50+ Times The Kardashian Sisters Committed The Ultimate Fashion Mistakes

By Aileen D

They may have initially gained attention for all the wrong reasons. And they are everywhere, from multiple spin-off TV Shows to social media and product endorsements; you can’t look anywhere without seeing the Kardash girls, and now, they’re a big name in the fashion industry too. The Kardashians have ventured into cosmetics, perfumes and clothing lines. Smelling of success and fame makes it hard to believe that these fashion gurus are also guilty of committing some major fashion faux pas themselves. The Regina George in us is screaming, stop trying to make skorts happen. It’s not going to happen! There are other fashion blunders on this list that have had us scratching our heads. Clearly, their taste is as seasonal as their fashion collections.

Clean Up On Aisle Five

Kim had a brief stint as a janitress. Won’t believe us? We can’t seem to either. Someone happened to drop a bottled marmalade. The customer requested some assistance. The head manager spoke into the PA system clean up on aisle five. Repeat, clean up on aisle five. And then Kim came to the rescue.

Image Courtesy of Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Kim sashayed in this tight dress – its fringes swaying as she walked with urgency. When she arrived at aisle five, she looked up at the shelf, on the floor, and at the customer. Then she proceeded to wipe off all the marmalade with her dress. Good thing this dress is gunk-absorbent.

Could Have Chosen A Better Selfie

We have watched a couple of episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Apart from juggling their relationships, they have to manage their businesses. In between, they take a couple of selfies. The day isn’t complete without them sharing their outfit of the day. Now, we know what to expect from Kylie during the fashion week.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie was so taken with one of those selfies that she used her face as inspiration for an oversized shirt. Not that we have anything against it (you’ve got to applaud her confidence), but she could have chosen a better selfie. Why did she have to choose a picture of her face all scrunched up?

Quick Change in Attire

Being a celebrity, Kim has to make quick outfit changes. The first few hours of the day she has to be in her luxe pajamas, the next few hours, she has to wear a corporate dress, then she has to workout. Today had been particularly distressing for her. She didn’t know what cardio activity to choose – running or ballroom dancing.

Image courtesy of justjared.com/photo-gallery/3057359/kim-kardashians

So she went for both. Believe us; she’s wearing a complete jogger’s outfit. She has pants underneath that beautiful silk dress. We don’t know how she can pull off so many things in one day. Can you think of any other diva who’s able to switch cardio sessions in one sitting?

Built-in Humidifier

The Kardashians know how important it is to take care of your skin. Some of the areas that age the fastest are the eyes, hands, and feet. We tend to apply too much pressure around our eyes, whereas we forget to pay attention to our hands and feet. Khloe has a quick-fix solution – Humidifiers!

Image Courtesy of tabloid/foto/2691673

So she wears these uncomfortable-looking heels. You won’t have to plug in the humidifier or fill it with water. Simply wear the heels and then walk around the block. The tight enclosure should help lock in moisture. So when you remove these heels, it’s as if you had gotten yourself a 5-star pedicure!

Plus-size Barbie

Love her or hate her, but Kim Kardashian is a great model for adolescents – at least when it comes to having a healthy body image. She knows how to flaunt those curves. We would say she goes to extreme lengths of flaunting them. Just take a look at her!

Image Courtesy ofamanaimages.com/editorial/index.aspx

That dress is nearly the same hue as her skin. It hugs her in all the right places and displays her prime assets. She has paired it with ballet heels. We don’t know how she does it – walking in those heels and looking this fabulous is a tightrope walk.

It’s Bike Season

We aren’t the type to do cardio on a bike. It’s a bit too exhausting for us. Surprisingly, Kim does cycling every now and then. Here she is, in full attire after having visited a fast-food chain. Of course, you have to load yourself with carbs and grease for the long ride ahead.

Image Courtesy of The Daily Mail

But instead of wearing comfortable shoes, she wore thigh-high boots. She must have found the weather really cold. We daresay it might make pedaling harder. But isn’t that the goal? With some degree of difficulty, you’re more likely to sweat -with runners or leather lining your legs.

How Not To Layer Clothing

Do yourselves a favor and take note of Kendall Jenner’s attire. For this lesson, you will learn how not to layer clothing. Unlike her, wear the thinnest items of clothing first. Then place the bulky ones atop. That way, you would look fab while maintaining body heat.

Image Courtesy ofrollohomes.com/best-wardrobe-fails.

In case you feel a bit warm, you can always remove the coat or sweater. If you had been sweating, any patches on the base layer (the one closest to your skin) would easily dry up. Gradually add clothing if you feel the temperature dropping.

Who Let The Dogs Out

Khloe steps out of the black SUV with paparazzo taking shots of her. She bares a grin and casually waves a hand. Then she walks towards the outdoor backdrop for the Teen’s Choice Award. People wondered whether she had dressed for the event because it looks like she’s going out for trick or treat!

Image Courtesy of wonderwall.com/tv/style-profile-khloe-kardashian-

If there’s anything we have noticed about the Kardashian sisters, it’s that they show too much skin or too little of it. Can’t say Khloe rocked this attire. With a flowy dress, it might have been better for her to tie her hair up or expose those toned arms. It looks like someone had taken animal hide and draped it all over her.

Does She Really?

College isn’t a thing for the rich and famous. Most of them have made their money dropping out of school or ditching it entirely to pursue an acting career. If you have watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you would know that the Jenner sisters had their schooling within the comforts of their Calabasas home. So what was Kylie doing here?

Image Courtesy of deblog.vpfashion.com/blog/

Looks like she had spent some time reading in a library or a coffee shop. But had she, really? Or is this another cheap ploy to lure paparazzo – have them take a stolen picture of her? Almost everything fits in this attire. But we advise her to ditch the book. It just isn’t working for her.

Flaunt Those Assets

Tired of looking like a skinny bae? Want to show off those assets with very minimal effort? Then this outfit is perfect for you! You won’t have to exercise or put yourself on a diet. Simply put on a pair of these faux peplum skorts and flaunt those hips on your run to the gym.

Image courtesy of celebitchy.com/253576

Just what is a skort? It’s a dress that appears to be shorts from the front and a skirt from the back! This Vera Wang design had originally been a full-length dress on the runway. But Kim had taken the dress and customized it for her daily wear. Look at how those peplum sides accentuate the hips and the waist. Get yours now for the low, low price of $50!

Robbins – 1 Kardashian – 0

From time to time, Kim bursts into tears on the show. But what had been the cause for this breakdown? Apparently, she went to the 2013 Met Gala as Kanye West’s plus one! She was absolutely excited and had gone to such lengths to find the perfect dress. Blame her preggo brain for wanting to choose flower curtains.

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7716865/

They hadn’t even been seated when the internet took note of the striking similarity between Kim K and Mrs. Doubtfire. We’re certain you remember the movie. In it, Robin Williams wore a fatsuit and disguised himself as a homely aunt. One of his attires had been a floral print dress with a blazer on top. Sounds horrible? It is. Good thing Mrs. Doubtfire didn’t sport a thigh-high slit like Kim K did.

Are You Going Or Not

We have friends who want to lose weight but can’t commit to going to the gym. The odd thing is that they had asked us to be their accountability partners. Just when we’re bugging them to change outfits and slip into those kicks, they come up with an excuse to skip this week’s trip to the gym. Here, our friend, Kendall, has come out with a fur coat over her. Are you going to the gym or not?

Image Courtesy of gramunion.com/tagged/lockscreen

She pretends not to hear. She passes us by, and we can feel our breath getting ragged. We throw our hands up in the air and pick our gym bag. Fine! Let’s see you do mountain climbers with a fur coat on! And then you head separate ways – you go out to sweat, she goes out to drink a couple of shots of Tequila with friends.

No Wonder She Was an Assistant

There had been a time that Kim K was known as Paris Hilton’s assistant. Can you imagine? In the early 2000s, people would ogle at the blonde socialite and cursorily pass their gaze at this Hollywood wannabe – Whoever she was. And you can’t blame people for looking past Kim K. Just look at her!

Image Courtesy of Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

It’s like a Beverly hills mom coming for a parent-teacher conference. We daresay the Chinese-collar top is better worn as is, with suede, thigh-high boots. Oh we can imagine Paris looking slyly at her saying that’s hot! But instead, Kim K chose to give all the limelight to the Hilton heiress.

Flop Pink

With her towering height and her curvy physique, Khloe is the goddess of the Kardashian sisters. But we can’t see any shred of elegance with this outfit of the day. Here, Khloe sports a hot pink jumpsuit – more like flop pink! Look for yourself.

Image courtesy of Wonderwall

What a cause for sore eyes. Did you find yourself shielding your eyes with the back of your hand? Because we did. Now, Khloe is a striking woman. But instead of drawing people’s attention to her presence, she makes them look away. It’s never a good idea to dress like a caution sign.

Tribute to Jackson

No. Kylie Jenner does not sing, nor does she have any input in the music industry. But she had been Travis Scott’s plus one to the 2019 Grammys. You would think she would wear a better outfit to a prestigious event. Was she paying tribute to Michael Jackson or something?

Image Courtesy of Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

For one, Michael Jackson would have worn this jumpsuit way better. Second, what had the American rapper seen in her? It’s hard to see Kylie Jenner’s appeal with all these baggy layers covering her. The only thing that’s sexy in this picture is that lush red carpet!

Like You’re Nude

The Kardashians have made money off scamming people. That’s right. They will sell you a nude lipstick to make you feel like you’re wearing makeup when it’s all just gloss and a tinge of beige. Now, Kim is selling you this skintight activewear so you can prowl the streets of New York City looking and feeling like you’re nude.

Image Courtesy dailycelebritystyle

Sadly, some women have bought into the scam. Give men the illusion that you’re butt naked while being fully-clothed. Leave nothing (and everything) to the imagination with this skin-tight clothing. Men will be drooling at the thought of your body hair color.

Bling Blings

We’re certain Kanye West and Kim K can buy dozens of gold chains to adorn their necks. But all that jewelry can get pretty heavy. So their designer studded their outfits with it instead. Now, Kim and Kanye look like a couple of road reflectors.

Image Courtesy worldtavelling

Detour is this way, folks! Turn right and follow the snail’s pace line going to the city. There had been a fashion accident upfront. And we’re hoping that you give us your utmost consideration. Our designers are working on this faux pas pronto. We should expect that Kim K and Kanye West’s common sense will be up in running in half a day.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road

To get to Scott Disick’s 30th Birthday Celebration! This hen went cuckoo and flew out of the coop to visit her husband’s party at the Hyde Bellagio. What had been the theme? An outdoor party for the knighted lord. Only the popular kids were invited to the Las Vegas nightclub.

Image Courtesy of acocktailparty.com/category/entertainment-media/pop-culture/

Many people gave their well-wishes for the then thirty-year-old. It had been a glitzy birthday bash, and there had been a great deal of entertainment. But who knew Kourtney would be the butt of Chicken jokes? She should have known better to ditch this feather skirt!

Watch The Carpet

In this episode of Keeping Up the Kardashians, you will get to see their house’s interior. Sure, you see that in almost every episode, but not quite like this. As you step inside, you will notice the well-lit rooms and this plush rug estimated worth a couple of hundred dollars.

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/

Did you happen to see it? It’s black and yellow with a couple of embellishments. It’s hard to miss it, especially when Kris Jenner has draped it over her. Funny how they’re supposed to hire fashion designers to plan their wardrobe. It’s like she had hired an interior designer instead!

Don’t Let Her Fool You

It may look like Kim K is dressed for cycling (yet again). But don’t let her fool you. She’s dressed to rake in attention from the paparazzo. She will get into her tinted SUV and have her driver take her somewhere. Do you honestly think a woman would spend an hour (each) for hair and make-up just to sweat it out in the gym?

Image Courtesy of style.news.am/rus/print/48043/

Of course not! Even the dust on those sneakers had been staged! She probably had her design team do it for her. Scruff it up a little. She doesn’t need to put in the hard work of burning fat. All she has to do is set an appointment with her doctor. She’ll come to the clinic with a 42′ waist and come out of it 20 pounds lighter!

All Wound Up

The only great thing about this picture is that it’s a picture. Imagine Kim K walking the streets of NYC. She’s announcing her arrival with the sound of laundry gloves squeaking against each other. Not so sexy. That’s vastly different from the oozing appeal she has in this picture.

Image Courtesy of Papixs/Goff Photos.com

We can only imagine how long it took her to squeeze into that caramel jumpsuit. That’s an hour for hair, another hour and a half for make-up, and thirty minutes to finish the look. We could have done so much more, looking like a caramel treat.

Reusing Water

Wondering what else Kim K is marketing? Body sweat. You heard that right. With the huge fan base that she has, she could make money selling a bottle of body sweat. How does she collect it? By using her thigh-high boots. She just slips them on and walks around in them.

Image Courtesy of .dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz

After a pictorial or a meeting at the office, those boots will reek of salt and BO. Bet her fans will pay $100 for a 5 ml bottle of it. Of course, everything is auctioned privately. That way, she earns a couple more bucks than if it’s mass-marketed.

I’m Blue Dabadee Dabadie

Maria is going to have a field day washing Kylie Jenner’s clothes. Wonder why? On this particular day, Kylie decided to dress herself in all denim. It would have suited Kylie if she bared her shoulders or her arms. But she hadn’t. She’s completely covered in it.

Image Courtesy of justjared.com/photo-gallery/4190136/

If you have ever laundered denim you would know how painstaking it is to lift it out of the machine, wring it and hang it on the clothesline. It’s like you’re lifting weights. And this outfit has three denim pieces – the belt, the blouse and the jeans! Poor Maria!

When You Want Some Social Distancing

Way before the Coronavirus outbreak, Kris Jenner had been practicing social distancing. She keeps away from A-list wannabes, the paparazzo(since they have to take pictures of her), and crazy fans. How does she do it? By wearing this.

Image Courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

With this designer dress/gown, she’s able to keep people a meter apart from the front, and several yards apart from the back. Make way everyone, here’s the matriarch of the Kardashian family. To be fair, we would stay away from here even without the ruffles. That attire is absolutely hideous!

Straight From A Concert

The speakers are blasting. You could hear the ground thumping and people cheering from inside the stadium. The lead singer bellows, Her hair reminds me of a warm, safe place, where as a child I’d hide. The crowd sings along to Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine. Midway through the song, the doors burst open, and Kourtney exits.

Image Courtesy ofglamour.com/fashion/blogs

Fits! Kourtney looks like quite the groupie here. She’s sporting this rockhard metal ensemble befitting a Guns N’ Roses fan. She might have found the stadium a bit too hot. Why else would she fan herself and ruffle the edges of her blazer?

Like Mommy, Like Daughter

How do you bond with your kids? You could listen to music, watch a movie or play together! Or you can wing it like Kourtney K. Being the doting mom; she plans her and her daughter’s attire for the day. It doesn’t have to be red-carpet fabulous. Comfort is key!

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2432817/

With this attire, Kourtney can play hide-and-seek or mad dash with her kid. She and the latter can even build sandcastles together. But we suggest that Kourtney ditch the heels. You won’t be able to run comfortably in that. Her daughter wouldn’t like that one bit.

Keep It To Yourself

There are some things women have to keep to themselves. It heightens their allure when they give off an air of mystery. Let other people wonder where they got their bag, who had given them a new 24K ring, or how Kris Jenner managed to keep in tip-top shape!

Image Courtesy of famousfix.com/post/

We would rather she keep this to herself. But the Kardashians being Kardashians, wanted to show off a bit of skin. The good news is that Kris Jenner relies on body shapers every once in a while. Now, we don’t have to feel bad for using one.


This is the perfect attire for this year’s prom. All you need to do is to buy a sexy pair of heels and have your hair done. When slow dancing, your partner will be reminded to keep his distance – what with the holy spirit between the two of you.

Image Courtesy of justjared.com/photo-gallery/4310181

It looks like it had come straight out of an 80s magazine. Those neon pink tights are perfect illuminators under the disco lights. This baggy attire allows you to dance and move freely. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about how many cups of punch you have gulped down.

Who’s He Dating

Just like us, the rich and the famous need some company from time to time. They may casually date their co-stars or other celebrities. In the Kardashian family, Kim K and Kanye West are the ultimate power couple. But we had heard that as of writing, they had split. Rumor has it that Kanye is now dating…

Image Courtesy of /instagram.com/kimkardashian/

Shakira! It seems more likely, given that they’re both in the music industry. We can hear the Mexican drums jiving with ghetto rap. But is that really Shakira that we see? No. That’s just Kim K pretending that she’s the Queen of Latin Music.

Bag of Bones

On Entertainment Tonight! Fans are shocked at the massive weight loss Khloe Kardashian has undergone. At 5’10, the beauty used to be curvy. Due to a string of diets and exercise regimens, she looks like she turned herself into a bag of bones!

Image Courtesy of ca.eonline.com/news/

She is almost unrecognizable. Had it not been for a local tip, we wouldn’t have even known it was Khloe Kardashian. Thankfully this skeletal looking outfit was just her way of getting into the spirit of Halloween. Yikes!

A Couple of Weights

Before the rich kids of Snapchat was a thing, Kim Kardashian would show off her wealth by wearing these bling-blings. You bet they’re gold. We can feel our necks straining under the weight of those necklaces. Did you happen to buy in this fad?

Image Courtesy of http://forums.superiorpics.com/

We hadn’t. Kim K can afford to wear this on the red carpet because no one would steal it from her. But try wearing that on the streets, and you might barely make it out alive. It’s a good thing this fad had gone out of season. It’s safer that way.

Feeling Cold

When Kim K and Paris Hilton had a rift, you can bet everyone in Hollywood knew about it. Everyone started giving Kim K the cold shoulder, but she didn’t mind it one bit. She knew this was her big break to stardom. She started arriving at events clad in this.

Image Courtesy of zurnal24.si/galleries/gallery-108856

She didn’t gain any attention for it. In fact, she drew some flak for her lack of style. Once again, it is like someone had draped a shaggy rug over her. In time, however, she learned to choose flattering tops and dresses to complement her hourglass figure.

Basket Case

When shopping, it’s important to take note of what goes in your basket. Put the heaviest items underneath and the soft, lighter ones up top. In case you forget to follow the sequence, you might end up with bread or pudding that looks like this. Not a nice sight to see!

Image Courtesy of KCS Press/Splash News

All her assets are straining to break free from the net. We’re not sure how that dress can hold on much longer. How do the Kardashians manage to fit into clothes a size or two smaller than they really are? It must help that she has a fur coat covering her.

You’re Invited

This outfit is a throwback to when we were in our pre-teen years. We would hold our flip phones and thumb our texts to send group messages. PJ party tonight. Bring your flip flops and slam books! Love, Kylie. You head home from school and then prep your essentials. Then you head over to Kylie’s house. She opens the front door in this.

Image Courtesy of people.com

You wave your hand and eagerly say, Hi! I brought marshmallows and some chocolate. Where do we get our nails done? She ushers you to her room, where she’s got a line of tables with masseuse waiting by the side. How about you make yourself feel at home?

Up For Donation

Research has proven that the rich are more charitable than the rest of us. Kim K seems to think so. She rummaged through her closets to find clothes she can donate. She came across this pair of jeans, and then she decided to wear them one last time before passing them on.

Image Courtesy of modernaatl.xyz/kim-k-denim-boots

By the look of those jeans, though, they are no good to anyone anymore; they are about to fall apart. They certainly won’t do any good at keeping out the cold. They are just shabby-looking – barely covering any skin! Why had Kim wanted to dress down? We don’t know. Maybe Kim should keep this off the donation list.

Wanted: Pixie Dust

Remember how you begged daddy to buy you a pixie dress? You tugged at his hand so hard his arms would have fallen off. You would point at the window store, excited to have that peplum skirt around your waist and a wand in your hand. Now that you’re all grown up, you can still sport the magical attire.

Image Courtesy of news.softpedia.com/news

But unlike Kim K, make sure that your peplum sides are proportionate to your body size. This one makes her look stockier and not in a good way. This fairy is lacking some pixie dust. When worn well, peplums can help draw the attention away from your tummy and make you look like the sexy diva that you are.

Learning Our Numbers

Apart from teaching kids how to count money, you can help teach them numbers with this designer little number. Start with single digits. That way, you can count the number of pockets on this coat. When you reach double and triple digits, you can count how much this overpriced item is worth.

Image Courtesy of .dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5872347

We wouldn’t suggest that you buy it though. Imagine putting so many items in all of these pockets. It’s hard enough putting them in and harder still to take them out. You could always just carry a bag where you could thumb through all your essentials. Leave this coat on the rack!

Who’s The Preppy Kid

When someone wears clothing like this, chances are they went to an Ivy League school. Almost everything about it screams old money. Only preppy kids and nerds wear cardigans over cotton blouses. With books in hand, they will enter class and engage in rhetoric.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@nicolefoccillo

Unlike Kim K, they wouldn’t wear the cardigan as an onesie. Something about this attire screams skimpy. And preppy kids are anything but. Neither would they unbutton their blouses to expose their cleavage. They wouldn’t want to spend the day in the headmistress’s office.

Like a Boss

Kim K must have taken inspiration from the Mafia Don Vito Corleone. With hair swept back, she looks like a Doña, heading a criminal syndicate organization. If this attire doesn’t scream boss bae, then surely those guards trailing behind her are enough reason to intimidate you.

Image Courtesy of .dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/

We love the color combination and how the coat trails down the length of her back. But this isn’t the best outfit Kim K could muster as a boss bae – at least not with her figure. This attire would probably fit Kendall better, given her tall, slim physique. Kim K should have worn the pink romper as is. Flaunt that gorgeous bust and those well-toned arms!

That’s Not Hot

Paris Hilton, the socialite/heiress, wouldn’t be too happy with what Khloe K had done with her couture tracksuit. In the early 2000s, Paris would rock these on the red carpet and at home. They were very comfortable to wear. But this tracksuit doesn’t feel like it.

Image Courtesy of luxelookbook.me/2017/01/14

If you have ever run your hand past sequins, you would know that these scales are rough to touch. Now imagine running in a tracksuit studded with thousands of them. Like we said, these tracksuits are anything but comfy. And the Hilton heiress would disapprove of them.

Second Skin

Now that she’s married, Kim Kardashian’s priority is her children. Above all, she’s a mum. That doesn’t mean she has lost her fashionista vibe. Here she is, wearing genuine leather like it’s her second skin. To complete the look, she stands behind a matte black luxury car.

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7890735

We feel like she probably went overboard on this one. She could have paired the leather pants with a black cotton top or vice versa. That way, we would be drawn to look at the leather. We just feel like Kim K had been swallowed whole by some reptile and is in danger of going extinct.

Female Pride

Kris must be proud of herself for being the mum of several successful daughters. Owing to her insight, she was able to help her daughters manage their own businesses. Look at her, standing tall, radiating intellect and beauty.

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6993845/

This leopardess has a mean streak and an even killer fashion sense. You can only imagine how many leopards it took to create this outfit. But never mind that. All that matters is that Kris looks nearly invisible with the monotone hue of her dress and coat.

Fresh Out of Prison

Unlike her sisters, Kendall Jenner isn’t afraid to sport loose outfits. Her thin, lithe figure moves effortlessly under the cloth. But we can’t say she rocked this piece. That top is just unflattering to look at. To make matters worse, the horizontal lines make her look wider than she really is.

Image courtesy of justjaredjr.com/

It would have been better if the lines were vertical. Our eyes would have been drawn from the sleek curve of her neck to the taper of her long legs. That would have emphasized her sheer height. What a stunner! And the best thing is that it would have been a fan favorite amongst women.

Selfie Level 1000

There’s no denying that the Kardashians are attractive. They have bankable looks, and they take good care of their physique. They spend a great deal of money and time to maintain their youthful charm. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise how conceited Kim K can get.

Image Courtesy of onedio.com/

She’s almost always taking selfies of herself and uploading them on social media. Apart from that, she had thought it was a good idea to make an icon of herself. She had her face imprinted on a couple of hundred leather coats. By the end of the week, they had all been sold out.

We’re Hung Up On This

It’s funny how people come up with their inspiration for clothes. Kim was lounging on the living room couch when she was completing her fashion line. She ran her finger through her hair and twirled the end of it. Her legs were crossed, and she pointed her toes up at the window. Eureka! It hit her how rad it would be to use the curtains as a dress!

Image Courtesy of scrollbreak.com/

We’re hung up on this. You have got so many holes to poke the steel rod in. And what’s even better is that this cloth is semi-transparent. It’s best for your room when you’re studying. It would help reduce the glare of the sun without totally blocking out sunlight. Reckon she will use the shower curtain next?

Going Hobo

One of the great things we love about Kendall Jenner is her willowy figure. She’s probably as tall as her sister, Khloe. But unlike the latter, Kendall is slim. That’s probably why she thought she could rock this formless hobo coat. Can’t say that it suits her.

Image Courtesy of tacofnebraska.com

It draws attention away from the simple white tee and pants. Her attire beneath screams of smart casual. Add this khaki coat, and all we’re seeing is shapeless blob. While tattered jeans are all the norm, no one would want to pay a couple hundred dollars to look like this.

Screaming SOS

There are a lot of changes in a woman’s body when she’s pregnant. Normally, fluid accumulates in her legs and feet. That’s why it’s important that they wear comfortable shoes or plush slippers—best stay away from tight ballet flats or heels such as this.

Image Courtesy of wwtdd.com/tag/kim-kardashian

As much as we love her pedi, we can’t help but cringe. Her feet are basically screaming SOS! Not only is she at risk for falls, but she risks nicking her feet from the tight edges of those heels. Kim K wouldn’t have lost her title as the fashion mogul if she settled for something comfier. Just saying!

Get Your Peaches

Peaches are one of the best sources of Vitamin A. These are packed with antioxidants that will help make your skin glow. Some people report that regularly feasting on these fruits has helped them lose weight. It has to do with increased metabolism – it gets the heart pumping. Get fresh ones below.

Image Courtesy of onedio.com/haber/kim-kardashian

She sure has a plump set of them. And they’re ripe for the picking. One thing we love about this pencil skirt is that it shows off the assets discreetly. But we wouldn’t suggest that you wear it to a parent-meeting conference or an office meeting. You just might be sent to detention.

Hook, Line and Sinker

The media is a powerful thing. If you have noticed, you react according to how an object is portrayed. Take this skintight fishnet dress that Khloe had worn. You wouldn’t be caught wearing one to a birthday party. But so many would – all because they had seen one of the Kardashian sisters rocking one.

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz

You have to give it to Khloe. It takes sheer gut to wear a dress like this, and another thing entirely to make women vie for one. She had recently broken up and was newly single at the time the picture was taken. So maybe she had been scouting for a new beau at her girlfriend’s birthday party. Everyone is taken with this outfit – hook, line, and sinker!