Yet Another Tightening Procedure For Kim Kardashian!

By Kanyi M

Kim K has tried lots of procedures over the years. From getting her nose done to veneers, and lip filler, the reality star keeps renewing her look. But none of them kept her looking as flawless as she does now.

She revealed on her Instagram Story that a new treatment method has helped her get the best results. The founder of shapewear brand Skims said she felt sore after receiving the popular Morpheus laser treatment on her stomach. Kim wants to keep her midsection in check to flaunt a flat belly for years to come!

Image courtesy of @kimkardashian / Instagram

It is unclear what the star had done to tighten it up, but other celebrities are also taking this treatment. They also claim that it has helped them achieve firmer and tighter abs. We’ll have to wait for new bikini pics to see how Kim looks now. We think she’s always looked amazing, so why change anything? But if Kim is happy with her body, then good for her!

The reality star decided to put her health first by ditching sugar and junk food. She did that to wear Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress. Kim’s attempt to fit into the dress was widely criticized as some people thought she looked too thin in photos from the Met Gala.

Image courtesy of @kimkardashian / Instagram

But Kim said that she had already been working on losing weight before opting for the corset, claiming that she hadn’t lost weight just to fit in the dress. The reality star and entrepreneur spoke about weight loss and how it was teaching her to lead a better lifestyle.