Puzzling Pictures: A Collection Of 30+ Visual Oddities And Anomalies

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on funniesnow

Undoubtedly, the Internet is a treasure trove of images people didn’t ask for but got anyway. Yes, it’s functional and gives you valuable information quickly, but there’s always the risk of going down the rabbit hole of oddities. We’ve all been there, watching something to fall asleep and staying awake until the wee hours of the morning, engrossed in ear-cleaning videos and whatnot.

To prove our point, we have collected 45 photos without context that get weirder the longer you look at them. As if things couldn’t get any more bizarre, you can always go to a subreddit called ‘hmmm’ with more than 1.8 million members constantly scouring the web for the oddest images. 

Why the name? Because what you are about to see will make you think and use each of your brain cells. Be warned, though; you might not always get answers. Get ready to feast your eyes on a myriad of pictures without context, from a husky giving his human a bath to a woman in the subway with a pet duck in her bag.


You rarely get to see the summoning of numerous hedgehogs, and we won’t lie; they all look adorable! Although they have gathered so many hedgehogs, this ceremony feels incomplete without the most popular of their kind, Sonic. Does the name ring a bell?

Reddit/ dickles_hamsters

Somebody must have taken this photo during a cult gathering. The swearing-in ceremony was completed, a full circle was established, and now they’re all waiting for Sonic to appear. Honestly, if this were a cult, it’d be the cutest, and everybody would want to join.

Life is full of fun

The guys who seem to be having a jolly time in the pool must have been bullies when they were kids or teens. The frustration and the sadness on the faces of the kids make us feel bad for them. However, we can’t help but laugh at this funny situation.

Reddit/ Affectionate_Row9949

When we see dads pulling these pranks, we think it’s their way of getting back at the little rascals for all the sleepless nights when they were babies. An opportunity presented itself, and they seized it! Who says mini pools are only for little ones? These grown men beg to differ.


We want to remind everyone who thinks this hairstyle and costume are cool that it’s punk. To some folks, it’s more than a statement; it’s a lifestyle! The mask would’ve been more amazing had it been painted the same color as the skin tone of the person wearing it, don’t you think?

Reddit/ seven_critical_blows

Also, you never know if the mask is an actual impression of the lady’s face. The middle-aged guy on the left has been spotted in Manhattan many times. Reportedly, he’s always on the move, and he is a sharp dresser. We’d like to know if he has some fashion advice to impart.

Eye contact

The person who set these cameras up in these angles must have had it from his superiors and decided it was time for sweet vengeance. The one on the right-hand side can at least record one angle, but the camera on the left directly looks at one corner of the ceiling and the other camera.

Reddit/ Olecram2610

If what we’re seeing is two security cameras in love, then no offense to teen vampire fans worldwide, but that’s still a better love story than Twilight. If it were a movie, we’d name it “Watching The Watchers” because security cameras watch over everybody, but who’s watching them? That’s something worth pondering.


Is this guy trying to prove some weird point by pulling this stunt? Because this makes no sense at all. Eating sushi or noodles with chopsticks is understandable, but why would you even consider eating a burger with them? Maybe someone dared him to do so and told him he’d get paid $100 for it.

Reddit/ Fluffy_Memory_6228

He may be using chopsticks because he wants to keep his fingers clean. But even from that perspective, wouldn’t a knife and a fork do a better job? Anyways, to each his own. Who are we to judge if he’s more comfortable with chopsticks? If you have the skills, you should use them.

Parking space

Somebody slept under the car when it was raining. Moreover, by judging and looking at the position in which this person was sleeping, he probably enjoyed his time and had a fantastic nap. But how did he get up without ruining the mark on the pavement? What led him to such a decision?

Reddit/ JeanGarcia

There are lots of observations. Firstly, that is a huge imprint. Secondly, where’s the guy’s neck? Was this like a jail escape, similar to those we see in the movies? Maybe the guy latched on to the bottom of the car and hung on to it until the vehicle stopped.

Birthday party

The birthday girl looks a little disappointed, probably because nobody has followed the party’s theme except herself. The theme is obviously goth or goth rock, but she’s the only one who looks like the daughter of a Kiss band member. Nobody even put in effort. Sigh.

Reddit/ seven_critical_blows

Sadly, even the cake doesn’t have any semblance of goth. It needs to be darker and have a few plastic spiders for embellishment. But, it is good to see how she asserts her individuality regardless of how other people are. After all, you don’t have to be like everyone else.


That’s quite an environmentally friendly dress. It does 0 harm to the planet and leaves no carbon footprint. Anyways, we have seen the tooth fairy, but we have never even heard of a cabbage fairy. We feel lucky that we got to see an image of the elusive creature in its natural habitat.

Reddit/ YextFE

That’s a creative and unique outfit, but it does possess one danger – animals. We hope any cows or goats do not chase her down and try to devour her because of her edible attire. We suspect this image is fake, though, because what’s going on with her feet? They look uncomfortable on dirt.


This cat is watching Tom & Jerry like every kid who used to watch the show in the ’70s & ’80s. It’s the same level of engrossment. Also, you’ll notice that Tom on the TV and the cat in real life are in somewhat similar poses. Is the little fellow copying our beloved Tom?

Reddit/ SomeoneFromGalar

It seems like the cat is watching a version of itself on TV and is enjoying it immensely. We hate to be the one to break it to the kitty, but things don’t end well for Tom. It’s time to revamp the cartoon and give Tom the happy ending he deserves.


We don’t mean to stereotype anybody, but much thinking has gone into designing these mannequins. Most stores have figures with a single body type, very lean and shredded. These places need to understand that their consumers come in different sizes. Not everyone is naturally thin, and some folks have pear-shaped bottoms.

Reddit/ anislitim

This place, however, understood the assignment and is inclusive of everyone who walks through their door. Although this is very funny, it gives buyers a realistic impression of how the clothes would fit them. If we’re to be honest, most middle-aged men look like this and have what people refer to as a dad bod.


You know what’s called good boy behavior? This is. When you think deeper about this, it’s almost as if the tables have turned. Usually, it’s the human giving the dog a shower after taking their furry friend for a stroll. We have no idea what’s happening in this household, but it’s far from ordinary.

Reddit/ Worickorell

Most strolls end in showers because we all know dogs are curious creatures. They like running about, rolling around in the dirt, and chasing little animals. It’s nearly impossible for them not to be filthy after spending time outdoors. However, this picture makes us think the dog was the responsible adult between these two.

Comfortable ride

We bet you’ve seen witches riding on brooms in many movies. Some of you might have been observant enough to question the comfort and safety of these rides. For every single one who has the same nagging question in their heads, here’s your answer.

Reddit/ Snoo368

VFX might have blurred out the seats, but this is how the ‘witches’ can remain in their brooms for a long time and not complain about their backsides hurting. Jokes aside, we have a suggestion. One seat can’t accommodate multiple people. Whoever made this should consider installing back seats.


What you see is a smart financial decision in car detailing. Instead of forking out thousands of money to give his ancient ride a new paint job, this owner turned his vehicle into a joke many folks on the road can relate to. Why didn’t we think of this? We could have saved money, too.

Reddit/ szucshey

We’d be lucky to see this car move at high speed, and many of you would agree because it doesn’t look top-notch or new. The hedgehog is known for running at supersonic speeds, so the owner must have thought it was a funny thing to do to his slow car.


What’s more adorable than seeing a shocked expression on your furry friend’s face after you successfully pull a prank on it? Your furry friend playing along and looking like they are terrified. Although this cat appears to be beyond shocked and terrified, cats, in reality, rarely run away from snakes.

Reddit/ YextFE

Cats often play, chase down, and hunt snakes. Although their diet doesn’t usually consist of reptiles, they have the potential to bite or severely injure them. Snakes, on the other hand, will keep a safe distance unless they’re too big for the cat. We have one question, though: where did they get the snake plushie?


Having a dog means adding another family member. You don’t treat them differently from your parents or children. Dogs sleep in the house, sit on your couch, watch TV with you, and even steal some of your meals. This picture proves they’re also not exempted from praying or saying grace, just like everyone else.

Reddit/ YextFE

At least, that’s what we think they are doing. They all hold hands like any other family, thanking God for all the blessings they’ve received. The dog must thank the heavens for his wonderful family, beautiful home, and unlimited delicious food.

Good view

Here’s a very accurate observation of this situation: This is how the window of a house would look if Hulk had been inside and gotten out. But on a serious note, if you have no qualms about security and live in a peaceful area with 0 burglary, this is a wonderful piece of art.

Reddit/ earthmoonsun

If we were to name this, we’d love to call it ‘The Iron Curtain.’ It will be the talk of the neighborhood. Why? It’s like a neon sign for thieves telling them which way to sneak in and out with your valuables. Do you want to risk it with this new window grills style?


That looks like an intelligent way to play chess. It makes you think about what’s stronger: all pieces playing their own role, or all of them uniting and charging together? You don’t need skill when you can intimidate the opponent with a piece like this.

Reddit/ High_Lemon

This has to be a very cool crossover because it’s chess vs Power Rangers, or Transformers, or whatever you like more. You also have to appreciate the balance here because one push and all of it might fall down. Minutes of hard work are all down the drain!

A lot of questions

This item is highly perplexing. Firstly, what is it, and secondly, why does it exist? Is it a cap with hair attached to it? Is it similar to a wig? To our eyes, it looks more like a part of a costume.

Reddit/ CoutureJeremy

After a lot of searching and reading many comments, our best guess is that this is a cosplay hat for Jotaru Kujo, a fictional character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, a Japanese manga series. This hat must be famous in the anime world.

Never stop

This lady takes the ‘never give up’ and ‘work hard’ culture to a different level. Work so hard that you can’t work anymore – because all your equipment has been damaged. The work still continues. That’s when you realize your true potential!

Reddit/ seven_critical_blows

Anyway, we know for sure that this is only for the sake of the photo, and working like this will do nothing but spoil your clothes, damage your phone and laptop, and make you look like an idiot. But it’s quite a creative concept.


There is nothing quite like cats. Only a special creature can jump from high elevations and still manage to land safely on all fours. Similarly, only something unique can successfully balance 16 cans of canned food over its head.

Reddit/ bigretrade

As humans, it will take a lot of time, effort, and skill for us to learn this skill. Look at the cat’s face and see how effortlessly it does the task. Moreover, it’s just relaxing on its bed. We hope nobody’s cheating and supporting the feline from behind.


Oversized clothes are quite the trend nowadays. Everybody wants loose, baggy clothing and tries to give off an aesthetic vibe. People might frown upon gigantic footwear now, but maybe one day, oversized slippers like these might also become a thing.

Reddit/ goodlookinlooks

These flip-flops are way too big and try as this guy might, he’s still not going to be able to walk in them. Guess why? Well, that’s because both are right flip-flops. The size is obviously the bigger problem, though.

Trendy hairdo

This photo was surely taken before the invention of the front cameras and before the rise of the selfie trend. ’90s kids know that this is one of the most ’90s things to do. Thank heavens for innovation; it’s now easier to take silly photos like this.

Reddit/ b00pmxnst3r

We can’t help but think this guy has a mussel attached to his head. It looks like how Johnny Bravo would look after discovering punk music, and it also looks like the cover photo of many manga comics. Take your pick.

Healthy alternative

Today, we mostly spend a lot of time sitting at our desks, which makes our lifestyles sedentary and also causes health problems. To avoid all that, doctors recommend that we pause our work occasionally and go for little strolls.

Reddit/ Zealousideal_View_12

Does this picture illustrate how to fix the problem? Most probably not. We don’t see how digging a hole in your floor will make your lifestyle less sedentary. But at least it will help with the neck strain because the monitors are all at eye level.


Did you notice that the lady has head-brows? Nobody did. Because everyone had their eyes zoomed in on the guy’s abnormal arm implants. Instead of looking ripped, his arms look like they’re filled with things we don’t even want to think about.

Reddit/ patrik1313

The man is from Russia and has been nicknamed ‘Popeye.’ He injected his arms with three liters of petroleum jelly when he was 20 out of stupidity, and doctors have now warned him to get all the implants removed. It could lead to damaged kidneys or even death.

Hot banana?

There’s no meat in it, so you can consider this as a hot dog for vegans, but we’d prefer the real thing, thank you. But there might be many who’d like this, just like folks who love pineapple on pizza.

Reddit/ YextFE

Wait! Do we see peanut butter and jelly? They might be the only saving grace of this abominable culinary creation. Hmmm, we might reconsider and sample this when we’re hungry. Right now, we’re not that desperate. We’ll stick to the regular sandwich.


We hope that this is just for the sake of taking an interesting picture, but it’s still bad regardless. What a poor fish! Although guppies are tiny, they still need a lot of space, and a box of Tic Tac is too small. 

Reddit/ YextFE

Our best hope is that this is a Photoshopped image because fish need oxygen filters, regular water changes, salt level regulations, and many other things to duplicate their natural habitat in an environment. A small box or even a bowl won’t do well.

Real vs. fake

Here’s a life lesson. Do you know what’s the key to the perfect disguise? It all lies in hiding in plain sight. This is not technically camouflage, but it looks like it is doing the job well. A piece of cardboard seems enough for deception.

Reddit/ TesticalsOfNarnia

It’s a pretty genius idea because when there’s no car, people tend to overspeed, but the decoy will prevent them from doing that. They’ll think it’s real until they realize that it’s not. Once they see the ‘deception,’ they’ll floor it, and that’s when the real cop car comes in! Was that confusing?

It’s all the same

They’re different people, but the shade of their hair color is exactly the same. It’s a common coincidence, but it genuinely makes up for a good picture. So, you can chill out if you think this is a glitch in the matrix, and no, that’s not a scene from the new Children of the Corn movie.

Reddit/ YextFE

We’re sure that if you dig deeper into their lives, you will find more common things among all of them aside from their hair color. Maybe some of them have similar first names or even last names. Now, that would be creepy!


Okay, now there is a lot of speculation on this one, but we’ll take practicality’s side and say that there is a very high chance that this image has been photoshopped or edited in some manner. There’s no way you could host league-level football matches here.

Reddit/ chirag1220

This venue is not right for any sports event. Everyone knows building and maintaining a football ground takes too much time and money. So, why would anybody put that much effort into a slanting pitch? Much less if it was a prank.


It’s pretty weird how this little mannequin is exactly in the spotlight. Maybe that’s just the photography angle, and maybe the mannequin is not so small in reality. Regardless, it looks pretty creepy. It looks ready to jump anyone who passes by.

Reddit/ DJ_Dahlgaard

With the way it’s placed and the fact that it is headless, this can freak somebody out during nighttime. It looks like the kind of evil thing that comes to life at night and starts chasing people. Sorry, it isn’t our intention to give you nightmares.

Great job

We all can relate to this experience. But, the truth is, although these packages are incredibly annoying and sometimes difficult to open, they’re necessary because they protect the product. If you’re impatient, you could end up with this problem.

Reddit/ YextFE

From another perspective, sealed plastic packaging is extremely annoying and problematic for the environment. So, if there’s an alternative to this, many people would appreciate that. The last thing customers want is to end up with the unintentional wireless mouse.

Safe travels

We only have one question: Why? Why would you choose to wear crocs? Just kidding! Although Crocs aren’t the best fashion choices, everybody can wear them. But the duck surely looks embarrassed because of its human’s footwear choice.

Reddit/ chocolat_ice_cream

It looks embarrassed and uncomfortable in its quackpack. You might call that a backpack, but we’re going to call it a quackpack because this is the best way you can travel the metro with your beloved pet duck without risking injury or flight.

On the set

This is Starfleet’s reality. This guy might have been lured into this. He might have seen the poster about a job opening at Starfleet and thought that it was going to be an amazing space adventure, but the reality is different.

Reddit/ Yeeslander

A good meme would include a caption above this image that reads, “Captain Kirk has been eating crackers on Starfleet again.” Anyways, Star Trek fans would still agree and say that this job is still better than being a Red Shirt.

Elegant chair

This chair looks like it seems perfect for somebody who likes to cross their legs when they sit. You don’t even have to do the deed anymore because the chair has done it for you. However, it looks a tad bit uncomfortable.

Reddit/ YextFE

Undoubtedly, this would make a conversation starter. When there’s a lull in the conversation, you can point to it, and people will have plenty of things to say, mainly about who came up with such an idea and if they had screws loose in their heads.


Imagine that you’re out of supplies, you desperately need to buy a lot of stuff, and you’re also starving. So, you head to the supermarket full of hope. But, as soon as you move close to the shelves, this is what you see.

Reddit/ YextFE

This would infuriate a customer and make Karens scream for the manager at the top of their lungs. This is a good way to hide supply shortages. but it can also cause arguments and even riots. If we were to take a guess, this could also be a movie set.


These jeans have been reverse-engineered. Technology has been advancing in the correct direction for years, but a few missed turns such as this are inevitable. Well, we have to accept the negatives with the positives. That’s just how life is.

Reddit/ YextFE

Anyways, people are free to wear this if this is their jam. If these kinds of pants become the trend, they could be called ‘drunk pants.’ However, there are a lot of technical issues with this one. For starters, it will make movement challenging.

Hat problems

First things first, that’s more of a UFO than a hat. What’s worse is that although it covers so much surface area, the child’s feet are still in the sun. If we were to name this hat, we’d call this the ‘social distancing sombrero.’

Reddit/ YextFE

Look closely. You’ll see another social distancing sombrero in the upper right-hand corner of the image. It also has quite a weird angle, which makes us think that it’s going to drag itself on the ground when you start running. This hat design needs more research.

A portal to another world

This could be a portal to a magical world, or Dr. Strange was just there and left a tell-tale sign. Either way, if we had this in our backyard, our nosy selves would be investigating it and monitoring it day and night.

Reddit/ seven_critical_blows

We’d be setting up cameras because the last thing we want is to have creatures with horns walking on hind legs, crossing over, and sneaking up on us while we are fast asleep. If it were unicorns, they’d be welcome to say hi.


This man literally has a question in his hand. Can anybody try to answer it? You might not be able to help him, but you can surely cook the vegetable he’s holding and eat it. Maybe that’s the answer. This is what you’d call a ‘questionable vegetable.’

Reddit/ Gegenuebertragung

Also, it reminds us of Captain Hook. The shape and the way he has held it pretty much resembles a hook. All that’s missing is a red coat and a sharp grin on the face. DC fans can think of this guy as The Riddler.


That’s a beast of a toad! Most people would fear this thing resting on their laps, but we have an exception here. He loves his pet. If we talk about the toad, it’s chilling and having the time of its life.

Reddit/ Tiny_Night_

Imagine owning a pet toad and running late to the office because it didn’t plan to get off your lap. What would you text your boss when he asks where you are? Would your boss believe you if you told him the real deal?


You’d think that this is KFC, but this isn’t KFC. This is KKC. Instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken, this is Kentucky Knitted Chicken. Even the dip is knitted. We want to question the reason behind creating this, but regardless, it looks amazing.

Reddit/ hamstercross

Knitting all of this might have taken a long time and plenty of patience. If not KKC, you can call it KCC – Kentucky Crocheted Chicken. Names aside, the real question is – are you tempted to take a bite out of it?


Many of the images in this thread feel like a glitch in the matrix, but this image shouts ‘glitch in the matrix’ louder than any other in the entire post. To put it in simple words, it is too complex to comprehend.

Reddit/ TruStoryz

There seems to be some problem with our planet’s ceiling, but there’s no need to worry here. The issue has already been reported, and God has already called a plasterer who will arrive in a fortnight. We can only wait till then.

Ultimate Showdown

This is the Battle Of The Cuties no one asked for but needed, but it looks like the puppy is already beyond scared, even before the showdown starts. The snail seems to have the upper hand here. What’s going to happen next? Only time can answer that question.

Reddit/ YextFE

The little doggo needs motivation and encouragement. Somebody must remind the puppy about its bloodline and wild wolf ancestors that are apex predators. Anyways, this was bound to happen when you pit a gigantic snail against a teeny tiny dog.

Connected to nature

Well, before the idea of bathrooms, people had to go in the open. But we need to see why you would put up a bathroom in the open. We’d very much advise against it unless you’re claustrophobic and have panic attacks in enclosed spaces.

Reddit/ Skirt-Silly

Perhaps the homeowner ran out of money and had to do with his half-finished bathroom. Hopefully, their neighbors are miles away and don’t have high-powered binoculars. Having neighbors flash you is not the right way to start the day.


Imagine you press a button in the lift, which replies with a question mark. Even the lift doesn’t know where to take you. That has to be disappointing, and it will make you grudgingly take the stairs instead. There goes your commitment to remain calm.

Reddit/ y3llowcantaloupe

Well, it’s the healthier option. Or could the question mark represent a secret mystery floor that is only accessible to certain people, and this guy might have accidentally stumbled upon that button? If that’s what happened, it must have been a close call.