Pink or Blue? 35+ Creative DIY Gender Reveal Inspirations

By Farah J

This article was originally published on healthandwellnesnews

Hey there, future moms and dads! Get ready for the ultimate gender-guessing adventure! It’s like being on a rollercoaster of excitement, anticipation, and all-around happiness when you’re about to discover whether it’s team pink or team blue.

Now, in this epic journey of becoming super cool parents, why not jazz it up and make the big gender reveal uniquely yours? Think of it as throwing the most awesome surprise party ever, starring your little one’s gender as the main attraction!

Ready to dive into the land of homemade gender reveal cakes, balloon pops, and mystery-filled scavenger hunts that’ll keep everyone guessing until the grand reveal? These DIY concepts aren’t just about the big surprise; they’re all about letting your unique style and love for your little munchkin shine bright. So, what’s your pick? The options are as limitless as your excitement!

Election day

Looking to jazz up your gender reveal party with a twist inspired by the USA election day? Get creative by making a ballot box decked out with a “Cast Your Vote” label, showcasing illustrations of a boy and a girl. It’s an effortless and way to announce the arrival of your little bundle of joy!

Image Source: PoofThereItIsReveals/

Guests cast their vote by selecting a colored card representing their prediction for the baby’s gender. As the votes are tallied, unleash a confetti cannon in the winning color, revealing whether it’s a “red” or “blue” win for the little one!

Pop the poppers

These DIY gender-reveal poppers practically deserve their spot in the Louvre, don’t they? These little bundles of joy are like confetti-filled miracles waiting to burst forth and sprinkle joy all over your Instagram feed! It’s like a party in pixels! 

Image Source:

Honestly, who needs fireworks when you’ve got these poppers about to launch into a shower of color and celebration? We seriously feel like these poppers are the epitome of Pinterest’s dreams come true! So, get ready to pop, lock, and roll into gender reveal glory!

Twinkling stars

Hold the telescope—this couple’s prepping for a celestial shindig! Their mini stargazer is about to drop in, ready to light up their universe in the cutest way possible. Move over shooting stars; this baby star’s stealing the cosmic spotlight. It’s not just a baby; it’s a constellation in the making!

Image Source: Punchbowl

We love the galaxy of creativity here, where stars don’t just twinkle; they spill the beans on whether it’s team pink or team blue! Honestly, who knew stars were expert secret keepers? Can you imagine opening an envelope and being greeted by a sky full of twinkling stars? 

Cut the cake

Who knew unveiling the gender of your little munchkin could be this deliciously entertaining? This gender-reveal cake is practically bursting with cuteness! Move over, traditional announcements, it’s time for some sprinkle-filled spectacle of sweetness! These colorful confections look like a party in the oven! 

Image Source:

This adorable cake is like a sugary symphony of “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” with each bite revealing the most important news in the most delicious way possible! We can already hear the oohs and ahhs mixed with the subtle sounds of satisfied taste buds! 

Confetti surprise

What a glittery goodness! Have you ever seen a more adorable gender reveal idea than these DIY confetti party poppers? We’re talking about an explosion of cuteness right here! It’s like a mini celebration and magic in the palm of your hand but in party form!

Image Source: TheSuburbanSoapbox

Watch out, confetti party poppers are getting a VIP glow-up, and guess what? It’s a complete DIY extravaganza! Whoever turned these poppers into gender-reveal masterpieces deserves a standing ovation. It’s not just a pop; it’s a confetti explosion with a touch of DIY glamour! 

Touchdown or tutu

Is this a world where football-shaped cookies and tutu-decorated treats engage in a sweet battle for baby supremacy? These cookies are displayed like flags of whimsical warfare in the gender reveal snack arena! We adore how they playfully hint at the upcoming arrival of either a future sports champ or a tiny graceful dancer!

Image Source:

Move over touchdown dances and ballet recitals, this banner takes the cake! Or should we say the cupcake? Because, let’s be real, no gender reveal party is complete without those delectable treats frosted in shades of pink or blue, ready to spill the beans! 

Pop the balloons

We mean, who even thinks of such cute and funny ideas? Looks like this person came up with a surprising game idea at this gender reveal party. Pop all the belly balloons and look for pinks and blues to find the baby’s gender! 

Image Source: SmudgeBlog

The last balloon will be like the ultimate “expect the unexpected” moment, no? Imagine all the people counting the balloons and colors curiously, and then BOOM at the end! Your guests will thank you, and your party pics will be the envy of social media! 

Sparkling invite

Glitter, sparkles, and all things shiny! What an adorable idea of announcing the next mini-me in the family lineup! Who would’ve thought to reveal the gender of a tiny human with a card that could double as a sparkling time capsule?

Image Source: Punchbowl

This card is like a magical messenger bringing news about a soon-to-arrive bundle of joy, and we love how it is dressed to impress in the fanciest glitter attire! Whoever designed it turned a traditional announcement into a sparkling spectacle. 

Confetti balloon

We didn’t know that balloons can keep a secret as well! Like they’re bursting with excitement, just itching to spill the beans, no? Will this balloon be team pink or team blue? The cuteness is overwhelming, and we are indeed here for it!

Image Source: Victoria / Pinterest

We can already imagine friends and family gathered around, holding their breath as the parents pop the balloon to find the gender of their baby! It’s like a mini celebration of life’s greatest mystery, wrapped in giggles and confetti showers!

Big news eruption

Oh, sweet molten magma! Have you seen this gender reveal volcano idea? Seems like mother nature herself decided to spice up the whole “pink or blue” guessing game! Move over storks and cupcakes; we’ve got a miniature lava-spewing mountain stealing the show!

Image Source: Jessica Morales / Pinterest

Can you all imagine the excitement as the magma starts bubbling up? Is it going to be a cascade of pink sparkles or a sky-high explosion of blue confetti? It looks like a science experiment met a baby shower here!

He or she, pop to see!

If you parents-to-be are ready to unleash a tidal wave of giggles and “awws” at your next gender reveal get-together, then look no further than this cute gender-reveal poster board game. Let’s prepare for a night of belly laughs and friendly competitions! 

Image Source: PartyParadiseBalloon/Etsy

Your gender reveal party is gonna get a whole lot cuter by popping a lot of balloons and finding out the gender of a new little guest who’s about to come in the next few days! Hence, turn your party into a side-splitting soirée with this adorable game! 

Inside the box

Who’d have thought predicting the future could be this cute, fun, and budget-friendly? In a land of serious decisions, stumbling on these gender-reveal box stickers is like discovering a unicorn in a field of horses. It’s not just a reveal; it’s a magical, playful surprise on a budget!

Image Source: Natalia Bostan / Shutterstock

To the genius behind this sticker-studded masterpiece, thank you for adding a sprinkle of joy to the gender reveal game! It’s not just some surprise of pinks or blues; it’s a burst of creativity as contagious as laughter at a baby shower!

Go nuts!

Is this a candy-coated secret society meeting where M&M’s and Skittles are casting their votes for the future baby’s gender? We can imagine the parents-to-be grinning from ear to ear as they invite guests to place their bets on the jars! 

Image Source: Stephanie Santiago/Pinterest

This gender reveal game idea is like a sugary soothsayer predicting the gender with each sweet treat chosen! And let’s not forget the cuteness overload when the big reveal moment arrives at the last candy when the crowds erupt in waves of laughter and cheers! 

Creative reveal

This cute and enchanting bucket can give fairytale pumpkins a run for their money! It’s like a mini gender reveal garden sprouting with charm! Look at those DIY paper flowers and girl and boy signs. A picture overloaded with intense cuteness!

Image Source: AlishaKayDesigns/

Someone here distilled joy, mixed it with a dash of creativity, and poured it all into this itty-bitty bucket of happiness! What a creative way to decorate the gender reveal party! This decorated bucket will surely make a gender reveal party a memory to cherish. 

Glow-up sticks

This idea is a burst of cuteness that’s brighter than a rainbow on a sunny day! It’s nothing short of magical, as the anticipation builds with each flicker of the vibrant lights like the essence of joy is encapsulated in these luminous sticks! 

Image Source: ExGlow/Etsy

There’s an undeniable creativity in this gender reveal idea that adds an extra layer of delight. They will transform the event into a celebration of life’s most precious surprises, such as the revelation of a baby’s gender. We are here for such cute moments! 

Scratch and see

What a mischievous idea of a baby announcement! These cards are adding a sprinkle of humor to the oh-so-serious gender guessing game, no? We love how these cards have become a canvas for anticipation by making the journey of unveiling the gender thrilling!

Image Source: SpecialMomentsByA / Etsy

In a world filled with elaborate gender reveals, this idea of scratch-it cards is surely standing out as a whimsical champion of the genre. So, here’s to celebrating the impending arrival of the little human with a dose of creativity and a touch of mystery! 

Lashes and stashes

Such an awesome gender reveal idea with a gulp of joy and a splash of creativity! On one side, we’ve got the daintiest pink drink, proudly labeled as “Team Lashes,” and on the other, a bold blue concoction with the moniker “Team Staches”. 

Image Source:

We can almost taste the excitement by just looking at this picture! We can imagine the anticipation building with each clink of the adorable glasses, and we can’t help but go awww! They are not just drinks but a delightful journey into the unusual world of gender reveals! 

Give it a throw!

Oh, sweet marshmallows! Move over, basic cupcakes, we’re entering the major leagues of gender announcements! Someone had this genius idea to combine America’s favorite pastime with the big reveal! Who knew that a simple softball could swing its way into our hearts? 

Image Source: Adored By Lee / Pinterest

Can you imagine the tension here as the pitcher steps up to the plate with the world’s most important softball in hand? It is surely thicker than grandma’s gravy! The sheer adorableness of this whole idea makes us want to break into a joyful rendition! 

Confetti in a box

The gender reveal boxes are like an explosion of cuteness in a confetti of pink and blue! Have you all ever seen anything as adorable as these magical boxes? We didn’t know that unveiling the big secret could be so stinkin’ cute! 

Image Source: OrientalTrading

This gender reveal idea is like waiting for a surprise party; only the surprise is whether you’ll be shopping for the bows or the arrows! In a world filled with gender-neutral everything, these reveal boxes bring back a touch of old-school excitement, and we love it! 

Balloon pops

Who doesn’t love the excitement of awaiting the big reveal of whether it’s a little “he” or a sweet “she” joining the family? This balloon-popping idea is like the most adorable game of peekaboo, where the secret is hidden in the air, just waiting to be released!  

Image Source: HappinessIsHomemade

There’s something irresistibly charming about the simplicity of a balloon, and this gender reveal idea takes cute to a whole new level. It has turned a classic childhood joy into a grown-up guessing game, and we are here for it! 

Kick the ball

Seems like the football fans are going to have a baby! This delightful idea is like a mini-soccer match where the goal is to unveil a tiny player with a pink or blue jersey! Who said sports and surprises can’t go hand in hand?

Image Source: GenderRevealParties/Etsy

It’s like the ultimate game-winning goal, but instead of a trophy, the parents-to-be get the joyous prospect of parenthood. Plus, it also adds a playful touch to the whole affair, turning a simple reveal into a touchdown of emotions, love, and surprises! 


One thing’s for sure, this thumbprint tree is the reigning monarch of botanical banter! It’s like Mother Nature herself decided to throw a gender reveal party, but instead of confetti, we’ve got leaves rustling with anticipation, and we are here for it! 

Image Source: Whitney Triplett/Pinterest

We feel like it’s nature’s version of a gender reveal party, where the tree is the guest of honor, and the thumbprints are the RSVPs! In a world where gender reveals are getting more elaborate than a Hollywood premiere, this thumbprint tree is the ultimate humble brag!

Glitter ornaments

Everyone! Grab your sunglasses and prepare for the glitter explosion of the century because this gender-reveal glitter ornament is here to steal the show! Seems like a disco ball went on a blind date with a confetti cannon, and they decided to make an ornament baby together! 

Image Source: SarahsVinylShop/Etsy

But seriously, who cares about a little extra sparkle when you’re on the brink of discovering whether you’ll be changing diapers with superhero logos or tiny tutus? We are in love with this suspense-packed glitter bomb, ready to unleash joy and sparkles in equal measure! 

Confetti cannon

Get ready for a lifetime of pink princesses or blue superheroes with these confetti cannons! It’s no ordinary party popper but a gender reveal maestro armed with the power to transform a room into a celebration zone faster than you can say, “It’s a boy or a girl”! 

Image Source: PoofThereItIsReveals/Etsy

In the gender reveal parties, this confetti is doing a happy dance itself, joyously twirling in mid-air as it spills the beans on the soon-to-be baby’s gender. And moreover, let’s not forget the facial expressions of the expecting parents, they’re a spectacle of their own! 

Snack time

What a gastronomic adventure of chromosomal proportions! Here we’re talking about the snacks so fancy they can make Caviar look like yesterday’s news! One bite of these snacks, and bam, you’re either in team “Bowties for the Little Gent” or team “Tutus for the Tiny Lady”! 

Image Source: MelissaCreates

We, honestly, cannot wait to indulge in these gastronomic delights. Because it’s not just feasting; it is decoding the universe’s most delicious secret! Did you know that revealing a baby’s gender could be this scrumptiously sophisticated? No, we also didn’t! 

Playdough surprise

Do you want to share your gender reveal with your new siblings? This playdough idea is so much fun, entertaining, and downright whimsical! Seems like Willy Wonka decided to venture into the world of baby announcements, and who wouldn’t love it? 

Image Source: danelm/Ideogram

The playdough sits at the gender reveal party like a silent secret keeper, daring everyone to take a wild guess. Such a sweet reminder that, in the grand playdough of life, sometimes the best surprises come in the most colorful, squishy packages! 

Custom tees!

A picture with overloaded adorableness! Aren’t these tees cute little secrets that are whispering about the impending reveal? Seems like these shirts are the VIP passes to the ultimate gender-guessing game, and if you ask us, we wouldn’t mind wearing them! 

Image Source: North2SouthDesigns/Etsy

The tees themselves are like the comedic clairvoyants of the baby world! Like the father voting for a boy and the mother and daughter rooting for a little girl. It is such a precious snapshot of joy, captured in cotton and hues. 

Take a guess

This gender reveal photo idea is as cute as a baby’s giggle! This hilarious and creative idea not only involves everyone in the guessing game but also turns a simple ultrasound into a canvas of anticipation. It’s like a mini art project meets a baby betting extravaganza!

Image Source:

Moreover, this gender reveal photo idea is also adding a personal touch and a dash of humor to the excitement of the big event! So, whether you’re Team Pink or Team Blue, get your markers ready, and let the gender-guessing games begin!

Old Wives Tales sign

Here, the ancient art of old wives’ tales is colliding with the anticipation of modern-day baby joy! This chart is a whimsical masterpiece that’s part crystal ball, part grandma’s secret recipe, and no doubt 100% pure fun! Let it be your quirky compass through this fantastical journey! 

Image Source: by CustomPrintablesNY

Peeps! Forget about the high-tech ultrasounds and modern science! Through this sign board, we’re diving deep into the mystical realm of cravings, sickness, emotions, and more to uncover gender secrets! Isn’t this gender reveal board like a circus of old-school wisdom? 

Boy girl decor 

We are in love with these gender-revelation decorations, creating an Instagram-worthy spectacle that’ll have your friends questioning if you hired a team of magical unicorns to sprinkle cuteness all over the place! These lovely decorations will themselves steal the spotlight at the party! 

Image Source:

Your party room will surely become a battleground of adorable anticipation, where every guest wouldn’t help but praise all these appealing decor accessories, about whether it’ll be a little fairy or a little Superman! After all, they’re all announcing the arrival of a little bundle of joy! 

Golf balls

Honestly, this ultimate gender reveal idea will have everyone on the edge of their golf carts! No, these balls are not your average golf balls, but color-coded time bombs that are just waiting to explode for the big reveal! Can you imagine that suspense? 

Image Source:

One ball is filled with a burst of pink powder, another one with a blast of blue, and the third one is the wild card, which is the main and real deal! And then Boom! Pink clouds, blue skies, and glitter galore! We’re so in love with this idea! 

Sweet bites

Have you ever tried to guess a baby’s gender and felt like you were playing detective with a belly? Well, there’s a tastier way to crack the case through these scrumptious cake pops! They will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also spill the beans! 

Image Source: MyBlueprint

We love these tiny and delicious crystal balls designed for the arrival of a mini-human. Forget about old-fashioned storks and smoke bombs; these pops will bring the element of surprise straight to your taste buds. Such a tasteful twist to the age-old tradition of sharing the joyous news! 

Powder cannons

This powdery explosion extravaganza can rival a Hollywood blockbuster minus the CGI budget, no? These 18″ powder canons are like the superheroes of gender disclosures! We can imagine the excitement in the air when the moment of truth approaches at such gender reveal parties. 

Image Source: Babykees/Etsy

Honestly, we can’t help but marvel at the sheer awesomeness of this gender reveal extravaganza! This idea can create a mini kaleidoscope tornado, and no doubt it’s totally worth it! And just think, the photos from this day will be so legendary! 

Cake time

No one ever forgets the day when a cake tells them they are getting a new little player on their team or a tiny dancer in the making! Here, the delicious layers of excitement are topped with a frosting masterpiece that’s about to spill the beans! 

Image Source: tiersandco/Instagram

We feel like the dessert gods themselves teamed up with a unicorn to create this confectionery sensation! Look how the pink and blue swirls and drop designs dance on the top like they’re auditioning for a spot in the next dessert ballet! We love it! 

What will it “bee”?

How sweet is this? We are in love! These mini candles will steal the spotlight with their charm and wit. Aren’t they like tiny magicians who are ready to unveil the big secret in the most enchanting way possible? 

Image Source: AHCgifts/Etsy

These candles are not just wax and wick but a dazzling spectacle of suspense and mystery. When you light them up, they will scream blues or pinks in the most aesthetically pleasing and confetti-explosion way possible! Your baby’s gender will never have been announced with such flair and finesse!

Secret in a balloon

A confetti explosion is waiting to happen! A confetti balloon is like having a tiny party inside a balloon, and who wouldn’t want to be part of that shindig? And most importantly, they are harboring a little secret in them, a cute little baby secret! 

Image Source: lzrdesign_ / Instagram

These big confetti balloons are practically divas of the balloon world, all ready to burst forth with excitement! Mark our words, you’ll find yourself torn between wanting to pop them right away or wanting to keep them as a floating work of art in your living room! 

Get crafty!

Is this a whimsical wonderland of light pinks and sky blues? We are sure that these DIY garlands and paper flowers can even make mother nature jealous! We can almost hear them gossiping about the gender of the little human who is about to arrive!

Image Source: TwoTwentyOne

Seriously, whoever came up with these decor ideas deserves a medal for turning a simple gender reveal into a masterpiece of DIY delight! Because it’s not just a gender reveal; it’s a celebration of life, creativity, and the sheer awesomeness of pink and blue!

He or she?

What an awesome backdrop! These people have surely set the stage for the big reveal! We mean, talk about suspense! This decor idea makes you want to squeal with excitement, no? Take a moment to appreciate the adorable creativity here, people! 

Image Source: Stacy Orosco/Pinterest

And those paper garlands behind are adding a touch of magic, turning the whole thing into a visual feast for the eyes! Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if unicorns and rainbows started appearing out of sheer delight! A gender reveal party with pizzazz! 

How I wonder what you are 

Woah! This balloon’s bigger than your average pizza! To be honest, the sheer size of it makes it impossible not to say “aww” by just seeing it! Imagine carrying it around like your very own gender reveal game! What a quirky option for the party! 

Image Source: FloatingAffections/Etsy

Of course, this balloon will steal the show with its charm and magic! And you know, it’s also the guardian of the cute little secret for which everyone has gathered around in great anticipation! So, pop this giant balloon and let the cuteness explode!

Simply sparkly

Your living room will automatically transform into a realm of shimmer and shine with this gorgeous gender reveal banner! The banner itself looks like an adorable work of glitter-infused art, twinkling with a magical glow that will make unicorns jealous! 

Image Source: JSBannerDesigns/Etsy

We didn’t know that a gender reveal party could be this fabulous and sparkly! The pink and blue glitter hearts are announcing the arrival of the newest member of the squad. Your family and friends won’t be able to resist creating memories and snapping pictures!