothbrush! Dentists usually advise against sweets, so to say this is surprising is an understatement.

Reddit/ crocsonfeet

It is also ironic for all the other dental practitioners who strictly advise their patients against consuming candies and chocolates, as they are some of the main reasons people have tooth decay and must visit the dentist for extractions and fillings.


you rarely get to see a lamp made of speculums. As a matter of fact, we’ve never seen one until today. It feels as if these lamps might start moving around at any moment. This picture was taken at a nurse practitioner’s office moments before the lights flinched (kidding).

Reddit/ hygienichydrangas

Some women say this is terrifying, especially those who’ve had terrible experiences with the speculum. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a device used by medical practitioners to examine hollow openings in the body, especially a woman’s nether regions. But it’s a creative and cool lighting choice.

Cute demons

These plush toys would have been adorable if it weren’t for the teeth. By now, you would have guessed these came from a dentist’s office because who else would put realistic teeth like that on soft toys? Nevertheless, it might still entertain kids passing the time while they wait for their appointments.

Reddit/ EpicAblaze

This also seems like a dental-themed knockoff version of Finding Nemo. If we’d named it, we’d call it Finding Nemo’s Dentures. We have a few more good names: Demon Fish, Fireballs, and much more, which we can’t share here. Also, doesn’t it look like the soft toys are posing for a picture?

Scary story

The person who posted the image of this soft toy found it terrifying, and we’d agree with that judgment to a certain extent. What? You know it came from a dentist’s office? What gave that away? This ‘creature’ is a little confusing because it’s a mixture of two animals.

Reddit/ mirvage

Although it has six limbs, the body is of a spider. It has an antenna like an insect, and the face is of a hippo, but the teeth resemble that of a cow. Also, a few teeth are missing. Has it been eating sweets? It’s a weird plushie, but kids like it.

Stands out

This drawer’s intricate design makes it stand out from the rest. Either that or whoever designed it was drunk that day. The person who uploaded this image is pretty annoyed, and we can understand why. How on earth are you supposed to store and take things with ease?

Reddit/ KaputoManuto

We need an explanation for this design because it’s mind-boggling. Did they hope to make the admin staff’s life miserable while getting some chuckles from patients? A medical professional must check who thought they needed to resort to such a thing for some humor.

Comfort food

This image is not from a mall or a Dunkin’ Donuts outlet. It technically is, but it technically isn’t. We know we sound confusing but bear with us. It is from a Dunkin’ Donuts inside a doctor’s office. Lucky doctor, indeed, but how did that happen?

Reddit/ wirm

The doctor, the entire staff, and their patients are the luckiest for enjoying tasty donuts during coffee and lunch breaks. We hope they remember not to go overboard with processed sugars and keep things in moderation. After all, excess sweeteners can take a toll on your health.

Lego humor

The person behind this joke certainly knows how it feels when living with toddlers at home who like to play with Legos. And for those of you who don’t know the feeling, it’s horrible. The pain is more than a 10/10; that’s a humorous exaggeration, but it hurts badly.

Reddit/ Bbypndabamboo

Some experts say stepping on a Lego hurts so much because of how sensitive our feet are and the fact that the bricks are made of sturdy plastic. Only a few things can hurt as much. But what is worse than stepping on a block of Lego? Stepping on two blocks of Lego!

Office rules

This image is from a dentist’s office, and there’s a special rule here: No footwear allowed. There are many such offices in the eastern side of the world where footwear is a no-no. Don’t worry though, they keep their facilities very clean.

Reddit/ teatsqueezer

Your feet won’t get dirty even if you remove your footwear. Removing footwear won’t be an issue if the floor is clean, although it might be weird for people who’ve never experienced such a thing. Some facilities even have foot covers so your feet don’t get dirty.

Molar shrubs

This dental practice is serious about their business, and they’ve trimmed the shrubs to resemble molars. We’ve got the perfect name for them, too: molar shrubs! Nowadays, people are taking the dental theme quite seriously. We’ve even seen a driveway shaped like a tooth.

Reddit/ SuperSuperCereal

It’s not unusual to see dentists’ offices with chairs resembling teeth. This is one way to liven up the workplace, give patients something to laugh and talk about when they visit, and stand out from the competition. We’ll give this dental practice points for creativity.

Dental themes

And the dental theme continues. This is how you tell people you work in a dental clinic without telling them you work in a dental clinic. The toothpaste tube might look tight, but it is still very realistic. We have many of these images where practices take their theme seriously.

Reddit/ Uncomfortable-Uncle

If you were to design your dental clinic, what would you use as knobs? Will you go for the regular and boring knobs, or will you go for teeth and other dental-themed knobs? It’s a no-brainer for us; we’ll choose the latter.

Good to know

If you have a problem with your teeth or gums and you’re a fan of Christopher Walken, we know you’ll definitely walk into this clinic without any second thoughts. Or this board says they are big fans of Christopher Walken and will treat the actor’s teeth and gum problems for free.

Reddit/ daredelvis421

The creativity and humor on this one are simply brilliant. You understand what they mean instantly; no appointment is needed. It’s good they have the photo with the ‘Walkens.’ Without it, it’d look like a spelling error and some folks might miss the humor.

Hello there

This one has a funny story – the person who uploaded this image had visited this hospital with his unwell daughter. While they were there, look who appeared! R2-D2 himself! This robot literally walked to these people, but there’s more.

Reddit/ Elyoso1

The dad was happy with R2-D2’s appearance, but the daughter wasn’t amazed. The child’s reaction isn’t unusual because most youngsters today do not know and can’t relate to Star Wars. It’s been decades since R2-D2 and the gang appeared and conquered the cinemas.

Darker humor

Not this is either a subtle warning to stop smoking ASAP or start taking your doctor’s advice seriously. If you don’t do either, you might end up in a jar or urn, like this guy. We don’t want to be morbid here, but if you don’t do what you’re told, you could end up dying young.

Reddit/ PrismPhoneService

How would you react if you were a new patient visiting the clinic for the first time, like the person who took this photo? This clinic might have gone overboard with its dire warning, but they made us chuckle. No doubt, many will find this funny too.


This image was taken inside the elevator of a children’s hospital, and the panel looks so beautiful that it could lighten anybody’s mood instantly! Furthermore, coloring benefits children who still need to learn numbers properly. It’s a brilliant idea that needs to be implemented by places that cater to kids.

Reddit/ xray_anonymous

Other things that should be appreciated are the icons and the animals. We think it’s very considerate because this is most likely for the colorblind. Since they can’t distinguish between colors, they could use these icons as references—A for effort and creativity.


You must be wondering whose bobblehead this is. The person who took this picture works at a hospital, and this bobblehead is the hospital’s primary doctor. This quirky decor is on the front desk. Perhaps an effort to communicate to patients that he has a fun personality?

Reddit/ StarryAry

What would be your first impression if you were seeing a doctor for the first time and saw this at the reception? Would they seem more approachable? Or would you clam up and start looking at other doctors in the area? This would make us want to see the doctor!


Kids would surely enjoy themselves in this dental clinic when they come to get treated. They won’t be scared out of their wits, dreading what will happen next because they’ve got this friendly cow face to keep them entertained and calm.

Reddit/ supaswag69

Not only does the cow have a huge smile on its face, it also has long eyelashes. What could be better? And for those who don’t know what this piece of equipment is, it’s the back of the dental operator lights, which dentists use when treating patients.


Firstly, that is a massive, well-maintained, and, most of all, impressive aquarium. And for those who overlooked a very important detail because they were lost in the aquarium’s beauty, it is in the shape of a syringe! Care to guess where it is?

Reddit/ BreakfastCrunchWrap

This is the office aquarium of a doctor who loves to make a statement with his decor. Something like this would make us look forward to seeing our doctor. However, we can’t help but think how costly and difficult it is to maintain such a setup.

Waiting area

Let us clear things up before proceeding. This is not a museum or the mansion of a rich person who loves to collect stuff. This is the waiting room of a doctor’s office. What’s with the medieval decor and replica of famous Egyptian structures? We’re also scratching our heads.

Reddit/ KraljZ

Although we are highly impressed with all of this, we also feel bad for the cleaning staff because this looks like a lot of work! We can only imagine how long it takes to wipe the decorations clean. By any chance, is the doctor’s name Indiana Jones or Lara Croft?


We wish we could say that this is a blurred photo, but we can’t. It is a misprinted form. The person who uploaded this image got this misprinted patient consent form from his doctor. What kind of doctor, you ask? An eye doctor!

Reddit/ 1of9Heathens

What is funnier than your eye doctor making things less visible to you? We’ll wait for the answer. If you notice closely, there’s a yes/no question about double vision on that form. There’s no way anybody can tick the ‘no’ option there. We’re getting a headache looking at this.

On the platform

This dentist’s office literally has a train. Seeing it move around must be really fun to watch. Not just for the kids but even for adults. You could even call the room the ‘dental depot.’ It would be very creative to connect the track to all the rooms.

Reddit/ Darkfin41

Moreover, how cool would it be if this train was also used to send and receive things from one room to another? There are a lot of facilities that use this concept, including many big-time restaurants. This clinic would surely become a favorite if they implemented such a thing.

Odd one out

This one has a spooky vibe. For those unfamiliar with what this is, it is called a wreath. It’s a circular arrangement of flowers, stems, and leaves made for decoration. This one is made with blood vials instead of colorful flowers.

Reddit/ derpmasterrr

Don’t worry, those are unused and empty blood vials. Come to think of it, a wreath like this with fake blood would make an excellent Halloween decor. At the same time, it can be used to teach people a lesson about the many diseases you can get from getting in contact with blood and other fluids.

The best

Controversial opinion, but this could be the best form of therapy. Dogs are the best; if nervous patients are in a hospital, they will do a fantastic job comforting and making them feel at ease. Just look at how beautifully they’re just lying there with the lady.

Reddit/ Segments_of_Reality

The mother of the person who uploaded this photo runs this clinic, and news flash, even though she is a nervous patient! Such a beautiful arrangement could only go wrong if you are uncomfortable with dogs. Apart from that, this takes comfort and peace to a different level.

Special ‘vase’ to make you happy

One look at this photo and we can instantly tell this was taken at a dentist’s office. We think it’s thoughtful that they put in effort to put something quirky in their space but we can’t help but chuckle at what an ob-gyne or urologist would do if they were to follow suit.

Reddit/ TheGooseMayn

Although it’s not a requirement for medical practitioners to decorate their offices with quirky-themed things, we find that clinics that do so have happier patients. It makes them less stressed and more comfortable. Going to the doctor is already anxiety-inducing, and a very sterile and bland environment can make the experience worse.


A serious disclaimer has been issued. Now, whatever happens, happens. The healthcare center wouldn’t be responsible for it. There’s a cat that’s sleeping like a baby but the management wants the patients to keep their distance from it. It makes you wonder what the kitty has done in the past.

Reddit/ tyto_alba

It might look cute when asleep but a lot of things can happen when the claws are out. You might want to pat this kitty and give it belly rubs, but consider the warning. The hospital has tried to send the cat away, but it still returns to the same place.

Cute tag

Newborn babies look the same, so they have tags on their little legs. It helps parents and the hospital staff tell the little angels apart. The last thing anyone wants is to bring home a baby that isn’t theirs. But why oh why is this baby named Zebra?

Reddit/ Cretin_Detection

If that’s actually a zebra, it’s an odd-looking one. We’d still be able to understand if the tag had ‘ape’ instead of zebra because we’re distant relatives. It’s a weird choice for a baby name. It might be cute now, but wait until the baby starts going to school.

Ideal vending machine

We have seen vending machines with cookies, chocolates, candies, and other things, but it is rare to see one with toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and gargles. This can only mean one thing, the vending machine is inside a dentist’s office. Where else could it be?

Reddit/ keneguy

We wonder if this one also plays music when it dispenses an item. But it’s a little puzzling because, as far as we know, many dentists give away free toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other dental care items. So what’s with this machine here?


Gate 9 sounds nice. Gate 12 sounds nice as well. It gets a little technical when you say Gate 9 3/4th. What could be the reason behind such a name? One thing’s for sure, it gives off a Harry Potter vibe. Has someone been dreaming of going to Hogwarts?

Reddit/ osrsslay

It’s almost as if Harry Potter has got his own ward at this hospital. This could also mean that this hospital has way too many gates. If there’s a 9 3/4th gate, then there must be other mixed-fraction gates. We’d like to test that theory.