Funny Money Memes That Make Us Feel Better About Being Broke

By Farah J January 1, 2024

This article was originally published on bigmoneytime

Let’s talk about money—the one thing we all want but can never have enough of. We’ve all been there, from the struggle of saving money to the joy of finding a dollar on the ground.

Humor, if not actual coping strategies, can always capture the ups and downs of our complicated relationship with money. And that’s where memes come in! They’re like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy bank vault. They remind us that we’re not alone in our struggles, and we can all laugh at the absurdity of it all.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to LOL at these hilarious memes about money. These humor-based-on-our-pain jokes can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Whether you’re broke, ballin’, or somewhere in between, these memes will have you saying, “That’s so true it hurts.”

Rich but poor

Most of us are living a high-tech life on a low-tech budget. We can browse the internet, check our email, stream movies, and connect with our friends, all from the comfort of our homes or wherever we can find free WiFi.

Image Source: winkysocks21/reddit

This meme is a funny way of putting it, but we get what it means in practicality. It’s like having the latest gadgets but can’t afford a fancy dinner because our bank account is empty. Good thing we have the rest of the internet to keep us distracted.

A lucky win indeed 

Ah, the joys of growing up and finally understanding why people get excited about winning an appliance. It’s funny because when we were kids, we used to make fun of it, but now that we’re adults, we get it! It’s like a rite of passage. 

Image Source: Money_Muffin_8940/reddit

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love a good new appliance? There’s a certain joy in using something shiny and new for the first time. We can feel the excitement of the woman for getting to do that… without spending a dime.


We’re always told that it’s important to organize our finances, but no one says how we have to organize it. This person has a fun and quirky way of organizing your finances that all the broke people like us can get on board with. 

Image Source: shivam183/reddit

Do you organize by size, color, year, or value? The possibilities are endless with this simple yet effective way to visualize your financial situation. Forget about building rock towers by the beach; you can build coin towers on your desk.

Safe and sound 

You know you’re broke when you start seeing your money in your dreams. It’s like our subconscious minds know that we’re strapped for cash and we’ll only get a chance to see it in our dreams. It’s sad but kind of hilarious! 

Image Source: introvertsmemes/twitter

At least we can find some humor in such memes. Maybe we should start a memory bank where we can deposit all the money we dream about! Or maybe it’s time to embrace the fact that we’re broke and learn to live with ourselves.

Like the rich do 

You know you have made it in life when you can hold your laptop in one hand with just your fingers and a Dunkin’ cup in the other. We dream of having so much money that we don’t worry about our precious tech falling to the ground.

Image Source: @adriana_lacy /twitter

Just imagine having the style of Ben Affleck here by holding your Mac and being so unperturbed by the thought of it shattering to pieces. We don’t care how good your finger muscles are; they’re no match for gravity and an empty bank account.

You said it!

“Work until your bank account looks like a phone number” is a nice sentiment, but let’s be real, if our bank account looked like a phone number, we probably wouldn’t be working anymore. We’d be sipping mojitos on a beach somewhere! 

Image Source: thebestbobever/reddit

The only way we could come close to having a bank statement that looks like a phone number is without the area code, and if the cents count. Maybe, at one point, we could hope to have $10,000.00, even for a brief, shining moment.

Rich for a day

Payday, when we are rich, is like the greatest day ever. We strut around like kings and queens, swiping our credit cards like they are made of gold and treating ourselves to all the fancy things we’ve been eyeing for weeks.

Image Source: IchHuhn/reddit

This meme illustrates that payday is a cruel mistress. It lifts us to the highest of highs, only to drop us back down to the lowest of lows in two days. We feel like we’re on top of the world… that is, until the bills start rolling in!

It’s a treat day! 

It’s funny how our brains can play tricks on us like that. We are so used to living paycheck to paycheck that we forget to check our accounts and see that maybe, we actually have a little more money than we thought.

Image Source: deadTig/reddit

It’s a small victory, but it counts. We can all relate to that feeling when we think we have only a few dollars stashed away but then discover we’re ten dollars richer than we thought. Suddenly we start to feel like Elon Musk! 

Where to, sir? 

We see pictures of our friends gallivanting across the globe, and suddenly we are itching to pack our bags, but then our bank account slaps us in our faces. We hate it when our wallets can’t keep up with our wanderlust. 

Image Source: aktarulislam068/Shutterstock

This meme describes the reality of being broke. We are staring wistfully at travel blogs, imagining ourselves sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere, but in reality, we’re stuck at home. Maybe we should follow our wallet’s advice and go to work.

DIY home decor 

When you’re broke, sometimes you have to get creative with your home decorating choices. Let’s be real; with a little bit of imagination and some craft supplies, we can turn these boring disposable items into something Instagram-worthy! Don’t judge. They sure look glamorous when our accounts are empty.

Image Source: Aunshova/reddit

For example, this meme is giving us some actual ideas to decorate when we’re broke AF! Our friends might raise an eyebrow when they see our cupboard full of disposable dishes, but can we actually afford some kitchen utensils from Target right now?

Real-life FnF 

The gas prices are no joke. It’s like every time we go to fill up our tank, the price has gone up another ten cents. We’re getting to a point where we might have to start carpooling with the squirrels living in our garage just to save a few dollars! 

Image Source: MemesCentraI/twitter

We can already imagine a movie where Vin Diesel and the gang have to travel by public transportation just to get anywhere. It’s hard to be intimidating when your ETA depends on how many times the bus needs to stop.

Found you! 

Have you ever checked your funds and wondered, “Who the heck is spending all my money?” It’s a humbling experience; we are the real culprit behind our expenses and money management. We can’t blame anyone else for our financial woes. 

Image Source: stale_poptart/reddit

This meme tells us who is our worst enemy. That late-night shopping from Amazon, Zara, HM, or Target and those daily coffee runs tell us that we are our worst enemy. It’s all on us! But can we justify our purchases by saying “treat yo self”?

Windows? What are they?

The joys of being a millennial in search of the perfect city dwelling. When you think you’ve found the perfect apartment, you see the windows. Windows can make a space feel open and airy, but they can also make your wallet empty in seconds! 

Image Source: yugiohyugioh/reddit

We spend months scrolling through websites and listings only to be crushed by the reality of the real estate market. When we see the windows in a house, we’re hit with a sinking feeling in our stomach that this place is way out of our range. 

Where’d it go?

We have all experienced the classic case of overestimating our bank account balance. We think we are sitting pretty with a couple of hundred bucks left in our account, only to check our balance and realize that we’re going to be living on ramen noodles! 

Image Source: moneyhoneyrachel/instagram

These “surprised” and “shocked” expressions of Joffrey are our expressions when we check the balance of our accounts. Our brains play a cruel joke making us believe that we’re rich, but in reality, the meager $2.64 is laughing at us! 

Math going wrong 

We all go a little crazy with our credit cards, sometimes buying things we don’t need, and suddenly our bank account is in the red. It’s like a game of limbo, but instead of seeing how low you can go, you’re seeing how far in the negative you can get! 

Image Source: @bellathorne/Twitter 

After buying an expensive Chanel perfume or a Hermes bag, why do we actually “act” surprised when we see the negative balance? Maybe so it’s we are prepared when we have to call our bank to explain why our account is in the negative. 

Donate my soul 

Have you gone through these age-old questions at the checkout counter, “Would you like to donate a few dollars?” If yes, then we are sure that you will definitely relate to this meme that we are not exactly in the position to be throwing money around.

Image Source: Kerrawesome/reddit

Donating to charity is tempting when we’re feeling generous and charitable. But when our dinner only consists of a small Snickers bar, we can’t help but think, “These are my last $5, thanks! Next time, maybe when I’m rich enough to eat!”

Hidden treasure 

The sweet joy of finding money in our pockets is like a surprise gift from your past self. Suddenly the world is a little brighter, and anything seems possible. It’s like winning the lottery but on a much smaller scale. 

Image Source: sparkmoneysuccess/instagram

This meme illustrates the same happiness when you find a crumpled-up dollar bill that you had forgotten about. And who knows, maybe those extra dollars will be the key to unlocking your wildest dreams. It’s true that sometimes, the best things come in small packages. 

How would they know?

With home decor, sometimes you have to get creative, especially when you are on a budget. It’s like a never-ending cycle of DIY home decor. Who needs to buy expensive pieces when you can make something that suits your needs?

Image Source: patch47000/reddit

This meme is showing us a more budget-friendly option of using toilet paper instead of real curtains when we are broke. How would any passersby know they’re single-ply tp? Maybe they’ll mistake it for expensive and delicate blinds! Your wallet will thank you! 

The level of “broke” 

Being broke is like a never-ending roller coaster ride of financial insecurity. Our bank accounts are empty wells, always thirsting for more money. We’re so broke that we can’t even afford to pay attention! On the bright side, we’ll have some good stories to tell our grandkids one day.

Image Source: jibrilss15/twitter

We hate how relatable this is, but hey, at least we’re all in this together. And don’t feel too disheartened by this meme. You, too, can enjoy some real sizzling pieces of lobster from Google and enjoy your boiled rice in peace. 

Expectations vs. reality 

The optimism of youth is what keeps us going. We all remember those grand plans we had for our future when we were younger. When we think back to how simple life seemed as a kid, we want to either cry with regret or laugh at our own naivety.

Image Source: kbsoperfect/twitter

This is a great example of an expectation vs. reality moment. We think about our dream house in Los Angeles and a Range Rover, but one look at our finances crushes these dreams, and we have to get creative to make ends meet, like watering down the last bit of shampoo.

Out of sight, out of mind 

Nothing beats the feeling of driving down the road with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Well, that is until your car starts making weird noises. And then your smile drops more as you wonder if you can even afford to fix it.

Image Source: simplifimoney/instagram

When you’re on a tight budget, sometimes we have to endure the weird noises telling us it’s time to get our car checked out. If the sounds are too loud, a good pair of headphones should help suspend our disbelief that something’s wrong.

This seems cool 

Have you ever noticed how we always end up spending our paychecks on unnecessary stuff? C’mon, do we really need another pair of shoes or that expensive coffee maker? It’s like our brains shut off when we see our account balance increase! 

Image Source: GamezINVADER/reddit

Well, well, looks like it’s the middle of the month, and our paycheck has landed in our bank accounts. Hooray! Now it’s time to waste that money on rubbish and unnecessary stuff. What about taking a look at this billboard; Curtis looks pretty proud of himself, don’t you think?

A freebie’s nightmare 

Have you ever gone through this nightmare when we try to be smart enough by taking advantage of free trial offers but then forget to cancel the trials? Yeah, here we go again! Seems like we all are not so smart after all! 

Image Source: blueholeload/reddit

The meme here illustrates the nightmare in which we get lured in by that tantalizing “free trial” offer, but then life gets in the way, and our bank account takes a major hit. The main question is, will we ever be able to pick ourselves back up after this?

Some things never change 

Finding money on the floor is a classic moment of joy that never gets old. It’s like a little reminder that good things can still happen to us even amid our busy and stressful lives. It’s a little victory moment we can all relate to.

Image Source: Cerato75/reddit

Between finding $5 on the floor as a kid and as an adult, things never change. Sure, $5 might not be a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the little things that count, right? Whether as a kid or an adult, it’s like hitting the jackpot! 

Let’s move here 

Dads and their obsession with finding gas with cheaper rates is a lifelong quest. It is a never-ending search for that elusive deal that will save them a few cents per gallon. The joy on Dad’s face after he finds a cheaper gas is truly something to behold. 

Image Source: kazakimelody/reddit

This meme tells us the even better option. Finding cheap gas in a different country! When the dads discover this option, it’s like they have unlocked the secret to eternal happiness. And then suddenly, they are all ready to move there! 

Just do it 

Most of us cannot afford brand-name items due to our pitiful bank balance, which means we’ll have to get creative if we want to maintain our sense of style when our financial status is about as bleak as a rainy day without an umbrella! 

Image Source: yeah_its_bs /instagram

Looks like we’re in a bit of a pickle here, friends. This guy has used his imagination and resourcefulness by drawing a Nike mark on his socks. It’s time we embrace our inner designer and start creating some truly epic fashion statements. 

Putting salts on wounds 

Let’s talk about the emotional damage that comes from working for a long time but having almost no money to show for it. It really knocks the wind out of our sails. The universe congratulates us by saying, “You’re still broke, bro!”

Image Source: Lustanati/reddit

Most adults can surely relate to this painful moment. When someone asks us how long we’ve been working, we have to sheepishly admit that it’s been a decade, but we’re just as broke as we were on day one. We just want to crawl into a hole! 

Looking is free 

We all have been through such desperate times when we want to buy a beautiful and luxurious house, but our bank accounts say the opposite. We are even tempted by some discounted prices, but in the end, it all depends on our pockets, right? 

Image Source: nokia621/reddit

We get lost looking up nice houses, but peeking at our bank statement says we can’t even afford the gas money it takes to go visit. But take another look at Peter’s unapologetic confidence! Don’t worry; just looking online won’t cost you anything.

Where did the good times go

Ah, the naivety of childhood when we thought that only $10 or $20 was enough to buy the whole world. We would save every penny in our piggy bank, thinking that we were very rich. But now, as adults, life has taken a dreadful turn! 

Image Source: Underminus_Online/reddit

This meme has got us all crying. How sweet was our childhood with no money problems and endless innocence? $20 was like winning the lottery! And now, as adults, the bills come to slap us every month, sometimes snatching that $20 before we can put it in our wallet.

Back to broke 

This is the cycle of our lives. We work hard, we get paid, and then we treat ourselves to fancy food like we’re royalty. But within a week, we’re back to eating cheap salads and ramen noodles. But at least we have something to look forward to next month.

Image Source: Vitaliy Netiaga/Shutterstock and CosmicKeys/Reddit

All of us working adults can relate to this meme perfectly. On payday, we feel like we can conquer the world by strutting into a fancy restaurant like a millionaire. But then, after a few days, reality hits us hard, and we are digging through our pantry! 


“Where did all our money go?” is a classic question that we ask ourselves every month. On the first day of getting paid, we feel invincible. We get our paychecks and spend them like there is no tomorrow. And then, poof! The money’s all gone! 

Image Source: toy_who /twitter

The creature in this meme represents us all when we are asked, where did all our money go? To be honest, what answer is there other than just shrugging? It’s one of life’s big mysteries that may never be solved.


Taxes are one of the horrible parts of adulting. We work hard for our money, and then the government swoops in and takes a big chunk of it. It’s like we are being punished for being responsible adults and earning an honest living. 

Image Source: Vogue/YouTube and HBO

The difference between our salary before and after tax is exactly like these two different Zendayas! We thought we were going to be rolling in dough, but instead, the tax gives a big punch. It’s a straight-up robbery, but what can we do other than cry?

Will think about it

It’s a real adventure to look at all the expensive items while we know that we are broke. Most of us only live paycheck to paycheck, not knowing if we’ll be able to pay rent this month. But a little window shopping doesn’t hurt anyone…

Image Source: Elnur/Shutterstock

Who doesn’t want to own expensive Apple products? We all have such glamorous gadgets on our wish lists, but alas, only a few of us can afford to buy them. On the other hand, we can look up their websites freely while our bank accounts cry in the corner! 

Dads’ golden tickets 

Let’s discuss dads and their obsession with cheaper gas. This is like a continuous quest to find the Holy Grail of gas prices. They’ll drive all the way across town just to save a few cents per gallon. Dads take this penny-pinching endeavor to a whole new level. 

Image Source: _burtmacklin44_/reddit

This meme perfectly describes the feelings of dads when they find a cheaper gas station somewhere, save some cents, and get reward cards. We felt the same way when we got that shiny Pokemon card. It’s a rare but beautiful moment in life.

Universal marauders 

This is a classic grandparent move—to slip us some cash when no one’s looking. They’ve got a secret stash of money just waiting to be handed out to their grandkids. And, after all, who doesn’t love a little extra pocket money?

Image Source: hrithikbadass /reddit

This before-and-after meme of grandparents giving us money describes the heartbreaking situation when we get home with our newfound wealth, but our moms take that from us. Do moms have a sixth sense for detecting any unearned cash that comes our way?

Tight much? 

Everyone goes through the eternal struggle of hoping for a little financial relief, only to be met with a budget tighter than ever before. It’s like we are hoping for a gentle breeze to cool us down, but instead, we are hit with a full-blown hurricane. 

Image Source: defibrilator_memes/instagram

This meme of Dwayne Johnson and his tight shirt describes the situation to a tee. We make plans to save a little money here and there, but it seems like every unexpected expense comes knocking at our door, ready to take our hard-earned cash. 

Three days later 

We all know this feeling. When it’s our payday, we feel like a millionaire, going to expensive restaurants, shopping from elite brands, and strutting around like we own the place. But a few days later, our bank accounts knock us off our thrones! 

Image Source: emirr123/reddit

This meme has explained this payday vs. remaining month situation here. Every month we go through the joy and despair phases of payday. When we get our cheques, we’re living a dream, and then suddenly, we wake up with a cold bucket of reality! 

Eight is the new thirty 

Have you ever ordered food from DoorDash and felt like you needed to take out a second mortgage to pay for it? We get that they have to make a profit, but c’mon, guys, there’s no need to rob us blind. 

Image Source: bossy_boi10178/reddit

We are all this person when we find out that DoorDash has turned the simple $8 sandwich into a $30 one. Is this a feast for a king? Perhaps they sprinkled gold dust on it or something. We can’t think of any other reason to charge so much for a simple meal.

No need to announce 

Isn’t it just the worst when we are trying to deposit a meager amount into our bank account, and the teller decides to announce it by speaking out loud like it’s some kind of major financial transaction? We already feel so embarrassed, but they make it even worse!

Image Source: jgallardo514/reddit

When that happens, we’re all this guy right here. Disregard for safety aside, there’s definitely a temptation to sneak up next to the teller so they only have to whisper their questions. No one else needs to know how broke we are.

Take your time 

We have all been in this classic situation. You know, when we see something in the store and ask this dreaded question, “How much does it cost?” and when we hear the price, we have to make this sudden decision to buy or act like we’re thinking! 

Image Source: Harvest_Official/reddit

That’s when we unleash our inner actors. Of course, we know deep down that there’s no way we can afford the thing, but we gotta keep up appearances, right? So we just have to pretend like we’re mulling it over.

A daily routine 

Ah, the daily struggles of being a coffee addict! We know we should be saving money, but we can’t resist the siren call of a delicious latte. We march right into that fancy coffee shop every day like we own the place, ignoring the “abort mission” sirens in our heads! 

Image Source: ung.smmc/instagram

This meme regales the “fighting with yourself” moment. Our brain is saying, “You need this caffeine boost to function,” while our wallet is saying, “Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop spending so much money on coffee!”

Almost there!

We should take comfort in the fact that we’re not alone in our brokenness. There are plenty of people out there who are trying to make ends meet, looking enviously upon rich celebrities who are out there living their best lives. Let’s just raise a glass to all the broke people!

Image Source: ricecrackerdude/reddit

It should be motivating when a rich celebrity says that they started with only $7 in his pocket, but our meager $6 doesn’t give us any hope. Time to paint on that smile and work until we reach that seventh dollar that will be our first step to the top.

Which one is less affordable? 

We have all been in this scenario of “comparing apples and oranges.” We are standing in a store holding two items we can’t afford, and we’re acting like we’re trying to make a life-altering decision. Let’s just have a good laugh and walk away! 

Image Source: StruggleMemes/twitter

This meme gives a good laugh. We see two items we like, but we cannot afford either of them, so we resort to weighing the pros and cons of each one like we are conducting a scientific experiment. But who knows, maybe someday, we’ll be able to afford them?

Taco talk

We are all surrounded by smart friends who love to talk about investment opportunities and all that financial stuff. Meanwhile, over here, we’re struggling to figure out how to balance out checkbooks. We’ll just sit back and let our smart friends do all the thinking for us.

Image Source: hawkwolfactual24/imgur

This meme represents our true selves. Let’s be real, who has time to think about investments when we’re trying to figure out how to pay rent this month? Maybe if they broke it down into terms we knew, it’d make more sense.