Mastering The Art Of Tastelessness: 30+ Times People Nailed The Execution Of Their Questionable Ideas

By Aileen Dometita January 17, 2024

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Step right up to the internet carnival, where every individual brings their own special spice to the mix! It’s a bit like a massive buffet, offering a little something for everyone’s taste buds. But hold onto your top hat because, hidden behind those quirky usernames, there’s a lively audience just waiting to analyze every single post. Judgment day? You betcha! It’s all part and parcel of the online experience.

But here’s the twist—it’s not all dark clouds and thunderstorms! Sure, folks are quick to judge the eyebrow-raising stuff, but they’re equally speedy to give a round of applause to the true champs. Ever checked out Reddit? It’s like this awesome hangout where they showcase pictures of the wildest products and designs that make us go, “Wait, seriously?” It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, no doubt! So, grab a seat, snag some popcorn, and hop on this rollercoaster ride as we learn a thing or two from these online oopsies.


Trust us, winter muffs with acrylic earpieces and a conch encased inside are a vibe—just not the good kind. It is like they took fashion advice from a snowman. Scratchy acrylic on your ears? No thanks. We would rather bear the cold.

Image courtesy of leozik / Reddit

And the conch? We are all for ocean vibes, but it is sub-zero temperature out here. These muffs aren’t just ear warmers but an Arctic assault on your style. It will be a cold day in hell before we buy ourselves a pair of these.


A pyramid-shaped house by Iowa’s Clear Lake? Bless these architects’ hearts for the avant-garde vision, but let us talk logistics. In a state known for cornfields, a pyramid stands out like a snorkeler in a soybean sea. And where will we find the slaves to construct this?

Image courtesy of j3ff33d0m / Reddit

Winds howl, snow blankets and cats guard the living undead, and the place is always prone to looting. It’s a quirky choice. You’d need a degree in geometry to furnish the place. Kudos for breaking the mold, but practicality may be on vacation here.

Lifetime Commitment

Tattoos are the ultimate love letter to your skin, but, uh-oh, not all love stories are winners. Choosing the wrong ink is like sending a risky text—once it’s out there, it’s out there. Tattoos are forever, and a bad choice is a permanent cringe.

Image courtesy of schwiftybass / Reddit

The silver lining? Enter the magical realm of cover-ups, where bad decisions get a second chance. It’s like a wardrobe change for your body art. So, next time you’re eyeing that questionable design, remember to have it placed somewhere it can be hidden by makeup or your suit and coat.

Design Matters

Ever seen a bicycle play hard-to-pedal? At first glance, this bike seems like it’s worth a thousand-dollar purchase. But the handlebars so far upfront, it’s like biking in a limo. The struggle’s real. You’re stretched out like you’re reaching for the last slice of pizza. Design matters.

Image courtesy of luke_in_the_sky / Reddit

Whoever engineered this two-wheeled puzzle might’ve missed Bike Ergonomics 101. It is not built to win a Tour de France; it was built to practice a yoga pose on wheels. The only race here is against discomfort, and the prize is insanity.


Let’s talk fashion faux pas—the jellyfish haircut. It’s like Mother Nature decided to grace someone’s head with tentacles. Grotesque? Absolutely. It’s the kind of ‘do that makes you wonder if they lost a bet or if an octopus was moonlighting as a stylist.

Image courtesy of popculturefangirl / Reddit

Not every trend belongs on your head, and embracing jellyfish chic might leave you swimming in regret. Beauty is subjective, but when your hair starts resembling sea life, it might be time to cancel the appointment. Best leave this hairstyle on Ariel, where it’ll be forever submerged in the ocean depths.

Done with the 90s

Contouring, the Picasso of makeup, should accentuate our features. It’s not a tool to turn faces into abstract art. In the ’90s, we contoured like it was a contact sport—harsh lines, drama galore. Fast forward, and we’ve upgraded to subtlety. But this woman seems to have been left in time.

Image courtesy of fvrris / Reddit

Blend, darling, blend. We are overlooking like we face-planted into a paint palette. Others have claimed that this look is similar to letting your kindergartener color according to numbers. Precision matters, and sculpting your face should be a whisper, not a shout.

Not A Compliment

Receiving a living room chair shaped like a scorpion might raise eyebrows more than compliments. Sure, it’s unique, but let’s decode the message. Scorpions, cool in nature, are neither hospitable nor accommodating. At their extreme, they would rather cause the ruin of themselves and their enemies for a sure defeat!

Image courtesy of BabylonLiason / Reddit

Furniture should invite, not intimidate. A scorpion chair suggests a level of discomfort beyond its ergonomic design. It’s not edgy; it’s just awkward. So, if a friend gifts you Scorpio the Chair, you know your days as friends are numbered.


Here’s a wannabe trendsetter using Barbie parts as bedazzling face accessories. Pink paradise or plastic nightmare? Choose your pick. Despite the rosy hue, it screams low class and more, “Did my doll explode?” Just imagine her ripping apart a young girl’s dream doll into shreds.

Image courtesy of devyanimhatre / Reddit

Gluing plastic bits may sound avant-garde, but in reality, it’s more toy aisle than runway. Pink may be iconic, but this DIY Barbie makeover? Not so flattering. It would be best to stay clear of Mattel products and stick to sequins and jewels.

Giving You A Run For Your Money

Ever seen boots with a twist? Here we have a pair of snakeskin kicks with twin cobras still attached in the front. Fashion or freak show? While it is a bold choice, it’s more reptilian runway than everyday style, and might we add, it’s pretty deadly too!

Image courtesy of chondroguptomourjo / Reddit

These boots will literally give anyone a run for their money. Best bought if you have rats in the house, but other than that, it might be best to leave this on antique shelves or tossed in a pit. It neither provides comfort nor a walkable strut.


In this materialistic world, it’s a rare to chance upon boots that have seen too much action? Imagine leather work boots worn to the bone, soles spreading like they’re on a yoga retreat. Fashion statement or foot rebellion? These shoes would like to throw in the towel after hitting retirement.

Image courtesy of TTThijs / Reddit

They’ve clocked in serious hours, maybe more than their owner. These need intervention from a shoemaker. Have those soles removed, and buff ’em up until you can see good sense staring back at you. Then you can spend another decade in these dependable shoes.


Have you considered a dino twist to your shower routine? Imagine a pink plastic T-Rex head as your showerhead. Quirky or questionable? While it adds a prehistoric punch to your bathroom, functionality might suffer. After all, water will be spurting in all directions.

Image courtesy of austinbarnett / Reddit

The spray might be more rainforest than rain. It’s a dino decor statement, not your average shower upgrade. Whilst we applaud the creativity, we would rather this prehistoric statement remain on museum shelves. It’s the stuff of nightmares, even for avant-gardes.


This is the first time that we have seen watches that make us question the concept of time. Imagine timepieces so small, you wear them around your fingers. Funky or futile? While it’s a finger-flicking fashion statement, checking the time becomes a squinting affair. These are best for persons with spectacles.

Image courtesy of chode_myload / Reddit

These finger-sized chronicles might leave you yearning for a more wrist-friendly approach. If any, these are guaranteed to make you clock in late at work, or become the habitual absentee of the month. Not the wisest choice if you don’t want to suffer a demotion.

Fashion Sense to the Rescue

Brace yourselves. You will have witnessed a fashion rebellion. This duo is strutting in capes and one-piece jumpsuits fully knitted. Quirky or questionable, it’s a yarn-infused rebellion against the norm. And it has everyone turning heads…for all the wrong reasons. Someone needs some fashion sense knitted into them.

Image courtesy of alixcamille / Reddit

Knitwear is cozy, but as caped crusaders? It’s a bold stitch too far. No supervillain is going to take you seriously, and frankly, these take eons to dry up. How will you be able to wash out the blood and grime from your vigilante missions?

Lookin’ The Other Way

Ever seen a biker embrace their inner feline? Here we have ‘Catman’ revving his motorcycle, draped head to toe in leopard stripes. Bold or bewildering, it’s a wild ride into the eccentric, and it has caused nearly a dozen vehicular accidents, distracting a number of drivers.

Image courtesy of welivelegendary / Reddit

Leopards belong in the wild, not on your biker gear. Yet, in the world of self-expression, Catman defies the conventional. So we’re giving you fair warning, if you hear the familiar purr of his engine, just look the other way.


It’s crazy how this person envisioned a dress inspired by the elegance of bones. Thanks to this fashion designer, we have an hourglass silhouette that mimics the intricate dance of skeletal grace. It is a design daring to echo nature’s architecture.

Image courtesy of secretslut991 / Reddit

Bones may be beneath the surface, but in this dress, they’re the main event. It’s a bold statement, turning the macabre into couture. The advantage is that women won’t have to lose much weight to show any of their bones, turning them into a one-hit beauty in only a couple of seconds.


Look what we have here. This man intends to make a cerebral statement. He’s rocking pink and black hair, shaved close to mimic a brain. Bold or bewildering, it’s a follicular journey into neuroscience. Rest assured, he’s got one underneath that, even though it’s not telling.

Image courtesy of unsuitablewarthog / Reddit

Who said hairstyles can not be a mind-bending spectacle? If only this man had left his brains within his scalp then reason would have counseled him that this is an unflattering do…on anyone. Hopefully, he has chalked this to experience.,

To Chew or Not to Chew

This is quite the nail endeavor that screams pizza party instead of polished elegance. This is the only serving of pizza we want falling on the floor, or better yet, sent back to the kitchen. And what is with the bode to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Image courtesy of shawnlramos / Reddit

We understand that some people are prone to bite their nails. But no amount of cheesy decoration can mask the dull taste of acrylic nor liken it to the yummy goodness of pepperoni on molten cheese. This is a crime unfolding before our eyes that those teenage turtles should rid the streets of.

In Spite Of

We are all for women getting pedicures. But what’s the point of going to the nail salon if you’re intent on having long toenails! This woman is even sporting intricate art on extended tips. While the owls add a cute touch, practicality might prefer a shorter-nail approach.

Image courtesy of samueljerri / Reddit

Maybe this woman should learn to save the long talons for her fingernails. After all, fashion is about finding a style that is not only suitable but practical, even if it means perching those cute owls on shorter, more practical canvases.

An Extension of

This ball enthusiast agreed to a shave that transforms his hair into an extension of Michael Jordan’s iconic hand, immortalized on the back of his shirt. We can’t expect him to know better. But why would his parents agree to such a thing?

Image courtesy of creamy1talian / Reddit

What can we say? When love for the game runs deep, even hairstyles become a canvas for sporting spirit. So, let the kid dribble his way into the hall of hair infamy. It will be a hairstyle meant for the books.

Washing Machine-Friendly

There are simply some people who refuse to outgrow their childhood. Just look at this woman sporting boots adorned with hundreds of miniature dolls. These look comfortable alright, and fortunately enough, are ready to hit the washing machine when soiled.

Image courtesy of waytoomanyopinions / Reddit

When it comes to cleaning kicks, throw in some dolls for a spin. Add a tub of soap to ensure that those plush toys are bubbling clean by the end of the entire wash cycle. Leave outside to air dry, and wear sparingly.

Off to Sea

How would you feel about having nail extensions in the shape of a mermaid’s tail? Excited, at first thought. But over time, you would understand how impractical these things are, when you fail to grasp a pen from your desk, let alone insert your key in the keyhole.

Image courtesy of allankcrain / Reddit

While beauty knows no bounds, practicality often sets its own course. So, let the mermaid’s tail dazzle visually, but remember the real-world limitations when it comes to daily tasks. Embrace the magic without losing sight of a firm grip on reality.


Here is a phone so petite it fits snugly in your palm, a pint-sized marvel challenging the status quo. However, the downsize takes a toll on functionality; typing becomes a squint-inducing feat. Say, where did you last see us put our glasses?

Image courtesy of bubba_ur_cellmate / Reddit

So remember folks, when it comes to phones, size matters, because usability is the unsung hero. If you’re up for a palm-sized adventure, just be prepared for a few squints along the way. After all, in the world of gadgets, small isn’t always mighty.

Snail’s Pace

We don’t understand what’s going on with the world. We chanced upon this Mustang donning truck wheels, a vehicular hybrid that defies class! This once sleek Mustang was grotesquely transformed into a highway crawler with oversized truck wheels, and now travelling at snail’s pace.

Image courtesy of AgentBlue62 / Reddit

Pushing boundaries can lead to remarkable hybrids, but sometimes, it’s wise to let a Mustang be a Mustang and a truck be a truck. This may definitely be an eyecatcher, but there are also unmistakable trade-offs when it comes to speed and functionality.


Meet the burger enthusiast who turned his big bike into a rolling masterpiece—an oversized, two-wheeled burger on a cross-country adventure. Picture the stares and the grumbling stomachs he has caused because of this bewildering modification. It’s not for those who have skipped breakfast.

Image courtesy of MadamOxide / Reddit

While the burger bike embraces individuality, it might not break land-speed records. In fact, we would say it even consumes more gas. So, buckle up for a unique journey, where the joy of the ride meets the quirky satisfaction of being the highway’s tastiest spectacle. Travel, after all, is about savoring the journey.

Skateboard Wheels

This automotive maverick, though aesthetically distinct, takes a hit in performance. Those sleek skateboard wheels, synonymous with the street, aren’t built for the open road. We would say that these are only meant to be dumped in the garage. What a waste!

Image courtesy of tummypuppy / Reddit

In the pursuit of uniqueness, some roads are better traveled with classic horsepower. So leave the skateboard wheels for those who need a kickstart, and let’s keep the modifications to a minimum. There’s a reason why this beauty fetches a whopping price.

Cue Barf

These baked critters defy the conventional ring, boasting intricate cockroach details, yet harboring a secret inside—creamy custard filling. You will want to close your eyes as you bite into these treats. Your tummy will thank you for the quick satiety.

Image courtesy of DavidThorne31 / Reddit

As taste collides with the unexpected, the crunch of pastry meets the gooey surprise within. While the shape might induce initial shudders, the delectable custard center unveils a culinary twist. You can order yours with chocolate, strawberry, custard cream or original cockroach flavor.


In a bizarre twist of dental artistry, this person crafted a corn cob from extracted teeth. Each tooth, once part of a patient’s smile, now takes on an unconventional form. She places it on a tabletop to terrorize patients into brushing their teeth after meals.

Image courtesy of IDoNotOftenREddit / Reddit

The amalgamation of molars and incisors mimics the structure of a corn cob, creating a macabre masterpiece. It almost looks like something straight out of an Addams’ family museum. Just imagine the number of people who gave up their teeth for this grotesque creation.

Can’t Make A Mess

Lining the grand bathroom with rugs may seem aesthetically pleasing, but trust us, you will want to reconsider. By the end of the week, this beautiful ensemble will smell of old, gym socks. How do you expect those floors to fully dry?

Image courtesy of UpperFrontalButtocks / Reddit

Is the visual charm worth the constant battle against moisture? This homeowner found out the hard way, and definitely faults his imagination for the lack of foresight. Take heed folks. Simple is best when you’re dealing with all things wet.

Paving the Road

A young lad boldly ventured into the barber’s realm, chose a seat and later came out of the barbershop with irreparable trust issues. Can you blame the little fella after what the barber left him with? And worse, he was charged a hundred dollars!

Image courtesy of tim3lymann3r / Reddit

His hair echoed the urban sprawl, a miniature asphalt masterpiece adorning his scalp. It was all business on the topside and party on the sides. This is quite the confusing hairstyle and we are hoping his hair grew back quickly.

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura, pet detective extraordinaire and eccentric sleuth, once again, found himself in a peculiar situation. As usual, Ace, with his signature quirkiness, hides his eyes behind a pair of sliced lemonade, adorned with an unexpected accessory—a playful scoop of asparagus hanging from his mouth.

Image courtesy of kungfookangaroo / Reddit

Whether solving cases or savoring a peculiar snack, Ventura’s offbeat charm makes viewers laugh. Just what had he gotten himself into this time, and where had he managed to hole himself up – a chef’s refrigerator? At least, it’s an improvement from the mechanical hippo.

Straight to Heaven

Some daredevils modify their rides, turning them into asphalt-bound angels with wings for doors. This particular playboy-billionaire decided to take inspiration from Pegasus. If he puts the pedal to the metal, he’s guaranteed a sure ticket to Saint Peter’s pearly gates.

Image courtesy of myguy2013 / Reddit

While earthly roads might not be ready for vehicular angels, these winged modifications add a touch of celestial style, reminding drivers that, even with wings, wearing your seatbelt, and heeding speed limits is crucial for a heavenly commute to your destination.

Just Hide It

You know, they say inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. Take David the Greek, for instance. The character’s essence in some circles is said to have taken a cue from none other than Ted Levine. You know, the guy who brought Buffalo Bill to life in “Silence of the Lambs.”

Image courtesy of Beerslayer420 / Reddit

It’s like the actor’s versatility extends beyond just skin suits. So, next time you’re watching David do his thing, remember, he might have a bit of Buffalo Bill tucked away in his Greek persona. And that, alone, should give you a run for your money!

Almost Satirical

Here’s a limb adorned with a tattoo that’s a quirky collision of divine and animated charm. Jesus Christ, the iconic figure of salvation, finds himself in a warm embrace with none other than Minnie Mouse. We are sure no biblical script could have seen this duo coming.

Image courtesy of averyoda / Reddit

Who knew that in the world of tattoos, salvation and cartoonish joy can coexist on the same canvas? Of course, after having seen this, we can’t help but question all of his teachings, but we’re laying blame on the wrong person here.

Quite a Flop

Imagine wrapping yourself in opulence, not with silk or satin, but with a necktie crafted entirely from pearls. This extravagant accessory, a string of luminescent spheres draped around your neck, would have made for a classy understatement but you just had to mix business into it!

Image courtesy of RandomFPVPilot / Reddit

As you fasten this bejeweled tie, you’re desperately reassure yourself that you are just dressing up; you’re adorning yourself with the epitome of refined excess, and you hope to make a good impression on your boss, guaranteeing that you’re willing to work whilst everyone is at play.

Just Look at the Details

Behold the deceptive allure of the overpriced coffee table—a masterpiece, they say, but peel back the illusion. Don’t let the pamphlets sway you. If you look to the side, you will see that this table is a work under construction!

Image courtesy of RogerDAt143 / Reddit

One side, unabashedly flaunting an exposed iron rod, whispers tales of industrial pretense. The workers couldn’t even put in the time to cover it all up in cement, and IKEA expects us to buy this for a hundred dollars? We would rather call on our husbands to build us one instead.


Sock monkeys, such cuddly crafts, should remain as huggable toys. Crafting them into evening wear might seem like a good idea drawing the attention of everyone, but let’s face it – these adorable primates are better suited for bedtime hugs than strutting down the runway.

Image courtesy of UnicornSpark1es / Reddit

Turning them into haute couture risks a bizarre blend of comfort and style, leaving both the wearer and onlookers scratching their heads. Is that woman walking down the red carpet into the Academy Awards, or is she off to head to sleep?

Keep Your Distance

Truck enthusiasts, aiming for the grandeur of mighty modifications, sometimes miss the mark. This car owner paired regular wheels, beneath a disproportionately enlarged body. For sure, those wheels are on ‘super duty’ just to cruise the highway at top speed.

Image courtesy of Gunslinger_247 / Reddit

Watch out for the peculiar truck with a bizarre makeover. It’s not only an eyesore but also sporting spikes sticking out from its wheels. It’s a failed attempt at a unique design that makes people instinctively keep their distance.

Best Picture of Himself

You shouldn’t rush to get yourself inked. Think twice about having a design immortalized on your skin as it is a lifetime decision that could end up with you in regret. At least, bother to choose a picture of your significant other where he’s looking his best.

Image courtesy of Niocolasrvmoraes / Reddit

When it comes to a regrettable tattoo, you’ve got two choices: cloak it with clothes or camouflage it with makeup. It’s the art of disguise or, as some may say, a sartorial sleight of hand. Sometimes, the only way to forget a fashion faux pas is to keep it under wraps.

Doubles as Spoons

Beware of nail extensions gone wrong! One such example: these nails that broaden toward the end like mini spoons. It is not the avant-garde statement you might expect, nor will it leave behind a good first impression on your date.

Image courtesy of Domestica / Reddit

Guess there’s reason to the saying after all: keep your hands away from your face. For though these nails look like they are ready to serve up a feast, these will end up covering your beautiful features from your date.

Hopping Away

We have been told time and time again to liken ourselves to flowers. In our youth, we had to take care of ourselves, and bide away our time as we grew into young women. We were reassured that in our prime, we would draw the bees, and the praying mantis?

Image courtesy of Sassenacho / Reddit

This is almost symbolic about how deadly this woman can be. After this praying mantis has chosen her, she has the power to reproduce and engulf the entirety of her partner for her and her offspring’s survival. Quite the predatory waltz.