Cut-out Catastrophes: 35+ Board Designs Gone Wrong

By Farah J January 2, 2024

This article was originally published on docjournals

Ah, the perplexing temptation of cut-out boards—the unsung heroes of events, beckoning passersby to become masters of disguise. Yet, amidst the cardboard creativity challenge, some champions of hilarious fails emerge, not for their intended glory, but for their spectacular misfires. 

These items, well-meaning in design, achieve a comedic status beyond their creators’ wildest dreams. Picture this: a board boasting a hole for your face, promising everyone’s favorite Elsa and Olaf, only to resemble a severed head between the two instead. Or perhaps the famous green ogre Shrek, but you become a huge nose rather than the whole face!

From puzzling proportions to questionable placements, they stand as monuments to the hilariously unexpected! So, step right up and prepare for a side-splitting spectacle as we embark on a hilarious journey through the hall of fame for cut-out boards that utterly missed the memo! 


Look at this cut-out catastrophe: it’s a whimsical wonder gone awry. Fluttering butterflies and mischievous elves dance across the board, their artistic grace overshadowed by holes tragically misplaced! The butterflies, victims of mislaid perforation, support faces in the belly, transforming them into whimsical butter-faces. 

Image Source: meneghessogiovanna/instagram

Meanwhile, two rogue holes, devoid of thematic ties, stare into the void, leaving participants more perplexed than enchanted. Art or not, this board proves that in the world of cut-outs, even the most charming can succumb to the allure of hilarious missteps of humans!

Inclusivity matters

Behold the manatee misadventure! This looks like a noble attempt at inclusivity sunk by peculiar planning. Picture a majestic sea cow facing a transformative fold. In a bid to be wheelchair accessible, the poor manatee finds itself awkwardly creased in not one but two places!

Image Source: CedricCSCFL/reddit

Now, it’s less aquatic elegance and more aquatic origami, missing its torso like a marine magic trick gone hilariously wrong. Kudos for the inclusivity effort, but next time, let’s aim for wheelchair-friendly without turning our aquatic friends into underwater accordion maestros!

You are a snow cone

Here enters the Cluedo mystery board game of the self-holding ice cream cone: a spine-chilling riddle of cut-out chaos, but not in a good way. The board is adorned with a colossal ice cream creation, only to baffle participants with holes strategically placed. 

Image Source: hayyeager/instagram

A lone hole in the cone’s center, flanked by two huge gaps for hands, implies a peculiar self-embrace. Are we the cone, left pondering our existential choices as we gingerly cradle our crispy existence? It’s a scoop of confusion topped with sprinkles of absurdity!

Extra smiles this holiday

Let’s talk about this antlered absurdity! A festive facepalm in the realm of cut-out mishaps! A jolly reindeer board, proudly wishing you a Happy Christmas, falls prey to a perplexing perforation decision. A gaping hole in the heart of the reindeer’s face!

Image Source: random_horse69/reddit

The seasonal cheer turned into a befuddling grin-ception. As you pop your face through, the reindeer gives an extra smile – an unintentional festive face-off that leaves everyone wondering, “Is this holiday magic or just a reindeer with an identity crisis?” 


Give it up for this menu mishap where a cut-out catastrophe is of a cute crocodile that cradles a cafe menu, only to face a holey head-scratcher. Positioned dead center on the croc’s face, the hole gives us nothing but confusion. 

Image Source: NoU_14/reddit

With eyes, snout, and a perpetually puzzled grin intact, it prompts the eternal question: Why peer through the portal to witness a crocodile contemplating the specials? A menu mystery unfolds, leaving customers wondering if they ordered confusion or culinary delights!

POV, you’re the insect

Leap into the pond of ribbiting ruckus where two amiable frogs turn into unwitting human-insect enthusiasts. With holes right in the middle of their mouths, the intended leap into the land of frogs, the cut-out board becomes an unintentional insect-themed drama. 

Image Source: MayurBhat/reddit

As participants pop their heads through, they inadvertently transform into the delectable prey caught mid-air. It’s a comical twist leaving onlookers torn between laughter and an “ew”! Talk about a leap of faith, or in this case, a leap into Froggy fails!

Was it worth the effort?

Talk about a cut-out comedy where koalas and squirrels bear witness to facial hole folly. Giant boards shaped as cuddly creatures marred by holes that disregard all semblance of proportion! Picture a koala and a squirrel, both rocking face holes that defy logic and art.

Image Source: orkdoop/reddit

Holey moley! It’s a head-scratching horror that leaves people wondering if they stumbled upon a woodland creature-themed peephole or a quirky wildlife-inspired game of hide-and-seek. Artists sold their common sense, leaving the koala and squirrel duo in a state of facepalm-worthy hilarity.

Bear’s food

Through the jaws of the big black bear: a horror story! A cut-out caper where a bipedal black bear morphs into an unwitting predator. With a gaping mouth hole, it appears as if the bear has indulged in a curious case of human snacking. 

Image Source: kchu12/instagram

It’s a wild twist on photo ops, where the line between bear hunter and bear hors d’oeuvre blurs into a comical maw of mistaken identity. Hungry for laughter, this bear’s human feast is a hilarious deviation from the wildlife norm.

What’s the point?

Let’s dive into the depths of aquatic absurdity. This cut-out board is an undersea calamity featuring a manta ray, turtle, and squid turned accidental predators. Holes are strategically misplaced. It seems as if the ray is munching on an unsuspecting face! 

Image Source: Countryk4t/reddit

It gets worse! The turtle savors a midsection morsel, and the squid playfully embraces a neck-snaring scenario! Forget sea adventures; this trio of misdirected mischief turns the tide on cut-out expectations, leaving laughter in its wake and a lesson in hole-y hazards.

Barbie and Ken

What is the point of this pint-sized paradise perplexity? Only beach-bound Barbie and Ken can steal the spotlight with this one. The board, no larger than a magazine, shrinks the dream to finger-poking proportions. It’s a miniature misstep that leaves humans feeling like giants!

Image Source: aarogar/reddit

In this pocket-sized parody, the only beach enthusiasts truly embracing the sandy delight are the plastic protagonists, our Barbie and Ken, as the rest of us grapple with the thumb-sized tease of a tropical touch. Oh, the perils of fun-sized folly!

Caught a fish!

Forget about looking like a fish, this cut-out of a side-view fish turns innocent kids into fish food! The board, featuring a bewildering hole in the middle of the fish’s flank, transforms the fun aquatic theme into a horror show!

Image Source: AffeDaBoss/reddit

Peering through, you seem less like the majestic fish you’d hoped to channel and more like a reluctant stowaway plotting a sideways getaway from the fish’s throat. This weird cut-out board of a man fishing seems rather fishy!

AmongUs face reveal

This is what an oopsie in the world of hateful accidents looks like, especially when they involve our favorite games or shows! Among Us, secrecy takes a hit with this one: a giant crewmate inexplicably boasts a hole in its featureless face. What? 

Image Source: MikeMadigan/reddit

In a game built on anonymity, this face reveal turns the mystery of the impostor into a cosmic comedy. It’s a galactic gaffe that leaves us wondering if the crewmate is truly an impostor or just a misunderstood earthly human.

One-eyed troll 

Talk about trolls scaring kids away! This creepy cut-out had the animated charm of “Trolls” meeting an eerie faceless blue figure. A towering troll, with only a small face-hole akin to a peeking porthole, transforms the cute character into a weird creature. 

Image Source: face_in_hole_yuko/instagram

Rather than the lovable characters we know, it becomes a faceless troll nightmare straight out of a kiddie horror story. Big blue face with tiny features! Creepily, this cut-out leaves the audience more puzzled than enchanted at the theater’s trollish entrance. 

Down we go

Sliding down the barnyard blunder with our holey friends, a cow, and a pig! Yay! With holes randomly plopped in the middle of their cheerful faces, the critter duo unintentionally transforms into a creepy nightmare where the animals have four eyes!

Image Source: caitlinl0ri/instagram

Little kiddos aiming for a spot on the slide find themselves nose-diving into confusion instead. Down the chute of design mishaps, this slide adventure becomes a hilarious plunge into the unexpected! Even cartoon creatures can’t escape the woe of misplaced face holes.

Anatomy fails

We would dance with these three jolly cows which groove beneath the cartoon sun. Yet, instead of framing cute cow faces protruding awkwardly like two-headed creatures, the holes stop us from doing so. Someone forgot to listen during elementary school anatomy class!

Image Source: Epicdude42069/reddit

It’s a head-scratching hoedown where the only thing moo-ving in the right direction is hilarity. In the universe of crazy designs, these holey cow faces have us waltzing away, pondering the peculiar cartoon anatomy! Where is the common sense?

Wildlife treasure

This eerily funny mishap occurred outside a local wildlife shelter, where cartoon charm took a rather puzzling turn! Three farm amigos find themselves in a blind alley as their facial features get replaced by holes – talk about creepy one-eyed monsters!

Image Source: DrSuchong/reddit

Instead of heartwarming, it’s a sight to make you giggle or gasp, wondering if you’ve stumbled upon a wildlife shelter for weirdly adorable monsters. These holes, it looks like they tried but failed successfully at the one job they had!


Beware of the trunked horror that lies before you! This board of a cute cartoon elephant plays a perplexing game of peekaboo. With a colossal hole dead center between the two eyes, the adorable elephant becomes a four-eyed, cringe-worthy spectacle!

Image Source: Sciencepatel/reddit

It’s a sight that leaves you trumpeting a mix of laughter and befuddlement. Who knew a single cut could turn a beloved elephant into an optical illusion? Oh! Even nature’s grandeur is not safe from the scissors in human hands!


We have so many questions about this cut-out comedy where a cartoon horse’s sideways charm goes sideways! With a hole inconveniently placed in the horse’s head, it’s not a human looking like noble steeds; it’s the horse wearing an absurd human-eyed makeover! 

Image Source: irrelevantjunk/reddit

Instead of a magical ride into imaginative antics, this cut-out transforms into what can only be described as an “interspecies face swap”! A neigh-borly warning: this hors-i-eye-d comic show may leave you laughing at the turning of horses into unintentional human impersonators.

A beautiful flower

We can hear artists screaming in denial after seeing this disaster where random holes hijack a semi-abstract floral masterpiece. Attempting the “beautiful flower” theme, the monochromatic bloom barely resembles a petal party. Alas, the holes are far from the floral ride! 

Image Source: mortenunderbjergg/instagram

Consider this an unintentional game of “Find the Flower” that has us poking through a garden of confusion rather than reveling in the floral flourish. Flower cut-out boards are the easiest thing anyone can come up with, and they chose this!

Faceful of Gelarto Rosa

Here, have a faceful of failure! This Budapest blunder is where the sweet allure of Gelarto Rosa’s rosy ice cream cone takes an unexplainable turn. Look at this promotional board outside the cafe, boasting a rose-shaped scoop, which sadly succumbed to the holey paradox!

Image Source: face_in_hole_yuko/instagram

In a cruel twist of fate, the hole sits smack in the center of the edible bloom, turning the delectable treat into a gelato-eyed anomaly. So much for tempting passersby with floral delights! Oh, the pitfalls of promoting frozen treats through cut-out chaos!

Powerpuff trouble

How the mighty have fallen! The poor, powerless perplexity of Powerpuff Girls (lots of “P’s” there) – they sadly find themselves in an identity crisis. With blank faces but a pea-sized peephole, comparatively, their charm takes a backseat to the absurd. 

Image Source: kanikama_kookMali2Mila/twitter

Kids eager to channel their inner hero through the minuscule hole are left rolling with an eerie yet giggle-worthy superhero downfall. In the city of cut-out chaos, even the most dynamic trio can’t escape the facial-feature misfires, rendering them ‘Power-less Puffs’!

A helpful cut-out

Ah, the bizarre brilliance of cautionary cut-outs! Despite its unconventional appearance, this baby-faced board from the local Japanese government is a silent but effective warning. With a hole mimicking a baby’s mouth, it’s a peculiar yet ingenious method to test potential choking hazards!

Image Source: daidougei/reddit

While it might draw a chuckle or two, the message is crystal clear: if it fits through the hole, it’s a no-go for the little ones. Sometimes, the strangest solutions pack the most practical punch, turning what seems absurd into a game of cautionary genius.

Kimchi face

Welcome to Kimchi-kan, a Seoul slip-up where a hole in the center of a vibrant green kimchi board takes a U-turn for the ridiculous. Instead of showcasing the tangy delight, the board unintentionally transforms everyone into bemused bits of brined cabbage. Ew! 

Image Source: face_in_hole_yuko/instagram

It’s a crazy funny pickle party, leaving us wondering if we stumbled upon a quirky kimchi-themed masquerade ball! In the land of Seoul’s cut-out chaos, this fermented kimchi cut-out board takes the cake, or should we say, the kimchi jar!

A horror movie

Tickets for the real-life horror show, please, where the canine carnival goes awry! The three-headed black dog becomes an unintended horror show at this booth. With holes in the hounds’ faces more chaotic than calculated, it transforms into a creepy nightmare!

Image Source: Leafs5/reddit

Giving us a front-row seat to a spooky three-headed spectacle, this board’s design snafu turns the once-vicious pup into hilariously bizarre chaos, right? Well, in the world of cut-out hounds, these three heads lead a howling horror story of hilarity!

Go big or go home

Behold the grand scale of historic hilarity – a creepy cut-out fail that catapults the American Gothic couple into oversized face-hole fame. With humongous craters in place of the characters’ faces, the once-serious pair becomes a funny portrayal of facial contortion!

Image Source: sar_ahmichelle/instagram

They went big, leaving us peering through an expanse fit for a giant, unintentionally transforming into caricatures that’d make even Grant Wood chuckle. Folks, this “Off-white” board reigns supreme as the grand champion of facial hole exaggeration! Go big or go home!

Polar human

Forget about the printing and the polar bear board quality. All we see is a cute little kiddo, laughing and wearing a Paw Patrol shirt! This tiny troublemaker is peeking out with a mischievous grin that could rival any polar bear’s roar! 

Image Source: little_star_sterling/instagram

Well, at least the cut-out is in the right spot here! No? Someone had this genius idea to create a life-sized cardboard version of our furry friend, but things went hilariously south! This failed attempt resulted in a photo that brought out the ‘roar’ of laughter! 

Up: a thriller

It seems like the designer here took this “cut-out” a bit too seriously, leaving us all with a chuckle-worthy masterpiece that’s more “up” in the air than the movie itself! We cannot control our laughter at the diameters of these misplaced cut-out circles! 

Image Source: porrabelo/reddit

You should forget about the subtle art of aging gracefully. Grandpa has discovered the secret to eternal laughter, which involves a mischievous toddler and a pair of “hole-punch” circles! The failed attempt at facial proportions turns this whole thing into a side-splitting spectacle! 

Chicken run

This poultry portraiture has gone hilariously awry! In this case, they should have made the chicken smaller and an egg as a cut-out. This can only be described as a clucking catastrophe of a chicken that has fallen victim to a failed design coup! 

Image Source: zeropointninerepeat/reddit

We are thinking that maybe it’s actually for some kind of game. Bean bag toss, perhaps? Otherwise, who in their right mind could make a cut-out right in the middle of the chicken’s feathery body? Or is that the chicken’s avant-garde belly button? 

Character break

Not all characters work as cardboard cut-outs. This pastry character is a supposed star of this bakery’s promotional campaign, but the cardboard cut-out fails to rise to the occasion! It looks more like a doughy disaster than a delectable delight! 

Image Source: matthewc20090/reddit

Was that cut-out circle meant to be a third eye, providing an extra insight into the world of pastries or something else? Perhaps the designer here was aiming for an ultra-modern touch, an edible unicorn horn of sorts! What do you think? 

Inside a manatee

Is this cardboard present at the entrance of the Manatee tour center in Florida? And that too with a hole in the body of the manatee? Wow, what a way to welcome! What exactly were those enthusiastic artists up to? 

Image Source: face_in_hole_yuko/instagram

We are scratching our heads, wondering if the manatee here was trying to make a fashion statement or if it was just a victim of a DIY project gone haywire! We’re no marine biologists, but at least we know that manatees aren’t known for moonlighting!


The other two holes would make good armholes for that big ice cream, no? We can all play Connect the Dots here on this board. We appreciate the ice cream and the crab, but isn’t this design like ordering a pizza and getting five pepperonis? 

Image Source: lucyrosegoodwin/instagram

Maybe someone was trying to create a new art movement here, something like “Abstract Cutoutism,” where less definition equals more ambiguity! Whoever designed this, probably Redcar, must have done it for a whole family, right? So everyone can get their place in the photo! 

Bird’s eye view

It looks like this bird is trying out for a one-eyed pirate audition! We didn’t know that a simple design flaw could turn a seemingly ordinary cut-out board into a hilarious masterpiece! You can be the bird’s eye, and it’ll become a bird’s eye view! 

Image Source: lilpickle321/reddit

In the world of cardboard cut-outs, this one takes the cake! Or should we say the birdseed? This cartoon character seems to have undergone an unplanned makeover! It’s like he had an accidental run-in with a mischievous crow armed with a hole punch, right? 

Zebra horsey

Is this a zebra donkey or a zebra horsey? Or something in between? It looks like the donkey decided to throw on a zebra onesie and join the wild side but forgot to check the dress code first! Kudos to the creators for giving us laughs! 

Image Source: magnuschhan/nstagram

Moreover, this cardboard duo proudly flaunts themselves with a sign board that declares the mishmash of cultures of Mexico and Texas, united in the glorious spirit of failed creativity! Nonetheless, these friends captured their perfect memory at this place! 

Animal faces

We are sure that this isn’t how animal faces work! Instead of the ferocious, these critters are rocking the wrong cut-out circles on their heads. It’s like a carnival where these animals are shaking their heads, or circles in this case, in disbelief! 

Image Source: shancathraff/instagram

If we are not wrong, then isn’t the kid looking a bit scared in the crocodile one? Like he just ate the kid up! These cardboards appear to need a tailor, as their geometrically challenged dimensions defy the laws of nature! 

Bird boob

Who wants to be a bird boob? Someone decided that it was a brilliant idea to cut out circles right on the birds’ chests, giving them the most unexpected and unintentional birdie boob jobs in the history of cardboard cut-outs! 

Image Source: emmue/reddit

These circles look less like a carefully curated design choice and more like a botched attempt at giving these birds a chance to flaunt their feathery assets! Can you imagine how funny someone would look peeking out from big holes?

“Suffering” Santa

Surfing – more like suffering – Santa with a belly that puts bowls full of jelly to shame! So much for having a Merry Christmas. Just check the cut-out circle on Santa’s face as if he’s trying to peek into our laughter-filled souls! 

Image Source: zo171016oz/reddit

Also, a mischievous puppy is peeking through the cut-out, adding a whole new layer to the festive fiasco. Who says only humans can take pictures with cutouts? Undoubtedly, the best moments are the ones that catch us by surprise and leave us laughing.


And was this giraffe an intentional design choice or just a tragic accident? We may never know! But we know this giraffe has become a true marvel of wrong cardboardian proportions! They seem to think that kids won’t notice, but they do!

Image Source: EpriLeK/reddit

This giraffe is looking like it’s been through a midlife crisis! It has that expression with its lopsided face, half-cut cartoonish eyes, and big white teeth! Cheers to you, Melman, for proving that perfection is overrated and laughter is the best remedy! 


Is this a new lion species with only one big eye on its face? These l-eye-ons look like they stumbled out of an art class gone wrong! There are big circles where their eyes should be, and for what exactly?

Image Source: ameliainniter/reddit

This is a cardboard cut-out accident, a pride of lions whose roars have been replaced with the sound of disappointed groans! We guess someone decided to draw some new species from the lion family where the cut-out circles strive for majesty! 

Sleighed it

Queen Elsa would have passed out after seeing these two! It looks like Olaf took the wrong kind of snow! Or he must have decided to indulge in a bit too much holiday eggnog! And what about our poor Sven?  

Image Source: alilorae/reddit

These cardboard cut-outs are a testament to the holiday spirit and the power of laughter as these women unabashedly make the most of this calamitous cardboard creation! We can almost hear them giggling through the circles as they pose for a photo! 

Severed head

Do you want to be a severed head with Elsa and Olaf? The cardboard drawing of these two looks like it’s been through a blizzard of its own! Whoever is responsible for the hole cut-outs? You know what, chaos didn’t end here. 

Image Source: sfwaltaccount/reddit

Behold the Christmas Grinch! Don’t you all feel like he went to the “cut-out circles 101” class? These drawings and cut-outs are the reigning champions, where Elsa, Olaf, and the Grinch are making their best impression of a failed geometry class project! 


Aren’t these goats looking like evil demons who are ready to curse you and send you to hell? They are the rebels of the barnyard, flaunting their uniquely misplaced cut-out circles with an air of nonchalant defiance! We can’t control our laughs! 

Image Source: cpredo/reddit

While staring at this photo, we can almost hear the goats whispering conspiratorially among themselves, “We look ridiculous!” They might not be headed to the cover of Goat Vogue anytime soon, but they’ve certainly earned their mid-face circles! Funny, nonetheless!

A neck and a butt

Is that a giraffe or a cow with a big neck? This artistic ambition has gone astray! This artwork features a giraffe, a penguin, and a flamingo, all engaged in a summit on top of the flimsiest cardboard canvas imaginable! 

Image Source: hugh-r-man/reddit

And what about those cut-out circles? The cherries on top of this creative sundae! What was the artist even thinking about? The circles seem to have taken a detour from geometry class and ended up lost in this cardboard menagerie!


Boob in the face! We are confused about what the artist tried to do with that woman. Call 911 right now! She looks disturbed and scared as hell. And why wouldn’t she? Someone took away her boobs for some faces! 

Image Source: nikki_967/instagram

This cardboard tragedy stands out like a sore thumb in the grand tapestry of artistic achievements! Did the artist decide to incorporate a DIY bra made of human faces? A questionable fashion statement that even Lady Gaga might hesitate to embrace! 

Only a Flop

This footwear is more reminiscent of abstract blobs than summer sandals! The artist’s commitment to keeping things interesting involves throwing in not one but two circles right in the middle! It’s like he decided to give these flip-flops a DIY flop! 

Image Source: tuckertnoodle/instagram

Is this a fashion-forward or fashion faux pas? One of the circles is a perfect window for our furry friend, who looks a tad confused but is undoubtedly stealing the show! We love how this catty didn’t resist adding a touch of whimsy! 


A masterpiece in Korea! The level of detail of this toilet is no doubt very good. It’s like modern art meets potty training; the result is confusing and strangely endearing! But that cut-out circle is not exactly Instagram-worthy. 

Image Source: face_in_hole_yuko/instagram

And is this girl the guardian of this quirky commode or just a restroom rebel seeking refuge in the realm of artistic expression? We don’t know which one, but it is such a bizarre scene! We can’t help but chuckle at her sheer audacity! 

Who’s the lovely bride?

Talk about the mysteries of love! The bride’s face here is like a blank canvas, leaving room for wild interpretations and profound contemplations. What is the unsolved story behind this artistic work? Did the bride choose to stay undercover? 

Image Source: partyanddesignco/instagram

We feel like this cut-out circle might just be the couple’s secret innovative attempt at embracing the imperfections in a relationship. But this quirky thing ensured that this bridal shower will be remembered for generations to come! Something blue for her!

Horseback ride

Pity on these majestic horses – who ruined that cardboard with their awful cut-out job? We feel sorry for these poor souls who have found themselves trapped in a cardboard dystopia, surrounded by misplaced cut-out circles. Look, even the child is traumatized! 

Image Source: clodet_s/reddit

In a world where horses should be frolicking in meadows, these poor cardboard quadrupeds have found themselves saddled with such bad cut-outs that would make any self-respecting horse neigh “neigh” in disapproval. We don’t think that the horses approved this horrible makeover!  


Oh la la! What a tragic cardboard cut-out work this is! Who can turn French just by peeking through from the hole in just two seconds? Who did that tragedy to his face in the name of baguettes and brie?

Image Source: Imnotalreadydeadyet/reddit

It’s a surrealist experiment gone wrong! Our dashing Frenchman seems blissfully unaware of the void enveloping his facial features, continuing to radiate that nonchalant Parisian charm! This cardboard calamity is a beacon of unintentional hilarity in the French tradition of “absurd.” 


Brace yourself for this royal ruckus! This is the canine equivalent of a bad hair day! In all her majestic glory, Queen Elizabeth is flanking by her regal trio of furballs. But someone decided to play Picasso with some horrible cut-out circles. 

Image Source: kareng7630/twitter

Honestly, Queen herself would be mortified if she saw her cut-out face circle filled with another woman’s face. And don’t even start with those little adorable huskies! We seriously can’t comprehend why someone would do that monstrosity to them! 

Shrek’s nose

Oh no! Who gave that nose job to our adorable Shrek? Put him behind bars! Come on people, Shrek is supposed to be the epitome of rugged charm, not some weird experiment gone wrong! It seems like now Shrek is auditioning for a horror movie! 

Image Source: TomtheFake/reddit

We honestly expect Shrek to burst out in his nasal voice, screaming, “Get out of my swamp and take this nose disaster with you!” This oval-shaped cut-out is so bad that even Donkey would be speechless, and that’s saying something!