Simpsons In The Flesh: AI Reimagines Our Favorite Animated Family As Humans

By Liezel L

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Everyone’s most beloved yellow-colored family, The Simpsons, may act, talk, and dress like humans, but we all know they are just fictional characters. They might have said things we relate to, but that’s where it ended. As kids, most of us never even wondered what they would look like if they were human, but now we know because of AI. 

Since its rise in popularity, AI has given us fresh perspectives on things we had previously accepted as is. This includes a new look on some of our favorite animated characters. Many have tried humanizing the look of these characters, and while some are pretty cool, others turned out a little bizarre. Get to decide which it is for The Simpsons as you go through these reimagined looks of the family. 


Everyone can recognize Marge Simpson from a mile away thanks to her vibrant and iconic blue beehive hairdo. On the surface, she might seem like your typical nagging mother and wife, but underneath that towering hairdo, she is a woman with a big heart and artistic flair. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

However, while Marge is certainly filled with maternal love, she has a streak of rebelliousness in her, which we think this AI-generated image captured perfectly. If there was a live-action adaptation of The Simpsons, this character would fit the bill.


Despite her young age, Lisa is the brains of the family. Whenever we see her, she’s either crusading for justice or serving witty quips to random people, including her family. She’s also one of the most relatable characters, especially when she gets frustrated with the other Simpsons. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

One of the best things about Lisa, though, is her innocence. She’s us when we were younger and still a little naive to the ways of the world and its complications. That’s why we think this image is a great reimagination of Lisa in real life. That feature is captured quite well!


The Simpsons would not be what it is without Homer. The donut-loving head of the family is one of the funniest characters. From his hilarious escapades to his iconic “D’oh!” he never fails to deliver the laughs on the show. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

While this AI-generated image of Homer was a good attempt, we think they could still lighten him up a little bit to capture Homer’s persona. This man just looks a little too serious for Homer, especially with that thick beard. 


Bart Simpson takes after his father in so many ways, but most especially in the mischief and humor department. Springfield never knows what this kid will do next, and that doesn’t always go too well for everyone, especially Principal Skinner. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

Bart’s mischief is what makes him so lovable, though. From his creative pranks to his “Eat my shorts!” catchphrase, he never fails to make us laugh. And while this kid in the picture might look too serious for that, we think he can switch it up in a snap, much like Bart! 


Maggie can barely walk and is always stuck with a pacifier in her mouth but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t live up to the adventures of her family. Some days, she’ll simply be sucking on her pacifier on the side, but other times, she’ll be the one saving the day. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

Even if Maggie gets into trouble, we don’t think anyone can really get mad at her, especially if she looks like this in real life. Her innocent soul just shines through those big eyes. Plus, kids also tend to have tons of lovable mischief in them that’s simply irresistible. 

Principal Skinner

Whenever Principal Skinner tries to discipline the students of Springfield, you can always expect comical chaos to come rushing right after. Although the man might look the part and certainly know all the rules, he is simply hopeless around them. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

This guy looks like a principal, but we’re not sure if he’s what we’re looking for in a character meant to play Principal Skinner. We don’t feel any of that goofiness that Skinner has. It’s even hard to see that stupid smirk of his on this bloke. A redo might be a good idea.

Grampa Simpson

Grampa Simpson can often be a comic relief character in the show, especially with his moments of forgetfulness and weird behavior. But he’s also pretty sweet. In his moments of clarity, he even offers the family great pieces of wisdom. 

image courtesy of hidreley/Instagram

Who doesn’t love Grampa Simpson? He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t even need to try to make people around him happy. As such, we think this guy in the picture would play that part perfectly. People would love him instantly, that’s for sure. 

Nelson Muntz

Nelson is your typical bully. He acts all tough and strong, and he always seems to want to torture his classmates, but underneath all that, he’s simply just a kid. And well, he’s still got tons of things to learn.

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

If The Simpsons was ever to get a live-action film, this kid would be perfect for the role of Nelson. He has that perfect grimace, and we can easily see him doing Nelson’s classic catchphrase of “Ha-ha!” Casting directors should use this image as a reference.

Mr. Burns

In every show, you need a villain, and in The Simpsons, that’s Mr. Burns. His money-driven schemes and complete disregard for the well-being of others often lead to chaos and trouble in Springfield. That doesn’t mean he’s pure evil, though. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

The man in this picture looks a lot more terrifying and intimidating than the actual character, so we’re not convinced it’s a spot-on reimagining. If they wanted to make a more serious version of The Simpsons, though, this guy would be a pretty good villain.

Ralph Wiggum

Ralph might not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but his endearing cluelessness and innocence make him a show favorite. He’s also one of the characters that doesn’t have to do much to bring laughter and warmth to every scene he’s in.

image courtesy of hidreley/Instagram

Sure, improvements can be made, but we think this kid in the picture would make a great Ralph. Those huge eyes convey so much innocence in them. If this kid can do a proper delivery of Ralph’s one-liners, that would be the cherry on top.  

Chief Wiggum

Much like Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum is the kind of guy who really doesn’t know what he’s doing. They both have good intentions, though so you can’t really hate them. What’s more lovable about Wiggum is his friendliness which adds a lighthearted touch to the show. 

image courtesy of FrienlyAndFree/Reddit

However, we’re not sure this image does Wiggum justice. Yes, he’s a big guy, but this dude is a little too big. They didn’t have to exaggerate his features this much to get that goofy persona across. The chief’s lovable personality would have been enough. 


This pic is so accurate that it’s actually a little disturbing. It’s Moe to the tee! We can already see the smirks and hear those witty quirks that always make us laugh from one of our favorite characters on the show. 

image courtesy of hidreley/Instagram

While he might not look like a huge softie, Moe has that side to him. Even in times when his love life is in disarray or his businesses go awry, he never fails to cheer us up. His friendship with the family is also quite heartwarming to watch. 

Edna Krabappel

Whenever we hear one of Edna’s witty lines, we always wish we had her sass. She brings a special brand of wit to Springfield, and she’s not shy about adding a healthy dose of sarcasm to her teaching duties which we absolutely love. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

Unlike the other pictures in this list, we think AI made Edna look a little too cheery here. This woman looks like the kind of teacher who is always excited about everything. We need more sarcasm and maybe a touch of desperation to get Edna perfect.

Milhouse Van Houten

Milhouse often gets dragged into Bart’s wild adventures as his best friend, but he also has his own charm. Not only is he a little awkward, but he also has a way of attracting trouble and hilarious chaotic situations often.

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

This image is a perfect rendition of his character. That classic light blue hair and those red-rimmed glasses are a huge part of it, of course, but the overall image is also quite accurate. It’s so on point that it’s a little jarring.

Ned Flanders

Ned is just a bright ray of sunshine in Springfield. You will never see a day when he looks like he’s down on his luck. This perpetual sunny disposition is usually a constant source of amusement alongside the Simpson family’s antics. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

While Ned may seem a little naive, it’s all part of his lovable character. While coming up with an image to embody his character might’ve been challenging, we think AI did a spot-on job with this one. We’re almost certain he’s going to utter one of Ned’s silly catchphrases anytime now!

Waylon Smithers

Poor Smithers is always the one who’s left to pick up after his diabolical boss, Mr. Burns. And no matter how ridiculous his boss’ plans are, he remains the ever-loyal assistant, which makes for numerous hilarious moments for the show. 

image courtesy of hidreley/Instagram

The man in this photo is the perfect fit. He has the right amount of geekiness and an air of a bit of naivete that’s perfect for the character. He also looks a little like the actor who plays Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, so that’s a plus!

Fat Tony

Fat Tony is the kind of guy you have to watch out for because of his colorful language and dangerous charm. But when you’re on his good side, you have a great ally up your sleeve. Fortunately for The Simpsons, they’re more or less on his nice list. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

The family’s encounters with Fat Tony’s illegal enterprises often lead to comedic relief. His quips and voice also add so much humor to his scenes. We think this picture just nailed it. They even got the facial expressions to the tee!

Sideshow Bob

When it comes to Sideshow Bob, you never know what he’s going to do next. The erudite yet maniacal character always keeps us on our toes with his villainous plans. But that’s what we love about him. He keeps things interesting. 

image courtesy of

Unlike Mr. Burns, however, Bob doesn’t immediately look like a villain. He actually looks friendly at first. In that regard, AI got it right. While the guy in the picture might look nice, he does have a sinister glint in his eye and smile. 


The Simpsons might be an animated show, and many might think it’s for kids, but characters like Barney make people think twice about that. This guy loves adult drinks a little too much, and the creators don’t necessarily hold him back. 

image courtesy of

He is one of the characters that add so much color to Springfield, though, so we can’t help but like him. This picture is a spot-on recreation of the character. We can practically hear his signature belch and memorable lines. 


The line “Thank you, come again!” will never be the same again once you hear Apu from The Simpsons say it. The way he says it will just stick with you for all the right reasons. Aside from that, the mishaps that plague his business ventures are just hilarious. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

This AI reimagining makes Apu look a little bit younger than he is, though. But besides that, it’s a great representation. AI got his big eyes and toothy grin right. He also looks ready to take on Springfield’s craziness with the flair of a resident convenience store owner. 

Groundskeeper Willie

Though this picture makes Groundskeeper Willie look all serious and terrifying, every scene he’s in is actually very funny. From battling malfunctioning equipment to showing off his hidden talents, the man hides a quirky charm that will make you love him. 

image courtesy of

Willie’s exterior is rough, however, so this AI-reimagining is quite understandable. In fact, the man in the picture does radiate that surly aura that Willie’s known for. It makes it all the more hysterical when he suddenly encounters unforeseen mishaps. 

Dr. Hibbert

Dr. Hibbert is an awesome doctor and is always a pleasant and cheerful character. More than that, though, he’s also a great source of comic relief on the show. More often than not, his medical advice takes a backseat to his humorous and entertaining anecdotes. 

image courtesy of trh_ai_art/Instagram

With that, the doctor’s real-life counterpart should also look friendly and maybe even a little too cheerful. That’s what makes this AI-generated image just right. The smile, the twinkle in his eyes, the warm aura – that’s Dr. Hibbert, alright. 

Krusty The Clown

Krusty is a beloved and colorful fixture in Springfield. With his distinctive laugh and slapstick comedy routines, he delights everyone and doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Behind all that makeup, though, is a complex character with plenty of struggles. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

While this AI-generated image might’ve gotten his makeup right, it might’ve focused more on his darker side than the side we see on the show. He looks like he would fit right in with Tim Burton characters! Well, a Tim Burton-style The Simpsons doesn’t sound too bad.


Lenny’s charms lie in his witty remarks and amusing anecdotes. And while he does get in on the adventures of Homer and Carl, we haven’t seen him do anything too crazy. In fact, he’s the one who adds a touch of realism and relatability to the show. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

That’s why this image is a little jarring. This guy looks a little crazy, and a little too far from the Lenny we know. Then again, maybe that wasn’t the Lenny AI was going for. We’re not sure we like that direction, however. 

Maggie – Again

We all know Maggie as this little bundle of joy with her energy and endearing pacifier-sucking charm. So we never imagined her as a sad-looking little girl like the one in this picture. That child looks precious but a little too sad and even creepy. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

We think this AI has been programmed to put a darker twist on the characters though. If that’s true, then this Maggie is just perfect. With her big blue eyes and that little pout, we can definitely see her still being a star in an alternate version of The Simpsons.

Comic Book Guy

As his name suggests, Comic Book Guy is your go-to person for all things nerdy in Springfield. His comic shop The Android’s Dungeon is a hub of all things collectibles and references. He also has an affinity for critiquing life’s absurdities.

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

He’s another one of those characters that make Springfield a lot more colorful, so we think this AI rendition of the character was put together quite well. He has both that socially awkward and quirky look that we were looking forward to.

Grampa Simpson – Again

Grampa Simpson has more things to say about everything and anything than Bart’s skateboard tricks. Once he starts his rants with “back in my day…,” you’re in for an earful! But he’s been around since dirt was invented so let’s give him a break. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

Despite his eccentricities, he’s still a lovable guy and what we’re getting from this image is just sad and depressing. While we know this might be closer to reality, it’s not the Grampa Simpson we know. Plus, we wanna laugh with him, not feel bad for him!


Otto is the kind of dude who gets along with almost everyone despite his offbeat conversations and off-kilter antics because they just add to his charm and humor. His knack for odd jobs and unexpected depth also add to his comic relief moments. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

Unfortunately, we don’t think the suit and tie look fits this guy. It just makes him look like a sleazy man in a suit and that’s not Otto. AI would’ve done him better justice with his usual crazy hats and shorts. That’s a big part of what makes him Otto.

Kent Brockman

Kent Brockman perfectly embodies modern media’s quirks and sensationalism. He often conducts himself with gravitas and comedic exaggeration which isn’t far from what we see today with some people on TV. But at least for Kent, he lives in a fictional world. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

This image captured the man quite well. From the white hair to the suit, it’s a good likeness. However, we think it would be better if the man in the image was smiling so as to bring him closer to the character’s original look. 

Mr. Burns – Again

Mr. Burns is your typical tightwad. Just by the sound of his voice, you’ll know that he’s very much like every villain out there who wants to turn the world into a huge cash bin. But of course, the show needs a villain and he’s the man fit for the job. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

This image might’ve been perfect if the man didn’t look that positively cheery. While he does have Burns’ smile, we hoped his eyes would at least look a little more sinister to truly emulate that villainous aura we’re all so familiar with.

Homer – Again

Homer might seem like he’s clueless most of the time and he probably is, but he is still a good dad. He puts in a mighty amount of effort for his kids and he’s always there when they need him. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

This image is pretty much the Simpsons patriarch in real life. The AI got the huge eyes and the shape of the head right. We also love the goofy expression on his face and that blank stare. That’s Homer alright. 

Marge – Again

With a voice that can both calm your worst fears and summon tornado warnings, the matriarch of The Simpsons is the person who holds them together even when the antics of the family threaten to pull them apart. Mom’s usually have that superpower.

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

Marge is both fierce and nurturing and this picture gets that look spot-on. We can say that it’s an upgrade too, especially with those peepers. They are gorgeous! If only the cartoon version had them too, that would be amazing. 

Ned Flanders – Again

This guy’s mustache is a true champ. It looks like it can cut through any awkward situation faster than a hot knife through butter! It’s very fitting on the character too. Ned is simply a ray of sunshine acting like a walking, talking bulletin. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

This rendition is absolutely right on the money. We love that they kept the mustache as it is because that’s one of the things that distinguishes Ned from the rest. Without it, he’s not really Ned. The blue eyes really suit the character too.

Troy McClure

Troy’s portfolio is an extensive one. From educational films to infomercials, he’s been in all of them. With his exaggerated charm, he could probably get into everything. We love how they made him into a hilarious commentary on Hollywood’s vanity and absurdity. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

If Troy were a real person, this image would come pretty close. We can already imagine him flashing his signature smile and uttering one of his iconic catchphrases. The hair might seem a little too much, but we’ll let it slide. 

Lisa – Again

Despite being a kid, Lisa is almost always the voice of reason in her chaotic little family. She often helps solve any kind of trouble with her wits and smarts. She also has quite a big heart making her all the more lovable. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

We love this image that AI came up with. Not only does the kid look smart and witty but she also has Lisa’s innocence and sweetness pat down. We can already imagine her coming up with a witty comeback or reminding her dad to eat his veggies. 

Bart – Again

Bart pretty much takes after his father, especially when it comes to creating chaos wherever he goes. But while he may be a bundle of mischief, he’s got a penchant for adding humour to it too so nobody really gets mad. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

Just from the smile, we can already tell that this AI-produced image is a perfect real-life version of the character. You can even see that glint of mischievousness in his eyes! If they ever find a kid who looks like this to play Bart in a live-action film, it would be perfect!

Milhouse – Again

Milhouse is Bart’s sidekick and the poor kid often gets dragged into all the trouble Bart gets into. But he’s a loyal friend and he never leaves Bart’s side no matter what. Add that to his awkwardness and you’ve got a lovable character right there. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

The kid in the picture looks a lot older than the character though. If you put him side by side with the Bart renditions, he could easily pass for Bart’s older brother. Aside from that though, they got the hair and eyebrows right. 

Nelson – Again

Nelson’s snarky grin and his signature “Ha-ha!” can send kids cowering in Springfield but it can also make you laugh. Combine that with his ‘rebel without a cause’ outfit and his hairdo and well, you’ve got a character to always look forward to. 

image courtesy of hidreley/ Instagram

While the kid in the image does bear a resemblance to Nelson, especially with the hair and his nose, we thought he could have looked meaner. This kid looks plenty nice to us and we couldn’t really imagine him being the bully Nelson is.

Ralph – Again

One moment Ralph is a big ball of confusion sitting in the corner then the next, he’ll be like some kind of enlightened guru spouting poetic musings that can be extremely profound. He may be odd but that kid packs wisdom too.

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

Unfortunately, we don’t think the AI got that side of Ralph quite right for this image. While his physical features bear a resemblance to the character, he doesn’t give off the vibe that Ralph does. He also looks a lot more serious than the Ralph we know. 

Smithers – Again

With Smithers’ loyalty to Mr. Burns, we suspect he even irons his socks! He is the kind of guy that makes your average fanboy look like a simple acquaintance. Mr. Burns is lucky to have a guy like Smithers around. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

The man in this picture does not look like Smithers though. Or at least the present one we know. This might be him when he’s 50 sure but not his age in the show. The suit does look okay though.

Fat Tony – Again

You can’t deny that Fat Tony is suave. He is not your ordinary neighbor and he’s probably got more shady dealings than Bart’s antics. That’s why it’s best to always be on good terms with him rather than get in trouble with him. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/ TikTok

This picture screams that side of Fat Tony. He’s clearly the boss and you can tell that he deals with illicit activities. If there ever was a live-action film, we hope they get the casting as good as AI did with this picture.

Groundskeeper Willie – Again

This guy has more Scottish pride in him than a bagpipe and everyone knows it well. He can be pretty grumpy but there are moments when other sides of him peak out like when his extraordinary and unique talents come out. 

image courtesy of Milan Jaram/TikTok

The AI got Willie’s wild hair and whiskers right. However, we think the guy in the picture is a little too cheery and preppy. Who knows? It could be his twin who went to another school and turned out different!