Oops, They “Accidentally” Did It Again: 40 Images That Couldn’t Have Been Unplanned

By Sachin P January 19, 2024

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

When things sometimes go wrong such as accidentally messaging your love interest, the easiest thing to do is to deny responsibility and try to make it an oopsie, that was an accident moment. It might very well be human nature to try to blame someone else. “It wasn’t me. It was the one-armed man! Can’t you tell by the funny way the text was? I would never do such a thing,” you might try to say. However, there is indeed a limit to how far a story can be twisted. You’ll only land up looking foolish if you take it too far. Here are some of the more ludicrous examples we have seen, ranging from dragging a Labrador to a session with a dog-phobic Angela Merkel to claiming to have accidentally purchased a Range Rover. Nothing will convince you that these people weren’t 100% aware of exactly what they were doing at the time that they did it.


Look. We get it. The appeal of a photo that’s well-timed has a charm that not many things have. But when it comes to posting stuff like these, just say it as it is. Why go posting with a whole story behind it?

Image courtesy of sgtsandwich/Reddit

Don’t go all celebrity on your candid pictures saying that this photo was taken accidentally. You can’t even comprehend the chance of something like this happening. The probability is close to zero. The camera just snapped during the candid moments. Yeah, right.

Fall selfie

Judging by the looks of the poster, we can assume that the phone which took this “accidental” selfie while falling is a new iPhone. This would mean it would be in the range of 700 – 1000 dollars brand new.

Image courtesy of ergoegthatis/Reddit

Now, who in their right mind would be clumsy like that. Dropping a phone is unintentional, but you tend to be extra careful when it costs so much. So there’s no way that this happened “accidentally,” as this person claims it to be.

Yeah, sure! We believe you!

One of the trends that we still see on the internet happens to be the recreation of old photographs. We are not talking about digital restoration. We are talking about the trend where families or friends recreate specific old photographs in the present to compare them to the past.

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

Imagine a group of friends taking a photograph together when they are five years old. About 30 years later, they recreate it exactly as they took it when they were five. That’s cute. That’s why we don’t get the apparent lie here. Why, though?

This is a case for the Mythbusters

Everyone knows that when you take a panorama, you move the phone in the direction of the arrow, which means you move it in a linear path. Wiggle it, and the panorama gets ruined. Stick to the path, and you capture the desired effect.

Image courtesy of Ryan1sB1_ /Reddit

When you drop something like a phone from a short height, it falls straight down. If you drop it from a very high altitude, it tends to spin. So, in both cases, there’s no way it can take a photo like this.

How about that

First of all, don’t go calling women who you don’t know that well “baby” without their consent. It’s not that big of a deal to ask for it. Okay, let’s get back to this train wreck. Our boy was shaken by this response.

Image courtesy of paulblartmallcap/Reddit

He did shoot his shot, but the timing and the etiquette were all wrong. Plus, that excuse is lame as heck. Text to speech and hitting the elbow in just the right way for the message to be sent? Fat chance.

What are the odds of that happening?

Can you even imagine the technological sophistication of this lady’s phone to snap a photo like this? We used these big words to emphasize the fact that this could not have happened as she claims it to have gone down.

Image courtesy of AlwaysShip/Reddit

All that is reinforced by the fact that she blocked someone based on their sarcasm. Taking selfies is your right, and you have the power to do anything with those, especially on social media. Why go to all these lengths for this kind of attention?


We noticed that the word “accidentally” keeps repeating in these posts. As Inigo Montoya from the cult classic movie, The Princess Bride, said, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Image courtesy of safeersnaps/Twitter

How on earth do you accidentally buy what appears to be a brand new 2017 Range Rover? These things cost around 80 to 90k dollars on average. You don’t accidentally buy something that has more zeroes than some people will ever see in a lifetime.

Oops the baby did it again

If this happened in a movie like Boss Baby, we could believe it. In that movie, it’s like the babies have adults trapped inside their bodies. If that’s the case, then they have the ability to reason when they take a picture.

Image courtesy of Purple_Pistachio/Reddit

They have to observe mommy. Wait till she makes a pose. Find the correct setting and the button on the phone, and take the photo. All that from a two-year-old? Why lie? If you took a nice photo, own up.

We’ll let that pass, just this once

There is no way that this is an accident. If it weren’t a floral print pattern and were something formal like a cocktail dress, we’d believe it. We remember this one episode of Modern Family where Cam and Mitch wore the same outfit.

Image courtesy of axolotlcuddles/Twitter

Having said that, we’re somewhat jealous that we can’t have this ensemble. Just look at it. Their confidence in the swag that they have on just makes the whole thing look so fly. We really hope that these two stole the attention of everyone.

What’s she doing in the shadows?

This lady looks absolutely fine in the fur onesie. That is a solid fact. But unless she’s a vampire, there’s no way she wouldn’t notice a full-length mirror in her own house! That’s just plain ridiculous, to say the very least.

Image courtesy of DieEneBart/Reddit

The reason vampires can’t see their reflection in mirrors is because, back in the day, glass plates were backed with a layer of silver. Since vampires are repulsed by silver since it is a pure metal, their reflection cannot be seen in a mirror. What we’re getting at is maybe she thinks she is a vampire.

The phone started doing what?

Public service announcement to those who read these posts. If your mobile phone starts to take pictures of you of its own volition, maybe it’s time to get it checked by a professional. It might have spyware in it.

Image courtesy of ergoegthatis/Reddit

But the question we have is this: We do not have any right to judge anyone’s taste in fashion, but what’s with the hat in the bed? Maybe the hat is the trigger that made the phone’s camera turn on to take candid shots? We don’t know anymore.

Crocodile shame

Nearly every one of you knows the meaning of the phrase “crocodile tears.” It means tears of sorrow that stem from insincerity, like those who show that they feel sad for you when in reality, but they don’t. It’s all a façade.

Image courtesy of jamescharles/Twitter

Based on this attention-seeking tweet by James Charles, we can coin another phrase. Crocodile shame. It means feigning shame when you actually don’t just to get attention. Like the bard, we had to invent a word to describe this situation.

OMG, you two just didn’t!

Casey, you really didn’t go there! Goodness gracious us. What a coincidence! Why don’t you grab a lottery ticket while you’re out? Maybe you’ll win the Powerball at the rate things are happening. Why don’t you try your hand at a game of chance?

Image courtesy of Casey/Twitter

Look. This can happen. We do not deny that. But if you are absent-minded to a level like this, well,l you should take extra care in your day-to-day activities. Nothing about the outfit seems absent-minded, though, as it’s on fleek.

Somebody call an exorcist

There are impossible things. Then there’s this. There’s no way that this happened without any outside interference. If things start to arrange into designated patterns randomly, there is only one sensible thing to do. Run! There might be a ghost.

Image courtesy of antfro946/Reddit

Otherwise, how can you explain this happening? These pieces of cereal were randomly found in order in a bowl of milk. The levels people go to see attention stun us. There are a thousand and one things that can be done, and yet they do this.

Alexa, play “Dilemma” by Kelly Rowland

We want to play the song “Dilemma” because that happens to be the only song that explains what’s happening here. A dog can bring a smile to anyone. If it doesn’t, there’s a problem (if you’re Angela Merkel, you get a pass on that).

Image courtesy of JohnWeed4-20/Reddit

A dog can run by a window. Sure. But her eyes are looking up, which means two things. Firstly, it’s Krypto the Superdog. Krypto is a lab, so it pans out. Secondly, her house is well below ground level, like a dungeon.

How to ruin a chance all by yourself

Come on, dude. All you had to do was to play it safe. Be courteous and ask for her consent. You really went ahead and shot yourself in the foot, huh. Then you wonder why you won’t score at all.

Image courtesy of unwashedbodypillow95/Reddit

First of all, be patient. Respect the lady’s boundaries. It’s not that hard. We don’t know why most of you dudes blow your chances at the very first sign. If he had waited to see her response, his day would have turned out for the better.

Candid all day, every day

This lady right here is a beautiful woman. There’s no denying that. She could take any number of selfies she wants, and no one could say anything. It’s her life. But why parade around acting out stuff like this?

Image courtesy of friggin_scene_bean/Reddit

Then why is when they get called out, they get mad. Why are you lying about your own selfie? We really don’t understand that. If a phone starts to take selfies like this, some hacker has probably taken over it, which is bad news.

Textbook Gym Bro

All we see are pictures of weights, not the person in question actually lifting them. If the person in question actually could lift the weights in the pictures, there wouldn’t be such lame, close-up photos on his Instagram story.

Image courtesy of bombasser/Reddit

Plus, if they were meant to be private, then delete them and put them on the private account. The best thing that can be done is this: Put in the work and grind. Use your pain to get the gains. Let your hard work talk the talk.

How is this even possible

Unless you were color blind, there’s no freaking way that you’d confuse one color with a rainbow of colors. Plus, let’s just assume this person confused the blond dye with another color. There’s some plausibility in that—just a bit.

Image courtesy of steevkelp/Reddit

But how can you explain this level of dying as a mistake? Unless they just dumped a bucket of mixed dyes, there’s no way of giving a sensible explanation for this. What’s with the drama? Just say you had the hair dyed pretty. It’s that simple.

Can I get an amen!

Okay, so handsome Squidward here looks like he’s praying. Or tripping. Whatever it is, he looks like he’s in a trance of some sort, so from his side, his claim sort of makes sense. But his girlfriend looks like she heard a painfully lousy pun.

Image courtesy of cptcrunch2600/Reddit

It must have been such a dad joke that she just wanted to bury her head on her boyfriend’s shoulders in embarrassment. Or is she falling asleep? The lord does work in mysterious ways. Hallelujah! But not to this level as we’ve seen so far.

Gosh dang it Siri!

Oops. Siri did it again. Well, like most things, there’s a plus side to this mishap. She can always blame Siri and wash her hands of it, as she has done here. Or, there is a much simpler thing to do.

Image courtesy of skynomads/Reddit

She can just delete those darn messages! Why make a whole issue out of this? What happened to keeping the private business of everyone private? Why do you put your business on social media like this? Guess we’ll never know.

My goodness

Well, this is cringe-worthy. We have to admit that fact. But, we have to look at this from the perspective of the girl as well. At least the guy could have told her why he broke up with her.

Image courtesy of Zompokenator03/Reddit

But then again, looking at this message, it’s kind of apparent. If it does come down to an interaction like this, then there is no wonder why he took this action. We guess there are certain things in this world that act as a constant.

What a mistake

Okay. So, this is what happened here. The person who posted this received a message. It was from his ex, as with most things on this list. And it contained a picture of her, with her husband, holding what seems to be a marriage certificate.

Image courtesy of ebeattie26/Reddit

She followed it up by saying that it was supposed to be sent to someone else. She’s implying that she sent it to her ex by mistake. Well, it could be. But this is way too much of a coincidence to believe.

Well he clearly meant something

Looking at this disaster of a chat, we clearly take the side of the lady here. How can one send a DM without meaning to send one? There is somewhat of a process that one must stick to in order to follow through with this.

Image courtesy of thr3dimension/Reddit

The chances of this accidentally happening are pretty slim. This conversation reminds us of the exchange between Patrick and the villain Man Ray in one of the Spongebob Squarepants episodes. The one where Man Ray tries to confirm Patrick’s identity.

They have to be really careful

We do get it. Most of us can admit to the fact that we forgot food in the oven and remembered it only when it was too late and everything already burned to a crisp. What went inside pretty came out as a lump of coal.

Image courtesy of Orbital_Exile/Reddit

But even on those standards, this seems too extreme. We really do fear for their safety as this is a fire hazard that is just waiting to happen. They should really install proper smoke detectors that are actually sensitive after this incident.

Relatable? Highly doubt it

This is in no way relatable. Not even close. Relatable would be wanting to try on an outfit, looking at the price tag, and casually moving away from there. Relatable would be to start with one episode and binge a whole season in one sitting.

Image courtesy of drumforthewin/Reddit

Accidentally buying cars is in no way relatable whatsoever. No sirree. How on earth does going to buy clothes translate to buying a car out of nowhere! What’s the logical process behind this? We most certainly would like to have a look at it.

We had no doubt whatsoever!

The love you have for your significant other can be a wonderful thing. It’s a feeling unlike any other, and only a very few can come close or even surpass it in a lifetime. But this, well, this is something else altogether.

Image courtesy of Pegion/Reddit

It’s not that we’re saying that he can’t have a girl like that. He definitely could. There’s so much more to a person than just looks. But resorting to things like this can make people question the reality of the situation.

Really Logan, Really?

Who is Logan Paul? Born 1995, Paul rose to prominence in 2013 with the introduction of the social network site Vine. After Vine went away, Paul began making online videos, or vlogs, and he quickly became a hit among millions of people.

Image courtesy of Erik Drost/CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia Commons

But he started to get recognized for many unsavory things as well. He has built a reputation for himself as the go-to guy for headline-making news for all the wrong reasons. Let this be a prime example of that.

How adorable

Education is quite commercialized these days. Putting that fact on the sidelines, though, we must not forget the importance of a good education. Scholarships are a good way for the less privileged to get the higher education they deserve.

Image courtesy of mdgayns/Reddit

So, if you have the passion to study further, apply for a scholarship. Put the honest work in, and it will pay off eventually. But why would anyone defend taking a selfie by saying something like this? There’s absolutely no need for that.

Error 404: Logic not found

Just take a look at how this interaction went down right here. First, he wanted to send this person (he or she) a selfie. They made their stance known to him clearly and said no. He sent a selfie of him anyway.

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

How can saying no to a selfie mean yes to a video chat? Can he explain the logic behind that? When the answer to the video chat was also no, he started making excuses, and not a good one at that also.

Things that make you go hmm

Knowledge is power. But also keep in mind that power corrupts. And when it does, it does so absolutely. So, the best thing from our point of view is to be humble. Humility is one of the greatest assets a man can have.

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

Armed with humility, you can use your wealth of knowledge for the betterment of yourself and others because we rise by helping others to stand up. This, on the other hand, sounds like someone bragging, which can lead to people questioning the credibility.

Oh dear…

Well, this is quite uncomfortable. We hope the one who initiated this conversation really did stop at that. We sure hope he didn’t continue this conversation when there is an apparent lack of interest from the other party. Yeesh.

Image courtesy of c***hands/Reddit

But, if the one who started this convo stopped continuing it, it means that they respect boundaries. It’s actually a very good thing to be aware of. No one wants to endure and live through a cringe-fest. So, always be on the lookout for signs.


Again, another example of boundaries. Here, in this example, we see that the initiator of this conversation wants to ask another person out to see a boxing match. The other person has to turn it down due to personal commitments.

Image courtesy of MisunderstoodToast/Reddit

The initiator of the conversation understands this and finishes the subject at that. Very good. Oh, so we are led to believe. Not going to lie. They had us in the first minute. Is owning up that hard? Wouldn’t owning up save all this cringe?

Why so serious?

How can one person message another person out of the blue and ask them if they want to make out? What level of warped fantasy are they living in? This is not some video game where you can bend reality to your needs.

Image courtesy of saint-cardon/Reddit

Seriously though. Never ever do things like these. Firstly, get to know the person in question. Communicate clearly. Only through good communication and common decency can you build a good connection with another person. Not by jumping on them like this.

We think you’re missing the point here

Well, the bill tends to be expensive when they’re paying through their nose to live in a suite. Plus, they’re being quite descriptive on how the expenses are divided. Three bedrooms, a living room, two baths, and a balcony!

Image courtesy of itelluhwhat/Reddit

That’s basically a house—a house which is comfortable enough for five people. We get the idea that this person might be by themselves, so why spend so much on unnecessary things? In this day and age, it’s best to save some money.

Bed bug paparazzi

We can’t even comprehend how this picture was taken if they were fast asleep. We stand behind the fact to let people enjoy things and don’t go criticizing something they do. But this is just plain farce. Just look at it.

Image courtesy of 6ixice/Twitter

Who knew that bed bugs had the brain capacity and the level of digit dexterity to operate a smartphone? Who knew they had the sense to understand what to do the exact moment they fell asleep? Man, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

That’s one way of doing it

What are the odds of two bikes that are for sale on an online platform having the exact same sales image with the exact same background down to the last detail? Unless it’s intentional, there’s no way that it’s not intended.

Image courtesy of Aiming16/Reddit

In other words, which is pretty obvious, the buyer wants the seller to reduce the price for this bike. Otherwise, the buyer will buy the other one. Doesn’t the seller get the hint? Isn’t it easier to be upfront about a price reduction?

Bad host

One of the most important rules of hospitality and tourism is sticking to the price. If two parties agree on a price for a service whether it’s verbally and in any form of writing that’s accepted by both parties, one can never back out it.

Image courtesy of atlasduck/Reddit

So, what this host is trying to do is utterly disrespectful to the client. Once a price is agreed upon, and if it’s done properly that follows the guidelines, then both parties must adhere. That’s how to do proper business. Not daylight robbery.


Shopping can be a wonderful experience. But, for it to be fun, you need to sort of plan it accordingly. Once you do that correctly and once everything falls into place, it sure can be enjoyable. But what in tarnation has happened here?

Image courtesy of Reddit

This person wrote it in a fictional language. Not just any fictional language like Dothraki or Sindarin or Entish. This happens to be the Falmer language spoken by the Snow Elves in Skyrim. It’s pretty cool if this person knows Falmer. How can they say they did this by accident?

Be straight up

Being a wingman is an honored position among men of all ages. But, it has to be done respectfully to the partner with no disrespect or discomfort inflicted knowingly or unknowingly. Correctly done, it can be a fulfilling experience.

Image courtesy of majka7279/Reddit

But this? This is not what we said earlier. If this guy wants to ask this lady out, why can’t he ask her directly and politely? Why does he have to go in this direction? Maybe things would have changed if he had some sense of decorum.