Home Reno Revolution: 35+ Projects to Make Anyone Grab Their Tools

By Aileen D December 29, 2023

This article was originally published on mydiwise

You can read volumes about someone’s personality from their home decor choices. Do they lean towards minimalism, or are they all about filling every nook and cranny with fascinating objects? You might find yourself inclined to one side or the other. But let’s face it, at some point, most of us get that itch for a home revamp—a little infusion of pizzazz to freshen things up. A dash of something new can work wonders, especially if it means transforming your backyard into a 10-meter pool oasis.

So, if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration for your home design, look no further. We’ve gathered up a treasure trove of over 40 of the most remarkable home makeovers from the Before & After Design Instagram account. With a whopping 1800+ posts to explore, you’re bound to stumble upon some design-spiration that’s a perfect fit for you.

Disclaimer: All of the photos in this article were taken from the same source: Before & After Design / @beforeafter_ideas / Instagram

Who Moved In

It had taken this homeowner a decade or two to figure out that he wanted in on the modernist design. Not that there was anything wrong with a one-story house. It had afforded him comfort and simplicity. But a few rooms for more guests would be swell!

We know! It’s almost hard to believe that this is the same house. It looks like there had been a complete reconstruction—the new house bearing little semblance of the modest home. With high ceilings and over three stories, you can bet this homeowner can have his group of friends over to stay.

Loads of Room

One look at this flat, and you would think there’s not much room for you and your spouse to live, let alone headspace. But, after some careful planning, the Before and After team was able to choose the right furniture that provides function and legroom for the family.

If there is anything Before & After is known for, it’s their love for natural light, neutral colors, and minimalistic design. Throw in a couple of rugs for a homey feeling, and you could curl up in the living room and spend the day reading a book or two!

No Need to Overdo Simplicity

While we believe that simplicity equates to beauty, this homeowner had taken it a bit too far. Sure, he keeps his backyard spic-and-span. But there is no need to go overboard when you have loads of room to throw a party. Give it a week, and you should have a rad backyard like this.

With a clear night ahead, guests can spend the evening watching the stars (or stars on the screen). Throw in a couple of logs in the hearth if you’re feeling a little chilly, and roast some marshmallows for the kids. Have a couple of drinks with friends and have them come over as often as you wish.

Going Retro

This homeowner had always felt like a stranger cooking in his kitchen. It simply didn’t fit his vibe. We understand. How would you feel cooking in a kitchen that didn’t feel like home to you? That’s why the team redesigned the place to make it feel homier.

Pair the wooden cabinets with a snug wooden table, some stools, and an antique sink that should remind you of your childhood. The homey colors should calm the spirit and invite you to brew a pot of tea. Throw in some indoor plants, and you have got a kitchen fit for you.

Got Any More Room

This homeowner had moved into the flat and had little time to set up the closet in her room. The least she could do was to keep it tidy. That wasn’t too difficult. She didn’t have many items to fill it with. But over time, she called the team up for some help reorganizing.

Don’t you wish your closet looked more like hers? Finding the perfect outfit for the day would seem like a breeze if you could walk past the rows and shelves and find the tee you’re looking for. With the team having organized her clothes by color, this homeowner was able to save up to a half-hour just for her morning routine.

Almost Moving Out

If you don’t set aside time to return things to their proper shelves, you might end up with a lifetime having to sort through this pile of mess. This homeowner certainly regrets it. She was tempted to move out of the place. It almost looked irreparable until the team came to lend a hand.

When they showed her to the kitchen, she couldn’t believe her eyes. How could that and this be the same room? Before handing her the mittens, they told her to try to keep the place clean. The team didn’t want all that hard work to go to waste so soon.

Fancy A Bath?

What is the first thing that you do right after waking up in the morning? Probably relieve yourself in the bathroom, perhaps? That or you might be the type to take a cold shower to get your system up and running. However, this homeowner has had it with his bathroom. It’s uninspirational and unmotivating.

Not to worry said the design team. We can have this bathroom looking like it had come straight out of an English Home magazine. They installed a more expansive sink, replaced the vanity mirror, and painted most of the walls an oxford blue. Now, doesn’t this give off the vibe of someone trim?

Takers, Anyone?

When this man brought his family to this land, they met him with slumped shoulders and sly comments. This is it? They look around, trying to find the house their dad said they would move into. But all they could see was this rusty, old container van and a great deal of mud caked on the soles of their shoes.

He had expected this. But in his mind, the design team had crafted a picturesque, modern house that the family would surely enjoy living in. Plus, it was located off the grid. He wouldn’t have to worry about his kids not knowing what it feels like to run in the backyard, or in this case, the forest.

Great Gift Recommendation

As a parent, one of the most challenging things you would have to deal with is topping the birthday gift you had given your kid the year before. Is it even possible to outdo yourself? You frown and scratch your chin thoughtfully. As it turns out, you don’t have to break the bank. All you need is a little imagination and some hard work.

Even though his kid had grown up, he could recall that she loved the nursery mobile. He could make out her face, transfixed by the unicorns and horses running overhead. Now, she can stare mesmerized at these lights every time she goes to sleep. Dad grins and puts his hands on his hips – he had outdone himself.

Which is Which

This is one of the few before and after pictures that we can’t help but debate on. Which amongst the two do you prefer? Because frankly, we wouldn’t have known the one on the left was something anyone should have worked on. It looks beautiful as is. As far as this homeowner was concerned, the team needed to spruce things up.

We shouldn’t be surprised how the team handled the challenge. They managed to deliver an impressive renovation. It looks like a room out of a celebrity’s 30-million dollar mansion. With a minimalist design, parquet floors, and a gold-rimmed mirror, anyone would be tempted to take frequent showers in this lovely bathroom.

The Word Around the Neighborhood is…

Almost every car that passes by slows down to look at the improvements done on this house. Eyes widen, and jaws drop. Before you know it, they ring the doorbell to ask the homeowner who they had availed the services from. Whoever had performed this miracle can turn any junkyard into a banquet hall.

And the best part is that it had only taken the Before & After Design team a week max! This homeowner didn’t have to put up with many strangers in the house for too long. The team quickly surveyed the house and came up with a plan they knew this homeowner couldn’t resist.

Add A Cat

This looks like a scene out of an ’80s hoodlum movie. The stairs creak to greet you, the rails are flimsy, and cardboard boxes are thrown all around the front door. You would either be begging to leave the flat or desperate to stay inside your room.

But, that is primarily because there’s minimal lighting in the room. Its owners would have to install a high wattage light bulb overhead. The other alternative is to let sunlight in by installing these glass panels and this door with a wide sidelight. Of course, add in a cat, and everything looks divine.

For Every Bibliophile

When you love someone, you can’t help but spend time obsessing over a gift fit for them. It has to be unique to their personality. And as this guy ruminated on a meaningful anniversary gift, he came across the team’s Insta page. He called the team and told them to build him a room fit for a bibliophile.

The books that had taken up space in the living room now fill the shelves of this beautiful room. You could lay a pot of tea by the side, let it steep while turning the covers of the thriller you’re reading. Prop your feet up on the coffee couch and let your imagination take you elsewhere.

Tickets, Please

How many times have you walked past something and failed to see it there? No one would look twice at this double-decker bus… at least until it had been re-purposed into a mobile home. Simply fill up the tank and ask dad to take the wheels. You could cook things up in the mini-kitchen, prep some lemonade, or spice the night up with some liquor.

One thing that we love about this is this mobile home is it uses natural light to set up the ambiance while the family has a meal. Afterward, watch rain spatter down the sides or feel the sun prickle your skin on a summer day. Just remember to wear sunblock.


After seeing this before and after picture, we couldn’t help but ask, “Why hadn’t they gotten an interior designer sooner?” Whereas before, this bathroom looked like a scene out of the Bates motel. Now it seems pristinely divine. Forget the bedroom. This is where the true magic happens.

Open the faucet, and you would hear the rhythmic cascade of water into the wooden bowl: light an incense stick and a couple of candles. Then turn on the heater just in time for that bath. With the afternoon off, you can lather up and luxuriate in a moisturizing bath fit for royalty!

Did You Hear That?

What is one part of the room that is most used for thrillers or horror movies? The Attic! That is about 50 meters of vacant space occupied by some creature of your imagination. Whereas before, this family would shiver at the sound of noises upstairs, now they can’t help but rush towards the attic for a bit of splash and fun.

It may take some adjusting for anyone. You might have become accustomed to accessing your bathroom just beside the room. But now, you have to climb a flight of stairs for some peace. On a positive note, your young children are less inclined to take the hike so that parents can have a couple of minutes to themselves.

With Its Own Shower!

With restrictions, wanderers are left to explore the beauty of the countryside. That is why this family re-purposed this van into a mobile home. It houses all the essentials – a mini-kitchen, refrigerator, bed, shelves, and most importantly, a shower! Is there any RV you know of that can top this?

Guests can enter from the side or the back. Simply slide the door open, lay your gifts on the table, or pull the back door handles and jump on that firm mattress. Any trip is guaranteed to be a bucket of fun with friends and family. So what are you waiting for? How about browsing some second-hand vans online?

Light and Airy

By now, you should have noticed that the Before & after Design team has a distinct signature style. They’re inclined to neutral colors, white paint, and some eye-catching embellishments. They are able to redesign the room and make it feel light and airy.

For this ensemble, the team had chosen sea green and teal to contrast the white space. For some splash of color, they had added that rich rug that should cause your eyes to run from the entrance to the bedroom. Now, you can feel the space spanning the length of the room.

Where the Real Magic Happens

Ask any person where the real magic happens. Most of them would grin ear to ear and whisper the bedroom. But only the naive would answer that. The real magic happens where you would expect yourself to hang the roll. Unfortunately, it’s the same room this homeowner left unattended.

We don’t know how he could spend his mornings on the throne in that cramped space. It seemed uninspiring. However, this homeowner can now put his thoughts into order after the team’s magical touch and enjoy this unrecognizable space.

Feel Like Adam and Eve Yet?

This room almost seems like a masterpiece with a great view out back and sunlight streaming through the windows. But, it was too bare for the homeowner’s taste. So the team came up with a concept. How about waking up on cloud nine? With the team’s effort, this homeowner sure did.

They were sure the home had a good foundation. So it was easy for them to consider a hanging bed. They remade the floors to better contrast the bluish-white walls and placed a white rug to serve as an eye-catcher. Who wouldn’t want to take a snooze on this bed?

Cramped Space?

Say what you can, but there are narrow limits to what the Before & After design team can do with a room. Just look at this flat. How could you build a home from it? For starters, maximize the space up top and work from there. With some woodwork and sheen, they were able to create this masterpiece!

Granted that they have minimal space to work with, the team used multi-purpose furniture. A closet and shelves doubled as a staircase, while the kitchen sink can be used as a food table. As we said, there is no limit to what the team can accomplish with a great deal of ingenuity.

Eyesore to the Neighbors

There had always been a cold war between these two neighbors. The team could slice through the tension in the air as their van pulled up in front of their client’s house. They didn’t have to ask why. But they indeed made the most of it after being assigned this project.

From time to time, they can swear they saw the next-door neighbor enviously eyeing the infinity pool. In this arid community, having this rest and recreational option is a luxury. Take a dip in the hot tub by the side of the pool, too.

Date Night?

How frequently do you take your spouse or partner on a date? Well, when this couple uploaded their pictures online, everyone couldn’t help but feel a tinge of envy. Whether it was with this picturesque landscape or the fact that they had regular date nights in it, we can’t tell.

They can walk the length of the yard and relax along the length of those cushions. When the night is chilly, they wrap themselves in blankets and spend the night outdoors. The couple doesn’t have to break the bank to enjoy each other’s company.

For the Modern Man

The only way this homeowner could tidy his bathroom is to keep it as bare as possible. For one, there was little room to wiggle around in. Second, it’s not liked he could do any upgrades on it. Or can he? Within a couple of days, the team proved him wrong.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Every essential was organized neatly in place but still within reach. Now, he can even enjoy a little aromatherapy while he takes a quick bath. And with that much lighting, he can take the time to admire himself in the mirror. This was a good call!

Unused Space

One of the things that we love about interior designers is how they maximize space. You might have a spare room or an underutilized area. How about re-purposing that into a kitchen or a dining area? Have as many counters as you can possibly have to slice and dice vegetables on.

The great thing about this kitchen is that you get to save up on electric costs. Use natural light while prepping meals for the rest of the day. You wouldn’t have to worry about ventilation either. Open the window, and any trace of burnt food should dissipate.

His and Her

After these two lovebirds tied the knot, they decided to redo the house. They were uncertain which color palette best suited their taste, so they left the team to decide for them. The team didn’t disappoint. They were able to recreate different parts of the house as they deemed fit.

Now, the couple could finish their morning routine as efficiently as possible – both staring into the mirror while brushing their teeth and taking a bath as one. Since both are lovers of eccentric designs and warm palette colors, the team decided that these designs would cater to their tastes.

Up for Dessert?

As you have seen, it would be a waste for any part of your house to be left vacant. Sure, it might take some effort to maintain its upkeep, but you wouldn’t think twice about that if you had a backyard that looks like this. Plus, you get to have friends over anytime you want.

After a delicious dinner, you could invite them outback for a couple of drinks and a conversation. Only an exquisite few get to hang out in this intimate backyard setting. And with some candles lit, you could set the mood for meditative silence or a casual get-together.

A Little Artistic Touch

Just because the team opts for the minimalist design doesn’t mean that they can’t flip the switch from time to time. They decided this bathroom needed a slight artistic upgrade. What better way to distract the eyes from the compact space by drawing it to the colorful bouquet of flowers drawn on the wall.

With that rad design, you should be able to expect a well-scented bathroom after every use. With a little help from these scented flowers or the automatic air freshener, you shouldn’t worry about leaving the room unchecked for the next user. Just wash your hands and go!

Rad Stairs

What is it about these stairs that remind us of a Friday night? Take a guess. You should be able to smell the bucket of popcorn and taste the fizz of club soda. Movie night! Remember how you would walk towards your seat guided by the soft glare of lights from the stairs in the theater?

We hadn’t even thought of giving the stairs a do-over. But, it seems that with this project, you should. There is nothing over-rated about it, especially if you could use the side as a shelf for books, photo albums, picture frames, or your game collection. What a way to impress your guests!

Doubles as a Wellness Center

If you are tight on a budget, what is the first room you would redo in your house? For this homeowner, it was his bathroom. After all, there is nothing as satisfying as a relaxing bath after a long day at work. The least you can do is create a calming ambiance.

With a couple of drops of essential oil, you should be able to take a soothing bath anytime you feel like it. In this ambiance, you’re inclined to treat yourself to an aromatherapy session, too. Use hot water for kneading your muscles cramps. Put on some music and climb into that tub.

Home On the Go

Just because we had mentioned home makeovers doesn’t mean that you need to refurbish your home to get the look. This freelance couple decided to spend time on the road with the comfort that home brings. With a bit of help from Before & After, they could re-purpose this old school bus into a luxury recreational vehicle.

So what do you think? If you’re like us, you would be tempted to find used, spacious trailers or trucks online. Think about the hundreds of possibilities at your disposal. Transform that sitting area into a living space. And spend your afternoons with your feet propped up, crossing places off the map.

One and The Same

These folks didn’t know what to make of this spare room. Should they make it a living room or a walk-in closet? Well, interior designers thought differently. How about making it into a kitchen. Put up a long counter on which you can place different plates for different courses to accommodate guests.

Now, who feels like brewing some tea? Before, people ignored this room. Now, they are spending most of their day here. Without a TV insight, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything distracting you from your morning reverie. And since the refrigerator is just to your right, this seems like the next best place to use as an office.

Just Cleaning Out the Bathroom

How often do you clean your bathroom? It’s best to do it at least twice a month. If you feel lazy, fill a bucket with water and Clorox, then pour the mixture over surfaces you want to clean. Leave it for a couple of minutes, and you should come up with a before and after scenario like this.

Just when we thought the bathroom on the left couldn’t get any better, the team outdid themselves. You have natural light passing through the window overhead and a clear view of the skies above. Just imagine how beautiful it would be to lounge in that bath at nighttime.

On A Budget?

On a budget? Don’t let that keep you from your dream house. This homeowner surely didn’t. His only resource had been steel and some shipping container vans. It doesn’t seem all too promising, but rest assured, the design team made the house look stunning.

What are the perks of having container vans as the very foundations of your house? First, you’re helping the environment by re-purposing these into a home. Second, these are cost-friendly as compared to using brick, mortar, and cement. Lastly, these things are near impossible to break.

Your Own Home Spa

How much money do you spend pampering yourself at the spa center? In a year, that could easily amount to thousands. Well, how about saving that amount of money to re-purpose your backyard into something that anyone would mistake for a wellness center.

Can’t believe it, folks? Neither can we. Oh, what we would do to kick off our shoes and take a luxuriating bath in our backyard. Place incense sticks by the side or indulge in a little aromatherapy. Dim the lights, and then rest your head by the edge of the pool.

A Little R & R

Designers state that most folks go for a vibe that provides them rest and recreation when designing the backyard. So, it is best to go for neutral color tones, loads of green space, and some warm light. We can imagine ourselves doing yoga with friends with this landscape design.

Feel the grass under your feet as you walk barefoot across the lawn. Meditate and do deep breathing. Have your kids play hopscotch if they feel like it because this space definitely affords you that luxury, too. And lastly, have friends lounge by the side of the yard.

Classy 2.0

We aren’t the type to invest much money on landscaping and home designs. But, one look at the picture below, and we can’t help but reconsider our stance. This project might cost you a couple of thousands of dollars. However, that is a small price to pay for some peace of mind.

Before, this couple only had a beer in their backyard. Now they have got a storage outback, and they can cook or grill for their friends. Dad wouldn’t have to carry the tray too and from the kitchen out back. All he has to do is take out the slab of meat, dice, and place it over the grill rack.

Got A Meeting In Two!

Anyone who used to visit this home would leave it drained and uninspired. Just look at it. There are only wisps of grass on the front yard (if you even consider this a yard). There’s a ton of debris and unused space. And the trees are nearly lifeless.

Got a meeting? No problem. Let’s call up this homeowner and have him get the place ready for the team. We can bring the projector and some snacks on the way. Lunch can be served out front, and you can have kids play in the yard where you can watch them.

Welcome to My Crib

MTV Cribs is one of the best tv shows online. You can get a free tour of your favorite celebrities’ homes; watch how they organize their stuff and get a feel of their quirky personality straight from your living room. You might even be inspired or compelled to redesign your walk-in closet.

Now, clothes aren’t thrown in disarray, and brassieres aren’t left lying on the floor. Any woman would be inspired to plan their OOTD and probably take loads of pictures of themselves before heading out the door. It only takes a few hundred dollars to make your closet look like a celebrity’s wardrobe.

Ashamed No Longer

When asked what the best part of the house was, this family would quickly answer the kitchen! After all, mom is a great cook, and dad is a lively storyteller. But, after this home design, these folks can agree that the backyard was the next best place to spend their leisurely time.

Dad had a little trouble maintaining the upkeep of the lawn outback. But now, it would be a shame if he didn’t do it weekly. The design team had revamped the space and made beauty out of what looked like a disaster. So, how does barbecue Friday sound?

Limited Space? No Problem

Is home designing worth it? For most people renting a flat, it’s probably not. With limited space, you would be tempted to stack your clothes on boxes or leave them rolled up in a suitcase. There’s just no point furnishing the room if you use your mattress at the dining table, bed, and couch simultaneously.

With a bit of imagination and loads of effort, you can transform your flat into a haven such as this. Now, who wouldn’t want to wake up with this view of the city? With the right lighting hue, you can make this small nook your study space, lounge area, or bedroom.

British Design

Just because you have cobblestones that make up your house doesn’t mean you can’t experiment every once in a while. Put your back into it. Hammer down and build yourself some open space with this minimalist design. The only caveat is that you shed some of your privacy.

But, that is a small price to pay given the lighting and ventilation this design afforded this homeowner. Now, neighbors can see if she is preoccupied, cooking something in the kitchen, or having guests over. This kitchen almost functions like a front porch.

Beat the Summer Heat

With her house having a small backyard, this homeowner thought that she wouldn’t be able to place a pool outback. But the design team convinced her otherwise. Away they went, building this knee-deep pool best for soaking and floating.

With a couple of thousand dollars, they could install a plunge pool in this small backyard. Now, this homeowner can have a suntan whenever she feels like it or make waves when it gets too hot. One good suggestion is to have a shower installed along the length of one wall. That would entertain kids and adults alike.

Leave the Light On

If you doubt the best color combination, we suggest that you go for neutral colors – black, white, gray, brown, and beige. You can never go wrong with those five. Don’t believe us? Your home would look professional and business-savvy with this simple design.

Of course, good lighting does the trick. Now, there’s more reason to leave the lights on – you get to showcase how beautiful your house is. If you are feeling like it, place high curtains on every window. That should make this home more idyllic and sensuous at best.

Got Paint?

Homeowners know how important it is to maintain the upkeep of their houses. Be it plumbing, lighting, or repainting, they must set aside a budget every year. Fortunately, people don’t have to repaint their houses as frequently as changing lightbulbs. Every 6-10 years or so, stun everyone with a home transformation like this.

Whereas before, you would blindly pass by this house. Now, people are stunned by the elegance and refined taste it exudes. To be honest, it almost looks like a house straight out of the Hamptons. As we said, you can never go wrong with neutral colors. That is what white and black does for you.