45 Wedding Cake Fails That Turned What Should Have Been A Sweet Celebration Sour

By Daniella C January 7, 2024

This article was originally published on brideliving

Marriage is always a delicate subject, mainly because there are several preparations involved that one needs to think carefully about before making any decisions, so there is no regret in the future. Also, budgeting is always a touchy subject because often, a wedding costs more than we are willing to pay, and we end up having to compromise on something.

If you contract with a company that will provide everything from the venue to the food, you don’t have to worry. Trust the contracted company. However, if you hire each service separately, such as venue, flowers, decoration, food, and cake, you need to become familiar with each supplier to make sure you everything is properly in place.

And whatever your decision, pay extra attention to the cake, so that on the big day, you don’t have an unwanted surprise. We have brought below 45 wedding cakes as a warning of what happens when planning goes inevitable south. We hope you are not left with the atrocities below!

Next time, it’s better to spell it out.

There was a small communication error between the person who made this cake and the bride and the bride, and the result was disastrous. Instead of writing “trust,” the baker wrote “thrust,” which has nothing to do with the message the bride and groom wanted to convey.

Image courtesy of gold-silver.us

But as the words were written in white, which is the same color as the cake, certainly not all the guests noticed. However, it’s day-to-day. Always make sure that the message was, in fact, understood correctly, even if you have to spell it.

Play or marry?

This bride and groom wanted the most sincere cake possible, and for that, they decided to show their personality of each of them through a cake. We have to say that it is not the most conventional, but the creativity is there!

Image courtesy of florispaghett / Reddit

He is trying to play Roblox. However, she is the poor bride who came out as the villain of the story. That’s because she appears to snatch her fiancé from his favorite hobby. But we can’t blame her. It takes two people to have a wedding.

What counts is the intention.

Choosing godfather and godmother is serious, mainly because they are the ones who will take care of our kids god forbid something happens. It is common for the couple to order cakes just for the godparents, as a form of thanks.

Image courtesy of kenh14.vn

This groom, for example, ordered a cake to give to his godparents as a pre-celebration, but the result was disastrous. The cake looks nothing like the inspiration, starting with the bottom layer that’s missing. But the worst part is the bow on top of the cake!

Just do it!

Ordering a cake is complicated. We need to trust the baker who we’ve given the task of making our wedding cake. Also, when giving instructions, the best way to do it is in writing so that the baker can read the message and make sure they understand it correctly.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Unfortunately, this couple must have ordered the cake over the phone because the result was disastrous. However, we’re sure that after the initial shock of seeing the cake, the bride and groom had a good laugh and the guests had a lot of fun with this unexpected surprise.

Why are you getting married?

Communication problems are very common nowadays, but the situation is even worse if there is no fix and the error is permanent. This, unfortunately, was the case with these newlyweds, who ordered a cake through a failed phone call, and the result of the small disagreement was disastrous.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ u/B_t_g_g_f

In fact, the confectioner should have asked the bride and groom again if that sentence was right, but he must have forgotten and just wrote this unusual sentence. The problem is, the bride and groom will never be able to forget that little big detail every time they look at their wedding photos.

Together in the clean or in dirt.

This couple loves to practice off-roading, which for those who don’t know, is a type of sport that can be practiced with cars, motorcycles, and even trucks. The bride and groom decided to represent this on their wedding cake since it’s oh so dear to them.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The cake was really beautiful and well-decorated. The top has two hearts that represent the couple. Another very interesting point is the mud on both the top of the cake and on the wheels of the cars, which was very realistic. Too realistic.

Bye, bye, cake.

The bride and groom’s favorite candy was the profiterole, which is why they wanted it served at their wedding party. However, instead of ordering the sweets, they decided to have a cake made where the top part was constructed only of profiteroles

Image courtesy of snow412.info

However, the problem was that the bride and groom did not expect that it would take so much caramel to be able to stick them together. The knife was not able to break through the caramel lines, so it went tumbling. But we have to confess, the pictures turned out pretty funny.

Only carnivores.

Let’s be honest. Who here doesn’t like a good barbecue? These newlyweds not only love it, but cooking is one of their favorite hobbies. With that, they decided to order for their wedding day a cake in the shape of steak.

Image courtesy of nikdahl

We hope there aren’t any veggies at the party because staring at a steak-shaped cake sounds very torturous, but worse than that is eating it. But if it’s any consolation, there’s nothing wrong with that because it was probably a strange experience for the person who made it.

That was close.

Theoretically, this was supposed to be a beautiful cake, but thanks to the hour of traffic the baker had to face to deliver it, it arrived all destroyed. In such a terrible situation, it is difficult to even find words to express what you are feeling.

Image courtesy of LunchInABoxx / Reddit

And not having a cake to celebrate is complicated, because the cake is a traditional party item and all the guests wait for it. We just hope the newlyweds managed to come up with a solution to this complete disaster.

What color is this?

This cake was theoretically supposed to be all gold. However, for some mysterious reason, the pastry chef couldn’t get the color right and what should have been gold turned out to be green. But the worst part is this shade of green isn’t even close to being pretty.

Image courtesy of wflancaster19 / Reddit

How did the confectioner manage to achieve this color? Gold seems to be a simple color obtain and very common nowadays. Perhaps the pigmentation had some sort of reaction with some element that was used on the cake. However, apart from the color, the cake also doesn’t seem to be very well structured.

Don’t wait for me to sleep.

One of the coolest things about wedding parties is the decorations placed on top of the cake, and the best part is that they can be sculpted according to the couple’s desire to represent the personality of each of them. In this case, the bride and groom were very sincere.

Image courtesy of Keithsheath / Reddit

From the photo, it is possible to see that the groom is the opposite of the bride. He’s a homey person who prefers to have a good night’s sleep than go out for drinks. In addition, the richness of details, such as the groom’s underwear and chest hair, is very impressive.

Only for the closest.

Weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic were quite interesting, as the bride and groom could not have the traditional parties, and all types of celebrations were restricted only to the closest family members. But this couple didn’t seem to be disappointed by the lack of a proper celebration.

Image courtesy of forgotten_weasley / Reddit

They steered away from the traditional and had a very small wedding party just for their relatives. However, the main attraction of this party was certainly the cake, because the bride wanted cake to represent their favorite food: a hamburger.

Disaster in the form of a cake

This cake was supposed to be beautiful due to its simplicity, which theoretically makes it easy to make. The problem is certainly in the choice of professional who executed the cake. It seems that he couldn’t do anything right, starting with the fondant.

Image courtesy of demilked

We hope the bride and groom managed to fix it up before the party or at least managed to hide the broken parts so the guests wouldn’t notice. However, you will always have the photos to remind you of this sad event.

A somewhat unusual tribute

Honestly, we can’t imagine what went through this couple’s mind when they ordered a toilet paper-shaped cake for their wedding. Their excuse was that toilet paper was one of the most requested items during the pandemic. But, still. A wedding cake??

Image courtesy of LaMerMerci / Reddit

The cake was a way to honor the amount of toilet paper they used during the Coronavirus outbreak. However, the occasion does not seem ideal for this type of tribute. Mainly because the photos will be eternal, and in all of them, it will look like a cake in the shape of toilet paper.

Almost an enchanted forest

This cake is sad, and everything about it is wrong! First, the cake should be square, but the baker decided to make it round. Second, what should be a dark brown looks like mud. Third, the cake should have four tiers.

Image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

The baker even tried to fix it by putting flowers on top of the cake, but that only made the situation worse because they are so badly placed that you can see the beginning of their stems. However, what the baker managed to disguise well is the fact that the cake is crooked.

Worse than reality

To opt for such an unusual cake means either the bride or groom is a tire repairman, car mechanic, truck driver, or something like that because there is no other explanation. But worst of all, the baker couldn’t even get close to the original cake.

Image courtesy of Unik0rn / Reddit

There are two glaring differences between the two cakes and the first is that the cake on the right is tipping over and cracking, and the second is the absence of the white flowers that give a more delicious look to an already raw cake.

A castle or an igloo?

These newlyweds chose a very unusual theme for their wedding party: fairy tales. That’s because they wanted to make a metaphor between fairy tales and their own love story. And there’s nothing better to represent a fairy tale than a castle, which was exactly the inspiration for the cake.

Image courtesy of Mikole Dorig / Facebook

The bride and groom wanted, more precisely, something similar to the photo on the left. However, the baker went far from meeting the couple’s expectations, and the end result was disastrous. The castle looked like a peasant’s house, and the towers were weak and could not support their own weight.

My way or none!

This cake didn’t seem so complicated to make, but the baker decided to complicate his own life and put flowers all over the cake, including the parts that should be left with nothing. The biggest problem with the cake is that the baker made the layers with a minimal difference in width.

Image courtesy of_mrs.ball / Reddit

Also, the cake was supposed to be made all in white, which is a common and easy-to-find color, but for some reason, the baker decided that the cake should be yellow. Anyway, the feeling that the cake gives is that the confectioner decided to completely ignore the wishes of the bride and groom.

The pearl of the year

The theme of this party was the bottom of the sea, and the bride and groom’s favorite food was oysters, so they decided to combine the useful with the pleasant and had an oyster cake made for their wedding.

Image courtesy of Facebook/SweetArt

But the best part was reserved for the pearl on top of the cake, which the bride and groom used the following phrase to explain its meaning, stating, “After many oysters, I finally found my pearl.” It’s certainly a metaphor for their relationship.

Minor changes.

This couple wanted a simple cake for their wedding day. The cake would have to have only one layer, three different colors, and be decorated with roses. However, the baker decided to complicate his own life without consulting the bride and groom themselves.

Image courtesy of juads / Reddit

And as if that wasn’t enough, he completely avoided the color chart requested by the couple and didn’t even have the courage to make the roses that surround the cake. At least, in the end, he was aware that he didn’t do anything the bride and groom wanted and returned their money.

One day for the hunt, the other for the hunter.

The bride and groom who ordered this cake were certainly big fans of hunting and wanted to represent it on their wedding day, and for that, they decided to order a full-size elk cake. The bride and groom’s intention was for the moose to look like a prize that they won and a metaphor for their union.

Image courtesy of Shady Maple Farm Market

The cake really turned out very realistic, and it must have taken hours of work. The problem is that the cake doesn’t go well with a wedding and doesn’t look right for the occasion. But it’s like the old saying goes: the important thing is the happiness of the bride and groom.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t even try

This couple wanted the beautiful dolls that usually go on top of the cake and represent the bride and groom. So, as a reference for the person who was going to make the dolls, they showed the photo on the left. But the problem was that the professional didn’t even come close to doing a decent job.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@plutchina

Honestly, if the bride and groom had left the top of the cake with nothing, it would have been better. Mainly because the bride looked like a sumo wrestler in a white kimono and a bun on her head.

Long live the bride and groom!

This cake has great meaning for the bride and groom, as it represents the profession of each of them. The second, third, and fourth layers are dedicated to the bride, who is a paramedic. In the second, the heartbeat is represented, which refers to the fact that she helps to save lives.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@EmercomRed

The part destined for the groom, on the other hand, is not exactly representing his profession but as a hobby. He loves big, powerful cars, and he also practices off-roading. In addition, the best part of the cake was reserved for the top where the dolls are embracing.

Together and mixed

This bride was undecided about which color to choose as a theme for her wedding party, so she decided to choose the entire rainbow. When ordering the cake, she wanted it to be as colorful as possible and contain all seven colors of the rainbow. The problem was that she actually got what she wanted.

Image courtesy of alliswel.us

It is undeniable that all the colors of the rainbow are on the cake, but the whole set did not please the bride and groom or the guests very much. And the worst part is the teddy bear in the front, because it didn’t make any sense.

From the supermarket straight to the wedding.

Wedding cakes are usually special and very different from what we are used to seeing at traditional birthday parties. So, when our big day arrives, we need to choose a professional to make sure that the final result will be exactly what we expected.

Image courtesy of whitehometemizlik.com

Unfortunately, this couple was not lucky enough to find the ideal professional, and the result was disastrous. It looks like they bought the cake at the first supermarket they saw on the way to the church. The worst part was the phrase in the middle of the cake.

And the rest of the cake?

The cake on the left is great, and everything about it was perfect, especially the peacock feathers that was made using cupcakes. One can only imagine why any groom would want a cake like the one on the right on their wedding day.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Annette Davis Hill

The worst part is that the cake doesn’t even have enough structure to support the peacock and is toppling under the weight of the bird. Also, the cake that should have three layers to highlight the feathers, has only two.

May the force be with you!

These bride and groom were big fans of the Star Wars movie franchise, so it was important to them for it to be represented on their wedding day, and the solution they found was to order a cake that represented their favorite character, Chewbacca.

Image courtesy of fishki.net

This iconic character was very well represented. However, the cake had some problems, starting with the size, because, for a wedding cake, it was too small; the second problem was the color of Chewbacca’s fur, which should have been brown.

Dreaming high

These newlyweds love action movies and wanted their wedding cake to look just like the cake in the photo on the left. However, the problem is that the replica on the right didn’t even come close to the original cake.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@bananaloutay

However, the worst part is the bride and groom dolls on top of the cake. Because in addition to the dolls not having well-defined features, they look like they’re about to fall off a cake that’s not even tilted right. The pastry chef did a very poor job.

Two little ducks in the lake

This couple’s favorite food is Japanese, and that’s why they wanted a cake made only of Japanese food for their wedding party. Not at all traditional for sure, but since Japanese food seems to be a lot of people’s favorite food, I’m sure most guests wouldn’t have cared.

Image courtesy of snow412.info

In addition, we need to talk about the execution of the cake, which was impeccable. The “confectioner” or sushi man knew not only how to build the cake, but “confection” too, making a wonderful decoration. Another interesting point of this cake is that, as it was not possible to put the traditional dolls of the bride and groom on top, they used rubber ducks!

No discretion.

The only good things about this cake are the flowers, which are artificial, and the dolls that weren’t made by the baker. Because the rest is a disaster. The only feeling we can get when we look at this cake is pity… pity for the bride and groom, mainly because nothing on the cake works.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

The cake is so fragile that if it managed to survive until the end of the party, it was a miracle. However, we hope that only the cake was a catastrophe that day and that the bride and groom at least managed to enjoy their party.

Great movie, bad cake.

This couple were fans of the movie Corpse Bride and wanted a cake inspired by the movie for their wedding day. However, the result was disastrous, and nothing went as planned. Starting with the fact that the confectioner had inverted the layers, thinking that it would be easier to make the striped layers than the drawn layers.

Image courtesy of sperr.us

Also, the drawings turned out to be horrible, it’s just not possible to decipher what they are just by looking at them. The baker also replaced the butterflies with stones to convey the “message” that the cake was a gemstone, but the only message he could get across was that he had no idea what he was doing.

Together we will win

This couple is from the countryside and decided to make a cake that represented their lifestyle. And as we all know, it’s not all glamour. With that in mind, the groom wanted to show what he goes through in his daily life, always having to waste a few minutes of his time to untie the car, which obviously makes a mess and messes up everything around him.

Image courtesy of inapproprievan

But that’s where the second cake comes in, it represents all the family base he has behind him, that no matter how difficult he has faced throughout the day, he can always count on his family. And on top of the cake, instead of the traditional dolls, the bride and groom chose to represent all the members and highlight the family’s surname. Beautiful meaning!

A lifetime of difference

This couple wanted those typical dolls to put on top of the cake on their wedding day. The intention of these dolls is to represent the bride and groom by some characteristic of them. So far, so good, because this is a very common request among the bride and groom. However, the problem was in choosing the professional who made the dolls.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Zsuzsifer

But, it is necessary to say that the confectioner got the groom’s personal characteristics right, such as the groom’s favorite drink and the bride’s favorite pastime. The problem is really the physical characteristics of the dolls, such as the exaggerated teeth and the bride’s dress was extremely strange.

With or without coverage?

Naked cakes were very fashionable a few years ago, and they don’t seem that difficult to make. Mainly because after you put the filling, it is not necessary to cover the cake with anything. But for an expert, this is perhaps one of the most difficult cakes to make.

Image courtesy of JalapenoLife

This couple just wanted a three-tiered cake for their wedding and gave the pastry chef the photo on the left as a reference, but what they received had nothing to do with what they expected. The cake was completely crumbled and with excess frosting, which made the cardboard come off; cardboard that shouldn’t even be there.

Alternative idea

Who doesn’t love Rice Krispies? This couple decided to steer away from the traditional and ordered a cake made only of their favorite candy. Which honestly is much more practical because, in addition to being cheaper, it doesn’t run the risk of falling apart.

Image courtesy of ilikebreakfastcereal

In addition, the flowers around the cake were impeccable and very realistic, and although the colors chosen by the bride and groom were not traditional, the cake was not vulgar and highlighted the white of the rice.

Would you dare to eat a skunk?

These cakes are completely out of context. It is simply not possible to decipher what the bride and groom would like to represent with a skunk and mud. At least we can say that both were impeccable. The skunk was very realistic, and the all-white cake did not disappoint with its minimalist details.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ilovemyking

Guests were startled by the two cakes, mainly because they didn’t know what they meant. But one thing is for sure, the bride and groom had a good reason to want such eccentric cakes on their wedding day, which certainly made the guests remember this party for a long time.

Straight from space.

This bride and groom wanted a cake that theoretically didn’t seem to be that difficult to make, but the person who made it had the ability to completely deviate from the theme and deliver something very unusual.

Image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

Another point that drew attention due to the discrepancy was the colors. What should be brown turned out to be black and what should be pink turned into purple. And to top it off, the cake decoration is falling apart. A complete disaster!

Zombie apocalypse

This couple was a fan of some movie or series about zombies, and it was a very unusual decision to represent this hobby on their wedding day. However, the most interesting part is the miniatures of the bride and groom on top of the cake.

Image courtesy of blazze_eternal / Reddit

We also have to admire the richness of the details of this cake, as the baker did a brilliant job both on the cake and on the zombie figures themselves. Also, the blood made the battle much more realistic. Overall, the cake is beautiful.

Ariel’s Enchanted Kingdom

The bride and groom chose a beach theme for their wedding party, and for the cake, they wanted little sand castles. To help the baker, they gave him the photo on the left. The only problem is that the person who made the cake missed the designer, and the end result was appalling.

Image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

The cake looked like the cheesy parts of a man, and the little shells looked like several random triangles. Certainly, the bride and groom had to explain the meaning of the cake to their guests because there is no way to decipher what they wanted to represent just by looking at it.

Waiter, a cupcake, please!

This bride and groom are at least eccentric or very creative! They wanted to find a way to entertain and serve their guests at the same time. And to solve this problem, they hired a girl who would be walking around the hall in a wedding dress made out of cupcake dispensers.

Image courtesy of snow412.info

The most interesting thing was that the girl didn’t have to serve cupcakes all night. She could also served other appetizers and had fun with the guests. In addition, she certainly made life a lot easier for the waiters and was the main attraction of the party.

Beach day!

Beach-themed cakes are always a complicated scare because either the baker knows how to make them or he doesn’t, there is no possibility of “trying.” That’s because usually, the elements that represent the beach are very specific and difficult to make, like the sand castle, for example.

Image courtesy of snow412.info

However, theoretically, this specific cake did not seem to be that complicated to make, mainly because the items that characterize the beach, other than the tower and the sand, were not made by the baker. They are ready and easy to find objects.

Almost twins

This bride decided to order a cake of her own for her wedding day, but I’m sure she later bitterly regretted the bizarre request! Mainly because the cake doesn’t look anything like her, starting with the neck that is twice the size.

Image courtesy of m.brilio.net

The hair didn’t look anything like the real hairstyle either, and it looks like they made a bun on top and a bun behind the head, and they thought that was enough to please the bride. Clothing and jewelry were one of the few items in this cake that saved it.

Very basic!

This cake is kind of forgiving, mainly because it is more difficult to make than other traditional cakes. But even so, it must have been difficult for the bride and groom to accept something so embarrassing for their wedding party.

Image courtesy of lrobinson626

The problem really is in the execution, as it is noticeable that the confectioner was not able to do even the basics, such as covering the cake, since the ripples in the dough are blatant. In addition, the drawings were terrible. Some of them are even erased.

A cake or a game?

Every couple has a favorite game. Some of them spend hours playing cards or chess, for example. Mainly because games are not only a form of fun but also a way of connecting with your partner. However, this couple took their passion for Jenga a little too seriously.

Image courtesy of nakita.grid.id

For those who don’t know, this game consists of 54 stacked blocks, where the objective is to remove as many pieces as possible without knocking down the tower. However, despite the cake not being composed of 54 smaller cakes, the idea was brilliant and completely deviated from the traditional.

Love is blind

This cake is wonderful from head to toe. Certainly, Shrek is this couple’s favorite movie, and obviously, they wanted the cake to be inspired by the movie. However, the confectioner deserves a special round of applause because he managed to do an impeccable job. In addition, at the very least, these cakes took hours to make due to the wealth of details!

Image courtesy of Cakes From Beyond

Another point to add is that the confectioner knew how to implement, in a very subtle way, some characteristics of the bride and groom in the characters, such as Fiona’s eyeliner, the donkey’s hair, and the tie. However, the biggest question of all is: why is the groom represented by the donkey and not by Shrek?