The Ginger Cat Comedy Hour: 40+ Laugh-Out-Loud Images Of Funny Felines

By Ishita P

This article was originally published on funcatz

Cats are one of the cutest animals on the planet, but they can also be pretty dorky sometimes. You can often find your kitty staring at something or performing insane acrobatics. Although these activities seem weird, they make it much more fun to play with felines. Ginger cats, in particular, seem to push their brains a little harder to think up ridiculous things to do.

Hence, it’s common for ginger cat owners to find their pets either doing something outrageous or nothing at all. Their unique behavior also makes them quite famous in the online community. Often, owners post images of their ginger cats to share their crazy experiences with others. So, we have picked the top 45 photos of ginger cats doing hysterically funny things.

Knock Knock

Imagine hearing a knock on your door and checking through the peephole just to find a cat outside. This kitty seems to ask for shelter to protect itself against the freezing weather. Images like this are rare, but it perfectly suits the mysterious nature of ginger cats.

Photo by Urban_Jaguar on Reddit

The cat seems smart and knows where to look to ask for shelter. It peeks through the door hole with a pleading face, seeking help. It’s evident from the image that winter is at its peak, and we hope the cat’s request got answered and the homeowner allowed it inside.

Something is in There!

This man was inspecting the kitchen faucet for blockage when the cat turned up. Out of curiosity, it wanted to see what its owner was looking into and also wanted to lend a helping hand. Although the ginger furball couldn’t get the tap fixed, we did get this adorable image.

Photo by Jay911 on Reddit

The kitty seems to investigate the tap with such docus—as if it won’t get another meal until the dishes are clean. Nevertheless, this picture proves how helpful and considerate these cats are towards their owners. Seeing the cat in such a human-like way is so fascinating.

Sick Face

Ginger cats are good actors. They showcase their talent when the occasion arises. For instance, the ginger cat in this picture gives a great demonstration of its acting skills. The face of the cat looks like it is sick or has eaten some expired pudding.

Photo by blueberrysteven on Reddit

Its facial expression makes it seem like the cat’s day isn’t going well. But that’s not the case; the furball is just goofy. This masterful acting is one of the craziest habits of ginger cats. The closed eyes and sad face make the act truly believable.

Cat Delivery

Imagine you ordered a toy kitty or a cat statue, and this is what you got in the delivery! Ginger cats sneak in everywhere; you can find them in your toilets, bedrooms, and even your parcels. It seems that packaging companies are also now aware of this feline behavior.

Photo by mulcher7 on Reddit

Hence, they have exclusively developed this box for a cat to fit in perfectly. The container’s curves closely resemble a cat’s body outline, with a separate space at the bottom left corner to accommodate its head. So, the cat chills inside there, waiting patiently to surprise its owner!

Poop Time

The ginger kitty in this image isn’t doing anything insane but has a crazy intellect for a cat. It is smart enough to go to the loo on its own in the correct place without any guidance or instructions. The way it observes the progress of the situation is hilarious.

Photo by PrincessOake on Reddit

Every cat owner would love a self-sufficient kitty like this one. It is smart enough to take care of itself without any external assistance. However, this behavior seems to be exclusive to ginger cats—that is why they are our favorites!

Up and Above

It seems cats can now move on their own two legs! Ancient primates evolved into humans, and ginger cats are on their mission to create a new species. Jokes aside, this cat stands on its two feet to grab something above. Most likely, the cat stares at its Christmas gift.

Photo by cleecloomou on Reddit

It seems that this cat owner was trying to train their orange kitty to stand on its hind legs by holding a delicious treat in their hand. After several attempts, they finally succeeded. Thus, to cherish this achievement and capture the kitty’s beautiful pose, the owner took this fantastic shot.

Summit Cat

Ginger cats have an appetite for adventurous experiences. Thus, they strive to venture into new places whenever they can. For instance, this orange kitty has somehow reached the topmost point of the tent but does not know how to come down.

Photo by Fearless-Acadia-6613 on Reddit

The cat barely hangs onto the wooden trisection, with its face skewed to the stick. It’s difficult to say why this little creature climbed such a cramped place, but we can’t complain; after all, it’s a dorky orange cat. We hope someone gets the poor kitten down.

Hat Cat

Ginger cats are cute without any accessories, but the yellow knit cap perfectly complements this kitty’s orangish-white fur, making it appear even more adorable. Also, the way it faces the camera makes it look like a professional model posing for a pretty, Instagram-worthy picture.

Photo by jessprius on Reddit

However, the strangest part is that this cat sits and waits for its owner to click the image. Cats are usually quick and hyperactive, but this ginger kitty seems calmer, waiting for a perfect shot. This unusual feline behavior sets it apart from the herd.

Ninja Cat

Ginger cats tend to do crazy stunts like this often but don’t know how to deal with the aftermath. This cat took a daring risk and climbed to the top of the door. But now, the height of the door seems to frighten it. The wide eyes and sad face display its fear of falling off.

Photo by FranciscoEverywhere on Reddit

Cat parents often find their pets in strange places, but finding your kitty on top of the door is a rarity. So, the next time you look for your orange kitty, first check all the doors of your home. Who knows, you might find it sitting on the apex of one.


This owner bought a complete tree house for their orange cat to live and play in. But after hours of effort and a lot of resources, they finished the cat house to find that their pet had already made the box its new home.

Photo by garageofevil on Reddit

This ginger cat has very clear priorities. Without a second thought, it chose the small square box over the multiplex cat house, which probably cost its owner a pretty penny. We hope this cat owner kept the receipt. Or perhaps the cat will grow to like it.

Words of Inspiration

It seems a serious discussion is going on. The big cat is probably sharing the achievements of orange cats over the years and their history of crazy stunts. It wants to inspire the kitten through its words before the kitten starts its ginger cat training.

Photo by I-nam-Baba on Reddit

The little kitty seems pretty uninterested in listening to the elder cat. It just wants to go and play outside. But the big cat’s fierce glare freezes it in place. Thus, looking outside the window is the only option for the poor kitten!

Icey Mouse

Cats are fond of small playful things. These instincts typically help them catch small prey in the wild for survival, but even when at home, they love doing it. In this instance, this cat is trying to channel his telepathic skills. He is playing with the ice just by looking at it.

Photo by ChalkButter on Reddit

It is yet another example of orange kitties doing some crazy stuff. The cat in this picture constantly stares at an ice block on the floor like it’s a toy or prey. It’s evident that the tiny orange furball has no intention of letting the ice block go, even if it can’t go anywhere.

Scary Cat

Some ginger cats’ crazy behavior is the result of their fierceness. The cat’s reaction in the image below is a perfect example. This ginger kitty fights for the sofa as if it is the last asset, her last possession in this world.

Photo by Fancy-Stop-3241 on Reddit

As cats are from the same family as tigers and lions, they can look quite intimidating when they flash their feline fangs. The orange cat is intelligent enough to know this fact, and so he tries to scare off his owner by showing off his ferocious teeth. Growl!

Stylish Cat

Sometimes cats go out of their way to do silly things, and other times their wacky behavior is just by chance. Just look here at how this orange cat has unintentionally styled its hair. We must say, he looks very fetching.

Photo by Lam0rac on Reddit

The wavy hair combed to the side gives this kitty a unique and ultra-chic look. It really is true; ginger cats have impeccable fashion taste. So, these cats are ahead of the game, not only in terms of intellect but in all aspects.

Hanging Cat

Owners love to train their cats. They want their kitties to be strong and well-disciplined. To do so, they arrange special training courses in their homes—like the set-up shown in this picture. However, when an orange cat is involved, things are bound to go south.

Photo by catloverMD on Reddit

This ginger cat just broke the stairs on which it was training. Now, it’s stuck midway, blandly looking at its master taking a picture. Somebody get this poor chonk out of that contraption, please. And get him a treat, too. He deserves it for having that adorable face.

Fluffy and Comfy

This orange kitten is now in heaven; its expression says it all. The happiness of the cat is unparalleled. It seems that the fluffy and comfy cushion has sucked the kitten inside, and now the sweet kitty wants to stay there forever.

Photo by GreenGreenBeen on Reddit

With loosened-up arms, peacefully closed eyes, and a sweet smile, this little buddy’s expressions are priceless. The sense of joy and pleasure exhibited by this orange kitty is truly infectious. We can’t help but smile when we look at this picture.

Orange Scrub

Yes, that’s a cat, not an orange scrub. It hides behind the sink with its face pressed against the corner of the walls just to put itself out of the vet’s sight. Like most of us, this cat also seems to be afraid of the doctor’s office.

Photo by Sultry_Penguin on Reddit

Perhaps this kitty thinks that if he can’t see the vet, then the vet can’t see him. While we’re impressed at how this ginger cat used its brain cells to their maximum capacity, perhaps someone should let him know that optics don’t work like that.

Cat Carpet

You must have heard of artificial tiger carpets, right? Here’s an orange cat bringing its product to the market—the cat carpet. We know that cats are agile and flexible creatures, but this is on a whole other level. The way the cat folded its head behind its back is worth all the praise.

Photo by kooriwi on Reddit

The ginger cat in the image is just stretching, but its flexible body makes the posture look like a one-eighty-degree spiral. So, never underestimate the power of a ginger cat. Instead, if you have one at home, hire it as your yoga instructor.

Orange Trio

One ginger cat is more than a handful for one person to manage; three of them is just bonkers. Just look at how each of them is staring at the photographer. The person was probably disturbing their weekly committee meeting.

Photo by rockerbox on Reddit

The individual entered the house and unknowingly stumbled upon their discussion on the crazy future of orange cats. The plans are secret, and the cats keep staring at the intruder until the person clicks the picture and leaves. Their cold blank stares are actually quite frightening.

Frozen Face

It’s difficult to ascertain whether this cat is scared of the dried leaves or facing difficulty withstanding the cold wind striking its face. But whatever it is, the forcefully shut eyes of the cat make this image hilarious yet so cute.

Photo by nowhalle on Reddit

Although the cat stands still against the external hazard, it holds an expression like a 4-year-old kid smiling for the camera. We can almost hear it saying, “quick, take the picture, mom!” before running back into the warm house.

GTA Orange Cat

Just like humans, cats are also evolving. However, it seems that ginger cats will lead the feline community because of their extra brain cells. Unlike other cats, ginger cats have left behind old-school toys and moved on to video games.

Photo by MackHarrison3260 on Reddit

This kitty eagerly awaits the download of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to complete. Also, the way it looks at the console, it’s evident that the kitty is prepared for the game. So, even though playing video games is odd for usual cats, it is very normal for legendary ginger cats.

Finger Sucker

This orange cat loves to suck its parent’s fingers. Just look how it grabbed the girl’s hand with its arms to keep the finger in position. The cat even closed its eyes to put its complete focus on this sole task.

Photo by ScyllaOfTheDepths on Reddit

The picture is cute yet weird. This cat is big enough to let go of its childhood suckling habits, but it hasn’t. We aren’t surprised; ginger cats usually do things according to their own schedule. Age is just a number for them, and they do not restrict their activities to it.

Teasing Cat

Ginger cats are infamous on the internet for doing hilarious activities. Every now and again, they come up with a new thing that is yet to be done in the history of cats’ existence. The cat in the photo lives up to this expectation of ginger cats. It looks like it’s teasing someone with its tongue out.

Photo by gratefullydeceased on Reddit

Orange cats are smart enough to understand complex emotions and apply them to real life. Or maybe, this is just a typical ginger cat doing something kooky, as always. Whatever the scenario is, this kitty and its expression are not only funny but also very cute.

Stuck Between Doors

We agree that ginger cats are adept at doing odd things all day. Most of the activities they execute are for their own happiness and fun, but sometimes things go wrong. Just look at this cat that is stuck between two doors.

Photo by JHRooseveltChrist on Reddit

While doing some heroic act, the cat got trapped between the wooden and glass doors. Imagine you come home and find your cat stuck like this! It would be equal parts hilarious and scary. Jokes aside, we hope the cat got rescued from this crazy position.

Cat Baguette

Did you mistake this for a delicious baguette? Turns out it’s an orange cat sitting in a weird position. The cat’s head and tail are not visible here. It has even folded its legs in such a way that they seem to be missing.

Photo by Tsukiyamauwu on Reddit

The shape and color look exactly like some fresh bread, ready to be sliced. So, always make sure to check on your orange cat before cutting bread in your home. You never know; you might give your precious kitty an unintentional haircut.

Stuck Life

Orange cats are doing some crazy stunts. While doing so, sometimes they get stuck in doors and other times in mobile chargers. Usually, cats are nimble enough to quickly jump over small obstacles, but that is not always the case.

Photo by Zalack on Reddit

The kitty tried jumping over the charger but ended up hanging from it. The poor creature seems frozen, like its whole life is wrapped up in that mobile charger. Despite its precarious position, its cute, innocent face makes this image adorable.

Toilet-Trained Master

After taking this kitty to the toilet and training it for several days, it finally seems to understand the process. Recapitulating its sessions and retracing the data in its mind, the orange cat remembers that the poop should go into that hole. And the kitty does it just the way it was taught.

Photo by Cumbandicoot on Reddit

So now, this ginger cat knows the right place to do its business. Whenever it wants to use the loo, it goes directly to the toilet, so it doesn’t leave a mess for its owner. It’s amazing that these cats have the intellect to comprehend and learn new things just from repetition.

Milky Cat

Imagine you come home from work and hear weird noises from the kitchen. You rush to the room and find your orange cat plunged into yogurt. It wouldn’t be a fun experience, right? Well, that’s what happened to this guy.

Photo by AmsterdamsT on Reddit

His ginger cat slurped the entire yogurt he had stored for dinner. The feline was so excited that it not only ate the dairy item but also spread it all over its face and the kitchen floor. So, he detained the kitty, grabbing it by its neck scruff and taking it to the bathroom for a wash.

Teddy Cat

If you have never had a teddy bear in your life, you can always get a teddy cat like this one. Ginger cats truly are unpredictable. Sometimes they behave like a daredevil, while in other moments, they become as calm as a teddy bear.

Photo by voltistrem on Reddit

Just look how quietly the cat sits with its hind legs stretched forward and fore legs kept by the side. Its still posture, big fur, and neck bracelet make it look more like a stuffed teddy bear. Cuddling this furball will undoubtedly give you a sense of comfort and safety.

Pawsome victory

This little guy looks like he has serious business to share with his owner. The kitty sits upright with its front legs bone straight. If you look closely, you’ll see that it stands on the thumbs of its front legs instead of the entire paw.

Photo by slut_4_bread on Reddit

If you look, you’ll notice a dragonfly lying on the floor surrounded by the cat’s footprints. There might have been a scuffle between the two, and the cat injured its paw. However, it was victorious in the tussle and brought the dead insect there as a token of its achievement!

Bathroom Stuck

You’ll often find ginger cats in the most unexpected places in the most unforeseen conditions. They can be in your bedroom, the entry doors, or the bathroom. The person who took this image found their orange cat in the shower.

Photo by S4neeee on Reddit

The cat got locked behind the shower door. It probably wanted a warm shower but got stuck behind the glass. The sorrowful eyes with which the cat looks at the person express its heartfelt gratitude for rescuing it from the trapped space.

Weird Cat

By now, you have already explored a wide range of crazy activities done by ginger cats. We’re sure you’ll like this one too! This ginger cat gives the strangest pose of any other cat on the list. As you can see, it stretches its two hind legs toward the heavens.

Photo by TobyInHR on Reddit

You might have seen cats raising their legs and playing on the couch, but not something like this. We wonder what this kitty was trying to do; maybe formulate a new yoga pose or play a game. No matter the purpose, this orange cat is quite the oddball.

Head Fall

When we said ginger cats were amazing, we weren’t kidding. They are so talented that they can even do gymnastics. This little fella has figured out how to do a headstand. Hopefully, all that upside-down activity won’t smoosh his adorable face.

Photo by obviousmethperson on Reddit

Jokes aside, this ginger cat seems to be sleeping on its head. We don’t usually see any animals or other cat species sleeping on their heads; however, orange cats are experts at doing crazy things like this. Even the owner was surprised to see their pet’s sleeping posture and captured the moment.

Teaser Again

This one is super weird, even for an orange cat. Usually, these cats’ brains work differently from other cats. They are smarter and can process complex emotions in a similar way to humans. The cat in the picture below flawlessly demonstrates these emotions.

Photo by khutulunsrule on Reddit

With wide open eyes and a tongue sticking out, this kitty strives to mock the person in front of him. The facial expression is just as hilarious as it is adorable. His chunky little body just ups the cuteness factor tenfold.

Cats Eating Crisscross

Orange cats are adventurers by birth. Ordinary life doesn’t excite them. Thus, they tend to bring excitement to otherwise mundane tasks. The orange cats in this image perfectly display their urge for something new. They even want lunchtime to be an adventure.

Photo by Agitated-Energy4044 on Reddit

Instead of consuming from the respective pots in front of them, these ginger cats cross their necks and eat food from each other’s bowls. As silly as this looks, eating food in such a crisscross manner is a great example of their brain power.


Ginger kitties are friendly animals. They love to interfere in their parents’ day-to-day lives. These cats are typically emotional and can easily connect to the person they live with. But sometimes, this intervening nature works as a resistance—as it did in the case of this cat owner.

Photo by HeresYourHeart on Reddit

This person is trying to do some woodwork, but here’s their orange cat is somersaulting on the wooden frame. It is in for a free ride. However, this action not only hinders the work process of the owner but also puts the cat in danger.

Kung Fu Cat

You might have seen many superheroes doing hardcore stunts in movies. But let us tell you, ginger cats are better at it. Whether it’s climbing up the walls or jumping off a tall building, these stunts are just a walk in the park for these cats.

Photo by XXLame on Reddit

However, by performing this superb stunt, this ginger cat took things to a different level. The way it climbs up the tree without fear is nothing but professional. Hence, you can easily describe this cat as a kung fu champion.


Why buy a catfish when you already have an orange cat at home? The kitty in this image lies straight on the floor, relaxing after a hectic day. The way its legs hang at its sides looks like the wings of a catfish.

Photo by ChippySay on Reddit

Some cats lie on their back or sides, no matter how tired they are. But this orange cat lies flat on its stomach, forming an unusual fish-like posture. He must have had a tough day at work to be so tired.

Bad Cat

It seems that the evolution of cats has turned some of them into bad cats. They are as charming as before but are now full of attitude. Look at this fierce kitty. Even though he sits in a simple cardboard box, his personality is untouched.

Photo by Oudemaria on Reddit

With a relaxing facial expression and an arm resting on the outer flap of the box, this orange cat seems as if it’s chilling on the side of a swimming pool. Its stance exudes perfect boss-like vibes. We’re really amazed by its cool pose!

Cat Toppings

Have you ever eaten a pizza with a cat topping? If not, try this ginger cat topping. This kitty is super polite. Usually, cats are obsessed with food and have a habit of snatching it away from their owner’s platter. However, perhaps ginger cats are different in this aspect, too!

Photo by TSM45 on Reddit

They engage in their owner’s meal sessions but don’t steal away food from them. For instance, this cat sits on the other side of the pizza box, patiently waiting for its master to offer it a slice. So, if you have an orange cat at home, it will be your favorite food companion.

Cat Queen

By now, you know that orange cats have an innate talent for acting. But here, you’ll also witness their modeling skills. This kitty walks in a posture as if it’s preparing for the runway. Just look at how carefully it places its paw on the ground. No wonder why it’s called a “catwalk!”

Photo by Lauraizm on Reddit

This little lady is incredibly beautiful. Its long furs spreading from the neck to the tail add to its beauty. Furthermore, its dazzling eyes and sharp ears give it a fantastic look. This cat is a perfect candidate for the next Cat Queen contest.

Sleeping on the Staircase

Ginger cats do crazy things that don’t make sense to human minds. One example of that is this image. The kitty sleeps on the rigid staircase instead of its cozy home. It is a common occurrence for cats to leave their comfortable cushions to rest somewhere rough.

Photo by yttikat on Reddit

While this feline behavior is difficult to explain, there is probably a reason for it. Cats were wild animals that lived in rugged places—for example, this staircase. Perhaps cats yearn for the good ol’ days when they’d run amok in the wild.

Cat Selfie

It seems that ginger cats are learning to efficiently use human technologies. Some can use advanced toilets, while others can play high-quality video games. There is a lot of proof for this theory. Here comes yet another piece of evidence.

Photo by haleyluyah_ on Reddit

This ginger cat is caught on camera taking a selfie. It must have been observing its owner for a long time and finally learned to capture shots on mobile phones. Ginger cats are well-known for their weird activities, but taking their own picture is a hilarious achievement.

Die Hard

Ginger cats are typically happy-go-lucky animals that are happy to bounce from one activity to the next. But what if they got depressed? Yes, the living crisis is part of a cat’s life too. They also suffer from feelings of pain, remorse, and regret.

Photo by skyblue208 on Reddit

However, ginger cats deal with such situations differently from us humans. Their problem-handling activities have a tinge of craziness—like this kitty is getting ready to be cooked in a pan. It has lost all hope and is now prepared to be boiled with some fresh herbs.

Strangled Mustache

We always see perfect cats in online photos. They all have smooth fur, shining white teeth, and straight whiskers. They are the perfect Instagram cats. It’s a rarity to come across a cat with a rolled mustache like this orange kitty.

Photo by Jangetta on Reddit

It must have gotten the whiskers all wound up while drinking from the bowl. But now, it is unable to straighten them up. The poor kitty is not pleased with its looks and gives a deep stare at the owner for taking its picture in this state.