Your Shortest Guide To Contouring By Mario Dedivanovic

By Shivam B

Unexpectedly, Mario Dedivanovic has become the Master of Contouring. He started this beauty technique as a joke with his client Kim Kadarshian.

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This joke turned out to be a beauty movement in social media. Now, Mario has launched his latest collection of beauty lines like brushes, liners, blush, and bronzer suitable for everyday women.

Mario shared his knowledge and relationship with contour and how to use this technique in 2021 correctly.

What’s Soft Sculpt Collection?

Mario says that he picks up the pigments in front of the clients, mixes them up, and makes the contour color. He constantly sheers the texture before putting it on the skin. Then, Mario does it in soft layers and blends them.

Mario Was Hesitant To Make Contour Products. Why’s That?

Mario shares his experience where he describes his relationship with contouring. He fought well initially as he didn’t want to do interviews, brand deals, or anything related to contours as he was afraid. However, he accepted that being a perfectionist in something is nothing to be scared or ashamed of.

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Mario’s Contour Process: Check How

Mario clears and cleans the skin at first. He uses the wipes to exfoliate and goes for the skincare. He takes the very dense products and places the stripes while thinning the face by dragging them down. Many clients have a specific area of the face, like smile lines which they don’t want to bring attention to. Then, he builds soft layers and blends them. He takes off the leftover in the brush and applies it to the rest of the face. He adds warmth by making the color more cohesive. He hits bronzer in the jawline and forehead.